My Friend Jack


I have wanted to suck my best friends cock for a long time. We used to live together in this condominium for 6 years. For the first 3 years their we lived with this kid named Jarred. Jarred was cool. I actually met my best friend through this guy. I had worked at the same place as him and he knew I needed a place to stay so he offered for me to meet his friend Jack. I met Jack and soon after moved in with the two guys.

I have always been Bi-sexual with at least two life experiences. When I was a kid I used to suck on my cousin while he sucked on me. It was great we blew each other everywhere. In the woods, in the closet, in bed, on his floor of his room. He loved sixty nine…he always wanted the top. I used to love having his cock dangle in front of mu face. He was never rough. Gentle. I like sucking on his cock after he passed out. He liked truth or dare also. I have not found a game player but I will someday. It always started out tense and the do you remember when stories.

“Remember when you let me suck you on the playground after school. I liked it.” I said.

” Yeh it did feel good…..want to do it now?”


And we would lick and suck each others hard little cocks. We weren’t even atakent escort Cumming when we started.

I blew a kid in the military to but so little of a part not even worth mentioning. I sucked my cousins hard cock for like 7 years! I liked it. Then it went dry for years.

Then I met Jarred and Jack. We all had our sexual stories in the house. I had a girlfriend and so did Jarred but Jack had no one. He had sex though. Hard rocking sex, I would hear them in the living room. He must have a nice thick cock I thought.

I wanted to fuck them both and suck their hard cocks but I never had the balls to say something. I especially started fantasizing about Jack right after Jarred moved out. I lusted to suck his cock.

I never did and only after moving out did I have the nerve to tell him I liked sucking cock. The first couple of times we visited it, he shunned it off. Then one day he had me over his new house and showed me his new computer room. His wife was also there.

I had told my self that this would be the year to suck him off.

It was around 8 o clock and we were all in the room. His wife and I on this little two seater couch and him on the ataköy escort computer chair. We were sitting in there getting high and drinking some beers. As we tossed around the bowl his wife was non stop chatter. I however was thinking of his cock.

He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and his bulge looked tasty. I really wanted to be between his legs. I wanted to rub my hand over his cock and feel him get hard in his jeans. I knew I wanted to roll the tip of his big head on my tongue. After his wife left for bed and I knew we were safe I went to town.

” You know I have sucked cock before right?” I said stoned off my ass.

“Yes I know but I am not into that.”

“Why not. It feels good to get your cock sucked right? Who cares who is doing it as long as it feels good. I would be more than happy to suck your cock right now!”

I do not think he was ready for that. “You would suck on my penis right now?”


” I don’t know” he himmed and hawed and then finally said “O.K.”

I was happy as hell. I told him to go turn off some lights, check for his wife and get cleaned up down there. I do not suck dirty cocks. While he was away I started atalar escort to rub my cock and feeling good thinking of what was about to happen.

When he came in he turned off the light and sat next to me on the little couch. I was nervous as hell. I told him to take it out and he said it was. I slowly reached over to his leg and soon felt the tip of his dick. I was not shy I started to feel his cock in my hand and I liked it.

It was surreal. I had wanted this moment for 8 years and was just trying it now. I loved feeling his cock. After feeling it for like 10 minutes I got between his legs and placed his soft penis in my mouth.

It was heaven. I had not sucked a dick in ten years and hear I was sucking on my best friend while his wife slept upstairs. I was hard as a rock. I wanted to suck his cock and I did. I massaged his growing member with my tongue. I bathed his hard cock with my soft wet tongue and I was loving it. I heard him moan a little and I started to bob my head up and down. Slowly taking in all of his cock until I choked. I loved every minute of sucking his cock and he did to.

It was over before it began and it was weird. We did not talk for two weeks and when we did it was different. That was 3 years ago and now I suck my best friends cock whenever he lets me. I sucked him the other week and he said while I was sucking him off that I did not want his wife when I can have his cock anytime I wanted, just like his daughters, while in my wife’s panties. Yes we have come far but that’s for another time.

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