Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 06


Nothing happened the rest of the night as Lisa was completely spent from her being fucked.

The next morning, Richard and I got up and hit the shower together. It was nice having our cocks touching each other and washing up. As we were finishing up, Lisa stuck her head in and said hi with a big smile.

Richard and I finished up and went into the kitchen where Lisa already had coffee waiting for us.

I asked Lisa how she was and if she remembered last night.

Lisa said she did not really remember anything except that she had a great time and hoped the rest of the weekend would be even better.

Richard asked Lisa, “Do you remember what you said when I asked you what you really wanted?”

Lisa looked at both of us and said to us that she did not remember.

We finished breakfast and headed back to the bedroom.

This time, Richard and I gave Lisa a show and got into 69 and sucked each other until Lisa got between us and split us apart.

She told us that she wanted to get fucked in both holes at the same time.

Richard got on his back and Lisa mounted him, sliding his cock in her cunt. She leaned forward giving me access to her ass hole. I slowly inserted my cock into her hole and I could feel Richard’s cock through the thin skin. I finally got fully seated in Lisa’s ass and Richard and I got into a rhythm.

It didn’t take long for me to shoot my load in her ass. As I pulled out, my cum oozed out and onto Richard’s cock.

Richard kept fucking Lisa and in no time shot his cum into her. She moaned as each cum stream hit her insides with a powerful force.

Lisa lifted off of Richard and fell to the side and passed out from exhaustion.

Richard. and I went into the kitchen to discuss Lisa.

Richard and I looked at each other in disbelief. We figured that there had to be a reason for all this.

Then, it hit me. I told Richard I bet I know what the problem is. I told him it had to be the wine he brought. She must somehow be allergic to the ingredients that made her act and talk like that.

I told him we would test my theory later on.

Lisa came out of the bedroom and told us she was showering. After her shower she looked radiant with water still on her. I told her that Richard wanted to fuck her now, before we went on the trail. Lisa’s eyes lit up and went immediately to the bedroom, with Richard following.

I let them alone so they could fuck in private. When they were done, we grabbed our towels and were ready to go out, when I suggested we have a toast to a great weekend.

I poured some of Richard’s wine and we all had a drink acıbadem escort and then left.

On the trail, Lisa started acting and talking funny. She kept talking about fucking as many guys as possible and wanting everyone to know that she was a cock slut.

Richard and I looked at each other and I told him I was right, that it was the wine.

Without telling Lisa anything, we continued on our walk and hoped the wine would wear off soon.

As we walked, we ran into that young woman who took the picture with Richard. She thanked us for the picture and passed a comment that Lisa looked lovely.

Lisa thanked her for the compliment and Lisa told her she looked great too.

Lisa went over to the woman and whispered something in her ear, then turned to me and Richard and told us to go on without her as she wanted to talk to the woman.

I looked at Richard and we left them, knowing that Lisa was probably going to have sex with her new friend.

We left them alone but staid within distance to keep an eye on Lisa as the wine was still affecting her.

Lisa took the woman to the secluded spot and they laid their towels down and laid down together on them.

We could see Lisa pulling her friend to her and Lisa playing with the woman’s tits and sucking them. The woman was feeling Lisa up and moved her hand down to Lisa’s pussy. Lisa spread her legs to let the woman have access to her cunt. The woman slipped her fingers in Lisa’s cunt until her entire hand was in her, fucking Lisa’s cunt.

We could see Lisa lifting up her body as the woman fisted her until it was obvious that Lisa came.

The two rested and then got up and walked out of the spot. We did not let them see us and we went in another direction to the house.

An hour later, Lisa came home and went directly into the shower as Richard and I sat on the couch.

When Lisa got out of the shower, I asked her what happened with her and her new friend. She said that they just talked, mostly about three of us. The woman, whose name was Jennifer, wanted to know how we got along together and our relationship. She also said that Jennifer is always looking at the picture she took with Richard and envied me.

Richard and I looked at each other and knew that the wine affects wore off and that the wine was the reason for Lisa acting irrationately and were relieved.

Since this was the last night for Richard’s sleep over, I asked if she wanted to do anything special.

Lisa said that she just wanted to go out to dinner then come home and relax in each akbatı escort other’s arms and cuddle and let it go from there. I said that sounded great and would be a perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

We went out to eat at a nice, expensive restaurant where the food was incredible. I made sure Lisa did not have any wine.

