I was finally meeting HIM. After weeks of texting, phone calls and video chatting. HE was coming to see me. So who is HE? HE is my master, my love, my soulmate, my everything.

So let me tell you a bit about us. We met online as you can probably tell through social media. I posted a picture on my social media account. He loved it and messaged me. Things quickly escalated from there. HE became my master very quickly and we soon fell in love.

Yes, I know those three words send a shudder through a lot of people and prior to him they did me as well. It took me over six months to say it to my prior master… but with HIM… I don’t know what it was. HE was the same with me. In fact it was HIM who told me HE loved me first.

We messaged constantly and if one of us was a few minutes late in replying we would panic. Needing, wanting and craving each other every moment of the day. Now because we lived hundreds of miles apart the only sex we’d had was over the phone. Now don’t get me wrong I know that’s not ideal but FUCK it worked. HE would make me cum just by giving me the instruction to do so and would cum simultaneously to me. This man was in my head big style!! I needed him as much as I needed oxygen.

So, the big day had dawned. I was watching the clock impatiently from my desk at work. Waiting to meet HIS train. That morning I had got up early. Put clean pvc bedding on my bed. Showered and shaved every part of my body (body hair ewwww). Straightened my hair and got the house ready for HIM. Wine chilling in the fridge, candles on the mantlepiece etc…

17:00 came and I flew out of the door at work with a “see ya later” yelled to my colleagues as I flew past them.

I raced home. Jumped in the shower again. I couldn’t meet HIM not freshly showered. Used my favourite body lotion and perfume. Dressed in HIS favourite pvc trousers. Mine and HIS favourite shiny pvc blouse. Heels and as it was raining my pvc coat.

Time to meet the train… I drove to the station by pussy throbbing in anticipation of what was to come. Fuck, I was horny like I’d never been before. I had no idea just HOW this man was effecting me like this after only a few weeks but HE absolutely had me in a permanent state of arousal. I was practically jumping up and down waiting for the train to draw will trent izle into the station. I could hear it coming down the line and my pussy was almost dripping in need for HIM. I wanted him so badly…

The train came to a standstill and the doors opened. HE stepped out looking for me. Our eyes met. HE walked towards me maintaining eye contact with me all the way. HE placed his case at HIS feet and reached out for me. Neither of us had said a word. HE pulled me towards HIM. Fuck, I was so so wet. HIS arms wrapped around me pulling me to HIM as tightly as HE could. HIS need was as great as mine. HIS lips met mine and we kissed. Our tongues mingling as we kissed so passionately. Both of us had been desperate for this moment to arrive for so long. We broke apart after what seemed an eternity. The platform was empty of people we’d been savouring each other for so long.

I took his hand and led HIM to my car. Both of us still not speaking. Not one word had been said but it wasn’t necessary. I drove the couple of miles home, HIS hand gently rubbing my pvc clad thigh all the way there. Both of us with a cheesy smile on our faces. Still no words.

I parked the car and unlocked my front door. HE followed me in still not speaking. HE put his case in the hallway. I locked the door behind us. Turned to him and smiled with my hand outstretched. HE took it. I led him up the stairs still in my coat and heels. We went into the bedroom. I put my arms around HIS neck and pulled HIM tight into me. Enjoying the smell of him. I kissed him like my life depended on it. Groaning into his mouth. I could feel HIS bulge pressing against me. Fuck. This guy was going to explode thorough his tight jeans in a minute!

I dropped to my knees and unbuttoned his flies. HIS very hard cock exploded from it’s confinement glistening with pre-cum. Now one of my favourite things to do is to suck cock and I’d been waiting for too long to do this. I took all of HIS hard shaft into my greedy mouth. Enjoying the taste of HIS pre-cum. It tasted every bit as good as I knew it would. I gulped greedily on HIS impressive hard hard cock. I licked every inch enjoying getting to know MY cock. Taking it deep down my throat as far as I could, my gag reflex kicking in. That only made fate the winx saga izle HIM harder and he groaned. I stood up and unzipped my coat. HIS eyes drawn to my sexy, shiny pvc blouse. HE groaned again and reached out to me feeling my erect nipples through the sexy fabric. My pussy was turning into a puddle. God, I wanted this man, my man, my love, my master…

