Memoir of One Night


I was at an uptown party on the beach, checking out the scene when I saw you across the room, and my heart skipped a beat. I was drawn to you immediately and couldn’t keep my eyes off of you. You looked so handsome and fine as usual with your soft curly salt and pepper hair and goatee, and that smooth caramel skin that I used to love to touch. It has been years since I have seen you. I began to remember the times we used to spend together and seeing you now, I can’t seem to remember the reason we stopped seeing one another.

You must have felt my eyes on you because you began to look around and you finally saw me. My breath quickened the minute you looked into my eyes and I knew I wanted you. It was as if we were the only people in the room and I could see by your gaze that you remembered our times together as well. As if reading my mind you, you slightly nodded your head to the door and we made our exit.

You gave me a big bear hug and I could smell your favorite cologne which used to drive me crazy and I felt at home in your arms. You asked me how I was doing and we played a charade with small talk and catching up on each other’s lives. You are married now, but I could see that something was missing. The light in your eyes wasn’t as bright as it used to be. I rested my hand upon yours and it was like lightning coursing through our bodies. We looked into each other’s eyes and we knew we needed each gebze escort other, even if it was just for one night.

There was a small beach house on the property and we quietly made our escape. As soon as the door was closed it was as if we had never left one another’s arms. My mind tried to remember that you are married now, but my body was not listening as you began to play that game with my tongue that you know drives me crazy I ran my hands through your hair, and your hands explored my body as if they were still familiar with every inch. You remembered all my “secret” spots. We began to undress one another as our kisses became deeper with more longing. You backed me against the wall and began to slow grind me. I could feel your dick getting hot and hard underneath your shorts as I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. I moaned as you pinched my now hard nipples and you turned me around and began to grind against my ass. You wanted me to feel your hardness as you whispered all the nasty things you know I love to hear. You gently grabbed my hair and I begged for you to penetrate me, but I knew our game had just begun.

I turned around quickly and dropped to my knees. I gently pulled down your boxers to see your dick staring me in the face, so erect, hard and oozing with lubricant. I could barely wait to taste it as my tongue slowly circled göztepe escort the head of your swollen cock. I heard you moan and say my name as if feeling this sensation for the first time. I was now in control as I put both hands around your shaft and began to stroke and suck your dick at the same time. Instinctively your hands went to my head as I began to slurp, moan and spit on your dick, while I played with your balls. I could tell by your swollen balls it has been a while since you’ve made love, which aroused me even more. As my rhythm increased, I could feel your dick swelling in my mouth and getting harder, and suddenly you pushed me away.

Your breath was short and hot and I knew you were trying not to explode because our game was not over yet. You pushed me on my back and spread my legs, then spread my pussy lips and you couldn’t believe how wet I was. You began eating my pussy like a starving man. You explored every crevice of my vagina and finally found what you were looking for. You lifted the small hood to find a tiny jewel. You began to slowly lick my clitoris and circle it with your tongue as I began to grind your face. You stuck your fingers in my wet pussy and and my asshole. The more you played with my pussy and ass, the louder I moaned. You licked my clitoris, and finger fucked me until I couldn’t take it anymore. I had halkalı escort to taste my pussy juice and you obliged me by giving me a long deep kiss and letting me suck my juices off your lips and tongue.

I wanted you to get on top but you didn’t want to, not yet, but I had my own little game to play. I coaxed you on top and gently put your hard cock between my tits and I told you to stroke. You were hesitant at first but gradually found the beat and began to fuck my breasts, like it was new pussy. I enjoyed seeing your face reflect the pleasure my bountiful breasts were providing by wrapping themselves around your hard, wet dick.

By this time, I was so excited I begged you to get inside and by this time, you were ready. You penetrated me gently, yet aggressively and I gasped as our bodies moved to a dance all their own with music only we could hear. I licked your nipples until they became hard and pinched them gently with my fingers. Then you watched as I sucked and played with my own breasts, and then we licked, nibbled and sucked them together as our tongues mingled and circled around my hard extended nipples. You continued to watch as I pinched, sucked and played with myself. I heard you say in a gravelly voice I barely recognized, “Oh My God, I’m coming” and I whispered “I am too”. And as we came together, we screamed each other’s names as our bodies fused into one vibration and our abundant juices spilled onto your pubic hair and balls, my thighs and the floor. Shortly thereafter, I took your now semi-hard dick and softly licked the vessel which provided me so much pleasure, as you softly moaned and stroked my hair. We laid together, bodies spent, unable to speak, but our minds etched this one night of passion into our memory, forever.

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