Neighbors Pt. 02


It’s been six months since the woman next door seduced my wife and they become lovers. You could say that I had started it. I had fucked the neighbor, Cy, first, almost by chance as I described earlier. The next day, I’d taken a long lunch-break and had gone over to her place to fuck her again. While we were in bed and she had her hand around my cock, she had said that her husband, Herb, would like to fuck my wife, and she would like to have sex with her as well. She had me by the balls, literally, all I could think about was fucking her so I’d said yes. I’d even agreed that when I was about to fuck my wife during our usual Saturday-night sex I would say to her what Cy had told me to say, to put the thought into my wife’s head of having sex with someone other than me.

Cy and Herb had invited my wife and I round for afternoon drinks and to use their spa-pool with them. Once we were in the warm pool outside in the sunshine, Cy had taken off her bikini top and encouraged my wife to do the same. I don’t think that my wife had been too keen to go topless, but after three glasses of wine, didn’t want to appear too stuffy and had agreed. Cy had made her move, holding one of my wife’s breasts and kissing her. My wife was too surprised to stop her and Cy had pinned her to the side of the pool while her tongue went into my wife’s mouth. Her fingers had stroked and squeezed my wife’s nipples just the way I knew my wife liked having it done to her. She couldn’t stop Cy’s hand pushing its way between her legs and rubbing her crotch as Cy was much stronger than her. The wine and warm water had its effect on my wife who soon stopped resisting and opened her legs so that Cy could slip her hand inside her bikini bottoms. Her probing fingers had rubbed my wife’s clit and had begun finger fucking her. When she felt that my wife was ready for being fucked, Herb had pulled her bikini bottoms down and slid his hard cock into her pussy. Cy continued to hold my wife tight just in case she changed her mind, but my wife had been seduced and was willing. After Herb had fucked her and cum, Cy had resumed finger fucking, bringing my wife to as intense of an orgasm as she had ever experienced.

The two women began meeting for sex together two or three times a week. My wife worked three days a week from Thursday through to Saturday, so they met during the first half of the week, during the day at Cy’s house. I was still fucking my wife. In fact, the sex became more exciting as she appeared to be stimulated by Cy’s attentions. By the time Saturday came around she badly wanted sex again and we would fuck on the Saturday night as we had done for the past few years. On Sunday, we often had early morning sex, a dawn-breaker, which we hadn’t done for a long, long while. I’m not sure if the word bisexual described my wife; she was very much under the influence of Cy and it was the intense orgasms that Cy gave her that she craved rather than being attracted as much to women as to men.

I soon found out that Herb was fucking her every week. Cy liked watching my wife being fucked, being done as she put it. Half of the times they met, the two women would kiss and caress, helping each other to strip before getting in bed together. Cy was the dominant partner, lying half on top of my wife with her fingers thrusting in and out of my wife’s pussy, kissing her deeply while she brought her towards a climax. Just as she was about to orgasm, Cy would stop, knowing that my wife was in the throes of sexual ecstasy and willing to do anything Cy asked her to. That was the moment Cy called Herb into the bedroom, and my wife obediently lay on her back and opened her legs wide for him to slide his cock into her. Cy would watch as he fucked her, then begin kissing her again as he came and shot his load. After his cock went limp, he would leave the bedroom and Cy would resume the finger fucking, rubbing my wife’s clit, making her orgasm, kissing her and holding her tight while her body thrashed in Cy’s arms beneath her.

About two or three times in the months since the two of them had become lovers, we had had a foursome etiler escort together. Cy was a big woman, having put on weight in the last few years. Her face had strong features and had lost her looks from her youth. Other than she had large tits, I didn’t find her all that physically attractive, but I didn’t care about looks or body size if I could fuck someone. After that first time we had been together, she didn’t seem to be that friendly to me, unlike her attitude to my wife. For that matter, she didn’t appear to want her husband Herb to fuck her very often, even though she liked watching him fuck someone else. They had been married for over 25 years and probably their marriage was more convenience than passion, knowing that they each would be financially worse off apart. They worked well together as a team when it came to sex, both preferred playing with women. Cy was the one who wanted things to go the way she said they should and Herb was willing to follow her instructions

When we had a foursome, I was expected to go down on Cy, licking her. Only when she was very horny would she let me slide my cock into her. The two women would lie on their backs holding hands while I fucked Cy and Herb fucked my wife. I think as much as anything, Cy agreed to this to keep me happy so I wouldn’t complain about her having sex with my wife. Whether she would have preferred not to have sex with another man, I don’t know, but she certainly knew how to use sex to get her way, especially with me.

