I Want


The room is dark. The hum of a fan, the sound of my breath. The sound of your breath, as you await me… so eager, so tempting. I will feed on you, on your hunger and your innocence, on your pussy that I can smell even as I enter…

I can’t see you. Only feel the heat that emanates. You whisper, “Lover?”

“Yes, sweetheart. I’m here.”

You called me from across these miles, and your voice trembled with need. You said, “I need you.”

“Need me, how, pet? Tell me what you need.”

“I need release. Pleasure. I need the satisfaction of these desires you’ve lit with your words and your thoughts and your raging fucking cock.”

I growled, deep in my throat. Perhaps it originated in my cock, that sound, so animal, so hungry. Do you hear it, my hunger for you?

Now you pant, in the darkness. My mouth waters with the thought of finding you, by feel, by sound… I am growing harder with every careful step towards those sounds of you, wanting.

“Don’t make me wait,” you say. Your voice is different. It hits me not only in this throbbing need for you, but drives into my soul… a language I understand, at last. So humbling, that realization. The edge of the bed bumps my knees, Escort bayan and I lean forward, my hands looking for you… and I feel your foot. I take it, bring it to my mouth, kiss from your toes along your shin. My cock is twitching, my tongue tastes the slight saltiness of your skin. I want to devour you, and each time you whimper and I feel your muscles react as you writhe, I want you more.

You say it again, “Don’t make me wait, lover. Please, I’m begging you.”

“Are you touching yourself, sweetheart? Are you rubbing your wet clit? Let me hear you.” I’m moving up, the smell of your sex now strong, and I hear the sounds of your fingers slipping over your pussy. Your pants are punctuated by little moans. “Tell me how you feel.”

You groan, and I think you will refuse me. But you don’t disappoint. “I’m aching, my pussy is aching, it feels heavy and full and empty all at once… it’s making me want to scream. I need you to fuck me. I need to be fucked, do you understand?”

“I do.” I feel your words, the weight and urgency, because I feel the same way. Like if I don’t put my cock in you and cum, I may well go mad with the needing of it. “I won’t tease, sweetheart, but may Bayan Escort I taste you? May I bring you with my tongue and my fingers, and again with my cock?”

“Oh fuck, now. Right now…”

Never have I heard you like this. That I knew this was in you was different from witnessing it.

You spoke again. “You said it was okay to ask you, to tell you… I’m telling you. I need you, right now.”

Again that growl I’d never known lived so close to the surface, and I find your cunt, oh fuck, so slick and fragrant, with my hands. I allow my fingers to play over you, as though mapping you as my mouth draws closer. Kisses on your wet thighs, but my, pet, you are aroused for me. I feel my cock throbbing angrily against the mattress. With every taste, it hardens a little more, and I realize I’m thrusting gently, the pressure is so very exquisitely uncomfortable… Then my mouth is on you and you emit a sharp cry. I lick you from stern to bow, reveling in your ragged breathing. My tongue thrusts into your pussy, as deeply as I can go… oh god, I want to go deeper, honey, I want to. Then I am seeking out your clit, that pulsing little bundle of nerves, and you let me know when I have found Escort it, that delicious buck of your hips, your hands grasping my head. I slip two fingers in and begin to fuck you, slowly, and you are having none of it.

“Faster, faster,” you gasp, and the sound coming from your throat is almost not human.

I suck and lick and finger you until the noises you make, and your movements, and your clenching muscles, tell me you are cresting, and I press upward, and leave your clit to nip and pull your lips, my fingers massaging, until you shudder and you come, with a jet of fluid that hits me in the neck and chest, hot and running… I hold off my own orgasm, not yet, but it is a battle. I put my mouth over you as you continue to gush… amazed… I lap you up and you shudder and whimper. I feel your juices cooling on my skin.

I move up your body, kissing, licking, finding your breasts, your nipples, leaving a trail of your cum, painting you with it. Until I find your mouth, at the same time I feel your thighs close around my hips, I feel your calves pulling me into the hot pulsing clutch of your body, and I’m so ready. I take your mouth at the same time I take your cunt, sweetheart. Fuck yes, sinking in until my balls hit your ass, and as you slip and tighten around me, I explode, and you are cresting again, our tongues pressed together, my hand on your magnificent breast… your pussy milking every last drop from my spasming cock…

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