Hot, Sexy Tina Ch. 03


She got in the car with a tight, white tank, a hot, little skirt and red Chuck Taylors. Trying not to be obvious, (but I couldn’t help myself) I lingered over her cleavage and highly visible nipples. Wearing a super thin bra, she acted like she didn’t notice, but I’m sure she did…I think that was probably her intention.

We were headed out to a prairie that was being expanded with some new restoration work. I was glad they had trails designed for access, because neither of was really dressed to push through thick grass…I was wearing shorts and flip flops and she had that tiny little skirt.

I was shooting some of the late-blooming forbes, and numerous poses that featured Tina. She looked sexy as hell and I had to reposition myself several times…botany can be terribly arousing. After about an hour, we were standing in the tall swaying grasses, under a big sky and making out. She reached down to stroke the growing shaft, and flashed a sexy smile, “Let’s do it here!”

She unbuckled the belt, and I pushed my shorts and underwear down. With everything bunched around my ankles, my dick stood hard and upright in the autumn sun. Emerging from thick, bushy pubes and arching proudly over my belly, it pointed up to the warm blue sky.

There was no way she could resist eight inches of warm flesh and started stroking. Her amazing gray eyes twinkled in the sun and she could only smile, while I awkwardly kicked my clothes and flip flops aside and pressed my body into hers.

She looked at me with those beautiful eyes and sensuously slid her tongue over her lips, slowly dropping to her knees. She worked the area just under the head, flicking back and forth over the ridge. At the same time, she reached up to run her fingers through the pubes, and up over my abs.

With a huge grin, she slipped off the tank top; looking happy, totally content, she took hold of it and wrapped tight her lips around the head. I watched her suckle my cock in the dappled shade of a big lonesome bur oak; the warm sunlight skirted the edge of its canopy and animated the subtle movement of her breasts.

Still dating, but definitely serious, we’d been together for more than a year…and this moment was exactly why. She was sexy as hell, with her lips, tongue, mouth and hands all working together. Mmmm…with the right person on their knees, multi-tasking certainly becomes sexual prowess.

Her hands moved over my cock, spreading spit up and down the shaft. Fighting back what little gag reflex she had, I felt her throat expanding to take the head. When I put my hands on her shoulders, she wanted me to take control and guided my hand to the back of her head. I held her steady, using both hands, and started thrusting gently, into her throat.

She gagged once and I immediately pulled out. Looking down, I caressed her cheeks and asked, “You okay?”

“Yeah, it’s good, keep going,” she smiled.

I tightened the grip on her head and began pumping gently through her lips…and into her throat. At first, I thought she was trying to get me off…service my cock quick…you know? But I soon realized, she was just getting started and leaned back. She was getting me ready for more…much more and pulled down her panties. Tracing her fingers through her pussy and then circling her clit, she pushed inside and pumped her fingers deep. Grinning, she placed them both on my lips to savor the arousal.

I watched her pump a few more times, but this time she sampled her own pleasure and moaned. I pulled her close, to share the juices, before tossing her panties into the grass.

I got between her legs and started licking her pussy, teasing her clit, and gently pumping my fingers into the warming embrace. The musky scent of sweet arousal demanded that I push my tongue deep and start fucking.

She begged as I soaked up the wetness, “Oh Rob…Rob…god damn…don’t stop…don’t stop that!”

Clearly that wasn’t happening, and I quickly mumbled, “Mmmm…you…you taste amazing…tastes like you need my tongue…but you’re going to need a cock…soon!”

“Mmmm…I know I will…ahhhh…ahhhh…I can’t wait…can’t wait for that!” Wanting me deeper, she started rolling her hips, to ride my tongue. She moaned, “Ahhhh Rob…Rob…that…that’s good…yeah…yeah…yeah, so good!”

Still grinding my tongue, she continued moaning as I went deep, savoring every drop of her rich musk.

To keep her bud in the mix, I fought her hips to pull back to where I could reach it. When I was able to suck and flick it with my tongue, she almost screamed. She gripped my head tight till the pleasure overwhelmed her; I felt her shuddering on my lips, and soft screams echoed the ecstasy flowing through bostancı escort her body. When it passed, she gently worked her hips, while I traced her pussy and the tiny slit with my tongue.

