Lucky Alan Ch. 05


Alan pulled up into the Wilcox’s driveway a little bit after at eight. His big dick was hard as iron and painfully straining against his jeans before even entering the house. He flashed back to a couple of hours ago fucking Tiffany’s and Charley’s voluptuous 43-year-old mother silly in a rundown motel room and started to be come overwhelmed with excitement about fucking her two daughters. All three Wilcox women were extremely well-downed but the youngest, Charley, unquestionably had the biggest pair of world class torpedoes amongst them and Alan’s swollen mushroom head drooled pre-cum, waiting with eagerness to get his hands and lips on them.

“Right on time,” said Tiffany, as she answered the door soon after Alan press the doorbell. “And I see your huge friend is already to go.”

Alan smiled with glee as Tiffany invited him in. She wore a long, turquoise tee-shirt and had nothing hiding her thick thighs down to her feet. It appeared she had no bra as her floppy, bulbous DDD’s hung at mid mast and her fat nipples pointed outwards against her flimsy tee-shirt.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Tiffany suggested.

Alan watched Tiffany go up first and ogled with lust at the large globes of her panty-clad ass that jutted up from her meaty thighs and merely draped by her tee-shirt. Alan was glad he had on dark jeans as his underwear was grossly accumulating large quantities of pre-spunk. Without warning, Tiffany stopped Alan at the top of the stairs.

“Before we enter, I’m going to blindfold you,” she instructed.

“Oh? Are we playing a game?” he asked.

“You can say that. I kind of left out one minor detail about tonight, so I want it to be a surprise.”

Alan allowed Tiffany to put the blindfold on him. He felt the softness of her huge breasts and their hard teats pressed against his back. She than returned in front of him and took hold of his clammy hand and led him to her bedroom. Once inside, Tiffany instructed to Alan to take off all his clothes and leave the blindfold on.

“Damn! Just as thick and enormous as I remember,” Tiffany complimented. “Okay, you can take off the blindfold.”

Alan took the blindfold off and saw Tiffany with a camcorder in her hand that was plugged into a computer.

“Are we making a private home video?” he asked.

“Nope. Charley and I do webcam shows. Generally, it’s just us showing off our bodies. Sometimes we use dildos or vibrators to get off for the horny perverts watching. We don’t touch each other as that’s gross and way over the line. Anyways, this is our 5th month anniversary show and we promised our subscribers if we reached over 10,000 subs that we would do something very special for our anniversary stream. Well, we reached our goal, so we’re going to give our viewers a live sex act,” Tiffany explained.

“Not that I’m complaining or nothing but why me?” Alan questioned.

“Duh, Alan. You’re cute in a nerdish way and of course, you have an incredibly huge dick and very tasty cum. From the moment I saw you whip it out the other night, I knew you were the one,” she explained. “Now make yourself comfortable on the bed. The show is about to start. Charley will be out here soon. You’re going to fuck her first.”

Alan cried for joy deep inside his body and mind. He followed Tiffany’s instructions and made himself comfortable on the bed just as Charley entered the room with a licentious grin on her face, her dyed hot-pink hair gelled up spiky and an oversized black tee-shirt. Alan stared with thirst as it was evident that Charley had no restraints of a bra to contain her obscenely swaying titanic J cup teen knockers. With the obvious weight and size of her gargantuan spheres, they hung low enough to eclipse her navel. It only increased the hardness to Alan’s full blown throbbing erection.

“Okay sis, ready when you are,” announced Tiffany. “And Alan definitely looks ready. I think his cock grew a few more inches just by you walking out here.”

“I hope so,” Charley softly giggled. “I’m ready.”

Tiffany gave the thumbs up while she held the camcorder signaling their live on air. Charley peeled off her oversized black tee-shirt and her humongous ivory-white breasts plummet out with thunderous slaps against her ribs, abdomen, and each other. They sloped down just an inch above her pierced navel as suspected and jutted out in mass, shaped beautifully like torpedoes with inverted rose-colored nipples and massive pancake-sized pink areolas that covered nearly the entire front area of her breasts. Alan was completely mesmerized as his huge cock throbbed deep purple and oozed pre-cum from the swollen head. Charley’s body was lithe which made her giant-sized jugs look disproportion from the rest of her figure.

