Morning Pleasures


The feel of soft kisses along your bare shoulder, gently awakens you from your slumber. I slowly pull the sheet lower, exposing the rest of your bare arm as I snuggle into the nape of your neck while laying in spoon position. “Happy birthday Baby” in your ear. I see a smile cross your cheek before I roll you onto your back.

Without a word, I toss the sheets over the edge of the bed, exposing you completely. You’re still in the grey, short cotton chemise that I like so much, hugging your every curve. I give a low groan at the sight of you before leaning down to kiss your neck. As I do so I slowly begin pulling the thin material of your garment up to expose your belly. You are not wearing panties and I drink you in as if it’s my first time seeing the trimmed treasure between your beautiful legs. On my hands and knees, I straddle you, propping myself above your body as I begin to trail soft kisses down your abdomen towards your mound. I can smell sweet scent of your arousal increasing as I near your pussy, flooding my senses. The soft moans escaping your lips only fuel my own arousal as my rapidly swelling cock begins to strain within the confines of my boxer briefs. The slightly curved outline of a girthy phallus is apparent as it stretches the material along my right thigh desperate to escape through the leg opening. You begin to reach for it, but I gently grasp your wrist and pin it next to you. This morning is about you. I plan on getting my pleasure by providing you pleasure. I proceed with my kissing until I şişli escort finally reach your mound and begin to caress it with gentle open mouth kisses.

I crawl between your legs and lay on my belly while sliding my hands down the side of your body to your thighs. I gently begin caressing the smoothness between your thighs before slowly opening the swollen folds of your labia. I pause in admiration of your beauty as I open you like a flower. Your inner labia, pink and glistening, frame the glossy tight opening of your womanhood. My eyes caress the contour of the delicate flesh tapering off at the apex, disappearing into a turgent, hot red clitoris peeking out from under its protective hood. My mouth waters in anticipation as a soft groan escape my lips, mesmerized by the sight before me. I feel like the luckiest man in the world at the moment as I do my best to burn the image of every crevice into my mind, before leaning forward to envelope the velvety flesh with my mouth.

I hear you hiss your approval as my tongue melts against your molten hot pussy before slowly swirling around your folds. The sweet flavor of your nectar invade my taste buds and coats my tongue as I groan with pleasure. Your juices begin to pool at the opening of your tunnel and I relish in the flavor of it as I lap up the copious juices flowing from it. I then run my tongue up towards your clitoris. I hear you gasp as I strum my tongue along the silky underside of the engorged button. I gently caress and knead taksim escort the sides of your smooth thighs as I feel your pelvis undulating under my mouth. From this position, I can feel my chin moistening as your creamy warm juices continue to seeps from you. I increase the pressure of my tongue against your clitoris with each stroke, eliciting delicious body quivers. The vibration of the hungry groans escaping my lips only heighten the pleasure between your thighs.

I then take the turgent bud between my lips and begin to suck. The pitch of your moans heightens as you grab the back of my head, pulling my face tighter against your gyrating pelvis. I look up to take in the beauty of the arousal building within you. From this vantage point, I drink in the sight of your face, jaw slacked and heavy eyelids framing dilated pupils, distantly gazing back into my hungry eyes. The view is so erotic and the desire to taste your cum overpowers me. I begin to quickly flick my tongue over the aching bud locked between my lips and your face contorts into an erotically intense frown as the the first sign of an impending orgasm begins to swell deep within you. I groan loudly and continue my assault on your clitoris with the sole purpose of intensifying the moment. The approaching pleasure causes your eyes to squeeze shut, finally breaking our eye contact. I feel the firm pressure of your hands on the back of my head pulling my face harder between your thighs. You throw your head back, arch your back topkapı escort and begin a long deep moan that crescendos into a high pitched cry as miniature pre-orgasmic spasms hit you. I grip your hips while keeping my mouth firmly glued to your quivering pussy as your begin to writhe under my mouth.

Another muffled groan escapes my lips as I feverishly lap at you lengthwise from the bottom of your pussy to the underside of your erect clitoris. Your hips grind into my mouth as I feel your hands clutching and kneading the back of my head to holding me in place. I want you to use my mouth for your pleasure. The smell, taste, and sounds of you is intoxicating. I slide my tongue back down to your opening and rub my nose against your hard clit as I lap hungerly at the copious juices seeping from between your legs. Your quivering turns into shaking under my mouth.

I can’t help but to stroke my now painfully erect cock constrained in my boxers. My mouth and tongue eagerly kick into high gear as smacking sounds fill the room. You suddenly release my head and grip the sheets of the bed to brace yourself as the first wave of pleasure finally racks at your body. Your legs stiffen and your abdomen begins to spasm uncontrollably as you throw your head from side to side.

I continue to lick you through your orgasm. I feel a gush of thick fluid coat my eager tongue. I close my eyes as I take in the savory, sweet flavor of your cum. Your ride seems to have lasted a full minute before finally collapsing, completely spent. Your body is still jerking from sporadic orgasmic aftershocks as I clean you gently with my tongue. You smile, enjoying the afterglow.

“That was nice” you admit breathlessly.

I smile. “I’m not done”

Your eyes widen with surprise as I proceed to turn you over…

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