In The Beginning Ch. 09


I awoke to the smell of coffee and the Jacuzzi tub motor running. “Come on, Sleepy head, time to rise and shine. We got us a brand new day going on here.” I heard Louise’s cheerful voice sing out from my bathroom. “Yo mama Lou’s got you a big tub of suds ready.” I opened my eyes just a teensy bit, and peered toward the sound of her voice. “UP NOW!!” She bellowed, “Your bath awaits you Sire.” I groaned and sat up on the edge of the bed and started scratching all the places you scratch in the morning. I spied the coffee cup on the nightstand, and picked it up. Hot cannot describe the sensation of that coffee as it hit my tongue. Solar-heat would more closely simulate the feeling. “Geez, Louise, are you trying to scald me?” I screamed. All I got in response was laughter and, “Big Dummy!!” from my tormentor.

I padded across the carpeting to the bathing area and peeked around the corner. I was in no mood for any surprises from Louise this morning. The tub was heaped, high with soapsuds, and all I could see of Louise was her ample ass stuck in the air as she searched in the bottom of the linen closet for some missing artifact. She was fully clothed. I had a big piss hard-on and headed for the toilet room door. Once inside, I closed the door quietly and took care of my business. Once I had the necessities out of the way, I re-entered the bathing area and Louise was not in evidence. I descended into the tepid water and decided she was, in fact, trying to boil me for a meal later in the day. After a short soak, I had to admit that the hot bubbling water eased some of the tension. I actually felt human. I climbed out of the suds, jumped into the shower and rinsed and reached for a towel. Oh damn, the pink towels were back. She hates me. I just know it. What the hell, I thought, she gives the best blowjob in Florida. I’ll put up with the pink towels.

I dressed and tried the coffee again. I could drink it slowly now. I took the cup and ascended the stairs to the kitchen. Louise was piling hot cakes on a plate with sausages. “We gotta keep you strong, Tall Cool, your sisters are coming and I think you might need all the strength you can muster. It sounds to me like Dianne wants your pecker. And I know that if Dianne gets some, Camille will want equal time.” She howled with laughter at her own remark. I didn’t believe what was happening to me. I ate in silence. I glanced out of the corner of my eye at Louise and decided she had forgone the bra this morning. She wore a light sundress, and when she walked past a window, I could see right through it. I felt the stirrings again. “What were you looking for in the closet, Louise?” I asked. “Pink towels.” Came her reply. Damn! I finished my breakfast and exited for school.

I mapped out my day as I drove to Flagler Beach and school. It’s Wednesday and tonight is band practice at Dennis’ house. I really liked us to rehearse in the studio where I can record us. But tonight was his turn to host and we had agreed, long ago, to rotate. I had my guitar and a small amp in the trunk and I planned on an hour or two in the library so I wouldn’t be going home until after practice. I could almost complete the draft of my paper for Ms. Stone today and all I’d have to do is type it up over the weekend. I’ll be so happy to have that one out of my hair. We were to play Friday and Saturday nights at the White Lion, in St. Augustine. This place is a neat little bar and restaurant in the historical district. I had played there a couple of times before, with another band, but this was the first time for my group. We call ourselves D’lo, after a little town in Mississippi. One of the guys had passed through there while traveling and thought it would make a good name for a band, so there it is.

I found a parking spot and walked up the sidewalk to the school door. I entered slowly, today; I didn’t want to send any of the teachers cascading in peril if I could help it. Once with Ms. Stone was enough for a lifetime. I dropped some books in my locker and headed for my first period woodshop class.

Classes whizzed by without incident and at 3:30, I found myself in the library, in the same seat as yesterday. I had been inspired by my sisters’ comment about the butterflies and my paper took shape nicely. I came to the last part of my recitation, and it was to reflect the influences that my teachers could make on me. I touched briefly on how an old crabby teacher with an attitude could cause me to take much less interest in a subject, or project, compared with a younger, more interesting person. Also I reflected on how the manner in which a teacher dressed, or moved, or the tone of her voice could influence my participation in class, or would be reflected in my assignments. It’s my opinion, and I stated it, that a teacher projecting a good impression on a student, would encourage that student to reciprocate with one of his own. I included some personal observations about how a teachers’ behavior and the things she did in the classroom affected me. Things like the tap of her high heels on the tile, or the rustle her nylons made as she walked past my desk during a test, or as she crossed her legs. The way she moved when she walked back and forth across the front of the room at the black board. Or the way she locked her knee and cocked one hip higher than the Escort bayan other as she turned to write on the board. Or how interesting she became when she leaned against her desk, and folded her arms as she addressed the class, and how I got BUTTERFLIES once, when she sat on the edge of her desk when she asked me to stay after class for a minute to discuss something. Or how she referred to me as her hero after I prevented her from falling in the hallway, MORE BUTTERFLIES. These influences helped to make me feel the way I do today. I didn’t mention my sister, but she had helped to make the butterflies soar in me with regard to Ms. Marie Stone.