Charley climbed on top of the bed and straddled Alan with both of his legs trapped between hers. His massive dong rested between her thighs and pressed against the fabric of her panties. Her mammoth soft spheres dwarfed his flat flabby kadıköy escort chest and ballooned out between them. Alan voluntarily began moaning as Tiffany zoomed in closer to witness her sister dragging her oversized boobs up and down his skinny torso. Alan became hornier as pre-spunk shot out from his swollen cock-head against her panties and thighs.

“Go ahead and show him that neat trick you can do,” Tiffany suggested to her sister.

Charley giggled and used both of her tiny hands to heave up her gigantic right breast towards her mouth. She slithered out her tongue, slowly making circles around her inverted nipple. She pressed and wiggled the tip of her rather large tongue in the center of her nipple. As the nipple slowly started to emerge, Charley took it between her lips. Alan watched completely awestruck with his mouth stupid wet at the sight of Charley self-sucking her own enormous boob right in his face. She sucked harder on her right nipple and moaned as it erected from her massive areola and jutted up slick, juicy and fat. She let the big nipple slip from between her lips with a gentle, wet pop sound and squirts of milk sprung out and trickled down her colossal meaty mountain. Alan’s brain was on full overload into sheer bliss watching a stream of milk surge from Charley’s tit. She squeezed her monster boob to release more deliciously looking milk out from the huge eraser-sized nipple.

“Wanna taste?” Charley offered, her tiny hands being conquered by the overwhelming mass of flesh of her right breast.

Alan licked his dry lips and nodded his head yes. Charley aggressively smashed the titanic milk-laden jug in Alan’s bashful face. His face was completely engulfed in the soft, abundant flesh.

“Ohhhhh yeah, that’s it. Suck my big fat tittie. Suck it hard,” Charley passionately moaned.

Alan’s breast-filled mouth went to work gorging down her remarkably sweet milk. He had never tasted breast milk before and instantly fell in love being able too. He brought his hands up and enclosed her free hanging breast. He kneaded and pawed the resilient flesh while he sucking and slurping on its equally behemoth twin. It was incredibly soft like gelatin but profoundly heavy. Alan was mesmerized by the sheer vast volume of flesh that brimmed over in his splayed, groping fingers. He sucked a chunk of her meaty boob and areola into his mouth as its enormous size generously allow with her bulbous stiff nipple close to the back of his throat and releasing streams of warm sweet milk down his esophagus.

It was heaven to Charley having her humongous titties sucked and played with. She smeared her plump boob all over Alan’s face with his mouth still attached to her areola and nipple. She whimpered and deeply moaned feeling her panties accumulate dampness from her cunt. Alan felt her wetness on his aching member and sucked harder on her huge nipple and drank its milk.

Tiffany couldn’t believe she was filming a guy sucking milk from her younger sister’s bodacious knockers. Her own big nipples were fully aroused from the excitement and her panties soaked from her leaking cunt. She regretted not fucking Alan the other night, having become extremely hot and bothered from watching him tit-fuck Selma and fuck Bessie. She wasn’t going to miss her chance this time.

Charley shot her head back and moaned into sweet oblivion of five minutes of Alan feasting on her right tit. Grudgingly, Alan released her right tit with a loud wet pop but immediately sucked her left nipple between his lips. The left nipple had erected itself from all the stimulating Charley received. It was nice and thick entering Alan’s devouring mouth. He clutched and mauled her bulbous left torpedo while filling as much of the gelatin flesh between his sucking lips as humanly possible. Her sweet breast milk burst into his mouth and leaked from the sides of his lips as he drank.

Tiffany got in close with the camcorder and could only see Alan’s ears as his face was smothered unfathomably in a mountain of tit flesh. The audio was working great as she heard the sounds of his wet sucking and slurping.

After several minutes and having creamed her panties twice, Charley redundantly pulled her immense left boob from Alan’s milk-filled mouth and allowed him to swallow the last load of milk. She foolishly attempted to cup both humongous hangers with her tiny hands and shove them into Alan’s face forming one extra large, ripped nipple gushing milk. Alan helped and cupped the portions beneath her giant fat jugs that she couldn’t and started hungrily gorging on both milk-leaking nipples. He sucked extra long and hard without taking any breaths to exact her warm milk. They both squeezed her cartoonishly, ginormous fun bags to pump milk into Alan’s mouth. Eventually after a couple of minutes, Alan stopped sucking to catch his breathe and her nipples wildly squirted milk all over his face. He hung his mouth open to catch her sweet titty milk, then closed kadıköy escort bayan his lips over both surging nipples and resumed sucking with earnest.

