My Visit With Tony Ch. 4


After my business appointment, Tony picked me up, drove to the pier where we had a lovely lunch. I could tell he had something on his mind but he didn’t bring up the subject until we had finished and were just sitting there, enjoying the view out over the water.

Finally he started talking to me. He said he wasn’t sure how I would take it, which is why he hesitated to bring up the subject. I told him I thought we were close enough we could talk about anything. I would let him know if I didn’t like what he had to say.

“Well” he said, “do you remember my telling you about the night with Judy and Ronnie? I had NO idea what he had a threesome in mind, until it happened. While it was the most exciting night of my life and I will never forget it, I will never forget that he sprung it on me. I think this would be a perfect opportunity for a bit of payback, but I would need your help. How would you feel about helping me? Not only that, but if my idea works, it COULD make one your own fantasies a reality”.

Tony definitely had my attention. I asked him for more details. As he talked, I got all excited about his idea, even interjecting a few ideas of my own. Just the idea of what Tony was proposing was making me wet…I could feel the heat in between my legs. I was squirming in my seat, trying to ease the feelings inside me. Tony saw what I was doing and his grin went from ear-to-ear.

We went back to his house to put our plan into action. I just had time to take a long hot shower and change into the outfit that Tony wanted me to wear to dinner. I was a bit reluctant to wear it outside the house, but Tony assured me that the restaurant was dark and no one would notice me.

I had sent away for a leather skirt and vest…I had planned to wear a blouse under the vest, but Tony said to just wear the vest so my tits would show. I wasn’t too sure about this because when I took the blouse off, the vest only came up to just over my nipples. If I bent over, all of me would show. Tony laughed at my panic…”I have a scarf you can wear over your tits and it will be up to you when you take it off”.

With a little arranging, türbanlı escort the scarf did work, though not much because you could see right through it. I turned around and around and got Tony’s immediate approval. I could see the desire in his eyes. The leather skirt just hugged my ass, ending just below the top of my stockings. This time I wore thigh-tops, which had wide bands of lace at the top. I had on a pair of black lace crotchless panties also.

Tony had me bend over and checked me out, first from the front and then from the back. “Yes, I think it will work”, he said. He couldn’t resist touching me though. Tony flicked the ends of my nipples, noting they were already hard and poking through the vest. He slid a finger between my crotch and found my cunt lips all swollen and not. He laughed, “Tell me this isn’t getting to you…you are wet enough right now I am almost tempted to stick my dick into you before we leave”. But no, we had other plans for this night. With one last look in the mirror, out the door we went, excitement and anticipation filling us both.

We met Ronnie at this club Tony knew about and soon we were seated in a booth that was semi-circular and way in the back. It was quite dark in that corner, lit only by a candle in the middle of our table. After ordering drinks and dinner, we talked about the events of our day. Ronnie filled us in on the events of his life since he and Tony had been stationed together in Germany. Dinner arrived and we were busy eating, making small talk. There wasn’t much of a crowd, so we didn’t feel the urge to get up and leave right away.

Tony finally gave me the signal that it was time to start our fun. He excused himself and went to the restroom. While he was gone, I slid closer to Ronnie. He didn’t seem to notice, but I sensed he was aware of what I had done. Seeing Tony returning, I reached over and felt the front of Ronnie’s pants. Ronnie stiffened as if he had been shocked. Needless to say, his cock rose to the occasion and quickly hardened under my stroking.

Of course, Tony knew what I was doing, and tüyap escort I could see he was enjoying the look of discomfort on Ronnie’s face. Ronnie wasn’t sure if Tony knew what was going on or not, or how he would take it if he did. I felt a little mischievous at this point, so I put down my drink, reached under the table and felt for Tony’s cock. Tony grinned when he saw that I realized he had his zipper open and his cock was out, hard as a rock and slightly damp at the head.

OOOOHHHH, I was going to like this. What is one without the other? I reached for the zipper on Ronnie’s pants and his throbbing tool burst out of his pants. I had TWO hard pricks, one in each hand. Tony knew what I was doing to Ronnie, but Ronnie was still unaware Tony knew.

This was going to be fun. I slipped my feet out of my shoes, carefully eased one leg over Ronnie’s leg and let my foot rub up and down his leg. I did the same with my other leg, but put it over Tonys. This put me with both legs splayed wide open, under the table.

Mentioning that it seemed to be getting hot in the club, I decided to take my scarf off. Ronnie’s eyes got big as saucers, as he could see the bulging of my tits with just a tiny bit of nipple showing. Each time I purposely took a deep breath, I could hear him suck in his breath as my chest rose up and down.

Ronnie couldn’t stand this any more and I could see that Tony was affected also even though he knew what was going to happen. Several seconds later, I realized I had two hands on my legs, inching up to my pussy. I was waiting for Ronnie to find out that both were going to be playing with my cunt lips and pussy. I was SO excited, I thought I was going to cum right then and there. We were out in public. I was half naked, the leather outfit was tight on my body. I was spread wide apart and I had two different hands that were going to be exploring my pussy.

All of a sudden, Ronnie realized Tony’s hand was there too. He started to pull his hand away, but I quickly grabbed it and put it back where it was. Ronnie looked apologetically at Tony. Tony leaned back, tuzla escort not taking his hand away from my cunt, gave a loud roar…”THIS IS PAYBACK, RONNIE! I have been waiting a LONG time for this”. He explained he had told me about the night when he shared Ronnie’s wife Judy. Now it was HIS turn, to start a sexual encounter with no advance warning.

I wasn’t paying any attention to anything they were talking about. Both men had clamped their legs around mine. I couldn’t have drawn them back if I wanted to. I was sliding their cocks up and down and their precum was covering my hands. I was squirming with wanting too, feeling the wetness ooze out of me. I had two hands on me…I didn’t even know which man had their finger my pussy. Maybe both of them did. I just knew my pussy was being probed, my cunt lips and clit were being stroked. It seemed as though I was surrounded by fingers and hands and cocks. My hands were pulling on the cocks and my chest was heaving. I wouldn’t have cared if the waiter had come over. Being out in public, jerking off two cocks and being finger fucked was almost unbearable.

Tony was the first to grab napkins off the table with his free hand, and I could feel the throbbing that meant he was ready to shoot off. Ronnie came just a few seconds later. Feeling their cocks swell and burst, knowing I did it, plus riding on their fingers, I exploded too. I had no way to grab napkins for myself. My cum juice ran down my crotch, ran off the edge of the seat and puddled on the floor. The hands inside me were all covered with cum. As soon as they could wipe off their cocks and stick them back inside their pants, Ronnie got up and left for the restroom.

While Ronnie was gone, Tony leaned over and said this was a fantastic way to start the night. He hoped I would still want to go through with what we had planned. As if I could stop any of what was going to happen. Every inch of my body had raw nerve endings. I kissed Tony and thanked him for setting this up and making a fantasy become real. Tony gave me a hard hug and said there was more to come, but it had started out great, even more than he expected.

Ronnie looked kind of embarrassed when he came back, but Tony told him he was just paying him back for not telling him that he and Judy had planned a threesome without telling him about it. It was getting late, so we finished our drinks and said we would see him back at Tony’s house.

To Be Continued…

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