I moved up to work her nipples, encircling each tiny erection with my lips. She held me and pulled me in tight, pushing it deeper between my lips…she fucked my mouth with her nipples. Our lips met several times, and I licked her all over, going back and forth between her tits, sucking, teasing and nibbling.

I felt her moans with my lips, but I knew what she really wanted and grinned, “Sweetie, let’s go over to those trees.”

We moved down a gentle slope into the dappled shade of some willow and poplar. With the leaves already turning gold, the warm sun that afternoon seemed to electrify them. A warm autumn is hard to beat when the sky is intense blue and bright, and the leaves are turning…you know?

“This’s perfect; we can even hear the creek…Rob you know how to pick’m.”

Our lips met and then I smiled, “Well, I picked you too, sweetie.”

She softly said, “I want you to fuck me, right now!”

We pushed the grass down to form a cozy layer and I grinned, “I know you love doggystyle…bend over on your hands and knees for me.”

I settled in behind her and rubbed spit over the head. She was moist, and I worked it up and down through her lips, and then over her clit.

By the time I added more spit, she was begging me to put it inside. “Mmmm, give me that dick…yeah…yeah…I can handle it…I can handle it without lube…put it in…put it in and fuck me!” She groaned as she felt it split her open and push inside; gently and gradually, I got a little deeper, but it wasn’t easy going. We needed more than spit…or lube.

She looked back, “Let’s try something different…I guess I was wrong. Doggy isn’t going to work without the lube.”

She rolled over to lay on her back, drawing her legs way back to spread them wide. Then, using both hands, she spread her pussy lips to form a small gap. Considering how tight she is, that tiny gap looked huge…like a grand entrance!

Nestled in the grass, my sexy, little mother nature grinned, “Now, try that!”

I added more spit and pushed back inside; she was still tight, but not as bad. We made it work without lube, but I had to go easy, slowly taking it deeper and deeper.

When I felt her pubes against mine, we were nestled tight together, and she started moving with my thrusts to push it deep. Long…deep…satisfying strokes…pumping into her pussy, I watched my cock push and tug the lips. Stretched tight around the shaft, I couldn’t help but drag them in and out with each thrust.

I remember hoping she wasn’t going to be too sore, but then she put me at ease, “Mmmm…Rob…fuck Rob…that’s it…ahhhh…ahhhh…fuck me…fuck me just like that…mmmm…fuck!”

Twisting and rocking to savor the stretching fullness I could deliver, her gaze met mine and she squeezed my cock in long, lingering pulses, “Oh…oh god, sweetie…ahhhh…ahhhh…you’re so fucking hot…oh god…oh god, fuck me…fuck me…yeah, fuck me!”

Her eyes opened so wide, I almost got lost in the striking blue gray, I grabbed her hips and pumped her pussy, driving my cock deep into her belly. After eating her pussy, I needed some relief too…I need to cum.

She responded by thrusting up to me and wrapping her legs tight, urging me to go hard and deep. “Do it on me baby…you’re about to cum…do it on me…cover my tits! Cover my tits…mmmm…cover’m with all that hot cum!”

My body shuddered and every muscle tensed as I pulled out. Aching and throbbing for relief, I wildly jacked the shaft, barely touching the head; I knew I’d explode before even getting there. Straddling her, I got myself positioned perfectly, just shy of my target…or targets. I leered at the sizable, pale-skinned orbs. Crowned with the tastiest, deeply colored nips, I thought they’d be even better covered with cum.

Finally, it was time, and I savored the moment I could let go. I pumped my fist over the head; swollen, thick and throbbing, it sent pleasure surging through my body. I screamed and spilled my load over her tits, “Fuckkkk…fuck Tina…Ttttiiiinnnnaaaaaa!”

Like pollen on the wind, I sprayed wildly, scattering fertile seed over her tits. After finishing, a lone strand hung from the tip and I laid it gently over a breast and teased a nipple. For a few of minutes we were silent, but Tina kept the sexy grin while she caressed her tits, coating them with release.

I raised up on my knees and just gazed…gazed at her cum spattered breasts. They were magnificent to start, but now bostancı escort bayan they were vibrant with the dappled sun and glistening cum. Letting go of my sated dick, I reached out, to circle…and tweak her nips, “You like that, baby girl? Like all that cum?”