Charley succumbed to another powerful orgasm under Alan’s assault on her oversized milk udders and leaky nipples. Her panties were drenched in cum and soaked through onto Alan’s rock-hard tool. Her severe wetness caused his hunger for her huge nipples and areolas to escalate and strengthen.

“You must have been depraved of huge tits your whole life up,” Charley moaned. “I’ve never had them sucked this good and this long before.”

She allowed Alan to drink her milk for a few minutes longer before forcefully removing both nipples from his mouth. She jiggled, wobbled, flopped, and bounced her monster tits in his face. All Alan could do was moan and groan and suffer under the enjoyable punishment of having his face beaten by breasts larger then his head. Charley smothered his face between her gigantic flesh torpedoes and let the milky nipples leak their fluids down his neck and back. She stood up off his legs, bending over and dangled her heavy pendulous milk sacks in his face. She slapped his face repeatedly, over and over again with her monstrous bazookas and milk sprayed everywhere on his face and hair.

“My God! If you two don’t fuck already, I’m going to explode!” yelled Tiffany.

Charley giggled at her sister and stood up over Alan. He looked up and only saw her gargantuan breasts and the stretch marks that came with extremely large breasts as they hung down towards him. There was even a red brandish mark on each of her ivory-white shoulder blades left from wearing a custom-fitted brassiere. Alan wondered with amazement how could Charley ever see the lower half of her thin body with her swollen milkers in the way. To his utter shock, Charley pulled down her soaked panties and kicked them off her feet to reveal her nicely shaved pussy with a small landing strip above it.

“His huge fucking cock is ready to explode, dear sis,” Tiffany observed as she zeroed in on Alan’s enormous throbbing shaft. “Think you’ll be able to handle that juicy hum-dinger?”

Charley laid down between Alan’s spread legs. Her gigantic milk-drenched titties ballooned out from her sides, using them as cushions as she wrapped her pink-glittery lip-glossed mouth over half his enormous cock. She bobbed her oval-shaped head furiously up and down his vein-popping hard shaft and copious of saliva trailed down his tool and over his huge balls. Charley had to use jaw muscles she never used before to clamp her mouth over his extremely swollen member. Alan reached down and brush his fingers through her spiky pink hair and revel in pure bliss watching her milk his freakishly huge cock.

“He tastes good, doesn’t he sis? I’ve never had a cock fill my mouth up like Alan’s. That thing gotta be 10 or 11 inches long!” Tiffany reminisced, as she filmed her baby sister feverishly gobbling up the very massive cock she mentioned. She could see her sister’s face turning blue while she sucked his cock for all he’s worth.

Alan was in a deep trance and moaned continually while lifting his short legs up. Charley grabbed the back of Alan’s knees and help his legs while she sucked and slurped his meaty, turgid cock. She felt the massive, bulbous head of his cock probing her cheeks and the back of her throat. Still holding the back of her pink-haired head, Alan started pushing her head up and down his cock in steady motions.

“Hmmmm! He’s face-fucking you,” Tiffany commented. “I sure hope you save some for me.” She held the camcorder with one hand while the other fed up and fondled her own huge tits through her tee-shirt. Her panties were as drenched with her pussy juices as if she bathed in them and ran down her fleshy thighs. She zoomed in on Alan’s face that was drenched in sweat and warm titty-milk. His mouth was open releasing a series of high to low moans and his eyes were closed as he basked in the glorious moment of his huge nerdy cock being crammed down Charley’s overworking throat.

Charley released his slobbery fat dick from her mouth and snaked her tongue down to his huge, hairless nuts. She ran her large tongue over both fat balls repeatedly, licking every square inch of them. She then scooped up one enormous nut between her lips and sucked and slurped on it. Once it was drenched with her saliva, Charley released it with a wet pop sound and then turned her attention to orally assault his unoccupied hanging testicle. Her nose frequently collided against the root of his huge cock as she alternated between sucking his big balls. A plethora of ecstasy ravaged Alan’s body and pre-spunk oozed from his dickhead to her face.

She sucked on both of his swollen balls for quite awhile before moving down a bit further. Charley planted Alan’s legs on her shoulders and licked the area beneath his hanging, bulging balls. It was a feeling Alan experienced once before with Bessie escort kadıköy and it stiffen his cock to a whole another level of hardness. He felt her enormous tongue thoroughly licked his tainted area and in utter disbelieve, he felt her tongue slithering between his spread ass cheeks.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” Alan moaned.

