It had been a hard day and the big bloke was buggered. He could see the light in the house burning bright, beckoning him home. He was looking forward to being home.

Turning into the driveway, he saw the front door opened as he pulled up. He climbed from his truck and walked towards his sanctuary, and as he entered his vision filled with his reason for living. There she was. His beautiful wife Annie. She moved towards him, with her arms open to receive him in a warm and loving embrace.

They kissed like they had been apart for years though it had only been a few hours and he felt the worries of the world fall from his shoulders in her welcoming home.

Smiling down on her perfect face, his hands dug into his pocket and produced a small package, gift wrapped with a delicate bow. Sure, it looked a little battered but she didn’t notice that. She smiled and reached for it as he teased her by holding it just out of her reach. She giggled and swatted his face at his teasing and he allowed her to grab it.

She tore the bow and wrapping off to expose a small gift box. She eagerly opened it and discovered a beautiful and delicate diamond necklace. She admired it with a gentle and pleased smile on her face.

She handed it to him and turned, lifting her honey blonde hair from her neck. In doing so, she exposed her alabaster skin and swan like neck. His heart began to race faster and with his clumsy fingers he placed it around her neck and closed the clasp. She admired her new trinket again in the mirror and saw his head bend as his lips caressed her neck softly and his arms wrapped around her slim waist.

She moved back against his hard body, the contrast of her softness caused parts of him to waken and stir, while his mouth nuzzled her neck. His hands crept so slowly toward her perfect breasts and began to caress them softly, slowly circling her nipples. He felt her wriggle closer and her hands reached up and mussed his hair, pulling his head forward as she turned her head and kissed him passionately on the mouth.

Turning her towards him, his hard lips kissed hers with increasing passion.

Her muffled voice murmuring, “You need a shower.”

He allowed her to lead him to the bathroom. She told him to strip as she turned on the shower and then turned to watch his hard muscled body. She ran her fingers over his chest and pushed him gently, guiding him into the shower cubicle. The steaming water stung but he soon became accustomed to its heat while it washed some of the tension from his body.

As he soaped the dirt from his body, he felt the soft touch of flesh against his back. He turned to find her naked in the cubicle with him and he embraced her hungrily. His mounting passion became noticeable to her and she smiled a deep sultry smile of lusty intent as she grasped his manhood. He moaned in delight, and after a few minutes of sensual play, Escort bayan they turned the water off and dried each other. Stepping out of the shower, they kissed again with even more hunger and passion. Their need for each other hung heavily in the air. It was intoxicating.

Whisking her off her feet, he carried her to their bed and dropped her softly on the duvet. He stood over her, admiring her nakedness, thinking how fortunate he was to have won this goddess as his life partner.

With joy in his heart, he lowered himself to the bed beside her. He kissed her softly as his hands explored her pale flesh, spurned on by her soft responsive moans. She buried her nails into his flesh. Sucking her nipple into his mouth, his fingers teased her other nipple and she writhed in passion. Slowly his lips began to kiss their way across her ribs and stomach taking his time knowing her desire.

He flicked his tongue into her belly button and circled it. In perfect timing, his hand slid lower and her legs parted allowing him access to her sweet sex.

Gently, he slid his fingers along her lips, feeling them swell and unfold like a flower preparing for pollination in the early sunlight.

His fingers softly caressed her pearl. Her breath caught and her hips began to rock. His teasing of her swollen button became more insistent. He slowly felt her moisten in anticipation of his upcoming touch. Forcing her open with two fingers, he delved deeply into her velvet pouch and was silently delighted as she rose to meet his touch.

Suddenly she gasped as his tongue moved in to caress her clitoris, while his fingers moved slowly within her. Her hand grabbing his hair. She forced him closer and harder to her sweet, throbbing pussy. Her response and nectar was like ambrosia to his taste buds. His caresses and fingering began to increase in pace and force as she approached the heady mountain top.

Her breath was ragged in her throat as she begged for release while he continued to increase her mounting tension moving her closer and closer to her goal. Her body stiffened and she moaned his name aloud as her petite morte reached its crescendo, unleashing a torrent of sweet nectar into his mouth. He greedily drank from her holy grail while her body collapse and convulsed in sweet climax.

She pulled his face to hers and kissed him passionately, attempting to regain her breath. They wrapped each other in a warm embrace and as she recovered her composure, they drifted into a light sleep.

Waking up she watched him laying on the bed, the covers askew. His rampant member standing proud. It caused her to smile mischievously and her hand grasped his manhood tugging at him gently. He was so big and hard, pulsing in her hand. She softly opened the top drawer of her bedside cupboard, removing some sheer soft fabric scarves.

Snuggling up close to his big Bayan Escort muscular body, she wriggled and tossed till he threw his arm above his head to give her more room to snuggle close, not noticing the gentle feel of her scarf around his wrist.

