I Have Mouse

Big Tits

I looked at my watch. It was getting close to quitting time and I had to speed it up a little. I had to get out on time today – promised to call Mouse as soon as I got home. I took a deep breath and picked up the next application from the pile to be entered into the system, typing as fast as I could. I kept moving, application after application after application when I saw someone approaching out of the corner of my eye. I looked up. It was Connie, lovely Connie, coming towards me.

I looked at her face, at her soft blonde hair. Her blouse was open enough to give a hint of softness. Her eyes blue, bright shown with innocence and knowledge. She was the desire of every man and perhaps even some women, in the office. I nodded my head and gave a small hello. She didn’t even look, but I didn’t care. I have Mouse.

Finally, the last application in and just in time. It was quitting time and I didn’t have to stay late to finish. I was going to be able to call Mouse on time. I rushed out of the office, getting a glance of Connie getting into a big, fancy car. No matter, I had to hurry to call Mouse.

I got home and rushed to make myself comfortable by the phone, but I forced myself to wait. I didn’t want to seem too eager to talk to her. I calmed myself down and then dialed her number. As the phone rang, I felt my excitement building up again.

“Hello, this is Mouse,” I heard.

“Mouse, hello,” I whispered.

“Chad? Is that you, hun? You’re right on time.”

“I’d never be late for you,” I said.

“You’re so sweet. I’ve been sitting here thinking about you. It was getting me excited. You know I always get excited when I think about you.”

“I’ve felt the same all day. It was hard working when all I wanted to do was think about the things I wanted to do to you.”

She laughed softy. “Like what, hun? I hope it’s as good as some of the things I was thinking about doing to you.”

I smiled to myself. “Oh, I was thinking how’d you grab me just as I came through the door, barely giving me enough time to shut it. Then you’d put your hand against me, feeling my soft cock, before putting Escort bayan yourself against me to kiss me.”

“Mmmmmm, you know I’d be eager to want you, hun. I’ve been alone all day getting horny thinking about you while you were hard at work.”

“Yeah. Then as we kissed, I’d move my arms from your back, down to your ass. You’d be wearing a short skirt and I’d put my hands underneath it to feel your soft ass through your panties.”

“Oh, yes,” she said.

“Then I’d move my hands back up to the top of your panties and I’d slide my hands underneath. I’d want to feel that soft skin.”

“Oh, Chad, I’d be kissing you so desperately, my tongue playing in your mouth. You know I’d start to get wet thinking about what you’re going to do.”

“Baby, are you now? Are you starting to get wet now?”

“Yes, hun.”

“Are you touching yourself yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Then unzipper your pants. You’re wearing pants, right? Make your pants nice and loose so you can touch yourself.”

“OK, honey,” and I heard a zipper and the rustling of clothes.

“My hands will move, along the crack of your ass, stopping to play with your asshole. You like your asshole played with don’t you babe? Get it relaxed in case I decide to fuck you in the ass.”

“Oh, yes, honey, I love your finger rubbing my asshole. I love you sticking a finger into it and finger fucking it.”

“Not now, though, babes. I’m moving my finger down more, until I can feel your slit. I want to rub my finger along your slit and get some of your pussy juice on it.”

“Oh, baby,” she moaned.

“Is your finger good and wet yet?”

“Oh, yes, babes. My pussy is soaked and my fingers covered.”

“Taste yourself then, Mouse.” I listened and heard a small sucking sound. “Taste good, babes?”


“Yeah, babes, wipe it all over your face. I want you to smell it too.”

“Oh, God,” she moaned. “Oh, God,”

“Then with my fingers wet, I’d take my hands out of your panties and push you onto your knees. I’d unzip my pants and pull it down, so my cock is free. I’d grab your head Bayan Escort and push it against my cock, rubbing your face against it, against my balls.”

“Oh, baby, I’d want to suck it.”

“You will, hun, because when you part your lips a little, I’d push my cock into your mouth. I’d still be holding onto your hair and I’d fuck that petty mouth of yours.”

