Nautical Adventure


It was a Friday evening in June, and my twin sister Toni and I were at the Marina Pub, enjoying what would likely be our last outing of the year with colleagues from work. We were both teachers at the high school a few blocks away, and over the past school year, it had become a tradition for many of the teachers to meet at the pub after work to enjoy a few cold beverages before starting the weekend.

Toni and I were 25, and each had our dream job – she taught music and I taught art. It was a small high school, so we were each responsible for the entire curriculum in those areas, and took our work very seriously, striving to share as much as possible of our respective art forms with the students. On this particular evening, she was sharing with me her nervousness and anticipation about the upcoming end-of-year concert, when her chorus would be performing one of her compositions, songs set to poetry of e.e. cummings. She was very proud of her work, and of the energy her students had put into it, but nervous about the performance nonetheless.

It was into this heady conversation that one of the less inspired bar patrons interjected, “Hey, am I seeing double, or are you just happy to see me?” After that brilliant line, which probably made sense only to the truly smashed, he promptly stumbled over his own feet and crashed to the floor, much to the delight of several onlookers.

This was nothing new. We had learned not long after turning 21 that whenever we sat in a bar together, hot young twins, we would be subjected to the most ridiculous come-ons and predictable lines ever conceived. It didn’t stop us from going out, either to spend time with friends like tonight, or in hopes of meeting eligible bachelors, but it did sometimes get pretty old. Sure, we were attractive – 5’8″, reddish-brown hair, green eyes, 34C tits, and nice legs, if I may say so myself – but just because we were twins, did we really have to put up with this? A nice gentleman who could actually make conversation would be nice once in a while.

The drunk guy had been harmless, but now we were approached by another dweeb who thought he’d try the direct route – a twin ‘single-entendre’. “Hey, girls – how ’bout you come back to my place and we make a sex sandwich!”

“Alright, Michelle,” Toni said to me, “that’s it – let’s call it a night.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Hey guys,” I waved to our colleagues a few seats down at the bar, “we’re heading home now. Have a good weekend, we’ll see you on Monday – last week of school!”

As we headed out the door, I heard a voice behind us, “Excuse me, miss, I believe you left your purse?”

Toni, realizing when she felt for her missing bag that her purse was the one in question, turned first. When I heard her utter “wow” under her breath, I turned as well. In a few quick strides, he had caught up with us – a dashing, slightly older man, clearly dressed for yachting. Not that I knew anything about how one dressed for yachting, I’d hardly ever been on a boat! But he looked like the classic image of the gentleman sailor, strong but lean, well-dressed and confident.

“Here you go, miss. And best of luck with the premiere of your work at next week’s concert. Forgive me for eavesdropping, but e.e. cummings is one of my favorite poets, so I admit I was listening to your conversation.”

“Oh, I don’t mind. Thanks for noticing that I’d left my bag – losing it would have made for a lousy evening! My name is Toni, and this is my sister Michelle,” she said, reaching out her hand to shake his, and then gesturing to me.

“Nice to meet you, ladies. My name is Jack. I’m just in town for a few days, mooring at the marina here.”

With a wink, Toni asked him, “So you do have a ship here, bostancı escort you’re not just dressing the part to pick up girls?”

Smiling, he replied, “Well, I wouldn’t call it a ‘ship’, but yes, I do actually have my yacht moored here. I spend a few months of each year on the water, and this year my travels brought me through your lovely town.

“Wow, that sounds like a great life,” I said, with honest enthusiasm. “You know, I’ve always wanted to know more about boats, what it’s like to be out on the water.”

“Well, would you be interested in joining me on board tomorrow afternoon? It’s supposed to be lovely weather, and I would be delighted to have the pleasure of your company.”

Toni and I shot each other a glance and made the decision quickly. It wasn’t a difficult one – grading papers and doing laundry, or spending an afternoon on a yacht with an attractive man. “Sure,” Toni was the first to get her mouth open, “we’d love to!”

“Great, then that’s settled. I’m at the end of Pier 6 there,” he said, pointing across the marina parking lot to one of the piers. “If you can be there just before noon, I’ll have a nice lunch ready for us, and then we’ll head out on the water.”

After we parted ways with Jack, Toni and I chatted for a few minutes, making plans for when to meet the following morning, and marvelling at our luck – the invitation from Jack had come just as we were escaping the drool of horny drunks at the bar.

