Summer Camp Ch. 04


“C…Claud…..I….I can explain!” Ashleigh muttered frantically, panicking.

“Ssssh,” Claud raised a finger to Ashleigh’s lips to silence her. “Ssssh,”

Claud took another step forwards and Ashleigh felt herself shiver at the small space between them. She just wanted to grab Claud and fling her on the bed, do things to her she had only ever read about. Around Claud, Ashleigh felt different, sexy, aroused and she liked it.

With another heart stopping step, Claud stopped, centimetres from Ashleigh, their bodies brushing against each other softly. The cool wind blew their hair gently and Claud’s skimpy dress rose, showing a few inches of tanned thigh. Claud kept her eyes on Ashleigh’s scared looking ones. Then, she leaned in ever so slightly, hers and Ashleigh’s lips moments from each other’s and she faltered.

“Ash, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you but you looked so…relaxed, lying there on the bed, I didn’t want to disturb you, I’m sorry.” She bit her bottom lip and looked away from Ashleigh’s eyes. “I….I like you though, Ashleigh, more than I should. I’ve been trying to kid myself by getting off with guys, forcing myself not to think of you. When you lie in the bed next to me at night, it kills me. I…I wanted to kiss you, kiss you properly but I’ve…..never done…that before.”

For the first time Ashleigh saw Claud differently, beyond the sexy, saucy, care free girl was a sweet, beautiful person who just wanted to be loved, just like Ashleigh. She gazed into Claud’s eyes, her heart thumping in her rib cage and leaned in, placing a small kiss on Claud’s pouted lips. Just a brush of skin on skin, lips on lips, flesh on flesh that lasted maybe more than a few seconds but it made Ashleigh’s heart flutter and skip a beat.

Claud stood, her face a picture of shock and Ashleigh froze, panicking, had she done the right thing? As atakent escort Claud stood still, her eyes wide and her hand to her mouth, touching the place where the other girl’s lips had just been, Ashleigh blinked back a tear and walked back over to her bed, burying herself under the blankets. Claud glanced over at her friend and took a deep, scared breath. She reached over and pulled back the blanket, revealing Ashleigh looking upset and alone, and kissed her on her beautiful lips.

Ashleigh lay still for a few moments, in shock, then kissed Claud back, enjoying the electric shocks travelling up and down her spine. Tingles ran through her body and Claud’s lips, softer than she had imagined, made her want to positively sigh. She took Claud’s wrists and pinned her down on the bed, climbing on top of her and fixing her lips on hers again, a harder, more urgent kiss that sent Ashleigh soaring inside. Claud ran her hand up Ashleigh’s leg and traced her lips with her tongue, savouring the sweet taste. Ashleigh parted her lips and Claud slipped her tongue past them, pleasurous feelings filling her.

A moan passed Ashleigh’s lips and she slowly, slowly raised her hand to Claud’s back, pulling their lips apart. With a nod from Claud, she undid the zipper of the dress and slipped it over her friend’s head, taking in the gorgeous body before her. Claud wore a pale blue bra trimmed with lace that pushed her breasts together, giving her an incredible cleavage. Her matching panties sat low on her sumptuous hips, making Ashleigh wonder what beauty they were hiding.

In a single motion, Claud pulled off Ashleigh’s pajama top, letting her breasts free. The nipples stood erect, as if waiting. Claud let her hand wander over them, rubbing softly, enjoying the gasps escpaping Ashleigh’s lips. She lowered her head and kissed one ataköy escort nipple softly. She snapped open the silver clasp of her own bra and Ashleigh’s hand crept up on them, her fingertips sweeping over the nipples in circles that made Claud swoon and moan.

“I want you Claud, I want you now,” Ashleigh whispered into her ear, her voice husky and sexy.

With a soft, lingering kiss on the lips, Ashleigh stood to her feet and slowly, teasingingly, pulled down her panties and dropped them to the floor. With a beckoning finger, she pulled Claud to her feet and stripped her of her underpants, her fingers wandering in the pubic hair.

Gently, she pushed Claud back on the bed and climbed over her, waiting for a few moments before sinking into her lips, nibbling at her bottom lip. Then, she moved slowly down Claud’s body, her fingers running down her breasts, stomach, thighs and feet. She leaned over so their abdomens were facing and lowered herself onto Claud, slowly grinding their pussies together, their gasps filling the room.

Ashleigh pulled away and slid back on the bed, facing Claud’s pussy, framed in golden pubis hair, it was hers for the taking. She slipped a finger between the lips, finding the clitorus straight away, a rock hard mound of flesh. Ashleigh gave it a tap and Claud moaned loudly. A grin broke across her face and rubbed in achingly slow circles, Claud screamed in frustration and the pleasure, raising her hips, trying to grind against the finger but Ashleigh simply moved it away.

“Please Ashleigh, please.” She begged.

Ashleigh returned her finger, rubbing ever so slightly faster as CLaud bucked with the feeling. Moving her finger down, she slipped it into Claud’s soaking wet hole, moving it all the way in, feeling as Claud squeezed it tightly. She moved out and in a few times, atalar escort loving how the cum trickled out and Claud’s beautiful groans were music to her ears.

She lowered her face to meet her pussy and flicked the red hot clitorus with her tongue and Claud’s body twitched, not far from release. She looked up at Ashleigh, pleading. Ashleigh moved her tongue in circles, tasting Claud’s salty yet sweet flavour. Her finger pumped slowly in and out of her hole and Claud writhed and ground against it, moaning and groaning loudly.

“Oh God, oh there, there! Do it again, like that, mmmmm. Oh God!” She bit her lip to calm herself then her body twitched. “I’m c….”

But she didn’t finish, as Ashleigh rubbed faster and harder, feeling Claud’s vagina convulse as the screaming orgasm flooded through. Claud shrieked and cried out so loudly, she had to stuff her head in the pillow. She lasted nearly 30 seconds before it was over and she relaxed.

“Now your turn Ash,” She turned to her friend, smiling.

“I won’t be long, it was so hot watching you.” Ashleigh half moaned and lay back against the pillows.

Claud lapped up some of Ashleih’s wetness leaking from her hole then slipped her tongue inside, Ahsleigh arched her hips and sighed. Claud slipt two fingers inside and rubbed the clitorus with her other, as Ashleigh bucked and rose her hips, arching her back. Claud knew she was a screamer when she came but what was Ashleigh? A screamer too? A quiet one? She wanted to find out.

With another lick of her tongue, Ashleigh gasped and moaned Claud’s name. Claud rubbed harder still and slipt a third finger in. She heard Ashleigh groan loudly and Claud rubbed furiously at her aching clit. Ashleigh moaned as trickles of cum came out of her hole, her pussy pulsated and she came, writhing and squirming, moaning softly. She lay back, quietly, on the bed a few moments then looked into Claud’s eyes.

“That was amazing!” She placed a kiss on Claud’s lips, who returned it.

They pulled the blanket over their heads, arms wrapped around each other, legs entwined, lips pressed together and fell asleep.

~I hoped you liked this series, I enjoyed making it~

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