Mrs. Wythe – Behind the Supermarket


Elena Wythe twisted her wedding ring and pulled it slowly off. She always felt a tinge of sadness doing that before one of her encounters, for her husband, he was a good guy really. But he’d know who she was when they met. They’d know each other for years. She through her bag over her shoulder and marched in to the supermarket, her wavy black hair bouncing behind her. She is white but neatly tanned. She liked to keep herself looking good. Friends of hers who’d been married for five years or more had started to let themselves go, but Elena took good care of herself.

She walked up to a tall man in the produce isle and stood beside him, “These banana’s aren’t big enough,” she said, the way they’d arranged online.

“I’ve got a few in my van out back if you’d like to take a look.”

He walked away without saying another look.

Elena continued to shop for a few minutes, she didn’t want to seem to eager.

She stood in front of the butcher block, fantasizing over sausages. The man had claimed to be be very large and had hinted that he had a friend she might meet who had a 12″ penis. She was going to view today as an audition.

“Can I help you miss?”

She snapped back to earth when the butcher spoke to her.

“Oh, no, I was just looking at your meat.” She hadn’t meant to flirty; definitely not so cornily, but her mind was in the gutter. “Big boy,” she added in a whisper, throwing caution to the wind.

The Butcher, leaned forward. “Well, little lady you can check out my meat anytime.”

She looked at him. “I’m Sam,” he said, apropos of nothing.

“Sam, if you have a break coming up I’ll be in a van in back for a while with some friends. It’s just a little party, but if you’d drop by, I’d love to see you.”

She turned on her heels and walked away directly. Hiking her purse on her shoulder she walked directly out of the store and made a left,following the parking lot around. Passing her own blue sedan on the way around.

There was a black van with no back windows parked alone in the back parking lot. Elena walked toward it, cevizli escort standing up as tall as her 5’3″ frame would let her, very high heels accentuating her legs pursing her lips slightly, wishing she’d worn bright red lipstick. She was so conscious of being watched, it was intoxicated. The van had California plates. She worried about that for a second, but when you’re getting in to a van with a complete stranger whose real name you don’t know you can’t start sweating the details.

She knocked on the side door, and there was no response.

She could hear a little noise inside, she walked around back and knocked on the back door. It seemed like there might be some sex going on inside the van, it was creaking a little and there were little repetitive thumpings coming from inside.

She reached up and opened up the door herself.

The van was dark inside, the front of the storage area was blocked off from the driver’s area allowing only a few shafts of light through.

But her internet friend was definitely in there and his dick was in his hand, he was stroking it slowly. It had to be about 10 inches long and circumcised, it stood tall.

She couldn’t really make anything else out. She stepped in to the van and pulled the door shut behind her. Before even letting her eyes adjust, she knelt in front of the man.

“Let me do that hon.”

She moved his hand from his dick and stroked it lightly. It was larger than her husband’s and the biggest one she’d seen since she was married.

There was a little lube sill on his cock, but it wasn’t enough to rub with, so she leaned in and licked all the way up the underside. It tasted like astroglide and a little bit of sweat. Elena Wythe could feel her pussy getting wet, just being alone in a van behind the supermarket with this stranger in the van turned her on to no end. She stretched her mouth over the head of his cock and took his balls in her hand. Slowly she relaxed her throat and worked up as much saliva as possible as she worked it all the way down in to her throat. erenköy escort She felt it squeezing her throat but was able to get it all the way in without gagging. Slowly she started moving up and down on his dick, encouraged on by his moans.

He started to buck his hips, fucking her face a little bit. She slurped and loved his cock. She felt a warmth in her and her already soaked cunt was already burning to be fucked.

He pushed forward and knocked her back on to the floor of the van. He stepped over her. And kneeled over her, placing his cock at her lips. She noticed that her lipstick was already obvious on him and she took him in happily. She had to hold still while he fucked her face his legs and ass rubbing over the top of her large C-cup breasts through her thin shirt. She hoped he’d noticed that she wasn’t wearing panties under her black skirt.

“That’s right, take that dick.” He was whispering, but he was also screaming at her.

His dick felt so much bigger to her now, she wasn’t in control at all and she coughed and choked a little. He pulled it half way out and she started to lick it.

“You like that don’t you?”

She moaned on his dick, sending a shiver up his shaft.

“Oh, you’re a big slut, aren’t you. Fucking a stranger in a van back here.”

She managed to reach her hand up and massage his balls, she was humming on his dick. Her pussy was soaked and dripping, she need him to fuck her, but she couldn’t control anything.

“That’s good Mrs Wythe, you don’t do that for Mr. Wythe, do you?”

They had talked online about her fantasies. She wanted to be taken, she wanted to be used. But her husband, the father of her child, couldn’t do that for her. He was a good man, and she loved him. But this deep primal slutty side of her would not go unsatisfied.

“And you don’t let Mr. Wythe’s friends share you, around. You’re a good girl for him. But you’ll be a good girl for us, in our own way.”

She had honestly forgotten that he was supposed to have a friend here. but she felt him now. She esenyurt escort couldn’t see him and had no idea what he might look like. Her eyes couldn’t adjust to the light, but he rubbed the head of his dick on her clit and her whole body tensed up.

“Will you be a good little slut for us?”

He pulled his dick out of her mouth and she spoke, “Please let me be a good girl for you, teddy.”

Teddy pushed his dick back in her face. But at the same time, a dick was shoved up her cunt. It was huge, she felt like she was being ripped apart. This must be the 12″ cock that she’d heard about.

Her pussy burned and her face was being assaulted, she couldn’t move and she was being fucked by two men at once. She thought to herself, “Elena, you may be a respectable housewife, but you are in the back of a van behind the supermarket with a huge cock fucking you another fucking your face. You wake up at nights from dreams like this. You wanted to be a slut, and baby, here I am.”

And she started to come. More juice flowed from her cunt and she started to scream around the cock that was fucking her mouth. She came and she kept coming. Her hair became soaked with sweat and her whole body tensed and released repeatedly.

The man who had just entered her started to pour cum in to her pussy. Before her marriage she’d used condoms and it had been years since anyone but her husband had come in her. It felt different, the huge dick kept cumming in her. He deposit gallons of cum.

He pulled out and her pussy felt empty.

Ted stopped fucking her face and got in between her legs.

Though his dick was large, it wasn’t as big as the other man’s and she was numb.

She mumbled incoherently and while Ted fucked her.

“Where do you want my cum?”

She couldn’t’ answer him.

He pulled his cock out and sprayed it over her.

Lying on the cold floor of the van she felt his cum spray over her. It hit her sweaty breasts, it hit her face, instinctively, she tired to catch it in her mouth, but it landed everywhere but. She licked it off her lips.

Ted fell back.

He looked at the large man, “I told you she was a slut.”

“Oh yeah,” he said, “She is a first-class whore.”

There was a knock on the van door. They all froze.

“Hi, it’s the butcher,” said a voice, “a lady asked me to come back her on my break.”

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