It’s All The Ex’s Fault Ch. 18


AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s all the Ex’s fault

It was intentionally written without names.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

She finishes the last few chapters of the story……

It’s just starting to get light outside… he’s still cuddled up behind me with his arm around me. Even when he got up last night, he still came back and cuddled up behind me. ‘grin’

Mmmmm, but now I feel his hard cock in the crack of my ass. I LOVE the feel of him first thing in the morning against me. And I ALWAYS wake up before him. If we are real cautious one of us can turn around and swallow him… as far as we can anyway.

It’s still hard to believe how things have changed over a matter of months…..

There I was going through life happy as a lark. Getting together with the black girl and our blond every once in a while for some nice soft cuddling and sex. Seeing my ex almost weekly so she could see how I was doing and getting bent over the weight bench and getting thoroughly FUCKED with her strap on. I thought I had it made.

The first time I met him I almost fell down laughing. He’s a nice enough guy, and I do prefer guys to girls most of the time, but here he comes with my roommate. A HARD CORE LESBIAN!

I heard all about her teasing this guy flashing her flat chest to give the poor bastard a bad case of blue balls. But the groping in the new building and according to her the pussy eating skills of a life long lesbian… she had to try it. She hadn’t been with a guy since her early teens.

And even though he knew I had a girlfriend, and knew I needed to loose some weight, he still thought I was a ‘hot babe’ as he put it….blew my mind….

She would come home and tell me all the things he did to her, almost making her think seriously about guys again. And then came the letter. While they were on the road she got a letter from her girlfriend. I knew what it was because I accidentally opened it. She was so thrilled when she read it, and I think scared of what she had been doing with him the last few weeks. I know she said she tried to tell him, but I think she just chickened out and left it to me to deal with.

Man did I deal with it, didn’t quite realize what I was dealing with at the time, but it turned out pretty good! He got a bit wild that first night, but even in his anger, he didn’t try to hurt me or take it out on me. Yea he took out his aggression…and damn that man can FUCK! But even afterward he…he…he cared….

I will say one thing she did have right, he definitely knows his way around a pussy! But like most men he has a thing for tits and nipples. Mine aren’t anything special, average size, and my nipples just won’t go down! Now they aren’t full on ‘high beams’, but they will always tent a shirt if I’m not careful. But in spite of trying to hide them most of my life, I get the nicest tingle when he looks at them. Hell any part of me… got me wearing skirts again after almost ten years.

And god don’t let him get his fingers into you….he knows EXACTALLY where to touch you. It’s like his fingers have a magnetic attraction to my g-spot, and his pinkie does WONDERS in my ass.

And the things he gets me to do! Like my hair! My RED hair….. I mean my landing strip was bad enough, but the look in his eyes when I put that wig on… I mean it wasn’t bad, a lot better than I remember as a kid. But I realized later, it wasn’t the red, so much as it was ME.

I used to wear a LOT of makeup, do up my hair in different fashions and spray it in place, get just the right pants suit with just the right lingerie to look just like some model in a magazine. The ones the guys would drool over.

But he was looking at me like that…running around in my underwear after a shower! Wet hair and NO makeup….

I thought for sure he’d run off with someone after first bodybuilder competition, and my ex just kept telling me he was just a guy and would dump me. And then came Reno. I wasn’t sure I was even going to go, but since he thought I should I did. I was sure he just wanted to see more topless and naked women, I know I didn’t mind it!

Now up until this time we were getting along pretty well, in spite of what my ex was telling me. But at the intermission I heard it… my ex was egging him on, just like she does did to me. AND HE DISHED IT RIGHT BACK OUT TO HER!

And then he said it… I know you talk to each other and say things. And lots of guys will say things just to get some ass, but he was talking to the ex, not to me….and he said he loved me! He wasn’t saying it to convince me or anybody else…he just…said it….

It caused me to look at him in a whole new light. He was seducing me…because he wanted to be with me….not to control me….

I think that’s when I knew… I loved him too….

Between Antalya Escort my ex and the judges I had had enough. He said he loved me, so he was going to get me… red hair and all. I just hadn’t planned on the banquet….