Saturday was just as beautiful as the weather forecast had promised – not a cloud in the sky, and comfortably warm. Toni and I had done the twin thing again – without planning to, we had chosen similar outfits. This happened a lot with us, and always made us chuckle. She had gone with a black bikini, covered up with shorts and a blouse which was tied just below her tits, revealing her bare midriff. I was in a black one-piece suit, covered up with a similar tied blouse and sheer wrap-around skirt. As we walked down the pier, I spotted Jack on his yacht, watching for us to arrive.

“Welcome aboard, ladies!”

“Thank you, Jack! This is a beautiful boat,” I said as we joined him on the deck.

“It’s great to have you here – let’s sit down to some lunch, and then we’ll get her out on the water.”

He had prepared a wonderful meal for us – apparently cooking was one of his many skills – and we had a lovely conversation as we ate. He asked all about our work in music and art, about our teaching, and even asked about what it was like to be twins. We learned that he had earned a ridiculous amount of money early in his business career and was already semi-retired, at the age of 40, so that he could enjoy a few months each year on the water, and split the rest of his time between two different homes.

“Jack,” I asked, “do you mind if I ask a few questions about your boat? I don’t like being so uninformed, and I don’t even know which way is port and which is starboard…”

“Well, that’s an easy one. Just think of it this way – ‘port’ has four letters, and ‘left’ also has four letters.”

“Oh, thank you – nobody has ever explained that in such a simple way before!”

“And about this craft? She is a Fairline Phantom 46, with a twin screw diesel engine, and I had the living quarters custom designed. It’s really perfect for my needs – small enough that I don’t mind travelling alone, but with enough extra space to have guests as well.”

“I like the design work you had done,” Toni replied, “did you choose that gorgeous panelling for the walls?”

“I did – but another nautical term for you: the walls are called ‘bulkheads’.”

As he continued to give us instruction in terminology, büyükçekmece escort Jack motored the yacht out of the marina and out to the open water. I couldn’t believe how great it felt to be out on the water – so quiet, such beautiful views in every direction, and the sun felt so wonderful on my skin. I gradually peeled off my extra layer, and after borrowing a towel from our ever-gracious host, spread out on the deck to sunbathe. Toni continued to chat with Jack as he drove. As I pondered whether this was really the right word to use, I dozed off.

I must have fallen asleep for longer than I realized, because the next thing I knew, I was alone on deck and could no longer hear Toni and Jack chatting. We were no longer moving, and the ship’s motor was silent, but I heard another noise which I couldn’t quite place. Still sleepy in the warm sun, I closed my eyes and listened. Was it the sound of the water against the hull? Wait, no, it couldn’t be – the longer I listened, I realized I was hearing the unmistakable sounds of sex. It was muffled, but as I focused on the sound, I could now clearly hear Toni whispering ‘yes, yes’ in time with the slapping sound of a firm fucking.

I slowly got up and climbed down from the deck, peering into the main cabin. Nobody in sight. They had obviously found their way into one of the sleeping quarters, hoping they could have a ‘quickie’ while I dozed above deck. I slowly followed the erotic sounds, which became louder as I approached. “Yes, Jack, that’s it – fuck me with your huge cock. I’m going to cummmmmm!”

I had never heard Toni talk like this, and for a moment I froze, thinking I should stop before I reached the door, maybe crawl back up to the deck and pretend I hadn’t heard anything. But the sounds of sex overcame me, and I was now so turned on that I decided I had to get close enough to see. I managed to open the door to these quarters just wide enough to see them, but still without being noticed. As I watched Jack – who was naked – fuck Toni from behind, I slipped a finger underneath my suit and breathlessly fingered my clit.

“Oh, god, Toni, I’m going to cum. Yes, yes, YES!” he shouted as he pulled out of her and shot his load onto her ass and back. Toni writhed beneath him, obviously still riding out her own orgasm and missing the fullness of his cock inside of her.

“So Jack, would you call that a ‘shot across the bow’?” I asked, pushing the door further open and startling them both.

“Michelle!” Toni looked up at me, her cheeks flushed. “Uh, how long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough, Toni. I never thought it’d be so hot to see my twin sister being fucked! But I have to say, I’m a little hurt that you two left me out of the action. What was that you mentioned earlier, Jack, about a twin screw?”

