My Mature Taboo Lover Ch. 01


(True Story) Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent)

From the first day we met, I was attracted to her. I think she knew it and also was attracted to me. She was my wife’s mother and she was 19 years older than me. During my marriage to her daughter, she and I always knew that we had this ‘attraction’ between us. Ellen and I had always gotten along well, and often teased each other with some harmless, but hopeful on my part, flirting. The looks and touches; some casual and otherwise. I often would rub her shoulders from behind and I would always try to reach around and caress the sides of her small breasts. She would always squeeze her arms down and stop me because she knew what I was trying to do, but she never told me to stop, so I just kept trying. I know at times she felt my hard cock pressing against her and I swore I felt her push back against it or at least not yielding to the pressure of my cock against her ass cheeks. After my wife and I separated, I used to take Ellen to lunch and one day I actually kissed her. She responded and we our tongues danced together and explored. I then caressed her small tits and felt her nipples, which seemed quite large. She kissed me harder but soon had to break apart and agreed to another lunch date.

After a number of lunches over several months, we went to dinner, one evening and afterwards we again kissed deeply, our tongues dancing together and probing each other’s mouths. I then gently cupped her small tits and then ran my hand underneath her skirt and felt her hot pussy through her pantyhose. Then I slipped my hand inside of them and found that she was wet. I then fingered the top of her wet pussy and found her hard little clit. She moaned as I did that and then said, “You better stop, I have to get home”

“Well let’s plan on spending more time together” I told her.

She said “OK I would like that…”

That is when I knew I was finally going to fuck her!!!

After several very anxious days and nights thinking of her and our response to each other, I nervously called her and asked her if she wanted to get together on a Saturday for breakfast and maybe more…she said, “Sure”

We coordinated schedules and met early on a Saturday at a local Holiday Inn and had a nice breakfast. After having breakfast and chatting, I had the nerve to ask her” Would you like to be together today” She replied softly “Yes, I would, but where?”

I had already gotten a room and we looked at each other and laughed nervously and I asked her. “Are you okay with this?”

She looked at me and emphatically said “Yes!”

“Good, I have wanted this for so very long.” I told her the room number because she did not want her car to be seen from the prying eyes of anybody she might know, so she could pull around to the side of the inn. We both stared into each others eyes and knew that our moment was close at hand and we could feel the sexual tension between us.

I got to the room first, my anticipation peaking, knowing that she was going be there any minute. The fantasies I had for years were about to come true! I was finally going to be alone with my mother-in-law and fucking her! The anticipation of seeing her naked and the fact that I knew we were going to be exploring each other’s bodies, that she wanted to spread her legs and let me fuck the pussy that my wife had come out of was incredibly exciting.

She knocked and I let her in she turned to me and said “I need a hug” I spoke softly “No, Mother Dear, (my old pet name for her) you need more than that”

She replied “Please don’t call me that anymore, even though I am old enough to be your mother”

“No bahçeşehir escort problem Ellen, you are just the right age for me.”

She smiled and whispered “How sweet”

Anxiously I softly said “Oh no, how true. Come here you”, and I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deeply, our tongues intertwining as I caressed her body. Then I began fondling her small tits and unbuttoning her blouse.

With her voice sounding husky she whispered “Wait a minute, I’ll help” and then I stood there and watched Ellen pull her blouse and jeans off quickly, then pause a moment before removing her lacey bra and panties. I was in awe, I couldn’t believe my mother-in-law was standing in front of me, naked and wanting me to fuck her.

I said “Lay down on the bed.” She did. I kissed her and then began kissing down her shoulders, then sucked her big hard nipples and began kissing a line down her belly towards her lightly covered pussy.

She breathily asked” What are you doing?”

I said “loving you”

She said “I have never had a man lick me there, Is that what you are going to do?”

I answered her by running my tongue up her wet lips of her pussy and listened to her moan her pleasure…”God that feels so good” she moaned.

Then I slipped two fingers in her wet cunt and finger fucked her as I continued to lick and suck her clit. She kept moaning and then I felt her hands on the back of my head as she pulled my face into her pussy and began grinding it in my face. She was loving it.

