Full of Black Love

Full of Black Love
Now in my last days with my big powerful studs black baby in me. I am finding it so hard to walk about. Oh my belly is so stretched now and the skin is so tight that it is shiny and torn. I can’t even reach my arms all the way round my bulge!!! When I struggle from a chair and have to lean back to walk very slowly and my with my legs open taking small steps. Joe’s brat is so heavy and active, doing is somersaults in my belly.
I went today for a scan and Joe and me only invited as he is father. My hubby, little cocked Mick not allowed in to the scan.
The young nurses were giggling at the scan as junior gave them a show like his huge dad. His cock floating about in the middle of my stretched out womb was very clear to see on the picture! His hand was also playing with it in me! Just like his dad. Joe said to the young blonde nurse, ‘Hey he ma boy all right love!’. She looked at tall, hunky Joe and blushed!
I could see this was exciting Joe as he was stroking my head and was panting to kiss me on the lips, always a sign he needed pussy. I lay with gel on my huge belly poking into the air as the nurse swept it for more photos. As she did I could see Joe getting hard as his pants stiffened and his big black dick curled upwards into action, He did nothing to hide this and the blonde nurse was very distracted and blushed red, but was silent as it seemed to draw her attention away from the job and her hand slipped off my belly.
Joe found a moment to kiss my lips as I lay there. The nurse pretended not to see this, but he was getting very hard and excited as he kissed!
Joe’s dick was well poking out now the bulge in his pants massive and he was panting for its attention.
I asked the blonde would she be long now, she said no all done. I was helped to my feet, not bothering to remove the gel from my bulge. My titties were all over my belly sloping about in the mess! I knew Joe would need his relief now, so asked the nurse where to toilet was?
She told me it was just along the corridor. I waddled along holding Joe’s big hand and asked him to open the door to the big toilet room. Joe held my saggy pregnant ass and pushed me inside. Once in he immediately dropped his pants to the relief of that fat long rod. It swang up in the air, fully erect and poking out 12″, with massive crinkly balls under it. I was wearing a white maternity dress, which was in itself fully stretched out as I was enormous. Joe tugged it over my belly and looked close as my milk filled titties rested either side of it, nipples dripping milk.
I sat on the toilet and took his wide dick into my mouth. I was rewarded instantly with a squirt of his man milk, This shot into the back of my throat and down it went….mmm.
I sucked the shaft and drank my fill of his wonderful spunk, all the time squeezing the big balls out.
He pulled me up and lifted me in his big powerful arms onto a side counter top. With that he parted my legs and maternity knickers to get to my well used cunt. He had poked me so many times now he could slip straight up without help from my little hands. In plunged 12″ of black manhood, foreskin rolled back to the relief of his fat bell end. Up went my legs either side of my fat full belly. Joe loved to bang into my uterus, which now was a lo lower as Junior was demanded the way out from the other side. I swore he would meet daddy real soon!
He pushed his chest onto my legs and reached for my 2 big titties, squeezed them both and took 2 jets of hot milk into his hungry mouth.He loved titty milk.
His dick buried to the hilt worked away at my big cunt making me cum and piss onto the floor. I was groaning and biting my fingers, Joe was moaning now too. I knew my lover was going to fill me again. My cunt tightened onto hi black veiny shaft and he let go of a full load.
‘Whooooah…foook, hun,’ he mumbled sucking out my tits milk whilst pissing his hot milk into me.
It was red hot in my cunt. then air rushed in as he pulled out eagerly, shooting more jiz up and over my belly. I could feel it run down the big slope over my belly button and into my open cunt. It tickled my clitty as it oozed past it. Then he reached forward and kissed me hard.
Joe helped me up as blood rushed to my head, dizzy? He was still hard and in the air, pants on the floor. As he pulled me to him his big dick rested on his hard work from 8 months ago, when he filled this white wife.
He said stay here and tidy yourself love. He went off? I then heard the nurse giggling in the scanner room? He was talking in a low voice in there to her, then all went quiet except a few slapping noises? I waited in the corridor and about10 mins later out came Joe with his pants bulging? I noticed the tight white nurses dress had been unbuttoned at the top and she went past us a bit flushed out wiping her mouth with her hand!
I think Joe had been a bad boy???

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