Special School Pt. 01


A/N: this is part 1 of a 6-part series.


My name is Patricia and I have quite the story to tell. It all started when I was a child. My parents, both only children that had seen their own parents die when they were young adults, died in a car accident when I was 4 years old. My sitter, an elderly neighbor, could not take care of me so I was placed in foster care for a while. In my grief over losing my parents and, in fact, my whole world, I acted out, I threw tantrums, I was a problem child so after three different families tried and then rejected me, I was sent to an orphanage.

There, some nuns understood that I was hurting and gave me the time and opportunity and most importantly, the guidance to grieve. I was a much better behaved child when this couple came to visit and picked me along with three other girls of the same age and similar stories to go live in a special school. The four of us girls clung together during the ride over to our new home. The new home was a huge boarding school and we were taken to one wing to begin our new lives. We were introduced to a nurse, a doctor and three teachers. After we were medically checked out, we were given school uniforms and shown our room. We were to share a large room. There, we found a stuffed bear and a doll on each of the four beds, along with some clothes. We were shown how to put away our clothes in the drawers beneath our beds and in the small closets.

Then, we were taken to a play room and allowed to play. Over the next several years, we were taken really good care of by loving, doting teachers, nurses and doctors. We learned how to read, write, count, and all the stuff kids learn in school. Our teachers made geography and history fascinating. All four of us excelled and became the best of friends. We found out that first year that all of our birthdays were in the same month and we were all the same age so each year, we celebrated. Through the years, we were loved and never wanted for anything. The doctors, the nurses and the teachers were parental figures that taught us not only manners but also how to be affectionate and supportive of each other. Hugs were very common and when one of us was sad or hurt or had a bad day, we all rallied and made it better. We learned to respect each other and to live and let live and respect differences. As an adult now, I am very grateful that despite not having my own parents, I grew up to be a very loving and accepting person.

When we turned eighteen, the one doctor, the father figure, told us that we had a choice. We could leave this school and go out on our own in the outside world or continue our schooling here and learn very specific skills that would better prepare us for a very good life. Of course, we all chose to remain. I mean who in their right minds would pass up a free education? We had learned all about economics and finance and the value of things and though we’d never had to handle money on our own, we were very much beşiktaş escort aware of the cost of things and the value of an education.

Three months after that, the doctor said that we were now of age to learn about sex but to do so, he’d have to make sure we were healthy and make sure we wouldn’t get pregnant. We’d learned all the theory but none of the practical. We got our first full exams that week. We each took turns on the table and the doctor showed us all what he was doing and what he was looking for and allowed us to look too. He inserted an intra-uterine device that releases minuscule amounts of hormones to ensure we wouldn’t get pregnant. I wondered how on earth we could get pregnant without any boys around but kept that to myself.

We were brought into this wing of the school we had never been in before. We were shown to our new rooms. They were really weird. As I walked through the door, I saw a small closet in which was a toilet, and then a small sink and vanity. Then, there was a set of shelves. On the other side was a closet for clothes, a dresser and then a school desk. At the end of the room, spanning the two sides, was the bed. The weird thing was that beyond the bed wasn’t a wall, it was a hallway. And on the other side of the hallway were windows that allowed great light in. Down the hall from our four rooms was a washroom with two shower stalls and a bathtub.

The very next day, we started to really learn about sex. The four of us were taken to this room where there were four female bottoms sticking out of a wall. The women were lying on their backs and had their legs tied up above them in a V so we could access their genitals without seeing anything above their waists. Our teacher explained that before we could receive any pleasure, we needed to learn to give pleasure.

Our new teacher, a woman, took us to one of the women and showed us the outer lips, the inner lips, the clitoris and the vagina. She then showed us how to rub the clitoris to give pleasure. She made it sound like doing this was the most natural thing in the world and to us, it was! Soon, our models (as we were told to call them) started reacting and lubricating. The teacher then told us to each take a woman and get to know how to give pleasure but only with our fingers and without any penetration. She came around and gave us pointers. She encouraged us to use saliva to lubricate the clit and make it more pleasurable. It took a while but all of us found the way to make our ladies reach orgasm.

We practiced this twice a day for a week. In between these sessions, we learned about breasts and how to pleasure them. We found that some women like their nipples teased lightly while others like rougher play. Of course, at night, we also practiced on ourselves and learned a lot by doing that. But it was difficult to do so without moaning and having the other three hear us. Eventually, after discussing it, we all agreed beşyol escort that we all wanted it and that our friendship would prevent us from making fun of each other.