The last time we’d had a foursome, there was talk how they had not been successful in finding a younger woman who would like to play with the two women. They had however found a couple where the woman claimed to be bi. Once again, Cy had stroked my cock and held my balls, asking if I’d mind having group sex, with the new man fucking my wife.

“You and Herb would get to fuck the young woman before we played with her,” Cy had said to me.

Of course, I agreed. With what Cy was doing to my balls I would have agreed to anything. A few days later all was arranged and the following Sunday we were invited round to meet the couple. They were both more than twenty years younger than us. The woman, Pat, had long blond hair, except I could see the colour was out of a bottle. She was slim with a pert bust. The man, Bruce, looked as though he worked out at the gym a lot, with muscles rippling through his t-shirt.

We didn’t waste any time and went straight into the bedroom where we all stripped naked. Bruce’s cock was big and erect without any foreplay, so he and my wife got on the bed together and were soon kissing passionately and stroking one another. It didn’t take long before he had mounted her and slid his cock into her waiting pussy. His partner, Pat, lay on the bed beside them and looked at me expectantly. I didn’t need to be asked twice and joined her. Cy sat on the side of the bed beside us. I’d fucked my wife the previous night and again that Sunday morning, so my balls were still refilling. I knew that it would be some while before I came again, even if I fucked her hard.

“Start kissing her,” Cy told me. She leaned over me as I began kissing Pat and slid her finger into Pat’s pussy.

“She’s wet and wanting it,” Cy said, “get your cock into her.” She pulled her finger out of Pat’s pussy and took hold of my cock, giving it a tug and pulling me on to Pat. She let go of my cock so I could mount Pat’s waiting body, then reached between my legs from behind holding my cock once again and guiding it into Pat’s warm, wet pussy.

“That’s it. Thrust it into her cunt. Give her a good hard fucking,” Cy commanded. I could feel her hand on my buttocks as I started long slow strokes.

I noticed that Bruce had stopped fucking my wife in order to look at us. He had pulled his cock out of her before he had cum and his cock was still big and hard, glistening with her love-juices. Cy’s finger moved down between my buttocks rimming my ass-hole. Suddenly she pushed it in to my hole. I gave a groan as she began to give me a prostate eve gelen escort massage; all the while I was fucking Pat who had wrapped her arms and legs around me. I still was a long way from cumming, but the level of sexual pleasure and excitement had increased. Cy pulled her finger out of my ass. I felt a slight disappointment that I didn’t expect, but carried on fucking Pat. Suddenly I felt Cy part my buttocks and squirt some liquid onto my closed up ass-hole. Then her finger went back into my hole, pushing the liquid in. She was lubing me. That was when Bruce got on top of me. As Cy pulled her finger out, Bruce’s cock went up my ass.

“Hey,” I said, “what are you doing?”

That was a pretty dumb question as I knew he was about to fuck me. I tried to pull out of Pat’s pussy and get up from her, but she had her arms and legs around me. Both Cy and Bruce used their weight to hold me down. His long thick cock was all the way into me, while mine was into Pat. I realised that I liked the sensation. I’d never had sex this way before. He pulled his cock partially out of me, allowing me to partially pull out of Pat’s pussy. Then he thrust it hard back in, his weight pushing me back down so that I did the same to Pat. We soon established a rhythm, thrusting in and out together. I liked fucking and being fucked this way. What surprised me was that my wife was eagerly watching what was happening. Soon Bruce was fucking me faster and faster approaching his climax. I was still a long way from mine, and had to let him take over the rhythm. His cock thrust deep into me and he gave a groan as he came. I could feel the pulses of his cum shooting through his cock up my ass, with him giving a grunt with each spurt. He finished and his cock went limp and began shrinking. He pulled it out of my ass and moved away. Cy put her hands between my legs from behind, took hold of my balls and my cock and before I knew what was happening pulled my cock out of Pat’s pussy. She pushed me off her, then rolled me onto my back, grabbing hold of my cock.

“I want to watch you cum,” she said. She began wanking my cock hard with a strong grip.

I love being wanked and let her do it to me. I saw that Herb had got into Pat and was fucking her hard without any foreplay.

“Come on, spurt your cum out and on to yourself,” Cy ordered me. I could feel myself getting to the point of cumming as her hand moved faster up and down my cock. I began to gasp, my cock thrusting up into the air. Cy gripped my cock even tighter.

“Do it, shoot your load,” she commanded me excitedly. I climaxed with a groan and came, my cum spurting out of my cock into the air. It was thin as I’d given most of my sperm to my wife that morning and my cum shot far out and onto my chest and stomach. Cy continued wanking my cock until she had milked me dry. My cock went limp in her hand and she let go of it. I realised that it was very tender and my ass-hole was aching.