“Yeah…yeah, I love all the cum…but I’m not done with you!” She still had the sexy Tina grin and rolled forward, pushing me back to lay in the grass, where she was on top.


She straddled me and our eyes met; she was hungry, lusting for more. I pulled her pussy to my lips; it was gapped and welcoming, and I penetrated her with my tongue.

She sensuously caressed her tits, and fucked herself, moaning as her hips met each thrust of my tongue. I cupped her ass and pushed her pussy tight against my face, probing deep for arousal…savoring the warmth…and savoring the taste.

With her euphoric musk almost dripping from my lips, I licked up over her clit, lightly circling and flicking; the tiny bud was firm, but super sensitive. “Oh fuck…fuck…fuck Rob…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…oh god…Rob…Rob…so ready…so ready…ready to cum…yeah…yeah…keep…keep it up!”

Of course, I kept going…sucking…teasing…and finally rubbing it with my fingers. The ecstasy only grew, starting deep and growing to overwhelm her body, till she was ready to explode.

Now, with all the focus on her clit, it took only minutes and she was thrusting into me and writhing. Her thighs tightened around me and she screamed, “Fuckkkk! Robbbbbb!

When she stopped shuddering, her body relaxed and she rested above me on her hands; I was able to breath deep, inhaling the precious aroma, covering my face.

Licking over my chin, I grinned, “Baby girl, you like that? Fuck, I know I did!”

Without hesitation, she giggled, “Mmmm, couldn’t get better…I loved it!”

With our clothes in a pile, we sat mostly naked, talking and laughing, before we realized that maybe we should get dressed. We quickly got our clothes on, but I did get a few photos of Tina, with her smile and tits, peeking around a big poplar. I even managed some photos of goldenrod and asters, that didn’t feature her, in panties. We explored the prairie for maybe another half hour, before pulling out the lunch we packed. Basking in the warm sun, we sat in back and rambled on about doing some camping next summer…maybe the Rockies.

Once we got back home, I parked in the drive and opened a couple beers, from the cooler. We wanted to squeeze out the last of what turned out to be a perfect autumn day. I opened the back to sit in the sun, and playfully swatted her ass, as she hopped up next to me.

She had a sexy, do-it-again squeal, but I clinked her bottle and grinned, “Well here’s to not getting caught, screwing in the prairie.”

She laughed, “Yes, that’s a good thing,” and clinked again. “I was a little preoccupied, but I tried to listen for cars.” “Though, down in that valley,” she giggled, “we would’ve been screwed.”

“I think we got lucky because it’s a weekday.”

She grinned, “I think we got lucky in other ways, too…real lucky!”

I smiled, “We’ll have to remember that Wednesday is the time for sex in the prairie.” Both raising our bottles into the autumn sun, I said, “And, I think we both enjoyed getting lucky!”

We talked a bit more and her sexy smile seemed to change, like she was pondering something. She looked around some and then said, “Maybe we’re not done getting lucky?” As she got the words out, she flipped up her skirt, and poured beer over her panties, “Oops, look I spilled…how clumsy! I’ll just have to slip these off.”

I laughed, “What was that about? You need more?”

“Maybe a little more…but I’m mostly worried about you.”

“Why,” I asked?

“You ate me out twice, back there…and I don’t want you to get blue balls…are you still hard?”

Staring at bare pussy, I forced myself to look up, “No, I’m not still hard…and sweetie, I don’t have blue balls.”

She poured a little more over herself; letting it bubble down through the little slit, she pushed a little inside.

At that point, I looked all around to insure we had privacy and laughed, “You are fucking crazy…and I love it! That’s too much to pass up…fuck, it’s even pilsner-flavored!” I leaned down and worked my tongue over her labia…tracing it and pushing inside.

“Sweetie, I know I’ve got lotion in my purse…maybe you need to drain those non-blue balls?”

I looked up and decided to tease her, “Yeah, I think we’ll need that lotion, but I’m worried about getting it up, you know? Will you spread it escort bostancı on for me and get it hard?”

With some skepticism, she looked at me, “Are you sure? You never have a problem, but yes, I’ll spread it on…let me get it.”

I was unbuckling my shorts, when she came around the corner. When I shucked the underwear down, it jumped out, and stood straight. “See, I told you I might need some help,” laughing!

