Megan Ch. 2

Black Penis

The next afternoon was equally hot and sunny, and it was as if Megan was poised, waiting to hear the sound of me entering the pool, because I was only half way back on the second length when she squeezed through the hedge and walked over to the Pool. She was wearing a green bikini that barely contained her magnificent breasts, and what was little more than a triangle of material at the bottom held on by a couple of thin strings, and she looked absolutely gorgeous. She smiled broadly as she swayed her way over to the pool, those lush breasts bouncing enticingly and her hips giving just a little exaggerated wiggle.

“You did say I could come anytime, didn’t you? Is it ok now?”

I brushed the silver hair back from my forehead and grinned up at her, “I said it, and I meant it, nothing would please me more than to see more of you” I said.

She giggled at the unintentional double meaning to my words, and glanced down briefly, “Well there isn’t much more to see, is there? But if that’s the way you like it, I don’t really want to get these wet anyway, I had to hide the ones from yesterday in case my husband realised where I’d been, because they were still wet” she said.

I raised my eyebrows enquiringly, “Oh you mean he doesn’t know you were here? Would he object?”

She giggled, “I’m not sure, but I want to keep this our little secret, I want to keep you all to myself”, then she reached up and unhooked the bikini top and let it cascade to the floor, and the bottoms quickly followed, and she stood above me in all her naked magnificence, and I feasted my eyes on her, on those absolutely glorious breasts with their already stiff and swollen nipples sticking out like miniature volcanoes, on her beautiful concave waist and those long tapering legs, and on that absolutely succulent pussy with it’s light covering of blonde hair. The coolness of the water made absolutely no difference, my cock was instantly in a state of high excitement. She grinned down at me, knowing full well the effect her naked beauty was having on me, then she bent at the waist and threw herself outwards in a perfect swallow dive, and I twisted around and watched the perfect symmetry of her arched body flying through the air and carving into the water with hardly a splash, then the churning of her hands and feet as she moved up the pool, and it struck me that she was no stranger to swimming, wouldn’t even surprise me if she’d been competitive at one stage.

I watched her turn and move swiftly back down the pool towards me, and having touched the wall alongside me she lurched upwards out of the water, hands held high in a mock victory salute, and I groaned as her breasts bounced and shimmered wildly for a moment. Then she was standing just a few inches away from me, puffing slightly from her exertions, and that was doing wonderful things to her breasts too. She tossed her head back so her lovely blonde hair etiler escort was out of her face and she grinned at me, “Well? Aren’t you going to say hello?” she said laughingly.

I reached for her and drew her close, immediately reacting to the feel of her hard nipples burning into my chest, and I kissed her long and deep, my tongue slipping quickly and easily between her lips to dance wildly with her tongue, and she responded equally as passionately. Our naked bodies moved and rolled together, her breasts squashing into my chest and my hard cock rubbing sensuously across her belly, my hands had dropped to cup and fondle her tight ass cheeks, and hers had initially moved to my neck, but were now roaming up and down my naked back, all the way to my ass cheeks. God it was suddenly so hot in that supposedly cool pool!

She suddenly jerked back, and her eyes were sparkling with heat and lust, “I’ve never fucked in a pool before, have you?” she asked hotly.

“No, but I’ve fantasised about it” I replied

“And do you want to fuck me in the pool Patrick?”

“I groaned, “Oh God, Megan, I want to fuck you everywhere” I answered hoarsely.

She drew away from my arms, panting slightly, and turned to take hold of the side of the pool, bending at the waist and sticking out that absolutely horny ass, “Fuck me Patrick, please fuck me now, I’m so dammed hot for you, fuck me, fuck me”

I quickly moved around behind her, and dipping my knees slightly, pressed forward until I felt the head of my cock lodge in the very edge of her pussy, then I lunged forward, burying my cock to the hilt in her tight pussy. She screamed loudly, and I stopped , “Oh no, don’t stop, god that was incredible, feeling your cock shunting all that water up my cunt, it was like being fucked by a cock and a shower head at the same time, oh fuck me Patrick, fuck me”

I gulped, her scream still ringing in my ears, “But what if someone hears?” I groaned.

“You mean my husband?” she asked, “He’s out playing golf and I don’t care anyway, I want him to hear, to hear how good it feels when you fuck me with your big cock, don’t stop, fuck me, fuck me”

I didn’t argue any more, I grabbed her hips with both hands and rammed my cock deep and hard into her pussy. Her whole body was writhing and shuddering as my cock rammed into her, pushing her hard against the hands that were gripping the pool wall, and she was ramming backwards just as hard, twisting and rolling her horny ass as she sought to impale herself on my cock even more firmly. “God, Megan, you are just so tight, and hot, Ohh I love fucking you, love having my cock deep inside you” and I rammed harder and faster.

The double impact of my thrusting cock and the water it was pushing deep into her pussy worked to send her higher and higher, faster and faster, and it wasn’t long eve gelen escort before her head was thrown back and wild animal noises were issuing from her throat, “Oh yes, oh god yes, aaaaaaagghhhh, so good, so good, so fucking good, I’m cumming, god I’m cumming, I’m Cuuuuummmminnngggg!”, and her body froze in that incredible pre – cum moment before exploding into enormous shudders and shakes.

