Max’s Small Appliance Repair Ch. 01


Max is nothing significant in any way by first impressions. He runs a small business in the downtown area. All the men in town cannot figure out how he even stays in business, but he has been there for seemingly forever with such low prices. Max’s Small Appliance Repair, it’s called. He opened shop twenty-one years ago, at first he struggled to even keep the doors open. However around a year after he opened shop his luck seemed to change.

Mrs. May walked into his shop agitated because the crock pot she had seemed to stop working out of nowhere. She had never been in his shop before but this crock pot was her favorite and was just the perfect size for all her recipes.

Max was standing there just barely taller than Mrs. May, which didn’t say much. He was the shortest of all the men in town, he was very broad and muscular with a slight tummy. His red hair and bushy mustache along with his thick glasses certainly didn’t draw any young ladies in though.

She placed the crock pot on the crowded counter top. “Hello, sir, I assume you are Max?” she asked and looked at him with a superior look.

He sighed to himself from her attitude and wondered when someone will not judge him by his looks. He replied with a polite tone all the same, “Yes ma’am, I am Max. What can I help you with?”

“Well my favorite crock pot has stopped working all of a sudden for no apparent reason. I am in a hurry though. I left my daughter at a babysitters and I’m paying by the hour. So the faster you can fix it the better.” she replied with a snobbish tone.

He knew all the families around here were rich but he wished they wouldn’t be so rude all the time.

“Well ma’am if you would like to come with me into the back we can probably get you out of here in about thirty minutes.”

She turned and marched her way into the cramped space in the back of the shop. He followed behind her carrying her crock pot. He set it on the table and started to work. She sat on a stool in the crowded area and waited patiently.

After a short while she stood and asked Max where the restroom was. He stepped back from the table and pointed to the front of the store to the right side. She had to squeeze her way past him and her ass rubbed against the front of him. She could feel a lump in his pants that made her stop in her tracks.

She shook herself silently and continued on her way to the restroom. She thought to herself, that couldn’t have been what I thought it was! That thing was way too big to be THAT!

. She entered the restroom and went straight to the sink. She splashed some water on her face trying to get the feel of the lump on her ass off her mind.

She finished her business in the restroom and went back into the shop after washing her hands. She reenters the back of the shop. Max steps back from the table again to allow her to pass by. This time as she passed she ran a hand along the lump. He throbbed in her hand. She gasped out loud and covered her mouth.

She quickly continued past him and sat back down. He watched her out of the corner of his eye and saw her staring at his pants. What kept amazing her was the lump was fully visible. She couldn’t figure out how a dick could be that huge. It wasn’t just long but it was thick. She noticed him watching her and quickly looked away until he was fully focused on his work again. Looking around the room got boring quick and she couldn’t help but steal glances at his large cock, making her squirm in her seat.

After what seemed like forever he stepped back from his work and announced that he was finished. She quickly jumped off the stool with one more glance at his cock as he turned and walked out of the back of the shop. Once they were at the counter she paid for the repair, took her crock pot, and left the shop. Still trembling, she fumbled with her keys to unlock the car. She drops her keys in her sexual frustration. Sighing she places her crock pot on the roof of the car to pick her keys up. Eventually she manages to unlock the door, and proceeds drives away.

Later that night she met up with the other ladies in town for their weekly book club. However the book of the week wasn’t what was on her mind. All the children were playing in a different room and all their husbands were still at work. She didn’t know what they would think but they were her friends so she knew they wouldn’t judge her.

She cleared her throat after everyone had gone silent from discussing the book. It seemed there wasn’t much more to say about it. Everyone turned their heads toward her and gave her their full attention. She nervously fumbled with her fingers as she tried to find the words to say.

After what seems like five minutes of hesitation she started to explain about her visit to Max’s shop. When she got to the important part she paused and blushed, she said, “when I squeezed past him to use the restroom there was a lump in his pants. I could feel it on my ass. If that was his cock it must be like ten inches if not longer. Is beşiktaş escort that even possible?” she looked around at the other ladies and they had looks of surprise on their faces just like she did.