Now don’t get me wrong, it turned out wonderful, but getting ready over at the reps place was all topsy turvy. We were going through some of her gowns, she called them dresses, but they were GOWNS! And she was flirting and touching me, playing with my nipples while we tried a few on. She even ran a finger through my pussy and licked it off in front of me. If I wasn’t getting ready for him I would have jumped her in a heartbeat!

And then I was ready…. Except for my stomach flopping around like a fish out of water…what if he was just saying things and didn’t like the real redhead….

I thought the shit had hit the fan when I walked in, everything went silent and EVERYBODY was staring at me. I thought they were going to break out laughing. But he came to me, kissed me, and told me I was beautiful….and over the next few hours I came to see myself the way he did, like Cinderella at the ball and the clock never striking midnight.

It’s been almost a fairy tale ever since. He had me worried a bit when he brought up my relationship with the blond, but he wasn’t trying to get territorial with me. We’ve been sharing each other ever since. And he just hates it when one of us gives him a morning blow job and shares his cum over his chest….LOL

And speaking of the little wench, here she comes. I lift the comforter on my side, and she slid in snuggling against me, tit to tit. She cupped the tit he wasn’t as I brought the comforter down over us, grabbing her ass and giving it a nice squeeze to pull her in close.

We leaned closer for a nice kiss, her soft lips on mine, her tongue darting between mine to seek out the tip of mine. Kissing a woman is SO much different than kissing a man. The soft touches, the gentle flicks, the knowing all the right spots that some men just never figure out.

She pulled back, rolling my nipple with her thumb. “Did you really have both of them in you last night?”

All I could do was grin and nod my head.

“How the hell did you get it in?”

“Mmmm same way as the first one…”

“No way…”

“Oh yea… sliding his cock in me, holding that plug and fucking my ass with the tip while he did. Feeling it stretch me like I have NEVER been stretched before. And just when it felt like I was going to split it popped in and he sunk balls deep in me.” I slid my hand down to her pussy and started diddling her clit.

She sucked air when I touched her, but didn’t cum right away. “So what’s with the dildo?” I gave her the ‘what dildo’ look. “You left them both on the bathroom counter.”

“Oh shit…” she reached down and slid her finger against my clit, slowly running her finger from side to side… she KNOWS what that does to me. “Well since I was stuffed with the plug and his cock, I wanted it to last, so I asked him to get my dildo and fill me back up.”

Her finger stopped moving on my clit, “DAMN girl, how could you even stand with that much stuffed into you?”

I could feel his cock twitching against my ass. I leaned to her again for a nice kiss, and whispered in her ear, “he’s awake…” then leaned back against him.

“That’s not the best part. We got to talking about you..”

“What about me…”

“I told him how much you enjoyed working him up through your cervix..” her eyes flashed open at that.

“You didn’t…”

“Hey, we’re together now… no secrets, remember…” she sighed and nodded. “So he said we might pick up a long dildo that squirts so I could feel that too…” I began moving my fingers down toward her pussy and back up, catching her clit between them as I did.

“Oh god, you’re going to make me cum thinking about that…”

“I’ve got one even better. I’m going to start wearing those plugs regularly so I can open my ass up.”

“Damn girl, I can’t tell you how many times I creamed my pussy yesterday with the little one, and you’re going to wear the bigger ones…”

“Yup, until I can take the big green one.. I want him in my ass…” I felt him twitch against my ass again, and the grip on my tit just got a little tighter.

“After the last time you had a cock in your ass?”

“I didn’t have a choice then, but now I want him stuffing my ass…” I could feel his cock starting to dribble against my cheeks. I looked at the blond and winked and glanced over my shoulder. ‘He’s ready to pop’ I mouthed. She grinned and nodded.

“In fact I want to be double stuffed and filled. I want you to wear that long squirting dildo in a harness so I can climb on and fuck you good while he fucks and fills my ass. I want to be a slut sandwich..”

I felt him twitch hard behind me “OH FUCK!” he shouted.

I lifted and scooted down quick, and just caught the first of his cum in my mouth, a little dribbling out the corner. I was greedy Antalya Escort Bayan and swallowed the first few shots, but it was a good thing I did. Evidentially he was a bit turned on listening to us and just kept on unloading into me.

