My Landlord


My name is Stephen, Steve to my friends this is my story; I am a Media Graphic Art student in my middle year at a Glasgow University, my grades in my first year were very good and my finals for my second year are just over three months away in June.

I was brought up in the Scottish Borders near Kelso by my mother and father who are helping to fund my studies, but are limited in what they can do for me. Mainly I rely on my student grant and any part time work I can find, which is not a lot.

For my first year I stayed in one of the subsidised Universities Halls of Residence but from year two onwards I needed to find somewhere on my own. Initially I shared with two other guys but after four months they all decided to go their own way. I couldn’t afford to take on the rent.

I managed to get an unofficial second flat share with Alan also a University student but in Hospitality, he was from Lairg in the Highlands of Scotland. He didn’t actually need the money as his father owned a largish hotel and two bars, I think he just wanted company. But, his father took a heart attack about six weeks ago and he has had to go back and look after the families’ business interests.

I received an email from Alan telling me what happened and that he will not be coming back to University this year and has told his landlord, Masood (Richard) Jarwar that he had to give up the flat tenancy at the end of the following month. Masood uses his school boy adopted name of Richard, as he was born and brought up in the Pollokshaws area of Glasgow.

He suggested to Richard that I may be interested in taking over the tenancy, but that I would find it difficult to take over all of the current rent, and that he had found me very friendly to get on with, discreet and reliable. Richard said that he might be able to do a deal with me as he wanted someone living there as he got the flat totally renovated.

I had given the flat a tidy up and polish and was waiting for Masood (Richard) to come and see me. Must admit I was very nervous as I waited for him, if I couldn’t come to an arrangement with him I would have to leave and possibly give up my studies, if I couldn’t find somewhere else that I could afford.

To steady myself I started to do some work on a ‘private’ job photoshopping some still photographs that I was preparing for a friend. They were what shall I say erotic, my job was to make them even more so, which I was rather good at. The doorbell rang, I was in such a rush to impress, I forgot to shut down the computer screen.

I opened the door and invited him in, as he entered said “call me Richard, all my friends do”. We did the grand tour of the flat then I made us a coffee, as he examined my photoshopping work. I should have switched it off. We sat down together in the only couch in the flat, he said I like the way you have kept the flat, I wish all my tenants kept my properties like this one.

Richard outlined what he was looking for, basically over the next four months or so he would have the flat completely renovated and was looking for someone to let the workmen in and inevitably tidy up after them. In return I could rent the flat for what I was paying Alan. I said “yes I can do that”; saved.

He then asked me how my finances were, he was a student at one time too and his father was very strict with money, still is. I said getting by, some days I had to skip meals or make do with a pot noodle or something similar. But I was trying to get some more extra work, I put an advert in Craigslist saying I would do some male modelling work, a lot of guys in my faculty did this. Richard asked any success and what do you normally get for a nights work.

My first job was down in Kilmarnock, just under an hour away by bus, for an Opportunity In Retirement (OIR) art group. When I got there, it was in someone’s house posing for eight ladies, in their sixties I think, one was a retired school teacher who seemed to be in charge.

I had to pose sitting on a hard wooden stool for about an hour and a half, as they drew or painted me. Wearing only black bikini type swimwear, which they provided, it was a bit tight fitting other than that ok. They were very good to me, asking me what I was studding etc. Two later gave me photographs to photoshop for them. I got £35 for the modelling and £20 for the photoshopping, my costs were £20, I didn’t think I was going to make my fortune from this type of work.

But I did get four other OIR art modelling jobs, one for the same group of ladies this time I had to pose naked. I was so embarrassed at first, particularly when the all stood round me as the art teacher explained what features they should capture. Saying I felt naked and exposed would be an understatement. After about a half hour I was relaxed and took it in my stride walking amongst them as they painted me. I got a lot of paint brush pointing that night, if I am honest I quite liked the attention and no I didn’t go hard but was close to it at one point. bostancı escort

One Sunday night I was asked by someone called Harold, would I pose at the Arlington Baths in the west end of Glasgow where he could photograph me, offered me £50. I said yes, posing in swimwear no problem with that. He lived in Shawlands not far from here and would give me a lift to and from the baths. I went to his flat, one of the nice new modern ones that had started life off as a Victorian hospital, he also had a very nice, nearly new BMW, clearly was not short of money.