The next week, we were taught to give oral pleasure. Hearing our “models” moan and breathe differently told us if we were doing things right or not. Again, we practiced twice a day for the whole week. We tried each and every model in turn, learning that different women have different likes. We learned to be aware of the cues, both verbal and non-verbal. One day, our models, instead of being on their backs with their legs tied up, were on their stomachs and had their feet on the ground. We got to give them oral pleasure from behind. It was different but we learned to give them pleasure that way too.

The third week, we were given instruction on how to penetrate their vaginas with our fingers and how to find and stimulate their G-spots. Once again, we did this twice a day for the week. In the fourth week, we were told to incorporate all three techniques together. In the first part of the week, it was all about having our models reach orgasm rapidly but in the second part of the week, we were told to slow down and make the pleasure last. We learned about delayed gratification and on the Friday, were told to delay our models’ orgasm and keep them at the cusp for as long as possible. It was amazing. To hear these models moan and beg for release and then have a mind-shattering orgasm at our hands was extremely rewarding and all four of us discussed that enthusiastically.

The following week, we were given dildos and vibrators to experiment with on our models. To our disappointment, we were not allowed to try them on ourselves. One of the things that we were told was that we had to keep our virginity intact until the special day where it would be taken and we agreed with that. We were all looking forward to the day but before that, there were other milestones to reach, namely having all these things done to us that we’d been doing to our models.

We enjoyed using the toys on our models, bringing them to the cusp of orgasms and backing off and pushing again. We learned to prolong their pleasure and found that giving them pleasure pleased us immensely. However, it was difficult to hold back until evening to release our own sexual tensions.

When we weren’t learning about physical pleasure with our models, we were learning all kinds of other things. We kept informed about world events and what they meant in the grand scheme of things. We kept up to date on pop culture, science, medicine, and social studies. We had amazing discussions over meals with our teachers and they pushed us to accept different points of view respectfully without compromising our own stances.

It was Friday afternoon and we were told that if we performed well and without toys, we’d have a surprise so we walked into the practice room with much determination. I took beykent escort place in front of my model and kissed her inner thighs lightly. I teased her, kissing her everywhere but right on her clit. With my fingers, I caressed her everywhere lightly and when I finally touched her clit, she raised her body to meet my touch. I gently started licking her folds, avoiding her clit, making her wait for it. At the same time, I gently inserted a finger inside her, without moving it at first. When I licked her clit, I heard a sharp intake of breath, indicating that she had been anticipating it, wanting it. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked on it lightly, getting her to moan. I gently inserted a second finger into her pussy and started moving back and forth, finding her G-spot. I massaged it gently while licking and sucking on her clit. She was moaning loudly, clearly enjoying what I was doing to her.

I continued to stimulate her G-spot while I played with her clit with my tongue. When I’d hear her getting close to an orgasm, I’d pull back, slowing down my fingers and my tongue. I kept her on the edge for over twenty minutes and then heard her beg.

“Please… Please make me come. I need it. Please!”

I curled my fingers inside her and moved them back and forth in short little strokes and at the same time, I pulled her clit into my mouth and flicked my tongue on it rapidly. Her body tensed and I kept going, pushing her over the edge into a massive orgasm. She screamed her release and I kept going until I felt her pull back. Then and only then did I ease off and gently lick and kiss her. I could still feel her contracting against my fingers so I left them in without moving. When I felt her aftershocks subside, I pulled my fingers out of her slowly. I gently caressed her outer lips and kissed her before I pulled away.

My friends were also done with their models and the teacher told us to follow her out of the room but instead of going back to our rooms, we were taken to a washroom. We were told to strip and wash our genitals. When we were clean, we were taken to another hallway and told to take place in the small cells. We realized that we were being put in the spots where our models had been. The teacher said “Girls, you did so good this past month that the models wanted to reward you so enjoy the reward.”

We quickly took our places and waited with our legs dangling on the other side of the wall. Someone tied up our ankles up so that we were wide open as our models had been. Soon, I felt hands on my legs, caressing me. The hands made their way to my vulva and started caressing me there. It was the very first time that I was feeling hands other than mine on that area of my body. It was amazing.

Then, I felt kissing on my inner thighs and above my slit and all around. She caressed me and teased me for a while and then finally dove in and started stimulating my clit. Oh, the sensations! Though I had played with myself lots, nothing compared to having someone else touching and licking me! She took her time, she gave me all kinds of wonderful sensations and eventually brought me to a mind-blowing orgasm.

When all four of us had our orgasms, we had our legs freed and were sent to our rooms to have a good nap. It was a nice reward for a month of giving.

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