My Incredible Night!


I close my eyes and imagine that you are wearing nothing but your stiletto heels, and pearls. These two small but significant items exemplifies the naughtiness yet also the classiness in you. I lay you down on the bed and slowly caress your skin with my hands and fingers; purposely avoiding your erogenous areas. I start to nibble at your ear and work my way down. I stop and kiss both sides of your neck while maintaining the movement of my hands. I trace my tongue farther down, stopping to lick and suck at each of your nipples. I continue to trace my tongue down your stomach, kissing and tonguing until I reach your navel. I slowly spread your legs and blow onto your clitoris. I trace my tongue down your right inner thigh all the way down to your ankles. I start my tongue at your left ankle and work my way up to your inner thigh.

Finally I rest at your navel, admiring the smooth skin surrounding your beautiful lips. I slowly rub your labia, feeling your moist sex. I run my tongue up and down each side of your lips, tasting your sweet secretions. I gently make little circles on your clit with my fingers while watching you arch your back. I stop rubbing your clitoris and slip a finger inside of you. I rub your upper wall in efforts to find your G-spot. I sense your excitement when I find your spot, then I insert another finger to help my lone index finger to please you. I start to rub your g-spot and look into your eyes. I then lean forward to use my tongue on your clit. I continuously flick my tongue on your clit while I rub your g-spot back and forth. I hear you sighing with pleasure….

With my free hand I spread your legs even further apart to make more room for my lips to clamp on to your clitoris. I instead of flicking my tongue on your love bud, I begin to suck gently. With the clitoris completely in my mouth, I roam my tongue all over its soft smooth skin. My assault on your g-spot continues. I feel a hand hold onto my head. I sense urgency with your motions. Your breath quickens. I look up and see your free hand feeling your breasts. You sense my eyes peering over your mound. You lean forward and bring your sensitive nipple up to your mouth. Your tongue darts out and lovingly licks your nipple. I continue to suck and finger your sex. I see your head lean back. You release your grip on my hand. Both your hands roam over your body, coming to a rest on your beautiful breasts. You pinch your nipples. With that note, I quicken my pace over your spot. You throw your head back and begin to shake. You emanate a ferocious moan. I push your legs right up and push up on your butt to expose your asshole. You grab onto your knees and spread yourself as wide as you possibly can. My left hand grabs onto your beautiful ass. My right index and middle finger continues to rub your spot. I sense your orgasm comes near. My left index finger runs a line from the bottom on your vaginal opening to your asshole spreading your love juice and lubricating my finger.

I hear you whisper, “I’m going to cum.” Right at the brink of your orgasm I slide my left index finger inside your tight asshole. I feel the contraction on both your vaginal walls and your asshole. Your incessant moaning becomes louder and louder. I can feel your anal and vaginal walls clamp down on my helpless fingers squeezing them with all your might. You release your legs and lower them around my head. You lock your ankles at the small of my back. I can gebze escort hardly breathe. My body is helpless while you cum. I continue to suck and finger your openings. I feel your whole body convulse. Your moaning becomes a quiet scream. Your body completely tenses up. It seemed like an eternity. It couldn’t have been more than a few seconds. You relax your grip around my head. I release your clit from my mouth. I slide my fingers ever so slowly out of your orifices. Your breathing starts to slow down. I start to move my body further up. I kiss every few inches on your body on my way up. I look you in the eye and kiss your soft lips. We close our eyes as our tongues slowly explore each others mouths. We separate our lip lock to come up for air. I open my eyes and see you looking into my eyes once again. I feel your hand on mine. You bring my hand up to your mouth and gently lick then each finger that was inside of your precious pussy.

With one motion you put me onto my back. You’re eager to return the favour. You kiss me. I can feel your hands caressing my hard penis and throbbing testicles. You trace your tongue down my chest, and stomach. You graze my testicles with your nails. My cock twitches in anticipation…..

I look down and we lock eyes. You stick your tongue out and start from the very base of my throbbing member and lick all the way up to the tip of my penis. You drop back down again and lick the other side. The feeling of your hot moist tongue makes me curl my toes in anticipation. Suddenly, you wrap your lips around the head of my cock and drop all the way down, my cock completely in your mouth. I moan as it feels that my sex is inside a warm suffocating velvety chamber. You look into my eyes, willing my soul to show appreciation.

“I love my cock inside your hot mouth.” Voicing my approval.

You start to bob your head up and down, your mouth stroking my sensitive skin. With my left hand I hold your hair up so I can watch my cock slide in and out of your mouth. Eventually you withdraw your mouth from my wet cock and start to lick my testicles. You can feel my balls churning and producing.

“Lick my ass.” I tell you.

I lift my legs up to give you access to my asshole. You greedily dive in, licking away, moistening my anal entrance. I stroke my cock while you massage my testicles. I can feel your tongue trying to penetrate my sphincter. The feeling of your tongue, massaging and my masturbation is almost overwhelming. You somehow sense my urgency and cease to continue on my asshole.

“Sit on my cock.” I say breathlessly.

I lower my legs and you climb over me. With one hand on my chest, you take your other hand and guide my penis into your awaiting moist vagina. The feeling of fire envelops my pulsating member. I moan aloud in unison with your animalistic wail. We stay still, enjoying the initial penetration, being joined as one. You start to move yourself up and down, my member pistoning in and out of your hot orifice. You tease me by going all the way, waiting for me to beg you to come back down, and then slamming yourself down onto my awaiting pelvis.