We drove over to the Arlington Baths, it was only on arriving that I found out it was their ‘clothes free (nude) Sunday night swim’. By this time Richard was almost in hysterics and said you must be the only one in Glasgow that didn’t know that. He then said sorry; please continue.

As I had already experienced modelling in this environment with my ladies from the OIR, I was reasonably comfortable with doing what he asked. We all got stripped of, Harold too, who was a great character, six foot tall, thin build, slightly muscular, with white hair and a goatee beard. He photographed me in various poses, in the café area relaxing, in the water out of the water, swimming, as everyone looked on, I was the star of the show that night or maybe just the floor show.

As he had to make sure no other guests at the baths where in any of the photographs background, everything took a bit of time to do. They were a great bunch though giving me encouragement and providing advice on which way to pose, some poses were not possible, they seemed to like my butt shots best. The things you learn in life.

We finished, got dried off and headed back to Harold’s flat. As we arrived there, he invited me in for a coffee. I thought why not he was very nice guy, well presented and polite, he also enquired as to what I was studying and why was I doing modelling work. I felt guilty and told him.

When we finished our coffee, he directly asked me if I was gay, as he was; I said “no, why?” He said he would be appreciative if I was and he could show me what to do. He then put some money on the coffee table as he sat on the couch beside me. Looking at the money, as it would get me out of this week’s financial hole and some money for food too I said “ok”.

We slowly stripped off as we did at the baths and stood naked facing each other, Harold was aroused by this time which got me aroused too, we then we went into his bedroom. As we arrived at the bed Harold clambered in and I joined him. He showed me what he wanted and led me through his various preferences. He was very gentle with me showing how it should be done. Then I was invited to do the same to him, which I did.

When we had finished and showered together, which was an experience too, Harold knew how to enjoy himself. He pulled on his dressing gown as I got dressed. As I was leaving he said to me, would you like to meet again, same arrangement. By this time I thought why not and said “yes”. I returned to the flat with enough money to pay my share of the rent and food for the next two weeks. I have met Harold every week since then, he was not a very good photographer so I helped him out with that too.

Harold asked me one night would I go with him one Monday morning to the Pipeworks Sauna Club, as he didn’t like to go alone to a sauna for the first time, I said yes. This time I looked it up on the internet. It was a gay sauna in the centre of Glasgow, although I didn’t know what to expect, the both of us there together should be ok, I was to meet him outside the club.

We both went in together Harold got a seniors discount and I got a student discount, Harold paid. The staff were great, they showed us around the club and facilities. We then went to the locker room and got changed, it was still very quiet with only a few guys milling around in their white towels. We ordered coffee’s in the café area and sat there talking; couldn’t see much going on so we just sat there talking.

As we sat there I recognised a guy (Tom) coming in, he was from my University Art facility, he came over and introduced himself to Harold. He was waiting for a friend to arrive from the changing room, when he arrived he was about Harold’s age, sort of answered a question without asking. He was smaller than Harold, grey haired, heavier build but not fat, his name was Sam.

We all introduced ourselves to each other then went into the sauna area together, talked about all and nothing and got to know a little about each other. Their arrangement seemed similar to what Harold and I had, I felt relieved when I heard that. Then Sam stood up and invited Harold to join him they headed over to the reception area.

When they came back they had a large Latte for me and Tom and said they would be back in about half an hour or so. Tom and I sat there talking about the University and how Sam came on the scene. It was very similar to büyükçekmece escort what happened to me with Harold, the guilt that I always seemed to have when I was with Harold suddenly disappeared.