She whispered, “No man has EVER done that to me before”

I looked up at her and said “You got to be kidding, God, I love eating your sweet pussy” and dove right back in to her juicy slit

I could not take it anymore, I had wanted her for so long, I just wanted to drive my cock in her pussy and fuck her, knowing I also had fucked her daughter.

Taking my cock in my hand, I rubbed the head of it between Ellen’s thick pussy lips, feeling it get instantly coated in her slick juices. Raising it up a bit, I pressed it against the opening to her pussy and very slowly pressed forward, watching intently as inch after inch disappeared inside my mother-in-law’s pussy as she raised herself and watched as my throbbing cock penetrated her wet hungry pussy. I could feel her pussy juices on my cock; the heat, the passion that had bubbled for years between us was finally being expressed as my cock fed the hunger of her pussy.

Ellen slowly pulled me into her and said “That’s it darling, enter me, be inside of me. I want all of it in me”. She let out a moan when I was all the way inside. She grabbed my face, “You feel so good in me. I love you inside of me. God you feel so big and hard” she cried out.

“And you’re so hot and hungry for my cock Ellen. You are amazing.”

Ellen began pushing her hips up to me as I then rammed my cock deep and buried all of it in my mother-in-law’s very lonely, hungry cunt.

It was incredible knowing that we were finally together and locked in the age-old act of fucking, it did not matter any more who we were, we were just animals fucking. I loved how her pussy felt and the look in her eyes as I fucked her deeply and passionately.

It felt incredible! What a surprise, her cunt was not as loose as I thought it would be! As I thrust in and out of her velvet cunt, I was surprised at how tight she was on my cock. (Not only was she the mother of my wife, she had had five other children.)!

I also quickly found out that she was very wild during sex! I remembered overhearing her advice to my wife once, by saying to her “A bakırköy escort wife should be a lady in the living room and a whore in the bedroom”. Now I knew that she did not necessarily mean the wife should be a whore in her husband’s bedroom, because she was being a cock whore with me, her son-in-law, in a motel!

I pushed deep inside her wet pussy and started fucking her with a furious pace, determined to cum soon inside my mother-in-law’s hot dripping cunt.

Faster and faster we rocked together, our moans filling the room along with the slapping sounds our bodies were making as we slammed against one another. In the next few seconds Ellen started whimpering and squealing as she came and she quickly peaked before tiny little orgasmic tremors continued to shoot through her throbbing clit.

Ellen observed my eagerness, and quickly encouraged me with an “I love you” as I plunged my cock deep inside her.

She let out a long, low groan this time as she felt me go deeper than before. I would never have believed it of her, she sounded like an animal in absolute lust. Her head thrusting back, she clenched every muscle in her upper body in her need to quench her lust. The veins in her neck bulged out as she cried out in complete surrender. Her arms jolted, coming to rest around my neck as I began to find my fucking tempo.

I couldn’t believe I was screwing my dear sweet mother-in-law! To be fucking the mother of my wife was such a turn on. I had to keep glancing at her to make sure this was indeed true. All I could see was her sexy neck as I continued thrusting into my mother-in-law.

She finally looked at me with a face of untamed, wild lust and sexual hunger. She lifted her ass to meet my thrusts as she let go of all her fears and inhibitions. She was eagerly and willingly fucking me, her son-in-law, and the look on her face said it all so clearly.

Every breath she took gasped throughout the room as her legs wrapped themselves around my waist, bringing me closer than before. It was all I could do to keep my pace. After all, my mother-in-law was fucking me like a slut! My strokes grew rapidly as my cock stabbed her again and again. My hands reached beneath her to clutch her wide hips, as perspiration covered both of our faces. Her ass felt so good in my hands… those broad, enticing hips that begged for my cum to be spurted inside her. I closed my eyes, letting my mind relish the moment of fucking my wife’s mother.

My fantasies finally coming true, and not only that, but her fucking me back was absolutely incredible as I felt her wet walls of her pussy squeezing my cock.

