My Naughty Neighbors Ch. 2


The week after I heard Cindy calling out my name as Buddy fucked her brains out was totally crazy. I was of course a total wreck, consumed by the thought that this goddess I worshiped might actually fantasize about ME, but work was out of control. The deadline for a big project was pushed forward, and I started the week pulling three 16-hour days in a row. Thursday I dragged myself up the stoop at 11PM, dead to the world. My brain refused to work. So when Buddy pounded on my door I almost didn’t answer. But even in my stupor I knew pissing Buddy off wasn’t a healthy habit to start, so I opened up.

“Christ, you look like shit,” he said. “You gotta quit that job and come work for me.”

“Buddy, you wouldn’t let me within 10 feet of an acetylene torch.”

“True. You’re too soft and pretty. You’d get hurt, bad too.”

“Thanks. And you’re here…why again?”

“Do you have plans for tomorrow night?”

“I hope not. My project should be done before tomorrow night. And I sure as hell don’t want to go out with anyone I work with. Sick of all of them right now.”

“Good. Me and Cindy will stop by around 7 and we’ll go to the Cutter. Be thirsty.”

“OK, but what’s the occasion? I usually end up there anyway.”

He took a menacing step toward me and did his best to loom over me. He loomed large. “Just be there. Or I’ll come looking for you. And when I find you, you’ll wish you’d just shut your mouth and done what I said.”

“Seven. The Cutter. I’ll be there. Thirsty.”

He patted me on the head and said, “Attaboy,” and was gone.

As miserable as the first four days had been, Friday was great. I finished my project around noon, and when I turned it in to my boss he looked it over and surprised me by saying, “Nick, I didn’t think anybody could work that fast. Great job!” We went over the report for an hour, I walked him through a few sections, and he made noises about “bonuses” and “promotions” and “stock options” and I felt a week’s worth of misery float away on a cloud of jubilation.

“Go home,” he told me. “Start on your weekend.”

I didn’t make it home. I was too wiped out. I crawled in a spare conference room and crashed, setting my watch alarm for 3:30. I gathered strength in those few hours, and when I woke it was with an appetite, for food, beer, and…a woman. I suddenly felt an overwhelming need for sex, for a good fuck with a good woman. I hadn’t gotten laid in eight months. Too much work. The Cutter was as good a place as any to find a lady ready for trysting. The crowd there was perhaps split 50-50 between folks in their 30s and 40s and 20-somethings like me. There was a cute blonde girl who tended bar every Friday who smiled at me when I tipped her. There was a nice woman in her fifties who had nice big titties and asked me once if I liked her perfume. I stood up and arched my back and felt my cock strain against my pants, and I promised I would give my little pal some work tonight.

I showered at work and changed into the jeans and black sweater I’d brought along. I didn’t want to risk Buddy’s wrath by showing up late. By the time I was ready to go it was 5PM and I didn’t feel like going home. I wanted beer, so I called Buddy on my cell phone, expecting to get Cindy and tell her I’d meet them there. I got the machine instead and left a message saying I would meet them there. And off I went.

It felt good going to the Cutter and having Joe the bartender call out, “Slick Nick, what say you?” He set a Rolling Rock in front of me before I settled on the stool at the corner of the bar and we started shooting about the day’s news. I ordered a burger and fries and I wolfed it down with another Rock. Seats at the bar were filling up when I checked my watch and saw that it was 6:30. I looked around for a likely target for my lusty desires. No obvious candidate came to mind, so I ordered another beer and figured I would either wait for a better choice, or wait for the beers to lower the bar.

No need to wait. When she walked in I turned my head on a swivel, and 20 other heads turned with mine. We had someone nice to look at. Short, tousled black hair, and pale blue eyes that shone against her tanned skin. Must use a tanning bed, I guessed, since it was February. She wore a tight, white, ribbed sweater, and a black miniskirt. She was wearing flats but you could still see the muscles in her dancer’s legs through the black hose. Not the typical outfit for a lady at the Cutter, but you don’t knock a knockout who is trying to dazzle. About Cindy’s age. A real showstopper.

She sat down at the end of the bar, a seat that gave me a perfect view of her from my stool a few feet away. Joe walked over and asked what she wanted, and in a deep, husky voice she asked for a Cranberry and vodka. Joe brought it and she took a twenty out of her wallet and laid it on the bar.

“Do you know Buddy and Cindy?” she asked. “They say they come here pretty often. I was hoping to meet them here.”

“Oh, I know those two,” Joe said, laughing. “They’ll be here eventually.”

“They’ll be here in a half-hour or so,” I said.