“Yeah, you don’t need any help, but I definitely don’t mind.” Stroking lube over the shaft, she added a little more to the head and smiled, “Look at those nice pink balls…no blue at all!”

I sat her up in the back with her legs spread, wide. My gaze slowly slid down over her body…she looked amazing, wearing only a tank top and ready to be taken. We held each other and I plunged my tongue into her mouth…we made out in the waning afternoon sun and I slid my hand between her legs. Parting her lips, they were puffy and moist, with arousal…and probably pilsner.

“Sweetie, grab the blanket back there…I’ll lay it over this thing, so it won’t be digging into your back…a lot more comfortable.”

“Mmmm, such a gentleman.”

When I dropped down to bury my face, the wetness glistened, and I inhaled the sweet aroma of beer. My tongue pushed into the juicy, warmth and I thought pairing beer with pussy was brilliant. Fucking…beer-tasting excellence!

I licked up the insides of her swollen labia…up, over to tease her clit and back down. She moaned when she felt her lips stretching to welcome my fingers, “Oh Honey…mmmm, that feels amazing! Yeah…yeah…fuuuuccckkk that’s good…mmmm!”

She was warm, wet and tight; I couldn’t wait to take hold of my hard cock and shove it into her moist embrace. I rubbed the g-spot and worked her clit with my tongue. She was moaning and bucking into my face, “I want you…mmmm…want your cock…in me…put it in me…fuck me, Rob!”

I looked up over her body; it echoed her words and begged for my cock. Spreading the lotion, I worked some inside and slid the shaft over the spread lips. She groaned with pleasure as I pushed inside, gradually pumping deeper and deeper, until I was deep in her cervix. “Oh God, that’s it…just like that…oh Rob, fuck me…fuck me…fuck me, deep!”

I couldn’t help but moan, when I paused, deep inside, to savor the heat; I loved feeling my dick pulse against her pussy’s grip…I still love that feeling.

Pumping, in and out, each thrust almost took her breath away, but then she went for it, and started rubbing. I pushed her legs way back and grabbed her hips; the sensation of a hard, pounding fuck, paired with masturbation, quickly took her to the brink.

I leaned forward and pleasured myself by watching my cock plow inside, “That’s it, babe…you need a cock…you need it deep…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…spread for me…yeah…yeah…yeah, spread for me!” It was only minutes (maybe ten), before my breathing got choppy and I felt release, churning in my balls.

“So close…uhhhh…uhhhh…so close, baby!”

Completely lost in the ecstasy, she moaned wildly, and her breasts danced and bobbed, barely confined in the tank top. She groaned, “Yeah…yeah, give it to me! I want it…want it all…give it to me…yeah…yeah…fuckin’ fill me up!” Her pussy throbbed around me, squeezing the pulsing veined shaft, that was aching to explode!

“Oh fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…Tina…fuck…fuck,” I shoved deep and held it there, flooding her insides. My cock twitched with each pulse and it bathed in the heat, filling her.

“Oh my god…oh god, I feel it…I…I feel it! That’s it, fill me…that’s it, Rob…that’s it…I want it…want your cum!” She rubbed furiously, but the hot load did it. She bucked her body against mine and her pussy walls quivered. Stuffed full of cock and jizz, she moaned, “Fuck…fuck…cumming…oh god, cumming…yer cum…yer cum…oh god…cumming…cumming…cummmmmmmming!”

When we came to rest and caught our breath some, a warm, trickle seeped out and ran down my balls, “Damn! That’s good…mmmm, no blue balls here!” I grinned, “I think we need to do more pussy pilsner.”

Tina’s intelligent and always bright with ideas, she giggled, “Maybe we could try other beers and do tastings…it seems we both enjoyed it.”

I laughed, “We really need to…today’s selection was a sensuous, pale lager, with a clean, crisp, lightly-hopped, pussy taste!”

She added, “but with a lingering pleasure on your tongue…that you love to savor!” Her eyes sparkled and her fingers trailed down the long, flaccid shaft, “And, we definitely need to try some beers, poured over this guy.”

“A heavy, full-bodied stout for sure,” she giggled!

I grinned, “Mmmm, that sounds fun,” and pressed my lips to hers…I remember feeling the warmth of her body against mine…sensuous…lusty…and fiery hot! At that moment, it felt like everything in the world was in my arms. I knew she was the kind of woman I could marry.

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