The conversation broke loose as each woman began to speak at the same time in their excitement. Alice who was closest to her turned and said, “Daisy you have got to find out if its true and tell all of us. I don’t know about you but Samuel never completely satisfies me and I always lay there wanting more. However if Max is as well endowed as you think he is then all of us could have a lot more pleasure.” All the other ladies seemed to agree with Alice.

Once the conversation died down one by one the ladies left with a note of approval to Daisy finding out how well endowed Max really is. She was not fully convinced she should though. She went into the kitchen and started dinner and made sure she was putting it on the table as Frank walked in the door. He greeted her with a peck on the cheek and then sat down to dinner with his wife and daughter. They ate silently through their meal.

They tucked their daughter in bed and then sat down for an evening on the couch. Daisy was determined to reignite their sex life. As the show played she slowly crept her hand down to his cock and started rubbing softly so he would barely even notice. Obviously he slowly grew hard against her hand even though through his slacks it was difficult to even feel.

She attempts to pull the zipper down before he stops her. The craving to taste his cock was almost overwhelming to her. However she already knew long before that he wouldn’t allow her to suck his cock. He felt it was degrading to a woman, therefore it was forbidden. He stood and took he by her hand and lead her to their bedroom.

They entered the bedroom and shut the door. He kissed her firmly on the lips with a sense of habit in the kiss. There was no passion behind it. He laid her down on the bed and undressed before he climbed into bed. He removed her clothing with almost a formality. He climbed on top of her with no foreplay and thrusts into her barely wet pussy. He kissed her again and then continued to thrust into her mechanically without change in his movements. She barely moaned as he sped up.

As always the closer he got to cuming the faster he went. He was out of breath from doing all the work but she knew if she tried to help he would just stop and go to sleep so she allowed him to fuck her while she just laid there. She wondered to herself why she thought this time would be any different than the others. She allowed her mind to wander to Max. She imagined it being his cock deep inside her instead.

Her wetness grew as she imagined Max’s cock stretching out her pussy even as her husband’s small dick began to fade into memory. He leaned up and smiled at her. He said, “My dear, you must be enjoying this tonight I haven’t felt you this wet in years. He continued to fuck her pussy as she laid there imagining Max inside her. With a final thrust he came inside her and then in the same motion rolled over and fell straight asleep.

She laid in bed completely unsatisfied just like every time they had sex. He came and she barely even felt a thing. A sigh of frustration escapes her lips as he begins to snore. Her mind turns back to Max as she laid there. After five minutes she realized she had begun playing with herself with her fingers. This is odd, she thought to herself. She had never before thought of playing with herself before.

Her fingers explored her pussy inside and out. One of the spots she noticed was the hood shaped part of her pussy just on the outside. She moved her finger side to side trying to trigger the sensation she had felt. Each time she triggered it, the sensation sent what seemed like a jolt through her body. Finally she pinpointed the spot that made it feel so good and started to push on it harder and rougher than before.

She was moving her hips back and forth in moaning as she continued to play with the hood. She could feel how wet she grew and was soon pushing her middle finger inside her pussy. At first she felt little pleasure just like she did with her husband’s cock. However as she explored more she soon found spots that felt as good as when she played with the hood.

Slowly she realized she was making the bed under her wet as well and her smell was coming from under the blankets. She stood up quickly knowing Frank wouldn’t approve of her extracurricular activity. She grabbed her robe from a nearby chair and slipped it over her shoulders to cover her naked body. After she tied her robes shut she walked into the bathroom and turned on the water for a shower.

Adjusting the water, she made it a little hotter than she usually would. Before climbing in the shower she took off her robe and hung it on the back of the door. She laid down and the tub and allowed the hot water to soak her body as she continued to explore beşyol escort her pussy. The sensations in her pussy soon caused her moans to fill the bathroom. She felt herself loosen up slightly as she played with her own pussy, which made her add a second finger inside her pussy. Without noticing her fingers went deeper into her own pussy until her knuckles stopped her from going deeper.