She beylikdüzü escort smiled at me, and my little pal shivered. “Thanks.” She handed Joe the twenty.

“I got it, Joe,” I said, and I handed him a five across the bar.

“I can buy my own drink, thanks,” she said, her voice with that chill a woman learns when she fights off aggressive guys all night long.

“Not that one. You know Buddy and Cindy?”


“If Buddy knew that I let a friend of theirs buy a drink, and I just sat there, Buddy would unscrew my head from my shoulders. I like my head where it is, pointing to the front.”

She laughed, and it was a nice laugh. “Yes, you know Buddy for sure.”

I was about to make another witty remark when some smoothie sauntered past and parked himself next to her. She turned her cool gaze on him and he made his pitch. I heard him say he’d never seen her before, was she new around here, did she like the place, this music, his necklace, and she politely and blandly answered his questions. She did allow him to light her cigarette, which she held with long fingers tipped with clear-painted nails. It felt like I had a horn in my pants.

I drank another beer. And then the door opened and Cindy walked in, followed by Buddy. It was thrilling when Cindy’s searching eyes met mine and she smiled and waved to me. It felt so good that in this crowded room this gorgeous woman wanted to find me, and me alone. That good feeling vanished when I saw Buddy. He looked like he was in a head-unscrewing mood.

Cindy walked over to me, gave me a squeeze, and said, “Order me something refreshing, honey,” and then she was gone. Replaced by Buddy, who said, “Motherfucker, thank your lucky stars you’re here. ‘Cause if you hadn’t been, you never would be. You get me?”

I really liked Buddy, and I knew he liked me, but I still nearly shit that milkshake you always hear about. I kept my voice level and I said, “Hey, I called you guys and left a message that I’d be here. I got out of work early and I came here to get a running start. You said be thirsty, and man, was I thirsty.”

He calmed down a bit, like a rhino who decides that charging at that hyena over there just isn’t worth bloodying his horn over. “You left a message? I forgot to check.”

“Check when you get home.” I handed him a beer. “Salud.” He took the beer and swigged, and my sphincter returned to it’s normal tightness.

I drank beer. I looked around for Cindy, and there she was, chatting with that delicious brunette. The smoothie was still there with his oily smile, but Cindy was doing a pretty good job of freezing him out. “Who’s Cindy talking to?” I asked.

“Friend of ours,” he said. “Sylvia. She and Cindy go way back.”

“Yeah, she asked Joe when you guys would show.”


“Yeah. I bought her her drink. She even let me, which was nice.”

Buddy nodded his approval. “Good boy, it never hurts to be polite and show respect.. Cindy will be very pleased with you.”

I just about lived to please Cindy, so that made me smile. I was in that early boozy alcoholic happy phase that makes the world a wonderful place to live it. I wondered if I should ask Buddy if he could line Sylvia up for me, but I wasn’t that stupid, or that drunk yet. So I drank more beer.

I talked to Joe, and to Pickles, a cool guy who worked for Buddy (maybe someday I’ll find out where he got his nickname. Not sure I want to know). Cindy and Sylvia were still talking in that corner, and Buddy joined them, scaring the smoothie away. He beat a hasty retreat and I made a quick advance. I slid onto the stool next to Buddy and tried to think of something to say.

Buddy gave me a break. “Sylvia, this is Nick, our upstairs neighbor. He’s a pain in the ass, so don’t feel you have to be nice to him.” I laughed, I hoped not nervously, and took the hand Sylvia offered and gently shook it. Her touch set me to burning.

“I think I should be polite to him,” Sylvia said. “He bought me a drink. He told me when you two would show up. Seems very nice to me.”

“Nice,” Buddy snorted.

“I’m very nice,” I said.

“You’re nice,” Sylvia said. “But can you dance?”


“The band just started. Can you dance?”

If a man wants to get laid consistently, there is no better preparation he can take than to learn to dance. I took two ballroom dance classes in college, and never was time better spent. I took Sylvia’s hand in mine and said, “Let’s boogie.”

This wasn’t bump-and-grind let’s-sex-it-up dancing. The band was playing upbeat dance tunes and you needed to turn and spin and pivot with your partner. Sylvia could dance, and there ain’t much in life more fun than dancing with a gorgeous woman who knows what she’s doing. At times I had to hold her close, at times spin her away, and our fingers locked and unlaced and our eyes came together then slying slid away. We worked up a pretty good sweat dancing for 45 solid minutes, and as the band slid into a slow song I was glad for the respite, and for the beyoğlu escort chance to pull those firm breasts against my chest and feel the heat through her sweater. I looked down and saw the firm swells of her breasts, and I felt an overwhelming desire to suck my thumb.