I held it in my mouth grinning and pointed his still oozing cock to the blond. She scooted down and took a few ornery licks, then joined me over his crotch to share our reward.

Now I enjoy kissing a woman just as much as a man, but sharing a cum kiss with her just brings out the cat in heat in me. I pulled her close, feeling her nipples in my tits, the heat of her pussy against my belly, but her tongue dancing with mine, rolling his cum around and around, back and forth between our tongues….

All I had to do was reach around, cup her ass, and put a finger against her rosebud and she was off to the races…. Feeling her trembling against me with the tip of my finger in her ass, groaning into my mouth, hard nipples in the underside of my tits….

It was more than I could take thinking about getting my pussy and ass stuffed… we collapsed next to him in orgasm, clinging and screaming into each other perpetuating the others orgasm…..

Still laying there trying to catch our breath, not plastered to each other, but still holding one another. Him behind me, head up on one hand, firm cock against my butt cheek. “Morning gorgeous.” And gave me a nice kiss, then half crawled over me to the blond, “Morning beautiful.” And gave her a nice kiss as well.

And that’s when it became real, we were together…the three of us.

Since his tummy announced he was hungry, making us all laugh, we headed for the kitchen. He was going to get his cereal, but when the blond announced she was making bacon and eggs, he put the box away, cupped her ass and kissed her neck… almost in the good spot! “You two are too good to me..”

We looked at each other and grinned, “DAMN STRAIGHT!”

While she did breakfast, I made a quick round and put dirty clothes in the washer. As she was putting the eggs out, she turned to him and pointed the spatula at him. “That reminds me Mister, why did you put my things on your dresser the other day?”

He did one of those embarrassed smiles. “I just put them where they belonged, in OUR dresser…”

My eyes were starting to tear, and she got wide eyed and her areola crinkled up. She just stood there a second, then grinned, shook the spatula at him, then leaned over for a quick kiss before turning back to get the bacon. “Good answer…handsome…”

We stayed naked the rest of the day chatting about yesterday.

“And the outfit the black girl was wearing… that was HOT!” the blond said.

He looked at me with a raised eyebrow, I nodded back to him, “No secrets…”

He proceeded to tell the blond what we had witnessed the night before, and then told both of us what he had whispered to her at the mall.

“YOU DIDN’T!” and slapped his shoulder.

“I most certainly did, and she followed us around like a puppy dog, and left the skirt flap down when I asked… so there….”

I had to shake my head, but maybe she was a closet sex slave. He was proven correct a few weeks later when she stopped by and showed us her pierced pussy lips. A couple weeks later it was her hood, belly button, and nose. The nose piercing was a clear plastic stud between the nostrils so she could put a ring in later. Around Valentines Day she had the plastic stud hole stretched out for a small tube so she could put a ring in anytime she wanted to.

After breakfast and dishes I made a quick run to the bathroom, and there they were, my yellow plug and blue dildo just like she said they were. I felt the tingle in my nipples thinking about what I had said earlier, and decided to just do it.

I grabbed the blue plug from the night stand and the tube of lube and walked back out, swinging my hips like I was trying to shake them off. “Hey handsome, would you give me a hand… or something…with this?” I leaned partially over the back of the other couch, hanging my tits out and watching his cock rise! ‘grin’

He was right up off the couch grinning and cock bobbing.

“Hang on a second there…” the blond said and ran to the spare bedroom. She came out with her little red plug and handed it to him grinning.

We watched him over our shoulders, lubing first my plug, then hers. As he stepped up behind me, I put my arm over the blonds back and began kissing her as he slid his cock into me, and I jumped when the plug touched my ass then moaned into her as he pushed it and his cock in deep. It felt SOOOOO nice and full. And it was SOOOO bad when he pulled his cock from me….

It was almost as good when he did it to her. Yesterday I just turned my head and watched him do it, but today I could feel her body react to him entering her, feeling her gasp in my mouth when he leaned in and seated the plug in her ass just a second after bottoming out against her cervix.

We stayed there for a second, Escort Antalya kissing while he had his cock buried in her pussy. I broke the kiss and slid back down the couch to kneel beside him. I pushed him away from her and took his dripping cocking my mouth.