I stretched and looked at my watch, 5:45. I was pleased with my paper. Typing and grammar would take place on Sunday afternoon and I would be ready to turn my masterpiece in for consideration. I gathered my papers and made my way out to my locker. I dumped my books in, and turned to see Gail and Chrissie coming up the hall. I waited and greeted them warmly. They were cute and who knows, I might get lucky someday. “Hi Virgil.” They chanted in unison. “Where you going?” “My band is rehearsing at Dennis’ house at 7:00. I thought I’d drive over to the beach and get a burger at King’s Café, before I go set up. Want to join me?” I questioned. Gail answered for both of them, “I have to take Chrissie home first, but maybe I’ll come over to Dennis’ later if it’s all right with you?” “Sure, glad to have you. Why doesn’t Chrissie come too?” I asked. Chrissie said, “I have a test tomorrow and I really need to study. How late will you be?” “No later than 9:00, I hope. I need to get some rest, I’ve had a remarkable week.” I replied. “Maybe we’ll see you later then?” I turned and started for the parking lot.

I drove over to the beach and parked in the lot next to King’s Café. This is a neat little nautical place where a few of the kids go after school. I guessed they would all be gone by now, but the burgers were great and you could sit and look out at the ocean. I ordered a Giant Pelican Burger, all the way, with fries and a mug of root beer. My burger had just arrived when Gail stepped up to my booth and asked if she could sit down. I gestured to the empty seat across the table and she plopped down, making sure I got an eye full of bare thigh as she slid into the booth.
“Hi Gail. Did you get Chrissie safely delivered home?” I asked. She searched her purse for a pack of cigarettes and found a lighter. After lighting up and exhaling a great plume of smoke into the air she looked at me and asked, “Why were you spying on us yesterday?” Busted!! I had been detected. “Sorry about that, Gail, I was getting a drink of water and I heard the moaning and groaning from the girl’s room. I didn’t know whom it was and I just sort of peeked in and watched you, that’s all. I hope you’re not too mad at me. I didn’t even know your names until later in the library. Is Chrissie upset too?” “I don’t think she knows. I didn’t say anything to her. I saw you reflection in the mirror and what you did on the bathroom door. Damn, Virgil, it was all over the floor too.” She seemed pissed, but I couldn’t really tell for sure. “Why didn’t you just walk in?” She asked. “I don’t know, I just got hot watching you two and I didn’t want to break anything up. You were enjoying yourselves so much. I just let you do it and jerked myself off. What can I say to make it better?” I was being defensive now, and I hoped she would accept the apology. “I just don’t want you to think that we are a couple of lezzies, or anything else weird.” She was speaking in a low voice so no one else could hear. “Gail,” I said, “you got no idea about weird. I can tell you stories about weird that will take your breath away. What you two were doing yesterday was erotic as hell to watch. My dick got hard as steel, and I jerked off. I shot my wad at the same time you came all over Chrissie’s face. It’s beautiful to watch two sexy chicks getting it on. I wouldn’t mind seeing you again, or even having the both of you at the same time. God, I don’t believe we’re sitting here talking about this.” We looked at each other and burst into laughter.

I surmised from her laughter that we were over being upset. Gail had a tank top on now and every time she leaned forward, I could see her nipples just below the neckline. Much more flashing and I’d have a big hard-on. Things were sure getting sexy in my life. Everything around me was arousing me these days. “Chrissie says she can get out after 8:00 so we can come to Dennis’ to hear you guys practice, but she has to be back by 10:00.” Gail told me. I asked if she knew where Dennis lived and she said she did so I told her I’d see them there later and paid for my burger and headed for Dennis’ house.

I arrived at Dennis’ just before 7:00 and it only took me a minute to set up my amp and guitar. I tuned up and we started to play a couple of fast tunes to warm up. Terry, our bass player, told us we’d need a few slower songs early, due to people still eating and they probably wouldn’t be dancing until the second or third set. We then played a couple of ‘Pop’ songs, a blues number and another slow instrumental and we figured that we’d be fine. We also rehearsed some country that we had done before, mostly standards, and then we decided to work a new rock Bayan Escort song by The Rolling Stones. First time through, it went fair, second time it was tight.

