Taking You


Here we go –psyching myself up, I need this and I’m pretty convinced you need it too. For too long you’ve been the one in charge, I NEED this I need to take you I NEED to FUCK you.

You are on your way home, just like any other day except it’s not any other day. This day I’m waiting for you. Dressed in my tightest jeans, which hints at what’s in store for you. It’s outline visible in the front of my pants. Nice crisp shirt clearly braless underneath nipples visible as they harden with thoughts of what to come. Wearing just the right amount of make-up, hair freshly shortened from the barbers’ as I run my fingers through the soft fuzz at the back of my head –mmm I love that feeling and I know you love it to.

I hear your car pull up outside, my clit tingles with excitement as I picture you walking up the stairs to our flat. My hand slips down over my breasts stopping briefly to pinch a nipple, as it slips further down over my smooth rippled stomach. Grabbing my cock I stroke it gently through my jeans, I feels like an eternity has passed as I await your keys in the door. As I slowly stroke my cock, its base rubs gently against my clit, hardening my little clitty cock as my arousal grows inside, I feel like I’m about to explode with need just as your key turns in the door.

Your face showing the surprise as you take in the scene in front of you, you look me over quickly trying to get your Barings. I don’t let you finish taking in the scene, I don’t want you getting any ideas kartal escort about taking charge. I AM in charge here.

You’re up against the wall, my mouth over yours, our tongues ravishing in each other’s mouths as my hands are all over body. Squeezing touching caressing, unbuttoning your trousers my fingers sliding into your pants as your trousers fall to the floor. You’re soaking wet as my fingers gently slide over your hardened clit, sliding into with ease as your excited pussy surrenders to my touch. Looking into your eyes I can see the surrender in your eyes, your need for this to happen. I have four fingers in your pussy, fucking into you harder now as your juices moisten my hand; my thumb manages to slide in with surprising ease. With my other hand I burst open your shirt, buttons would take too long pulling your left breast out of your bra I attack with my mouth, taking your nipple between my teeth gently nibbling before sucking as much of your massive breast into my mouth as possible. I just want to CONSUME you fully, as I’m sure you’ve already figured out. I reach behind you slipping of your bra, your breasts spring free. Wow that’s a sight I’d never tire of seeing…

My hand fully inside you now, pumping hard into you. I’m feverishly devouring your breasts one at a time, nibbling and sucking in turn as I feel your pussy tighten around my hand, your orgasm building. It’s getting harder to move my hand, I push in and out harder kaynarca escort trying to get deeper into you as you moan out load, your repeating my name over and over, your head flips back you scream out my name, your body convulsing, pussy clenching around my fist as you come, pussy juices soaking my hand. I lower you gently down onto the rug by the door –I conveniently placed there yesterday in preparation. Your legs are weak, you accept my help as you look into my eyes, and I know I have you.

Kissing you gently as I remove my hand from you, bringing it to your mouth, as I smile cheekily you know I what I want you to do. Moving my wet hand to your mouth, you suck my fingers one by one cleaning your juices from my hands. I’m awkwardly removing my jeans with my free hand, enjoying the sensation of your tongue on my fingers. You notice what I’m doing and I allow you to help remove my jeans. As my jeans slide over my hips, my cock springs free. Your eyes widen at the sight of my huge cock. Reluctantly taking my hand away from your warm mouth and talented tongue, I take your face gently in my hands kissing you deeply. The look in your eyes is priceless; you are definitely not used to this amount of submission.

My jeans now on the floor next to your discarded trousers and torn shirt –opps I owe you a new one. Still kissing you deeply I position myself above you, my hand slowly making its way over your body, gently cupping your breasts, kozyatağı escort further down now parting your legs a little more roughly than necessary. Sucking your lower lip into to mouth before biting it roughly, caught your eyes before looking down at your lip, seeing a little blood slowly gather I lick it up. I savour the tangy metallic taste of your blood. Taking my cock in my hand, I slide it from the top of your juicy wet clit down over your pussy lips and gently teasing your ass, I do this several times before forcefully entering your pussy, in one swift thrust I’m inside you.

Our breasts touching and rubbing as I thrust in and out of you, my hand at either side of your head as I hold myself up looking deep into your eyes as I thrust harder and harder. You’re smiling your consent, I can see you holding your breath –you always do this before you come. I lower myself to give you a kiss before lowering my-self fully onto you, thrusting deeply as I grab your ass with both hands to penetrate you deeper, your breathing is erratic now as your orgasm builds. We’re both sweating, chests heaving, I can feel my own orgasm build up inside me, I need you to come soon, I can’t hold on much longer, I snuggle my face down onto your shoulder, and before you know it I’m sucking hard on your neck. I know that always sets you off, your nails dig hard into my back as I allow you to buck your hips back into me, your eyes never leaving mine. I lift myself up of you so I can fuck you faster and harder, your eyes close your nails rip down my back as your orgasm explodes. I let myself go coming as your eyes open and lock into mine; I slowly slide in and out of you while we both ride out or orgasms our bodies trembling against one another, as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss passes over us.

That was Fucking amazing.

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