There came a tap at my shoulder, and it was the smoothie. He said, “May I cut in?” and without waiting for an answer took Sylvia’s free hand and pulled her away. Pissed me off, showed no class, but Sylvia didn’t seem to mind, though when her eyes met mine as he led her away she winked and mimed sipping at a drink. I smiled and nodded and went to the bar.

Buddy came over and said, “Man, if I was dancing with a fine fox and someone stuck his nose in, I’d rip it off.”

“Jeez, it’s just dancing. I just met her, she doesn’t belong to me.”

“Bullshit,” he said. “Now he thinks he can take anything you have. He thinks he’ll be the one to fuck her, not you.”

“Come on.”

“You want to fuck her, don’t you?”

“No. Well, yeah, but, you know. No. I don’t think she’s expecting me to fuck her, I think she wants to dance.”

“If you want to fuck her, what are gonna do about it? Let someone else slow dance with her? Fuck. You want pussy, you can’t act like one.”

“I’m getting her a drink. I’m want to dance with her some more, so I won’t just walk away,”

“You better not. All the guys are watching. You can’t get a rep as a pussy. Gotta show your horns sometime.”

He left. I need to piss. As I walked to the restroom I peeked out on the dance floor and saw that asshole running his hands over her back. No class. She seemed to be pretty bored out there, so I relaxed a bit. Had to piss bad.

I walked in the bathroom, did what I had to, and washed my hands good. I walked out the door and ran headlong into a sweet-smelling blonde delight who grabbed my wrists and pulled me into a dark corner.

“Hi, Cindy,” I said, looking down as she maneuvered my hands around her waist and put her own hands on my stomach. She tickled me, lightly.

“I wish you’d dance with me like you danced with Sylvia,” she purred. “You two look so hot together,”


“Hot,” she said, and her hands slid around my waist until she cupped my asscheeks in her hands.

“Christ, Cindy, you can’t do that. Buddy’ll kill me. And you’re driving me crazy.”

“Buddy sent me here. He wants to make sure you don’t leave Sylvia with that jerk out there. After all, she came her to see…you.”


Her eyes didn’t leave mine. “Have you ever had a fantasy about being seduced by an older woman?”

“Uh, sure. Who hasn’t?” I didn’t mention that most of my fantasies in that area centered around her.

“She has a fantasy about seducing a handsome young man. I mentioned to her that I knew a handsome young man who needed her attentions. She came here looking to take you to bed. If you would like that.”

I was shaking. I couldn’t control my hands, and my penis was a bone. “Cindy, I…”

She put a finger to my lips. “Let her make the moves. Just be…enthusiastic.”

“Christ, I can manage that.”

The band announced they were taking a break, and Sylvia disengaged herself from my rival. I hustled over with her drink and said, “Some refreshment?”

She turned and smiled and took the drink. “You know that guy who I was dancing with?”


“If you ever need to find out just dust my ass for fingerprints. His hands were all over it.”

“Do you want me to break his hands for you? I wouldn’t mind a bit.”

“You’re cute. No, that’s OK. I could use a seat for a bit. Need a break.” I looked ’round and there was a small empty booth in a back corner. I steered Sylvia through the crowd and we sat, our legs touching under the table.

A girl walked by on her way to the bathroom and Sylvia leaned over the booth and said something, and the girl nodded and handed Sylvia a cigarette and lit it. Sylvia thanked her and said to me, “I hope you don’t mind, I don’t smoke often, but I like one when I’m drinking and dancing. And the night is still young, at least two more sets to go.”

“I’m raring to go,” I said, trying not to stare at her breasts.

She took a deep drag on her cigarette and smiled. “You’re a good partner. Dancing partner.”

“It takes two. We move well together.” I couldn’t believe I said that, buzzed or not, and Sylvia smiled and said, “Well, we’ll see about that.” And then there was a long pause where I felt my face redden and she added, “Let’s see how we do this set.” The band started tuning up, Sylvia stubbed out her cigarette, I took her hand and let her to the floor.

The band really picked up the pace, the floor was packed, we couldn’t twirl and glide the way we had earlier. We spent more time tight together, which was the answer to my prayers. I put my arm around her waist and hers snaked around mine and we moved, together, swaying back and forth, in and out. I was huge and hard and there was no way to hide it, even if I wanted. The crush of bodies pushed us together, bizimkent escort and the stiff tip of my cock burrowed into her warm belly. He wanted inside, and I knew she could feel how impatient my penis was for her to touch it.