Dennis told me that his dad had been having a little heart trouble recently, and they had canceled their trip to Chicago, for now, and that he would be available to play with whomever I decided upon, after Al and Terry left for school. This was great because Denny was our lead singer and I didn’t know the words to most of the songs, although, I had been on a crash coarse to learn them. Denny and I had started the band together and to date, we had never argued over the music. He was being stupid over his girlfriend, who was an airhead, but that was his business and none of mine. The only thing wrong with Dennis was, he needed to get laid, really good once, and the girlfriend would be history. She kept him in a constant state of agitation and then wasn’t giving up any pussy. Denny was horny, and needed to get fucked.

We were practicing in the garage, this prevented Dennis’ parents from having to leave the premises during our sessions. I looked out the side window of the garage and saw Gail’s car pull into the driveway. As they pulled up in front of the garage I saw that Chrissie was with her. They got out and walked into the open door and said hi to all and found a seat in two lawn chairs on the side of the garage. Gail was still in her tank top and mini skirt. Chrissie had a sleeveless T-shirt and skintight pink hot pants on. They both looked sexy as hell and I got a wonderful idea. Terry read my mind at the exact same time, DENNIS NEEDS TO GET LAID. “Hi girls,” I drooled, “Anything special you’d like to hear Denny sing?” “Girl From Ipanema,” Chrissie begged, “it reminds me of me.” I thought to myself that if she wasn’t a true redhead, there must be some blond heritage in there somewhere. We kicked off the song and Dennis crooned his little heart out. He sang the song directly at Chrissie and I could see her melting into her panties. Gail picked up on this too and smiled at me and gave me a little thumbs up. Smart girl, I thought, help me with this and I’ll be so nice to you.

Al and Terry signaled that they wanted to shut down. I had no objection, and I was sure Dennis would find something else to occupy him the rest of the evening. Gail was whispering in Chrissies ear, and they were both giggling. She stood and came over to me and took me by the arm and walked me out the door onto the driveway. “Do you think Denny likes Chrissie?” She asked quietly. “You kidding me?” I answered, “His dick is sticking out all over the place. Do you think she’d fuck him?” “Oh God I hope so, her boyfriend is such a slug. All he ever wants her to do is blow him. Then he shoots it in her face and takes her home. The only time she gets off is when I eat her out. I hope he’s not bashful. She can be a real slut. Do you think he’s got rubbers?” She asked. “I’ll give him a couple, then let’s take a drive and give them some space.” I said. “You want me to take a ride with you?” She squealed, “Really?” “Sure, why not? I won’t bite, unless you ask me to.” I said. “So give him the rubbers and let’s go somewhere so you can start chewing.”

I grabbed a box of Trojans from the glove compartment in the Ford and went back into the garage. Denny was sitting in the lawn chair and Chrissie was on her knees in front of him. She had his cock all the way down her throat. I motioned for Gail to come and watch this. She stepped up behind me and looked in at the two of them. Dennis was in heaven and Chrissie was going to town on him. Danny opened his eyes and glanced at us. I held up the box of rubbers and laid them on top of his amp. I gestured over my shoulder with my finger and pointed toward my car. He nodded and groaned as he blasted Chrissie’s mouth full of cum. Gail and I both giggled all the way to my car and as we backed down the drive, Denny pulled the overhead door down on the front of the garage. “I hope they fuck themselves silly.” I told Gail, “Denny needs to let go.” Gail slid over close to me as I shifted into second and turned the headlights on. As I shifted into third she put her hand on my leg and breathed into my ear, “How about you fucking me silly?” “I can do that.” I said. “Nobody is home at my sister’s house.” She told me. “It’s on the corner of Old Moody Road and Lambert. I have a key.” “Okay, Gail, you’re on.” I said. She slid her hand up and wrapped her fingers around my cock through my jeans. Things just keep getting wilder.
I turned onto Old Moody and drove toward Lambert. Gail was kneading my now very hard cock with her fingers and she had her other hand under her skirt and was obviously fingering her twat as we drove. “I haven’t been fucked in a long time, Tall, I’m just so fucking horny. I hope Chrissie is getting it good; she hasn’t been screwed in six months. Here we are.” She pointed to a big, old two-story house on the corner that had been converted into four apartments. Her sister’s was upstairs, in the rear and we climbed up the stairs on the outside of the house. Gail quickly keyed the door open and we stood in the small three room digs of her older sister. I pushed the door shut and Gail was in my arms and kissing me hungrily. Her tongue found mine and we dueled for many minutes as I pulled her Escort tank top down to expose her hard tits.

