Good Neighbour


“So how long will you be gone?” he asked grudgingly, as he loaded her suitcase into the trunk of the car.

“I don’t know,” she replied gently with a soft smile. “For as long as she needs me, I guess.”

He shoved his hands deep into his pockets and scowled at the ground. When he looked up again, she was watching him with an amused grin on her face. He raised an eyebrow and tried not to smile back.

“Oh come on,” she said, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. She leaned close to his ear and whispered, “I’ve asked the new neighbour to stop in and check on you. She assures me that she can take care of all your needs.”

He held her out at arm’s length and looked at her inquisitively. She grinned impishly and winked. He leaned in and kissed her long and hard before letting go of her. She got into the driver’s side, started the car and soon was around the corner and out of sight.

He stood for a long time watching the car drive away, then cast a long, ponderous look at the neighbour’s house before going inside.

A couple hours passed and he was pouring himself a glass of wine when the doorbell rang. Despite what his wife had said before leaving, he was still mildly surprised when he saw the buxom redhead standing on the step, holding a pan of brownies. There was a brief moment of awkwardness, followed by cursory introductions the ark izle and then the invitation to come inside.

She handed him the pan and slipped off her sandals, and he noticed her toenails were painted a very pale shade of purple. He also couldn’t help but notice how he could look right down her scoop neck shirt to her generous cleavage when she bent down to put her shoes in a nice neat line. His eyes followed the line of her back to her curvy ass, and down to where the defined muscles of her calves were showcased beneath her flowing skirt. She stood back up and he hastily recovered and went to put the baking in the kitchen.

He was taking two small plates out of the cupboard when he sensed her presence behind him. Smelled her presence might have been more accurate. The heady scent of her perfume filled his nostrils before he felt the gentle caress of her hands on his shoulders.

He felt her soft breath tickle his ears as she whispered to him, “Your wife tells me you are insatiable. She asked me to make sure you were totally taken care of while she is away. I promised her I would…and I never break my promises.”

Slowly he turned and looked down into her bright green eyes, feeling her hands slide down his chest to his stomach, and then up inside his shirt. He didn’t say a word and just leaned down to ever the catch izle so softly touch his lips to hers, never breaking eye contact with her.

There was a brief moment of hesitation, but that soon gave way to deep passionate kissing, their tongues dancing, exploring each other’s mouths. Her fingers frantically worked at undoing the buttons on his shirt, while he bent down so that his hands could slide up the outside of her thighs and over her hips, pushing her skirt up to her waist.

She pushed his shirt over his shoulders, covering his chest and neck with kisses and little licks from her warm wet tongue and he moaned softly as he grabbed her ass through her silky panties, pulling her tight against him. She rubbed her body up against his hard cock, which was straining against the fabric of his shorts.

He put his hands tightly on her small waist, lifting her up and turning to set her down on the counter, his mouth still on hers, his lips sucking on her bottom lip. She broke away from the kiss for a moment to slide her shirt up over her head, exposing her large breasts enveloped in a black lacey bra. He cupped one of them, while pulling down the other side of the bra to expose one of her hard nipples.

She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, gasping as he pinched it gently, rolling it between his fingers the chemistry of death izle and then taking it in his mouth. She grasped his shoulders, her fingernails digging in to his skin as he sucked harder, using one of his hands to undo his shorts and the other to slide her panties to the side.

He pushed his shorts down, rubbing his throbbing erection against her smooth, warm skin. She reached down and spread the soft folds of skin, breathing in sharply as he slid the head up to her clit and back down to her hot, slippery opening. He brought his mouth to hers again, muffling her moans as he slowly slid all the way inside her.

She wrapped her legs around him as he pulled her right to the edge of the counter, thrusting hard inside her, the hot tightness encasing him like a velvet glove. Their kisses grew more passionate, frantic, as he pounded into her, her tits bouncing up and down to the rhythm.

His fingers dug into her hips as he increased the pace, feeling himself throbbing, crossing the line of no return. She pulled her face away, burying it in his neck, her breath ragged.

His heart pounded as he listened to the sounds of her pleasure, just inches from his ear, felt her pussy tighten around him, her hot liquid running out and covering his balls. He thrust hard into her, crying out as he released inside her, thrusting again and again until there was nothing left.

After a few moments of recovering, they slowly untangled and straightened their clothing, casting sly glances at each other.

“Did my wife mention to you that I will need someone to make me my breakfast?” he said with a grin.

She grinned back and answered with a wink.

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