After an hour a slow, sexy song started, and she pulled me against her, her nails scratching lightly at my back. I moved my arms around her waist and shoulder, and we danced close, but not obscenely so. Or it wouldn’t have been, if my dick hadn’t been like a spear pointing at her pussy.

“I like dancing with you, Sylvia”

She kissed me on the cheek. “I like dancing with you too.”

My dick rubbed against her skirt, then ground against her. I closed my eyes and pushed my hips into hers, but when I stubbed myself against her pelvis I tried to pull away. She grabbed my hips and pulled me back between her legs.

“You’re bad,” she said, and then seeing my reddened face she stroked my cheek and said, “You don’t have to be embarrassed.”

“I’d like to be a little more suave, not just rubbing against you.”

“Suave is nice, but a little obvious lust is SO sexy.”

“Yeah? How obvious do you want me to be?”

My cock gently rubbed her skirt. “You’re pretty obvious right now. Maybe you should tell me what’s on your mind, what you’re thinking right now…”

I leaned closed until my nose brushed her hair. “I want to suck your nipples.”


“I want to suck your nipples until they’re hard, and then I want to kneel before you and kiss and lick your stomach. I want to taste your skin.”

“Yes, that sounds nice…”

“I want to kiss you between your legs,” I blurted. “I want my mouth all over you. I want to right now.” I pulled her closer against me, my penis urgently rubbing her.

“Maybe we should be leaving?” she said, and I pulled back and she was grinning mischievously. “I have a few thoughts of my own, but this isn’t the time or the place.”

We turned to leave, and just as she I felt that familiar tap at my shoulder. “I’m cutting in,” he said, and reached to remove Sylvia’s hand from my waist.

“Buzz off,” I said, not even looking at him.

“She’s old enough to be your mother, puss. Go play pinball or something.”

I looked at Sylvia. “Do you want to dance with him instead of me?”

“Fuck no.” she said. “And fuck you,” she said to the asshole.

“What she wants doesn’t matter,” he said, wrenching my wrist and grabbing Sylvia’s shoulder, and now the other dancers cleared off, sensing what was coming. What happened next wasn’t instinctive, because I’d never been in a bar fight before, but I guess hanging around Buddy and his pals wore off. And I was in such a state, filled with lust and knowing I was about to get fucked, that I was ready for any sort of action.

When you get in a fight like this, especially against a guy bigger than you, you have to get off first. I had Buddy to back me up, but it was terribly important to me that he wouldn’t have to. So when he had my wrist with one hand, and the other on Sylvia’s shoulder, he was totally exposed, and I took the opening. My right hand slipped easily across Sylvia’s back, made a fist, and struck his nose at supersonic speed. There was a delicious “CRACK” as I made contact, and he staggered three steps back. Now his hands were free and he brought them up to protect his face, and I stepped close and delivered a short, sharp kick to his groin. There was no crack, just a sickening squishy sound, and it was over. The smoothie collapsed to the floor, trying to grab his dripping nose and his crushed testicles at the same time, and not getting much relief either way.

Strong hands closed on my shoulders, Joe and one of his bouncers. “I saw the whole thing, kid,” Joe said. “You did the right thing. But you fight in my place, you go out the door. Let’s move.” They gently hustled me toward the door, stopping only long enough to let Buddy hand me my coat. “Beautiful, that was fucking beautiful,” he said, beaming, and I left to the cheers and hoots of his entire crew. I felt like Mike Tyson. And then Cindy called out, “Wait outside, don’t leave right away!”

I waited outside. And waited. Five minutes, ten. I was hoping Sylvia would come out, or Cindy, but no luck. My hand hurt. I was sobering up fast, and I was getting a bit upset. I’d decked the guy. He deserved it, but still. “Shit,” I said, and I turned around and headed for my car.

Then I heard a voice say, “Hey, I didn’t get my $20 worth out of you.” I turned and it was Sylvia, wearing her long leather coat, walking toward me. She smiled. “Though that performance was worth about $15. You nailed him good. I don’t think he’ll be cutting in on anyone anytime soon.”

“So you have $5 credit. How can I earn it?”

“I want a nice slow dance. Come with me.”

We walked back to the Cutter, but turned into the back alley behind the place. It was pitch black, but you could faintly hear the band through the brick walls. “Right here will do,” she said. She stepped into me. Her arms slid around my neck, mine went around her waist, and her chin rested on my shoulder. We swayed back and forth a minute or so, and then her hands wandered down to caress my ass. She moved her hands up and scratched my back with her nails, and then her hands moved to my hips, and as I closed my eyes and bit my lip those sexy fingers closed around the hard hot thing jutting out from my jeans.

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