Annie had learnt how to tie knots on their yacht and she securely tied his hands above his head to the head board. Now his hands were secured, she quickly tied his feet to the baseboard and stood over him with a wicked grin as she poked him awake.

Her pokes dragged him back to the real world, and as he stretched he found his body restrained.

Instantly he was awake, eyes wide open and adrenalin shooting through his veins. His massive muscles tensed and strained at the restraints. She stood awestruck, as she heard the timbers strain and the sheer material ripping. This was getting out of hand.

She called softly to him, “Easy big guy, it’s just me. Now is my time to tease and please you.”

With a relaxing sigh, he stopped destroying their bed, and looked around to locate her, then once found he smiled and relaxed, deciding to enjoy the session to come.

Once she realised he was safe, she sashayed around the bed in her flimsy negligee. His hungry eyes followed her every move. She stood there teasing him by dropping the shoulder or lifting the hem almost revealing, but not quite, her secret, sweet places to his gaze.

Then reaching across the bed, she kissed his manhood, running her tongue up and down his hard shaft teasing him mercilessly and laughing at his feeble attempts to grab her. She strutted away through the door, out of his sight leaving him alone with his erection.

He could hear her in the kitchen doing god knows what until 20 minutes pass and she waltzed in with a tray of delicious tiny pastries and sat on the bedside and slowly fed him, telling him with a cheeky grin, he will need his strength shortly.

Throwing the empty tray to the floor, she stood and lifted the negligee over her head. It follows the direction of tray as she casually lets it slip from her fingers. Her magnificent body clad in a tiny g string. She crawled over to him and straddled his chest, placing her feet beside his head and her hands on his hips she slowly slides forward towards his face.

Her sopping pussy filled his restricted vision, closer and closer it comes till it is mere millimetres from him. She commands him to pleasure her with his tongue and if he pleases her she will reward him.

Eagerly his tongue darts forward, caressing her wet, hot pussy, teasing her clit from its warm haven. He watched her lips swell and open. She rocked her hips to give him deeper access and he began to slowly fuck her with his tongue, poking and twisting it inside her pleasure cave. He felt her juices run down his chin as her hips writhed in pleasure.

In her passion she forced her Escort wet pussy harder into his face, demanding more pleasure and satisfaction from her man. With a final shudder she threw herself backward in a climax that disabled her, shuddering and shaking in delight. She slowly came back to the present and looked at him with lust in her eyes.

Her composure regained, she squatted over his erect weapon of pleasure and slowly lowered herself onto it. She could hear the breath catch in his throat as his hips rose to meet her, taking him deep within her. She began clenching her vaginal muscles, massaging along his buried depth.

Soft moans of pleasure filled the air as their passion rose, arching his back he drove deeper into her pussy, filling her. She rocked her hips rapidly as her climax approached, crying his name softly as her climax washed through her body. Her vaginal muscles clenched in repeated spasms along the length of his swollen cock.

Suddenly she heard the sound of material tearing. He had freed his hands. Reaching for his knife, he leaned down and slashed the restraints holding his feet and then with a wicked grin he flipped her on to her back on the bed.

He towered over her, spreading her legs. He looked down at her face and allowed his gaze to caress her body from her proud breasts down her torso, lingering at her swollen pussy and slowly down her shapely legs.

Slowly he lowered his body toward her. She lifted her legs to embrace his waist and pulled him down towards her. Reaching between their bodies, she grasped his rigid cock and positions it between her lips. Then he slid slowly into her wide open pussy.

Deeper and deeper he entered her till her pussy was full of hard cock. Breathing deeply he remained stationary, just enjoying the closeness of her.

In time, he slowly began to move, sliding out and back in. Feeling her tight cunt gripping his shaft as he moved inside her. His mouth covered hers in a passionate kiss, bruising her soft lips with his passion. She bit his lower lip.

Raising his body, he looked down on her flushed face and his eyes caressed her swollen nipples. They were standing like bullets inside her aureole. His head descended and took her nipple between his teeth, rasping gently as he tugged sharply. She moaned deep in her throat and pushed her pelvis up toward him her thighs clamped tightly to his hips.

His eyes begging for release again as he slams his cock forcibly deep into her welcoming pussy, faster and faster his hips pump into her, forcing his penis deeper and deeper into her sopping pleasure cave.

Feeling her approaching her climax, he hurried to cum with her, feeling her cum juices flood her pussy he allows his climax to explode inside her again and again flooding her pussy with his fluids mingling with hers and running down her arse and soaking the sheets.

Dropping down beside her he wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. He felt his cock slowly shrink inside her and her breasts crushed to his chest. They breathed the same air and whispered soft nothings to each other in the warm after-glow of their torrid sex.

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