Herb also climaxed, grunting as he pumped his load into Pat. All three guys got off the bed and stood watching the three girls. My wife and Cy started playing with Pat who lay back and let them do what they wanted with her. My wife started deep kissing her while Cy thrust her fingers into her pussy. Cy turned to us men and told us to get lost as our cocks were no longer any use to them. We went out of the bedroom shutting the door, hearing Pat cry out

“Yes, yes, do me.”

The following weekend I had sex with my wife on the Saturday evening and started kissing and stroking her on the following Sunday morning. She rubbed herself against me, showing that she wanted to be fucked again. Her hand went round my cock, wanking it and pulling on it so that it was big, hard and throbbing with desire. She whispered that she wanted me, then said that we’d been invited round to Cy’s in the afternoon, she wanted to go and was I willing too. Of course I said yes as all I could think about at the point was sex and pleasing her. Once she had my agreement, she rolled onto her back and opened her legs wide for me to fuck fatih escort her.

That afternoon we went round to Cy’s house. Bruce and Pat were already there, but for some reason or other Herb wasn’t. As soon as we had arrived, Cy led us all to her bedroom. Again we didn’t waste any time, and stripped naked. Bruce’s cock was already hard and erect. I assumed that he was going to fuck my wife, while was going to fuck Pat, but it was Cy who came up to me, took hold of my cock, playing with it to make sure I had a big erection. She led me to the bed and we both got onto it. The others moved round to watch.

“Suck my nipple,” Cy asked me. She pushed her tit into my mouth, all the while stroking my cock and sending erotic signals to it. I put an arm around her and somehow I ended up lying down on my back with her tits over my face and my arm pinned beneath her as she leaned over me. All the while she was wanking my cock making me want her never to stop. Suddenly, my legs were lifted up and my knees pushed down onto my chest. I felt Bruce’s cock rub against my ass-hole which was now readily available to him. I realised I was going to be fucked again. With Cy’s tit in my mouth all I could say was “uurrrgh”. The two of them held me down. Bruce must have lubed his cock while I wasn’t watching, because he slid it easily into my ass. He began to fuck me with long slow strokes. Cy still held my cock, but pulled her tit out of my mouth and sat up so she could watch his cock go in and out of me. My wife and Pat crowded round watching delightedly as he did me.

“Oh, it’s so tight,” Bruce gasped as he began fucking me with faster and faster strokes. He must have been thinking about it and anticipating the sex for some time beforehand, because in less than a minute he gave a gasp and came, giving a grunt with every spurt of his cum. I felt his cock go limp and shrink while it was up my ass. Cy had been wanking my cock while Bruce was fucking me. Now she increased the speed of her strokes. It didn’t take long before I gave a groan and came, my cum spurting up into the air before falling back onto my stomach. Bruce had pulled his cock out and Cy let go of mine as it went limp.

I had my cum splattered all over the upper part of my body.

“Go and get a shower,” Cy told us. We went out of the bedroom and the door shut firmly behind us. We clearly weren’t wanted as the three women began to have sex with each other.

That was the beginning of the end. My wife began meeting Cy and Pat every weekend for a threesome, as well as seeing Cy during the week. She still let Herb fuck her whenever Cy ordered her to. She was getting all the sex she wanted from them. A few months later I realised that we hadn’t had any sex together for over three weeks. She didn’t need or want me.

Across the road from our house lived a couple with whom we were on speaking terms without being friends. One day, I said hi to the woman who was standing in her front driveway, politely asking how the two of them were and mentioning that I hadn’t seen the husband for a while.

“No, he’s moved out. We are separating,” she said.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I replied.

“Don’t be, it’s for the best. It’s an amicable split,” was her response.

She was wearing a top that enhanced her figure. Not having had sex for what felt like a long time, I was looking hungrily at her body, then looked away quickly when she saw me looking.

“Could you help me with something?” she asked. “I’ve a top stuck on a jar that I can’t undo. You will have a stronger grip than me. I do miss my husband for that.”

“Sure,” I said, “I’ll try,” and followed her into her house and into the kitchen. She handed me the jar which was cold from having been in the fridge. I ran the top under the hot water tap for the heat to expand the metal and managed to undo it. When I looked up I could see through her window that she had a good view of Cy and Herb’s driveway. She had moved next to me.

“Oh, thank you,” she said. Then she looked out of the window with me.

“Your wife has become very friendly with Cy, hasn’t she?” she asked. I realised then that she knew my wife was in a sexual relationship with Cy. I turned to face her. She moved very close to me. I put my hand on her hip. She didn’t push me away.

As one door closes, another opens. But that is a story for later.

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