My First CFNM Experience


My first time was with a very sexy executive assistant to a rather famous, Hollywood producer. She was almost ten years older than me, very connected in the film business and very well paid. She spent a lot of money on clothes, shoes, her hair, manicures, pedicures, everything. But not because she was exceptionally vain. It was pretty much a requirement for her job.

Anyway, it was like my second year in L.A.. I had a crappy administrative job with a film distribution company that happened to be in the same building as this pretty powerful, pretty intimidating woman. Anyway, I somehow made friends with her, I think by working up the courage to compliment her stylishness one day when we were alone in the elevator.

She smiled and took a liking to me and didn’t seem to mind too much every time I passed her in the halls and attempted to chat her up. She brushed me off a few times, but eventually I got up the nerve to ask her out.

Turns out, despite all her money and connections, she was sort of lonely. And pretty kinky.

About two months after we started (secretly) dating, she called me one afternoon and told me to come up to her office because she had gotten her boss to sign one of his movie posters for me.

When I got up there, I found out her boss was having another one of his long lunch meetings. She scolded me for asking her to get the poster signed and asked how I intended to thank her for it. (apparently her boss had teased her and asked if the guy he was signing it for was her boyfriend, which she denied but didn’t appreciate.)

So this sexy, kind of intimidating woman stood there with her hands on her hips and glared at me. Like an idiot, I had no idea how to answer her.

But she did.

She knew exactly how she wanted me to apologize.

Now this woman was about 5’5″ in her bare feet but she had a penchant bostancı escort for wearing 3, 4 and even 6-inch stilettos. She also had a closet full of micro mini-dresses and black mini-skirts which she usually wore with tight, usually black nylon stockings. (She had been a semi-professional tennis player when she was younger and her legs were definitely one of her best features.

I’ll never forget that black mini-skirt, frilly lavender silk top, those black stockings and 4″ stilettos she was wearing that day. Now this woman wasn’t particularly busty, especially not by L.A. standards. But she was an all natural B-cup and when she started playing with the second button on her blouse, I caught the wicked gleam in her intoxicating, emerald green eyes.

Pam ran her long, perfectly manicured fingers thru her salon-pampered, shag-cut shoulder length dark hair that she had just recently had highlighted with crimson red streaks. She closed the door to her office and told me to take off my pants. I pretended to protest, but obeyed. “Now the rest of it,” she ordered from her observational vantage point by the door.

I asked when she was going to start taking off her clothes and she reminded me that I was the one who needed to apologize!

So there I was, standing stark naked in the middle of this executive woman’s big leather couch, mahogany desk office with wide-open floor to ceiling glass windows. As you might guess, staring wordlessly at the petite little green-eyed vixen fully dressed in her stilettos and black stockings and black mini-skirt while she played with that second button on her blouse quickly started turning me into pure granite.

She grinned a perfectly naughty grin, told me to get on my hands and knees and crawl over to her.

I obeyed yet again. What else could büyükçekmece escort I do? But when I was staring up at her from her feet, she suddenly announced she hadn’t decided whether to forgive me yet or not. She stepped on my hand as she waltzed over to her desk, sat down in her big leather executive chair, crossed her legs and glared at me some more.

Like a puppy dog, I followed her – which definitely seemed to please her.

She ordered me under her desk, then made a couple of phone calls and answered some e-mail as she used me like a foot stool.

To say that the evidence of my enthusiasm was extremely pronounced would be the understatement of the year. And she knew it too!

First she teased me with the cold, smooth leather soles of her shoes. Then she delicately punished me with the spiky heels of her shoes, one in my mouth and one toying with my helpless fleshy enthusiasm.

Finally, she kicked her shoes off and began massaging my face, my lips, my chest, my belly and most especially between my legs with her ultra sexy nylon feet. All the while she continued making calls, confirming appointments, making appointments and typing on her keyboard.

When she finally got bored of this game (I wasn’t!) she got up and walked over to the window and looked out at the spectacular view of her Beverly Hills office. “Don’t cum inside me,” she warned as she hiked up her mini-skirt and scooched her butt towards me.

I crawled over to her, stood up, pulled the elastic waist band of her stockings just below the rump of her little heart-shaped ass and promised to obey.

The luxurious silk purse between her legs was soaking wet, which was a good thing because by then I was absolutely at full stature. I took control of her hips in my hands and used her sexy, çekmeköy escort fully clothed body as if we only had a few minutes before the world was going to end.

She pressed her hands against the window and did her best to muffle her screams of encouragement. But one of the things that I liked about Pam the most was that when she was into it, she either didn’t hear herself getting louder and louder, or she didn’t care.

Anyway, her phone rang. That was hot. Then we heard someone enter the small waiting room outside her office. That was even hotter. Then the Fed Ex guy announce that he had a delivery that needed to be signed for. Then her cellphone started vibrating on her desk and her office phone rang again.

Pam took a deep breath and ordered the Fed Ex guy to wait “just a minute”. Panting from exertion I whispered in her ear that my delivery couldn’t wait another minute. I licked the beads of sweat glistening like diamonds on her neck. She put her hand on my chest and turned her head to study me. She nodded and smiled and whispered that I was “excellent” at apologies.

Reluctantly I pulled my throbbing, very, very swollen spear out of her silky nexus and started looking for my clothes. She grabbed me by my wrist, pulled me back to her and told me I wasn’t finished apologizing yet.

With a wicked grin that made my own knees weak, she sank down on hers and proceeded to trigger my pent-up eruption.

I should mention, that this woman worked her way up the Hollywood executive ladder because she was very smart and very competent. But she could have gone pretty far with just her amazing, amazing oral skills too. It was previous obvious to me from the first night we spent together that she had sucked a lot of cock. I mean, she was clearly an expert and knew about twenty fantastic ways to do it.

But as I stood there butt naked in front of her office window watching her try her darnedest, I had to smile. She had gotten me so hot, so riled up, my enthusiasm proved a bit too much for even her and I managed to ruin her silk blouse with my huge, really messy load of affection.

Believe me, I got scolded for that too.

But that’s another story. Needless to say, I’m a big, big fan of CFNM.

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