We got home around 9:00 p.m., and as we got in the door, Lisa’s phone rang. It was her new friend Jennifer asking if she could come over. Lisa said that the three of us were going to spend a quiet night together and maybe another time. As she was going to say goodnight, Richard yelled out for her to come over.

Lisa then told Jennifer to come over and expect it to be a long night and then said goodbye.

As we waited for Jennifer, Richard and I jumped into the shower and while in there, we called Lisa to join us. Lisa slipped in between me and Richard and we started to wash Lisa up and down. As we were “washing” Lisa, our cocks sprung to life.

Lisa then knelt between us, with the water cascading over her body, and started sucking our cocks.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Lisa gave out a yell to come in. As the person entered, Lisa yelled out to come to the bathroom and continued sucking our cocks.

The person turned out to be Jennifer and she came to the bathroom and let out a low gasp as she saw the three of us in the shower and Lisa blowing us.

I said hi to Jennifer and asked if she wanted to join us, even though it would be tight. She said she was fine watching, so she stood there as we continued.

It didn’t take long for me to cum in Lisa’s mouth and Richard shot his multi spurts of cum all over Lisa. We hurriedly cleaned our cum off of Lisa and finished our shower.

I walked over to Jennifer and welcomed her, as did Richard. Lisa also told Jennifer that she was glad she came over.

Jennifer said she was glad that we invited her and really enjoyed the show.

We all went into the living room and sat down with Jennifer next to Richard.

Jennifer told us she was single and just moved here and is renting to see if she likes the resort before buying. She said she has not made many friends yet but was glad she met us and apologized again to Richard.

Jennifer told us she was 25 years old, was 38-24-36 and smiled.

I told Jennifer she looked terrific, especially her huge nipples that jutted out from areolas almost two inches. Richard said he loved her landing strip too.

Jennifer asked us about our tattoos, my Rooster and Lisa’s Pussy and said she might get one, aksaray escort maybe one of a cow’s utters. Richard said he was getting one of a 2 x 4 piece of lumber and we laughed.

I poured some wine, not Richard’s, for everyone and we talked about the resort and the people.

As we talked, Lisa and I noticed that Jennifer’s hands got real close to Richard’s cock.

Lisa blurted out, “Jennifer, just grab his cock already.”

We all laughed and Richard took Jennifer’s hand and placed it on his cock.

Jennifer looked at Richard, who got up and took her by the hand. He asked me and Lisa if it was ok and we said it was as long as we could watch and video them. He said that he would like that and Jennifer said it was ok too.

Richard led Jennifer to the bedroom and we followed. He laid her on the bed and we sat on the love seat to watch. I started the video camera.

Richard laid down besides her and pulled her towards him. His huge, hard cock pressed agsinst her body. In no time, Jennifer had her hand wrapped around his shaft, jerking it gently. Richard was sucking on her swollen nipples. Her head falling back in pleasure.

She pushed him back and her mouth found his cock head and started sucking it. His hands moved down to her pussy and spread her legs to allow him access to her treasure. As she sucked him, we could hear the low moans and whimpers coming from Jennifer.

Richard was able to get his entire fist in Jennifer’s cunt and was prepping it for his cock. He then pushed Jennifer on her back and mounted her. He placed his cock at her opening and started to penetrate her until he felt something stopping his insertion.

He looked at her and she then said she was a virgin and he was the first. Lisa and I were astonished but told Richard to continue fucking her.

Richard pushed his cock harder and harder until he broke through and filled her cunt completely. Lisa and I could see a small trace of blood which Lisa went over to clean up as Richard continued his assault on her virgin cunt.

Richard pumped his cock at a steady pace and she tried to keep up with him. He said he was ready to cum and was going to pull out but Jennifer said to cum in her as she takes the pill. Richard pumped her a couple of more times and then came in her. He shot stream after stream of cum into her no longer virgin cunt.

As he was cumming in her she was bucking her hips frantically as she experienced orgasm after orgasm.

Lisa ran to her and started kissing her, then started lapping up Richard’s cum right out of her cunt.

Richard got up and joined me on the love seat as we watched Lisa and Jennifer having sex. Lisa got into 69 and both women were eating each other.

In a few minutes, both women were having orgasms and Jennifer was almost in tears from the pleasure.

They finally stopped and the two women rested, their legs spread apart, cum oozing out of Jennifer. It was a great video.

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