HE popped the buttons on my blouse exposing my pvc clad tits. I never told you that I’d put my pvc underwear on as well. My man and I both love sexy pvc…

HE groaned again. I shrugged off my jacket and blouse. So now I was only wearing my pvc trousers and heels with a bra on top. I dropped to my knees again taking his glistening cock back into my mouth. I needed this man so so badly. HIS eyes shut HIS head thrown back in ecstasy I took him deep back down my throat, doing what I was born to do. To pleasure my man, my master. I could feel his balls tightening and I didn’t want this to end. I stood up again. The want, the need, the urgency clear in both our eyes and HIS eyes, oh my, those deep green eyes could turn me to mush with just a glaze.

HE reached behind me and unclasped my bra exposing my tits. My nipples so erect they could cut glass. HIS mouth sucked greedily at them. It was my turn to throw my head back and groan. I NEEDED this.

HE pushed me back gently onto my pvc sheets. The fabric against my naked back intensifying the feeling of what he was doing to me. HIS hand touching between my legs feeling my hot pussy through the pvc. I wriggled, wanting more. There was no way I wanted anything between us, even if it was pvc. HE could tell how ready for HIM I was and undid the zip on my trousers, wriggling them down over my hips. HE stood back and looked. Loving what HE was seeing. My pussy through the pvc. The pussy HE’D loved from afar for too long. HE knelt on the floor and pushed HIS face into my hot pussy. Tasting it through the pvc. Licking my swollen clit through the sexy fabric. FUCK!!

There was no way we were going to wait any longer. HE stood up and finished removing his clothing. HIS t-shirt and jeans abandoned on my bedroom floor. HIS magnificent cock standing proud. MY magnificent cock.

I wriggled further back on to the bed allowing with love izle HIM room to get between my legs. HE moved the fabric of my pvc pants to one side and eased HIS cock deep into me. I lay back needing him to possess my body as well as my soul. HE gently moved in me. HIS eyes closed as HE owned me. HIS cock pushing deep in to my body. Thrusting and taking what was rightfully HIS.

HE stopped and pulled HIMSELF out. What??? HIS eyes totally glazed with want. HE took a step back and lowered HIS head between my legs, taking down my pvc pants with his mouth. FUCK, that was hot. HIS tongue dancing over my clit. This man, my man knew exactly how to please HIS woman. I could feel an orgasm bubbling up in me. HIS fingers deep in me now, caressing my g spot. OH MY GOD!! That orgasm was the best I’d had in my life! I could feel the tremors pulse through my body as HE lapped greedily against my swollen pussy. The pvc sheet getting soaked in my juices as HE relentlessly made me cum. I’d heard of sub space before but this man knew how to take me there. After what seemed like forever, not that I was complaining, HE let go. Smiled and took hold of HIS glistening cock. Climbed back on top of me and inserted HIS amazing cock back into my needy cunt. There was no way that I was going to let HIM cum like this though. I pushed HIM back away from me. I could see the confusion in his eyes but I had a plan.

I motioned for HIM to turn around and lay on HIS back. No words were necessary still. He did. I climbed over HIM, smiled and turned around. I knew what I wanted and what HE craved. My back to HIM I eased myself down on to HIS very hard cock that was glistening with both our juices. It wasn’t my pussy I was going to put HIM in. I had another destination in mind. I was going to execute my favourite position. Reverse anal cowgirl. I positioned HIM over my tight ass and eased HIM gently into me, using my pussy juice as lube. HE groaned as I took HIM deep into me. HIS cock pushing deep into my belly. Riding HIM deep and slow, enjoying every second. I was going to cum again. I rubbed my clit as I was taking HIM in me…

F.U.C.K… I exploded again. Squirting all over HIS belly, my head thrown back in ecstasy. I shuddered the power of my orgasm pulsing through me. This was enough for HIM. HIS body tensed and I could feel HIM fill me with HIS hot seed, his cock twitching inside my ass as HE drained HIS balls in me.

I stayed there for a second letting HIM empty HIMSELF into my ass.

I climbed off and positioned myself beside HIM leaning on my side gazing adoringly into HIS eyes fully satisfied and said “Hi”.


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