Gail stood about 5′-5″ and weighed close to 115 pounds. She had bright green eyes, puffy lips that gave the impression of always being pursed for a kiss. Her brown hair was rather short, but curly. Her tits were smallish, maybe 34B’s, her waist very high and narrow, and her hips broad and curvy. She had incredibly long legs, small feet and wore sneakers with her black mini skirt and a green tank top that matched her eyes. She smelled clean, like soap. I mashed her tits with both hands as the kiss became more torrid. She sucked on my tongue and made mewly sounds with here throat. We staggered across to the sofa, still locked in the kiss and cascaded onto it in a heap. I fumbled with the zipper no her skirt and finally had her naked from the waist down.

We broke the kiss long enough to pull her top over her head. She jerked my shirt over my head as I shucked my pants and she pushed me back down in the couch. She got on her knees and took my cock in her hands. She suddenly shifted into slow motion. I was puffing like a locomotive but she had put the brakes on. “Take it easy.” She said, “I want us to enjoy this.” Her pointed little tongue lashed out and snapped a big drop of pre-cum off the end of my dick. Then she took a big lick up the side. Her movements were smooth like she had rehearsed this a thousand times. When her lips closed over my cock head, she moved slowly and deliberately, her tongue in constant motion. As she reached her maximum depth, she withdrew slowly and started back down again. I started to talk to her, encouraging her, “Feels like velvet, Gail. Your mouth is so hot. Can you feel my heart beat through my cock?” I heard her give a quiet moan and then she moved back down as far as she could take it. She could take about five inches in her mouth, but no more. She never gagged. She knew the limit. She was very good. “I want to taste you, Gail, turn around for me.” I commanded.

We switched positions on the sofa. She lay back with her left leg up on the sofa, her right leg hanging over the edge onto the floor. I kneeled on the floor and brought my face as close to her splayed open cunt as I could. As I looked closely at her delicate lips, now moistened with her flowing juices, I wondered if she was a shooter like Helen and Karen. Her lips resembled an open wilting rose, with several petals on either side. I smelled her female musk and had to put my mouth against her flower and touch my tongue to her opening. She stiffened slightly at first contact then relaxed. I drew my tongue upward through her opening many times, each time causing her to secrete more of her nectar for me to consume. I retreated from her and touched her hooded clit with the tip of my finger. She stiffened again, this time she stayed up a little longer. As I uncovered her trigger, it seemed to extend, and grow longer, on it’s own, not unlike a tiny hard-on. I wondered at the female anatomy, so soft and delicate, so sensitive and alive. I tongued her clit and she went rigid. Her orgasm lasted for more than a minute this time. All the while, I sucked on her clit and flicked it relentlessly with my tongue. “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!” She gasped, “Suck my pussy good.” I tried to accommodate her by gently nipping her with my teeth. “AAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!! OH GOD!!!!” She clamped my head tightly between her thighs and bent nearly double over me as she crashed into another orgasm. “Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah.” She was panting now, taking huge gulps of air as she descended from her flight. “Please, Virgil, let me rest a minute. I have to catch my breath.” She pleaded with me.

I withdrew from between her legs and lay back on the floor. She handed me a pillow off the sofa, and I propped my head on it. I was looking up directly into her glistening cunt. Her lips were spread wide open and I could see right into her depths. “I want to ride you, Cowboy. “She panted, “Hold on to your hat.” She stood up and reached for the rubber that I had placed on the table next to the sofa as I removed my pants. She tore the wrapper open and removed the condom. She put it into her mouth and kneeled between my spread legs. She then brought her mouth down over my throbbing cock and rolled the rubber down using her lips and tongue. She stood up, facing me, straddled my hips, and started to lower her body over mine. Her juices dripped onto my belly just above my prick. As she grew closer, her discharges splashed on my hardness. I held myself erect and she sat right down on me and slowly descended to the bottom. “UUUUUUMMMMMPPPPHHHH.” We gasped, almost in unison. Both of us felt the heat of passion at the same instant. I reached up with both hands and covered her hard tits and held on. As she began her up and down motion, I could feel myself stirring at the root of my balls. She was generating a colossal volcano within me. Her rhythm built steadily and soon she was humping crazily on me. I met each of her down strokes with an upward lunge of my own. I could feel the lava boiling and knew it would be a gigantic eruption. I held myself back as long as I could and when I felt her start to buck, I lashed upward and blasted into the condom with a river of hot sperm, then again, and a third time. Then several after shocks until she lay over and put her body, full length, on top of mine. Sweat oozed from every pore as we gasped for air. My cock remained tightly embedded in her for a long time. It was completely soft when she stirred and lifted off me.

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