As they came back, I could tell from just looking at them what they had been doing. Sam then asked me to join him in a cabin, Harold said its ok, go and enjoy yourself. We went into the cabin it was reasonably plush with just a bed arrangement, subdued lighting and sanitary things.

After we went in Sam closed the door, removed his towel then mine. He asked me is this my first time here, I said “yes”, and then he gestured me with his hand to lie down on the bed. It didn’t take very long before we did what I did with Harold. Like Harold he was very gentle and subdued. After about a half hour we had finished and headed back to the café area.

Sam suggested that Tom and I visit the cabin together, which we did, this time it wasn’t subdued but very athletic sex which we both enjoyed. Before the morning was out I had sex with Tom, my student colleague Sam and Harold and Sam and I were politely propositioned by two other senior gentlemen, which we had to turn down as we were starting to suffer from sexual overindulgence. Let’s say on the bus home I was glad it was standing room only.

I have been back with Harold to the Pipeworks once since then, we also met up with Tom and Sam now Harold and Sam go their together on what was effectively, if not officially, a seniors morning.

I wasn’t as totally innocent as I had initially made out to Harold, Alan my flatmate was gay, but I knew that when I agreed to flat share with him, no one else wanted to. I didn’t have any choice as I was desperate for somewhere to live until I finished my studies.

One night I had to tell Alan that I couldn’t pay the rent this week, I was waiting on money being released from my student loan, but I would ask my parents again to help me out. He asked, ‘could he ask me a very personal question but I didn’t need to answer’, I said “ok ask away”. What did I think about him being gay, somehow the question didn’t really take me by surprise, don’t know why but it didn’t.

I said it doesn’t bother me one way or the other, why should it? His reply caught me off guard when he said, we have flat shared now for almost two months and I think I like you more than just as a friend and would like to have sex with you. He then put his hand on top of my knee, I could feel a transfer of energy or emotion, whatever, pass between us when he did this, I did like him as a person.

My response which seemed automatic, took me by surprise, I put my hand on top of his and said “yes I know what you mean that’s the way I feel about you”. At that point he moved over to me and put his arm round me as I did with him. We sat there in silence holding each other.

He then stood up and took me by the hand into his double bedded bedroom, mines had a single bed which was hard and lumpy and noisy. We both knew we were inexperienced in what would come next, but silently knew we would enjoy exploring and finding out.

In his bedroom as we were facing each other, he touched my lips with his finger, while looking into my eyes. Unbuttoned my shirt slowly, one button at a time, kissing and biting my chest as he went down each button, slowly ever so slowly, all the way to my navel. Then opened my shirt and slid it off my shoulders. Still looking into my eyes he unbuttoned his shirt and let it slide off and drop, he then unzipped his trousers and, let them drop too and stepped out of them. Still looking into my eyes, he slid down his underwear and was standing there, naked, hard and excited.

He reached over and unzipped my trousers slowly and purposefully, sliding them down then knelt down as I stepped out of them. He then placed his hands inside my underwear and slid them off, I could feel them gently being removed as the elastic rasped over my skin. By this time we are both naked and I am hard and excited too.

He started to suck me gently and slowly, again and again, I found it difficult to contain myself, I could hear myself breathe deeply then deeper, I moaned a little, having to steadied myself by leaning on his shoulders, as I started to cum on him. He then swallowed it, stood up, and led me by my hand onto the bed as he pulled the top covers off then sat me down on it and lay me over on my back, kneeled on the bed and straddled over me.

As he leant over me he started to nibble my nipples, my chest, ear lobes, very stimulating. Instinctively I lifted my knees up and arched my back up a little, invitingly. As he rubbed lube on and in me I could feel his fingers penetrate as he applied it. Rubbing it in and around and out, very relaxing and stimulating, I was starting to get ever so sexually aroused at this point.