“I’m glad you joined us, Michelle. But I’m afraid you’ll have to give me a little time to recover before I can fill you in, so to speak.”

“Oh, we’ll see about that. I’ll bet I can get that mast of yours up again before you know it.”

And with that cheesiest of nautical double-entendres, I stripped out of my bathing suit, fell to my knees in front of Jack, and took his half-limp cock fully into my mouth. Toni seemed to like this idea, and joined me on the floor in front of him. We started taking turns on his cock, our lips and tongues occasionally meeting in a kiss. At first this was awkward in its newness, as we had never been intimate together before. But the scene was so erotic that we both quickly gave in to it, and our kisses soon became passionate, and our fingers began wandering over each other’s bodies.

I lost all ability to focus on Jack’s cock when çekmeköy escort Toni’s fingers reached my pussy and began stroking my clit. Jack wasn’t about to let me off that easily, though, and grabbed my hair, pushing me back onto his growing length. Meanwhile, I returned Toni’s favor, jutting two fingers into her dripping-wet pussy. This sight must have been something for Jack, two identical hotties on their knees before him, sucking and stroking his cock and fingering each other until we both squealed and moaned with excitement.

Finally, he was ready again. Toni seemed to have a plan, as she climbed onto the bed and settled down on her back, spreading her legs to expose her pussy to me at the edge of the bed. I put one forearm flat against the bed on each side of her, and Jack stepped up behind me, spreading my legs. In this position, I could easily eat out my sister while Jack fucked me from behind. When my tongue first touched her clit, Toni jumped beneath me. She was so wonderfully sensitive! As I started stroking my tongue slowly from her clit down into her pussy, Jack was sliding his cock against my pussy lips, preparing to enter me.

When he finally did, it was with one slow, long, gentle stroke, and I sighed against Toni’s hot pussy. After a few more gentle strokes, he began quickening his pace and intensity. “Oh, Michelle, you are so tight! And I love your hot little ass!” These words were accompanied by a few slaps to that hot little ass of mine, and I squealed in delight at the touch of his hand.

As he continued to fuck me fast and hard, I inserted three fingers into Toni’s pussy and began finger-fucking her, moving in and out but also wiggling the fingers within her. I took her clit gently between my teeth, licking the tip with my tongue. As she bucked and moaned beneath me at this concentrated attention on her sex, her head was banging against the bulkhead.

I was getting close to orgasm, but Jack brought me back from the edge with his next surprising move. He pulled his cock out momentarily and jutted a finger into me instead, swirling it around inside my pussy. Before I had a chance to complain about missing his cock, it was back inside of me, and that now-wet finger was probing my tiny virgin asshole. He went back to a slow and steady strokes with his cock as he pushed against my stubborn asshole, helping me to relax and let him in. Once I finally did, the feeling of fullness was wonderful, and I let him fuck me with abandon once again – this time with both his cock and his finger.

I didn’t want Toni to miss out on any of this ecstasy, and continued to work to bring her to orgasm. Judging by her motions beneath me – still sacrificing herself against the bulkhead as she bucked – I had found her g-spot with the tips of my fingers. Between that and my tongue on her clit, she was now cumming powerfully. “Aaaaahh” was all she could manage to say as she cried out beneath me.

Jack and I were next, as his climax led to my own. “Are you ready, Michelle? I’m going to cummmmmmmm! Are you ready?”

Not sure exactly what he meant, I nonetheless replied with enthusiasm, “Oh yes, Jack, give it to me! Fuck me!” As I spoke, he pulled both his cock and finger out of me simultaneously and then shoved his cock deep into my ass. The lack of warning was probably a good thing, as I didn’t have time to tense up my asshole against his huge cock. He filled me completely, utterly, and as he came inside of me, I was overtaken by my orgasm as well, my juices trickling down my leg as I collapsed to the bed next to my beautiful sister.

While Toni and I both stayed on the bed, admiring one another’s naked bodies still somewhat sticky with cum, Jack slowly got dressed, watching us as he did. Before long, he was back to looking like the gentleman we had met yesterday, rather than the sex pirate we had just been introduced to.

“Ladies, I’m going to head back to the controls now, it’s probably time we get back to the marina. Would you care to join me again tomorrow? There are a few more nautical terms I’d love to teach you.”

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