Must be the Weather


Jennifer sat at the bar and stared at her drink longingly. it wasn’t technically a drink anymore, just an empty glass, but right now she would love for it to be full. But she had a hundred dollars to her name, and that had to last her. She knew she shouldn’t have bought the first one, but really hadn’t been able to resist. It was one-thirty in the morning and she hadn’t a place to go. Not home…no not anymore. She turned 18 last year and about that time she realized that staying under her mother’s roof was much worse then sleeping on the streets. Now she was in a self pity spiral as she stared at her glass and watched the lights reflect in it. Swirling colors hypnotized her and suddenly she noticed the shadow. It didn’t seem to move, just a black pit in the center of the room, not enough details to know what it was. But she had seen it move to that place and her eyes had tracked it subconsciously. Without thinking she turned her head and looked. It was worth the look. In the middle of the bar, mostly empty already, sat a man.

Sure that fact wasn’t worth mentioning, she was sure there were plenty of men in the bar, but this one…her breath froze in her throat as she stared into those eyes. She couldn’t tell what color they were, they looked like ice though, not in color, just this odd frozen fire that seemed to look straight through her. She stared deep into them as she took in the rest of him. His skin was pale, to pale, but had an odd delicate look, it contrasted with his eyes. She could see his hair was long, thrown over his shoulder and white blond. And his lips, perfect cupid bow lips that seemed very red next to his pale skin. His nose was thin and sharp and his cheekbones were high. But her eyes couldn’t leave his, they were trapped.

She felt her chest demand air and she breathed, struggling not to pant at the sudden wave of heat she felt. It was molten and changing, boiling up in her stomach as though she would burn alive. Lust, deep and unending. She had never felt this way before and was tempted to look away, to ignore it. Then he smiled. His lips twitched up just a bit one corner lifting as though he found her expression particularly amusing. She felt herself standing but hadn’t decided to, her feet moving on their own towards his table. She found herself standing in front of him and didn’t know how she had gotten there. His eyes tracked over her body, igniting secondary flames wherever they touched. He looked down at her feet first. She wore heeled boots, her best ones and they made her a few inches taller, though she wasn’t to short in the first place. They traveled up her legs, long and lean and encased in black jeans, skin tight and worn. Past her hips, wide and full, and over her midriff, showing just a bit under the edge of her lace shirt, then up over the black fabric encasing her abdomen and over the swell of her tits, high and large. His eyes took in the tanned skin of her chest, the curve of her breast and the ample cleavage showing where she had left the top button undone. And up her neck, long and thin and then to her face. She knew what he was seeing, darkly tanned skin and full lips, heart shaped face with long eye lashes and a small nose. Her hair was tightly curly, kinky and black and reflected the light.

He smiled when he met her amber eyes and gestured to a seat. His hands were long and he tracked her movements as she moved around and sat.

“Hi, I’m Jen.” she said, feeling rather uncertain. He smiled atakent escort at her and tilted his head as though observing some kind of interesting specimen. He stuck out his hand.

“Hi Jen. I’m Donovan. You are going to leave with me…ok?” her eyes widened for a second. It sounded like a question, but it was actually more of a statement. The okay tacked on the end for comfort, to make her think she had a choice, but she didn’t think she did. He wasn’t forcing her, it was more like he simply knew she wouldn’t say no, and the authority in his voice said he was used to giving orders, and having them followed. She nodded, and his smoke and honey voice let out a sound oddly like a purr. It was a pleased sound and his hand found hers as he stood leading her towards the front door. He took her to his car, black and sleek and opened her door,

She felt as if she were under someone else control, though she knew these were her own decisions. She sank down into the seat and watched his lean body walk in front of the car. He was in regular jeans, blue denim and snug, but not tight. His shirt was black, oddly low cut and some kind of stretchy black material that she could imagine running her hands over to feel the hard plains of his chest. he had a coat on, long and black, a duster, and it seemed to fly behind him in the warm summer night. He got in the car and smiled at her again as he started the engine and she lost her own thoughts for awhile. They didn’t drive for long, and only a small part of her mind wondered where they were going. It wasn’t strong enough to make her ask.

It was almost twenty minutes before he stopped the car. A wooded area, a park of some kind, and let her out. She followed him along a walking path, feeling that she was probably making a bad decision, but knowing she couldn’t stop, not now. He led her towards a park bench and gestured for her to sit down. She sat and he smiled at her.

“You’re going to suck my cock.” She nodded but once again it didn’t seem like a question, or even a command…more like a statement, as if she really had no other option and he was just informing her of the truth. For some reason she liked it, the sureness in his eyes as he undid his jeans and pulled them down his cock oddly hard for not having been touched. But he was large and thick and throbbing, and when she wrapped her hand around his shaft he felt like silk wrapped steel and she felt herself getting wet. She didn’t really know how she was supposed to react to this. Not her first time, but she hadn’t had many lovers and as her tongue circled the tip of his perfect cock she wondered exactly how odd this was.

But she let his cock slip through her lips, tightening them around it for the perfect amount of friction and she heard him groan slightly above her, his hands wrapping in her hair as she took him deeper. His cock pressed against the back of her throat and her hands circled his base to keep from choking. At least for a moment, she removed her hand and took him deeper, gagging slightly as she took him down her throat, her muscles flexing as she swallowed. He groaned a bit more above her and abruptly pulled away.