He then started to probe me with his hard erection then pushed it in slowly, I could feel him entering and sliding çekmeköy escort in slowly, then withdrawing slowly, re-entering and sliding further and further in each time until I felt him touching inside. Slowly he started a rhythm, sensual, warm, very wet, relaxing and exhilarating. The momentum was building, the longing the desire as we both looked directly into each other’s eyes, our hearts were beating in rhythm, we both knew climax was near. Then Alan’s motion became erratic as mine did, we started to mimicking each other’s motion, the creaky bed started to shake under us as he climax, then again, we both lay there hot, wet with sweat and very contented with each other. We relaxed and slowly disengaged.

We both lay their naked together, hot and wet still exchanging each other’s bodily warmth as we embraced each other and running our fingertips over each other’s body, our hungry mouths search each other, nibbling, biting and sucking at each other. The passion and excitation in each of us taking over, we both started to become hard and excited again, as we embraced each other, feeling each other’s hardness press together.

Alan rolled over onto his back, raised his knees invitingly for me to join with him. I enjoyed putting the lube on and on my fingers and entering him, slowly rubbing it in and around as he had done for me.

Alan then arched his back, I could see his eyes roll in anticipation as I leaned over and on him. As I probed for entry initially was barred by pressure as he anticipated my entry, he then eased allowing me in, slowly I went deeper with each lunge until I felt his firm prostrate, that I touched gently as he had done for me. I could then feel cum and pressure start to build within me as I undulated, our body heat was building again. As I looked into his eyes I could see them rolling in anticipation, his head gently rolling as he smiled, his eyes closed in enjoyment that you can only get when you are having sex.

I could feel my cum build and move forward with each lunge, we were both now wet with sweat, both in harmony, as I released. We then both paused for a moment before I withdrew, I rolled over and we lay there side by side embracing each other. We were both exhausted and wet with sweat and cum but we still lay their embracing each other.

We must have both fallen asleep as we were awakened by his radio alarm starting to play music. We lay there looking into each other still touching, but we had to get up, get showered and dressed. We discussed what had happened the previous night without reaching any conclusion as to how things should progress. Was it a one night thing or something more, that we could be open about and enjoy; we were still unsure.

The following night when both of us got back from University, neither of us could make up our minds what we thought, although the answer was obvious to both of us. That had been my first time, having gay sex, as it was for Alan at least that is what he said.

It turned out someone thought he was gay because his family had money and he didn’t have or ever mention any girlfriend’s. He was just shy in that front.

He wasn’t gay at least not until last night. We decided just to let it ride and see what happens, inevitable fate intervened, the single Z bed I had gave out that night and collapsed in a heap. The two seater couch was too small to sleep on. We had to share a double bed, the inevitable happened again and we resumed a relationship. What can I say?

During my first year at University I went to a life drawing class as a paid model for a University art class; I was their exam project model. You know the one sitting on the stool with either next to nothing on or naked. Fortunately, following on from an altercation with a City Councillor and a naked male student, the University did not allow any of their students to pose naked.

I met Natasha there, she was a final year art student, not a great looker but had a very nice personality, very shy and reserved though. To try and get body beautiful confidence, she joined the same life drawing class as me as a paid model. She was about five foot eight tall, a bit smaller than me, great smile, long blond hair and fantastic skin tone. But her breasts resembled two fried eggs and her nipples protruded further than her breasts, she was the original match stick girl but had great legs and a nice tight butt.

She was posing the same night as me in a nude colour, one piece swimsuit, which was borrowed but two sizes too small. When the students submitted their charcoal sketches for marking, they all failed their body drawings were marked as looking like matchstick men. Since they all failed for the same reason, were allowed to resubmit, this time using a new model, nicknamed Betty Boobs, and they all passed. Natasha had only taken on the modelling job to pay for a Proms night outfit. Two thirds of my students had passed, I also posed in a nude colour tight fitting briefs that day, leaving not a lot to the imagination.

Gavin the Director of the University Art faculty, who was openly gay and lived with his boyfriend, was very supportive of her when he found out what had happened. After giving her, final year assignments, offered her some paid life modelling work for Carol, his ex-wife, one of Scotland’s top artists, which she accepted.

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