This was the first time he has ever felt a tongue lodged into his asshole. He had some peach fuzz on the inside of his ass cheeks but apparently Charley didn’t mind as she busily worked her tongue in and out of his tight asshole as if she has done this before. This brought Alan to a whole new plethora of sweet, excruciating bliss. His body was quivering. His face was hot and flushed while his eyes were glazed over. His cock turned crimson red and throbbed as hard as diamond. He groaned really loud as his asshole continued to receive heavy tongue action from Charley. Her face was buried between his cheeks while her hands kneaded them. She repetitively lapped her large pink tongue up and down his ass crack and stopped often to thrust and wiggle the tip of her tongue in his asshole.

Alan was on the verge of erupting like ever before from the sensational rim job he was receiving but Charley stopped suddenly and repositioned herself on her knees with her sock-covered feet curled up under her bare, little firm ass. She hoisted up one of her heavy torpedo-shaped breasts with both hands and rubbed the large nipple up and down his bruised shaft. She squeezed her plump tit and milk surged from her nipple and ran down his veiny tool. She continued bathing his cock in her titty-milk until it was drenched from the dickhead to his balls. She then dropped her prodigious milk bag and used one hand to massage the milk onto his cock while the other handled his huge balls. His cock and balls was slick in milk by the time Charley finish massaging and Alan was beside himself with glee. He then let out a loud gasp as he felt Charley slouch her monstrous gelatin bags on his thighs and nested his heatedly erected cock in between them with only the cock-head peeking out from her vast cleavage.

Charley jiggled, bounced, and wobbled her pleasing titanic tits up and down his massive, hard cock. Her breast milk made for excellent lubricated as her giant boobs easily slide up and down his shaft but she still struggled to maintain a hold of them. She sucked on his big, swollen dickhead each time her titties moved down his cock and tasted her own sweet milk and a continuous flow of pre-cum. Alan couldn’t see his jutting erection as it was engrossed in the ridiculous abundant of soft tit flesh and moaned to every flop of her mammoth cushiony jugs on his thighs.

“I told you Alan that once you’ve met my sister, you wouldn’t worry about Bessie and Selma,” Tiffany gloated. “My sister is very good with using the assets she was blessed with.”

Alan agreed a thousand times over as being simultaneously sucked and tit-fucked by Charley drove him insane and on the verge of releasing himself into pleasure, but that came to a screeching halt by Charley.

“Time to ride this big fucker,” she moaned.

Charley stood up facing him, her gigantic titties swaying and undulating about and hovered over his huge wet cock. She seized it and slowly inserted it between her wide-open cunt lips.

“OHHHHH GOD!” Charley cried, as soon as Alan’s beefy tool slowly filled her up.

“That looks incredibly painful yet incredibly satisfying at the same time,” Tiffany moaned, as she watched her young sister fully impale herself on Alan’s cock.

Charley planted both of her hands on either side of his head and her sock-covered feet on either side of his legs while her titanic pendulous hangers were cascaded across his chest and midsection. Their monumental weight made Alan feel as if his chest was going to cave in but he thought to himself if he was going to die, this would be the way to go. His hands grasped her waist as she pounced and bounced down on his dick. The motion caused her humongous milk-filled boobs to undulate all over his chest and milk streamed out of her huge nips. The warm liquid began soaking his chest.

She had teased him and denied him to cum twice, so Alan seized control and thrust his massive cock up and down in her hot drenched cunt. Tiffany zoomed the camcorder in on his giant balls as they swung uncontrollably and vividly against her sister’s ass.

“OHHHH FUCK! OHHHHH GOD! So fucking big! OHHHH FUCK!” cried and moaned Charley, as Alan jack-hammered his throbbing dick, balls-deep inside her.

She dug her nails into the bedding and tried her hardest to embrace the impact of Alan’s cock slamming up inside her. Her gargantuan bosoms flopped up and down his milky chest with loud thumps and nearly knocked the breathe out of him. Alan pounded her cunt harder and her immense milk bags lurched over his shoulders and his head smothered between warmth of her mountainous cleavage as her twin giants trembled and rippled with each thrust of his cock. Her turgid nipples poured milk onto the bedding behind him. Alan moaned loudly over and over again as he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer fucking her tight pussy that seemingly got tighter while he fucked her with high speed and intensity.

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