Quickly she added a third and was surprised how much her pussy could stretch from its normal size. Her husband’s cock was nowhere near the thickness of her three fingers. She pushed them in as deep as she could with all three. She figured out that if she relaxed her pinky by her asshole that she could get slightly deeper then before. At first she was freaked out by having any part of her touching her asshole but as she worked her pussy with her three fingers she quickly realized how it increased her pleasure.

Instinctively she started playing with the hood with her other hand. Her moans grew louder then ever before as she gave her pussy the first work out it had ever gotten. In a rush of intense pleasure she felt a liquid even hotter then the water cover her hand. In surprise she looked around expecting some explanation for it but she found none.

Feeling satisfied for the first time she sat up in the tub slightly lightheaded. She slowly got to her feet almost falling over from her lack of balance. It seemed everything in her was still focused on her pussy. It took her a couple minutes before she stopped being disoriented. She cleaned off her body and washed her hair before climbing out of the shower.

As she dried off she realized she was still wet from her session in the shower. What surprised her even more was her nipples stood proudly erect from her continual arousal. She wrapped herself in her robe and went back to her bed. She laid the robe back across the chair and climbed into her bed naked next to her warm husband who was still fast asleep.

Under her ass she could still feel the wet mess she had made on the bed from before her shower. She laid there planning out the next day as she slowly fell asleep.

The next morning she woke up to an empty bed as she expected. For her husband had already gone to work for the day. She climbed out of the bed still naked from the night before. The sun hit her soft skin emphasizing her perfect curves that are normally covered by dull clothing.

She got dressed in a regular outfit for the day, a long skirt and a boring blouse. She fixed breakfast for herself and her daughter. While she made the toast the last part of her plan was completed in her mind. She cooked her toast slightly longer than normal and pointed out to her daughter that she was going to have to go to the baby sitter again because the toaster was obviously not working right.

After they finished breakfast she unplugged the toaster and took it and her daughter into the car. She drove quickly out of the driveway and off to the babysitter’s house. She explained to the babysitter that she needed her daughter watched again today since she needed to run some more errands.

As she was leaving the babysitter’s house she checked her reflection in the rear view mirror to make sure she looked her best. She backed out of the drive way and was soon in front of Max’s repair shop for the second day in a row. Her heart beat hard inside her chest. She was unsure how she was going to do this.

The bell on the door chimed as she entered his shop. Max looked up from his counter and greeted her kindly, “What brings you into my shop this fine afternoon, Mrs. May?”

“Call me Daisy please,” she replied.

He looked at her slightly taken aback from her sudden kindness today. “My apologies. What can I do for you, Daisy?”

“Well see my toaster isn’t working correctly. It is over heating or something and burning my toast.”

“Let’s take it in the back again and see what I can do to fix it.” he said kindly.

He takes the toaster from her hands and leads her in the back again. She purposefully allowed him to go first this time so she had a reason to squeeze past him again. He placed the toaster on the work table before he stepped back and allowed her to pass.

This time however she paused as she passed and rubbed her hand obviously along his cock causing him to sigh in longing. He placed his hands on her hips and softly thrust forward allowing his cock to push hard against her ass.

She finally continued past after her tease. This time she did not sit on the stool but stood over his shoulder to watch him work. She stood so close occasionally his arm would rub across her full breasts. After several minutes he looked up from his work and looked at her.

“Ma’am there is nothing to fix with this toaster. Mechanically it’s perfect. There is nothing I can do with it. Is there something else I can do for you today?”

She stepped shyly forward and rubbed her hand across his beykent escort cock once more. “I think there is something you could do for me if you are ummm up for it.” She smiled and winked at him, proud of her clever wording of what she wanted.

He stepped back from her with his cock throbbing in his pants. He pulled her closer and then used his body against hers to push her into the work table. He kissed her deeply with passion on her lips, making her head spin. He pulled back and asked her, “Is that what you are wanting?”