“Oh god, I can’t believe I’m fucking my son-in-law.” Ellen nearly screamed as she picked up the pace. I’m going to cum on your dick. I’m going to fuck you until I cum.” Ellen’s breathing was becoming heavy her moans deeper and louder. “I’m so close, cum with me. Cum in my pussy, I want to feel you cum in me.”

I was about to explode, I grabbed my mother-in-law in law’s small tits as I began to cum. Ellen moaned, “That’s it baby, cum, cum in me. Oh god, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum on your cock.” Ellen was slamming herself on me as we both began to cum. I could feel her pussy milking me, drawing every drop of cum from my cock.

I pounded Ellen’s pussy for all I was worth and then as I held her hips, “That’s it, fill my pussy, give it all to me,” I started cumming deep inside her. I continued fucking her as my balls tightened up and I felt my cum spurting ropes of hot juices in her pussy until my cock throbbed.

Ellen began to slow her movements, and eventually we laid there başakşehir escort motionless, holding each other. We looked at each other and had a long, deep kiss. I moved my hand up and began to massage her breast. Ellen felt me begin to get hard again and broke the kiss.

“God that was incredible” she whispered as I looked at her.

I smiled and replied, “God, I loved that, to make love with you is something I have wanted for years.

She said “You know, if you had not left Shelly, it would not have happened”.

I quickly replied “Well then I am glad I left her, if it meant I could have this time in bed with you”.

She said” And there is so much left undone”.

I asked her “What do you mean?”

She said” Shhhhhhh…”

She then slowly started to caress me, teasing me again with her fingers as she kissed me again, slowly working her way down my neck with her tongue to my chest. I began softly moaning as a smile formed; my need so strong and my cock so hard. Ellen slowly kissed me on my stomach as she stroked me harder and faster. Slowly Ellen’s lips touched the tip of my hard cock, her tongue darting out teasing it, drawing me slowly into her mouth, she was sucking harder and faster drawing me in and out of her mouth, sucking harder and deeper as she sucked my cock deep into her throat, savoring the feel of it in her mouth and against her soft lips as lips as my cock throbbed.

Her tongue teased my cock as she sucked harder and faster. Licking and sucking, teasing and loving the way I felt in her mouth, she drew me deep in her throat as she moaned softly, sending me over the edge, I grabbed her head, thrusting hard and deep into her throat as she sucked me so hard and good.

Before I knew it she was sucking my cock like a pro, stimulating me with her tongue as her head bobbed up and down, coating my length with her saliva. My cock glided between her lips easily as I shivered at the sensation. My hips were pumping up into her mouth as she worked the underside of my cock with her tongue, swirling it around my head and then bobbing her head down onto it again.

I watched her suck her cheeks in, applying gentle sucking onto my cock as her right hand cupped my balls and lovingly massaged them. She was moaning wildly now, reverberating the sound against my cock as her eyes were wide. Ellen sucked my cock like a mad woman, her saliva coating her cheeks and her chin, not caring what she looked like. She sucked me hard and soft, long and hard, deepthroating me, and then sucking on my head, licking the underside.

My breathing was coming in short pants and my hips lunged upward driving my cock into her mouth. Ellen expertly adapted and kept her pace up, sucking my cock to orgasm, egging me on; her actions were begging me to cum for her.

I couldn’t hold back any more and I lifted my hips up and exploded, sending my spurts of cum into her mouth. Ellen moaned and her eyes got big as her cheeks expanded to take all of my cum into her mouth. Her body rocked and shuddered as she felt me cum. With only the head of my cock in her mouth she moaned and whimpered, looking up at me. I stared intently into her eyes as they softened in pleasure.

She then withdrew her mouth off my cock and I watched as she swallowed my cum and smiled that Cheshire cat smile of hers. I loved watching her swallow and taste my cum as she did that.

She then whispered said “You know Tim that is the very first time I have done that all the way with a man before”

I reached down and pulled her up and kissed her, tasting my cum in her mouth and sharing it with her and I held her tight.

“God you are incredible.” I told her looking deep into her eyes.

She said “No, we are… together”

Finally after all this time, we finally were sated and consummated our mutual lust! After our initial fuck session we, agreed to continue to see each other so we could really explore the lust that had been simmering for years.

End of Part One

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