“Mmmmmm….” Her taste on his cock… feeling all the little ridges and folds running across my lips as I take him in, feeling his balls in my hand as I watch his belly getting closer as I do. Loving his hard cock between my lips, but wishing I had gotten to him before he got completely hard so I could feel the tip of his cock in my throat.

I pulled back a bit…AND SHE STOLE HIS COCK! She grabbed it and sucked it down HARD. I could see her trying to get it in her throat as well. Watching her throat swell a bit below her jaw as she tried was getting me horny. Did I look that depraved when I was sucking him down I thought with a grin.

I let her have a few more strokes, then took his cock back, making her pout! I did my best to take him in, opening my mouth as wide as I could hoping to get a little bit more in. Wondering if my throat was stretching a bit like hers did as I grabbed his hips and pulled myself against him. I felt it a bit, and then my gag reflex kicked in big time. I came back off almost biting him I was coughing so hard.

She just grinned and took him back in, slowly across her lips with a smile. “Don’t make him cum just yet. He’s got to give us both a filling yet today…” I told her while grinning up at him.

She came of his cock with a loud ‘POP’ “Sounds good to me!”

“And I want to see him sink his cock balls deep in you to flood you out…”

“Well hell, we can do that right now!”

Seems there was another video from Reno I hadn’t seen! While I was getting all fancied up over at the reps place, she was getting her pussy stuffed!

He hooked up the laptop and started the video…DAMN!

There he was, buried balls deep in her, a bit of cum leaking from her around his cock. I could see her belly moving as he tried to pull out the first two times, and then he slipped free.

“There, that’s when he softened enough for me to let him go, feeling his cock and a rush of cum from deep inside me…”

We were both playing with our nipples, and I was squirming on the plug on my ass watching the video. His creamy, gooey cock sliding slowly from her inflamed pussy, her lips gaping open as their mixed cum began dribbling out of her.

Watching her taste their mixed juices and I had my fingers in my own pussy. but when he had her stand up, cock her hips, and open her legs to let it run down her thigh I lost it as he zoomed in on her gaping pussy as she came again for him…. My finger were dancing in and out of my pussy… and I heard the movie start over again! I opened my eyes to the sight of his cock coming out of her again…

I couldn’t take any more, I turned around and sank to the floor, spreading her legs and diving into her pussy. That sweet salty velvet pussy, her scent overwhelming me, I spread her lips as wide as I could and ran my tongue deep, getting every bit of juice I could while listening to the sound of his cock coming out of her flooded pussy…. and then I screamed….

I came and I screamed and I screamed and I came… he was fucking me hard and deep while had my face in her pussy, hitting the plug in my ass with every stroke. Getting my pussy and ass fucked while she was cumming in my face, flooding my mouth with her juices until they were dribbling down my chin.

All I could do was hang on to her thighs, another slut sandwich between his cock and her pussy. Him pounding me hard enough to slam my face between her legs…. AND I LOVED IT! I was in heaven… and then I felt it… it wasn’t just my juices running out of my pussy. I was feeling shot after shot of his warm sweet cum shooing into me, pumping around his cock and dribbling from my lips. Feeling the pressure in my pussy from being over filled…..

….I was lying on my side, pussy juice drying on my face and lips…our cum drying on my thighs and pussy all the way down to my knees. I opened my eyes to see him sitting on the floor against the couch in front of me with her head in his lap lazily cleaning his semi-hard cock.

I reached over and stroked her hair as she did. She looked back at me smiling, then did what I can’t. She opened her mouth and swallowed him down. I watched her throat expand as she took him in until his balls were against her chin.

She didn’t hold him there long, and was coughing when she came back off, but she could do it while he was reasonable soft, my gag reflex was to strong to do anything more than get his head in even when he was soft.. I stuck my tongue out at her….

I did manage to drag myself over to them, and we enjoyed his soft cock a while more, stopping to kiss each other every once in a while. He just sat there with his hands on the back of our heads with a grin on his face… men…. they’re not so bad after all….

She did make his grin go away for a second before it came back even worse.. “That’s two down and one to go… he still has to fill my pussy tonight…” and took him down one last time all the way, making him groan and then gasp as she came up off completely. “Shower time…” SHE HAS TOO MUCH FUCKING ENERGY!!!!

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