“Yes and more.” She replied breathlessly.

He pulled away from her and disappeared into the front of the shop leaving her to wait nervously. She heard the front door’s lock click quietly and the sound of him flipping over the open sign to show that his shop was closed. He then returned to the back of the shop. He picked Daisy up off her feet and placed her on the work table.

She watched as he ran his hand up her thigh and up under her skirt. She could feel her pussy grow wetter as her excitement grew as well. He slid her panties to the side and thrust one thick, cold finger into her already soaking pussy. She moaned slightly as he explored her pussy with just his finger.

His thumb moved to the hood and teased it slightly. “do you like to have your clit played with?” he asked her.

She looked at him confused. “My clit?” she replied questionably.

He chuckled to himself, for her lack of experience humored him. “The hood shaped thing on the outside of your pussy is called a clit. I’m playing with it with my thumb currently.” He pushed slightly harder on his thumb to indicate what he meant. Her moan told him all he needed to know.

Her growing wetness excited him. The smell of her pussy filled his lungs. He slid a second finger inside her hot tight pussy to try to stretch it enough to fit inside her. Two of his fingers were about the same as three of her own. Her pussy was already so tight against his fingers. He knew he would have to stretch her a lot more before his large cock would fit inside her.

He patiently worked her pussy and then slid in a third finger. Stretching her beyond what she thought she could stretch. Her moans filled the shop and her skirt slowly slid higher on her legs showing max her pink pussy lips. His cock throbbed harder as he saw his fingers buried completely inside of her.

“Fuck me please,” she moaned to him. “Just fuck me, I’ll pay you if I have to.”

He smiled to himself and pulled his fingers out of her. She watched him while trying to catch her breath. He pulled his dirty old jeans off his hips allowing him to free his cock from them. She gasps as she saw how big his cock was. How was that possible she wondered to herself. If she had to guess his cock was about a foot long and six inches around.

She squirmed in excitement as he approached her. He positioned his cock in front of her pussy and teased her. He rubbed his cock along her pussy. He rubbed it against her clit and then down to the opening of her pussy pushing against her slightly without entering and down to her asshole pushing against her ass as well. She laid back tortured on the work table and covered her eyes with her arm.

“What’s wrong?” he asked her. “Isn’t this what you wanted?” He continues to tease her pussy as he asked her the questions.

“Nothing is wrong. I just want you to fuck me. I want you to make me moan and to satisfy me.” she answered with a plea in her voice.

“Beg me for it,” he said to her. “Beg me for my cock to be inside of you.”

“Please Max I want your huge cock in my tight wet pussy. Please fuck me till I’m sore and can’t be fucked anymore. Fuck me hard and have me cry your name.” She begged him so with another throb to his dick he slowly pushed himself inside of her.

She could feel his cock filling her pussy. She had never felt anything like it before. She could tell he was going slow to not hurt her but the more he filled her the more she wanted. Her senses tingled as his dick started to hit all her spots at once just from the shear size of it. She started to work her hips against his cock as he thrust his dick in and out of her.

It was sex like she never imagined it could be. It felt like her every nerve was on fire with pleasure throughout her body. Her mind stopped thinking and all she could think about was the pleasure his cock gave her. She flung out her arms in a rush of excitement and sent the toaster flying to the floor with a crash.

And then she felt it again, a rush of hot liquids came from her body. She pulled away from him slightly, red in the face. She thought she had just pissed on him. He grabbed her hips and pushed his cock back inside her. “Calm down, Daisy, that’s normal.”

She relaxed again and continued to be fucked by him. He removed her blouse revealing a plain white bra, which he also removed quickly. Her full breasts bounced with every thrust of his cock. He grabbed her breasts and played with her nipples making them erect, causing the pleasure for her to increase. He pulled out of her and pulled her off the table. She removed his shirt revealing his hairy but muscular chest. He kicked off his boots and pulled his pants down and off before sitting in a chair nearby. She walked over to him. He turned her around to find her zipper and took off her skirt and panties.

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