“You’re going to take off your clothes. And so will I.” She began to strip and he did the same her eyes fallowing the paths of muscle as he stripped. Perfect pale skin contrasted with her natural tan and she reached out to run her hands along the firm ataköy escort plains of his chest and abdomen. She wanted to feel him inside her, to know she was giving him pleasure. It almost seemed like a spell she was under and she wondered to herself if there was something going on, but she felt all that was happening with a sharpness that drugs could not produce. She muttered to herself as she unbuttoned her jeans.

“Must be the weather. It makes people do crazy things.” He put his fingers on her chin and stared into her eyes for a moment, as if trying to guess at what she was thinking. Then he shrugged and ran his hands along the line of her shoulder and along the curves of her breast, he ran them down her stomach and along her hips and then delved deep in between her thighs. His fingers found her clit and toyed with it for a moment before tapping her legs to make her part them. He stroked her tight cunt with one finger feeling how wet it was and how hot and smiled a bit as he felt in constrict around his finger. Innocent, even if not completely. His lips found hers as his finger stroked in and out of her, his tongue mimicking the motion as he heard her pulse racing and her breathing become faster, panting. He stroked her clit again, faster now and right as she reached the top of her wave he turned her around and thrust inside in one smooth motion.

She screamed out loud when he pierced her, taking her in one motion so that her orgasm spiraled out of control and she came around his thrusting cock like she had never done before. He pushed her forward and she lifted her knees up to kneel on the park bench, his thrusting never pausing as he growled against her throat. His teeth grazed her neck making her jump, her cunt clenching around his cock as though she would cum again just from this.

His fingers found her center and stroked her as he thrust harder and faster. He wasn’t going to let her go yet, he wanted her right here, till the sun rose and so he held himself back as he thrust, holding his orgasm at bay as he drove her into another powerful climax. He smiled as she thrust back against him needing more and he obliged. He bent her forward more, her tits level with the back of the park bench and pounded harder trying to hear that scream again. She barely knew his name yet sat here naked in the park taking everything he had. That thought put him over the edge finally and he came hard feeling the walls of her sex clenching around him as he spurted.

She collapsed for a second as she felt him cum. She lay forward for a moment before she could regain her breath. And he stood above her braced against her back regaining his own breath. She felt his hands stroking her ass and she tensed at the tender touch. He spanked her once, loving the sound and the squeak she made, and especially the cherry red color her dark skin turned.

“You like that.” She nodded, but it was another one of his not questions and he did it again harder now. She sat panting as his hands smacker harder and harder leaving a welt in the shape of his fingers and causing her to rock forward on her knees as he smacked her harder and harder. Finally when tears began to stream down her face he stopped. His hands stroked her now stroked over the bright red skin of her ass in the darkness of the park and his fingers dipped between those perfect globes and stroked at her tight little hole. This made her jump, and atalar escort he groaned behind her as he dipped his fingers in her cunt and got them wet with his cum and began to stroke that little hole, lightly at first and then dipping through the band of muscle, stroking her and stretching her a bit. She groaned as she felt this.

This was the first time she had felt this and didn’t know if she wanted him to continue, but she couldn’t say no. He turned her around again and told her to suck his cock more, getting it nice and moist for when he entered her. She had a feeling it was going to hurt and as she laved him up, tasting her own cunt on his cock she moaned for some reason, almost as if she were looking forward to the violation. She didn’t really know what it was she wanted, she just had this urge to please him and no matter how bad it was she would keep going.

Once he was dripping with saliva and precum he turned her around again and began to stretch her again, spitting on his fingers to allow him enough moisture to work with before he finally began to ease his cock inside. She gasped and felt the air being pressed out of her lungs. She held herself still and tried to relax her muscles as she felt his hard cock enter her slowly. He went deeper and deeper until the skin of his thighs was pressed against her sore butt and then he stayed still for a moment.

He held himself still with will power alone wanting so bad to thrust into her and make her scream, but no. He held himself still for what seemed like an eternity before he allowed himself to pull out a bit and thrust back in, slowly until he felt her sweat slick body press back against him. He lost his control, but only a bit moving faster now as his hand snaked around her and stroked her clit making her moan despite the way she was biting her lips. She wanted him to enjoy it but knew she couldn’t so struck back against him trying to help him get off as her muscles tightened around his cock. And it was good, so good he let himself go in only minutes, pulling out to stroke himself to completion all over her back.

The hot lines of his cum seemed to dim the pain she was feeling and she collapsed forward onto the park bench her whole body spent as she closed her eyes for just a moment to rest them. She wondered what time it was and opened her eyes to see the sun had started to rise, she couldn’t believe how light it was getting and turned around to tell Donovan they needed to leave. But he was gone. Long gone and so where her clothes. She sat there on that bench and looked around at the lightening park. She was miles from anywhere, butt naked, and alone. Luckily most of her money was in her car not her pockets. As she said that she noticed five crisp hundred dollar bills sitting on the ground, tucked inside her boots. They were the only piece of clothing he had left her and she slipped them on leaving the money inside her shoe.

She stood strolling through the park naked, hoping the person she ran into would sympathize and take pity, despite her cum slick back and thighs. She knew she would never see him again and felt herself close to tears for a moment before she gave up on caring. As she walked she tried to cover herself eyeing the park around her as early morning joggers started filing past her. Most ignored her and some laughed, shaking their head as if it were some great joke. It felt like the ultimate walk of shame, until she noticed some of the joggers were also naked.

She shook her head and dropped her hands, preparing for the long walk towards her car, and hopeful a place to find something to wear before that. She looked again at the other naked people, looking proud and happy with their nudity and she stood up straighter. Must be the weather, she thought to herself. It makes people do strange things.

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