“Baby, is your cock out? Are you stroking it?”

I smiled knowing she wanted to make sure I was being pleased. “Yes, Mouse, I’m stroking it.”

“Then when you’re on your knees, sucking on my cock, I’d tell you to play with yourself. Touch your clit and rub it. As I pounded your face harder, I’d tell you to stick a finger, two fingers into yourself and to fuck yourself hard.”

“Please let me do that now, Chad. Let me stick a finger into myself.”

“No, not yet, hun. Just touch yourself and play with your clit.”

“You goddamn tease,” she moaned.

“When I hear the sound of you finger fucking your pussy, that squishing sound, for a while, I’d pull you up and kiss you, tasting my cock on your lips. I’d tell you to get undress and watch as you slid off your panties and took off your shirt. Then I’d get undressed too.”

“Hurry, hun, I need to be fucked.”

“No, not yet, Mouse. I’d want you to spread your legs wide open and play with yourself as I watched. I want to see your rub your cunt and your clit then put a finger in yourself, the another. I want to see those fingers get wet with your cunt juice. I want to see you squeeze your nipples and pull on them. I want to see you rub your cunt juice all over your face so I can smell it when I fuck you. You probably need to rub some on your face right now.”

“Oh, Chad, I’m just getting hornier smelling myself. My pussy lips are swollen. My clit is hard and standing out. Please, let me fuck myself.”

“Ok, Mouse. One finger only and gently for now.”

I heard a soft moan.

“I’d tell you to hold your knees against your chest so you’d be wide open. I’d place myself over you, my cock just brushing the entrance to your pussy. I’d rub its head against Escort the slit, barely in.”

“What do you want, Mouse? What do you need now? Beg me for it.”

“Oh, God, Chad. I need you to fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me like a whore.”

I was stroking myself faster now.

“Put in another finger, Mouse, and start fucking yourself hard, because I’m going to shove my cock into you. I’d shove it in hard.”

“Ohhhhhh, Chad.”

“Then I’d fuck you hard. Pound your ass into the floor while you kept holding your legs apart.”

“Yes, please. Fuck me hard.”

“I’d smell your pussy juice as I leaned down to kiss you. I’d lick your face to taste it..”

“Oh God, Chad, I’d want to look down and see that cock in my pussy. All shiny and wet with my pussy juice. I’d want to see it fucking me, pounding into me.”

Our breathing was heavy now. I heard her wet squishy noises and I was jerking off fast now.

“Fuck me, Chad. Hard. I’m your whore, your slut.”

“Oh, God, Mouse. Are you fucking yourself good?”

“Three fingers. Fuck, I wish it was your cock.”

“Babes, I’m fucking you hard now. Hold your legs wide open so I can cum deep inside. Your ass is raised in the air as my cock fucks that beautiful pussy.”

“Chad, hurry. I’m about to explode, hun. Oh, God. Oh, shit. I’m cumming, hun. Ohhhhhh.”

Hearing her cum, I couldn’t hold on any longer. “Mouse, I’m cumming. Damn. Deep in you babes. Oh, fuck. Mouse”

Cum squirted out of my cock onto my stomach.

After a while I managed to whisper, “Oh, shit, babes, that was good.”

I heard her breathing starting to slow. “Mmmmm, it was hun.”

“I’m glad, Mouse.” I looked at the clock. “Hey, babes, I didn’t realize it was so late. I’d better let you go. Let me see, when can I call you again?”


“Yes, babes?”

“Hun, you know you’re special to me. I hate to mention this, but you need to put more money in your account or I can’t talk to you anymore. Ok, Chad?”

“Mouse, of course. I’ll put in some more tomorrow and then we’ll set up for next time.”

“Thanks, Chad. You know you’re special and I’d hate to lose you because you didn’t pay. Well, I’d better go now. Call me soon for the next time.” And she hung up.

Tomorrow, I’ll take some money out of my savings and put it into my account. Then I’ll still have Mouse.

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