I held on for dear life as her body writhed and shuddered, threatening to spit my cock out of her pussy at any moment, I clutched her hips hard and held my cock to the hilt inside her as her orgasm peaked and waned, and she slumped slightly forward, her legs momentarily unable to take her weight, light shivers and shudders continuing to rack her body. I moved my hands from her hips and gently fondled her awesome breasts, tweaking the nipples lightly and sending even more shivers through her.

Her breathing began to return to normal and she lifted her head and glanced over her shoulders, a warm, satisfied grin on her face, “Mmmm, Patrick, that was incredible, but you didn’t cum too”

I grinned back at her and shook my head, “No, I’m saving that for later, saving it for your tight, sexy ass!””

Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped slightly, “You mean?” she gulped, and a huge shudder racked her body again.

I moved my hard cock inside her pussy slightly and grinned, “Oh yes Megan, I’m going to fuck your horny ass, shove my hard cock right up your asshole and fuck you”

A new, hotter light came into her eyes and her nostril’s flared, “Oh yes Patrick, I want that, I want that real bad, I want your big cock in my ass, fucking me, fucking me, don’t make me wait, please don’t make me wait, fuck me, fuck me now”, and her body writhed back against my hard cock.

Slowly I eased my cock backwards until it finally slid from her clutching pussy, and she moaned in slight disappointment, then I brought my hands back from her breasts and spread her ass cheeks wide. All the time she was looking over her shoulders, watching me, a hot horny look in her eyes. I pressed the head of my swollen cock against the puckered rim of her asshole and leaned forward putting my weight behind it, but there was too much resistance, and the cock head slid away. I took hold of my cock with one hand as I held her ass cheeks apart with the other and, and placed its head against her puckered asshole once again and pressed forward.

There was still resistance, and I heard Megan’s groan of frustration, but this time the cock head didn’t slide away, and as I pressed forward even more firmly, I felt her ass give a little and the very tip of my cock head forced its way inside. I pressed even more firmly, and slowly, ever so slowly her asshole widened and more and more of my big cock slid in. God this was tight, so tight, and I heard a slight whimper fatih escort from Megan, and I stopped, “Am I hurting you? I don’t want to hurt you” I said with concern.

She groaned, “Just a little, just a little, but don’t stop, please don’t stop, it feel so good”

I pressed forward once more and it became easier as her asshole adjusted to the thickness of my cock, and suddenly my balls were banging on her ass cheeks and I was in to the hilt. God, this felt so hot and tight, so good. I waited a moment, re-gathering my strength, then began to ease my cock backwards and forwards, just a little at a time at first, more like a rolling and twisting than a thrusting, but gradually the tempo increased and I was drawing my cock out almost completely and thrusting it back in hard, and Megan was moaning and groaning and writhing and shuddering, and I was doing the same.

“Oh Megan my cock’s in your tight ass, I’m fucking you, fucking you, such a horny, hot, glorious fuck”

“Oh yes Patrick so good, so big, so hard, fuck me, oh god you’re making me cum again, I’m Cuuuummming”, and her back arched and her head flung back and a wail came out that seemed to start right from her toes, and she was bucking and heaving against my thrusting cock, and this time I didn’t stop, I kept on ramming my dick into her steaming ass, fucking her, fucking her, fucking her, Feeling the juices start to bubble and boil in my heavy balls, then start its journey up the stem of my thrusting cock.

“Oh yes, Megan, so fucking good, I’m cumming, cumming in your hot little ass, I’m cumming, I’m Cuuuuummmmiiiiing, aaaaaaaaaaaargh” and my cock exploded, shooting its load of hot cum juice deep into her asshole, spurting and spewing what seemed like gallons of cum juice, and I was pumping and pumping and the juice was spurting out of her ass into the pool, and we were both screaming uncontrollably, our bodies shuddering, completely out of control as she exploded into another orgasm too.

Then I was empty and my cock was softening rapidly and her tight ass spat me out like the cork from a champagne bottle, and I fell away from her, grabbing for the side of the pool to hold me up as my legs just refused to work. God what an awesome fuck!

We both hung onto the side of the pool looking at each other with totally stupid grins on our faces, “Wow!” she said, finally, “That was incredible! I’ve never been fucked in the ass before, I think I’m going to enjoy that, enjoy it a lot”, and she slid closer to me and pressed her lips firmly to mine and we kissed deeply.

Finally breaking apart before things got totally out of hand again – I could already feel my cock beginning to twitch! – we both swam slowly and languidly down the pool and back, then she climbed out of the pool and picked up her bikini, and blew me a kiss.

“Have to go now, he’ll be back soon, but can I come again tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow and every other day of you want” I said, and she grinned.

“Mustn’t be greedy” she said, and with a twist of her body, turned and walked away, and I watched the sexy sway of that ass I’d just fucked until she finally disappeared from view through the hedge. Suddenly the pool and the day seemed incredibly empty – but there was always tomorrow!

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