When I can’t stand your teasing any longer, I grab onto your string of pearls and pull you down so you’re lying on top of me. I put my arms around in and start angling my pelvis to stroke my cock in and out of you. You try to get up but I won’t göztepe escort let you out. I hear your moans and feel your convulsions starting again. I continue my relentless thrusting.

“Fuck me.” You whisper into my ear.

I oblige by taking one of my hands and spanking one of your ass cheeks. I continue to pushing my cock up inside you. You start to grind your clit into my pubic bone. I can feel your secretions dripping down my balls. Finally you climax, fluid gushing and you screaming. My penis can feel your walls churning. It feels like my penis is trapped with a clamp the strength of a vice. We lay there, seemingly spent. I feel your chest against mine, your breaths long and deep recovering from a second orgasm of the night; however surely not the last.

You lift your head up and we lock lips. Your tongue bursts into my mouth in a frenzied action. You lift your hips up and my cock falls out of your crevice. You go down to my jewels and begin to clean your juices up from me, your tongue sliding all over my smooth slippery skin.

“I love it when you clean me up with your tongue.” I say.

“I love the taste of me on you!” You proclaim.

I feel my cock twitch when you say that. I look into your eyes and instantly want to make you cum a couple times more by the end of the night. You continue cleaning me, without missing a spot.

“Which way do you want to do me?” You ask after finishing up.

“On your back with your ass near the edge of the bed.” I say while standing up.

You lie down as per my instructions and lift your beautiful legs up. I stand there for a few seconds and admire the beautiful “V” your legs make. Your legs seem to go on forever; your heels make your legs go even further. I slide my saliva covered cock into your still very wet pussy. You moan once again. I grab onto the spikes of your heels and start to pump away. Each thrust of my pelvis humping the back of your buttocks and legs. You grab onto your own legs at your knees pulling them back further and wider, pivoting your hips so that I would penetrate deeper.

I can feel myself getting close to an orgasm but I didn’t want to have one until you had one more. I slowed it down a little and reached for one of your legs. I ran my tongue over the spike of the heel. You watch me and admire my fetish. I reach for your other leg and start to pay attention to your other foot. Much to your protests, I withdraw my cock from your warm inner depths. I tease your clit with the head of my slippery sex, enjoying the reaction from you. I rub my cock head up and down your moist lips, listening to your moans of anguish. When I had my cock right at your entrance, you grab me with your legs and pull me in. You lock your ankles around my lower back. With another motion you take the pearls around my neck and wrap it around mine as well.

“Well, well!” I exclaim. “It seems that you’ve got me!”

I start my relentless pounding. We deeply entrench our tongues in each others mouths.

When we came up for air, “You’re going to cum. Then you’re going to finish me off.” I order.

“I want it from behind then.” You said.

I happily agree since that happens to be my favourite position. We get ourselves untangled and you assume the position. I mount you from behind and start to push myself deep inside your familiar entranceway. I can feel halkalı escort my hips against your buttocks as I reach as far as I can. Your frequent moans returns as I begin to slide myself back and fourth. I continue to increase the pace as your breathing labours. I put my right index and middle fingers into your open mouth as you happily suck them. The pace becomes frantic. Your moan becomes a screech.

“Do you like me fucking you from behind?” I ask.

“Fuck yeah.” You respond between gasps.

“I love taking you from behind like an animal.” I said.

“I’m going to cum soon!” You exclaim.

”Please put your fingers in my ass!” You beg.

I spit some saliva on your asshole, and then I slide my already lubricated fingers into your asshole. I could feel you clench and convulse all over. I know you are close and I wasn’t going to deny you. I started to grab your hair and pearls with my free hand. Your head comes up and your shrill screaming become evening louder and higher! One of your hands came to my thigh and you hang on for dear life! You started to climax as I pulled your hair and pearls even tighter. Your nails started to dig into my leg. I could feel myself nearing my destination soon. My relentless pounding became slower as she came down from your orgasm.

“I’m going to cum soon.” I claimed.

You take my cock out and then you turn around and start sucking it.

“Lay down and I’ll return the favour.” You command.

I did as I was told. You spread my legs and started to suck my cock.

“Lift your legs up.” You demand.

I looked at you then I lifted my legs up. You took some lube and started to spread it all over my asshole and your fingers. I knew what you were doing. You had explained about the prostate gland and how it could intensify ejaculation. I stroked myself while you slowly slid your index finger into my tight virgin ass with my free hand holding your hair once again so I can enjoy the view. Once I became used to one finger, you took your index finger out, then started to slide both your middle and index finger up my ass.

I started to quiver in excitement. If a regular orgasm is already that good, imagine how the coming in the next few minutes is going to feel. Once you got both of your fingers good and deep. You start to move them in a “come hither” motion. You were rubbing against something I have never felt before. You then replaced my hand with your mouth, sucking my sex with passion. I had never felt anything like that before in my life; your fingers rubbing my prostate gland and your mouth drooling all over my cock.

I started to convulse. I could feel my sack tighten up. My head snapped back. I started to cum hard! I came in torrents as I must have almost made her choke on all the semen that must have come out. My moaning was intense and loud. I felt myself squeeze my ass so hard that it push her fingers out. You continue to suck my cock of every drop of cum that I had.

When I had finished cumming, I looked into your eyes. This signals that I was done and you could release your grip from my cock. You open her mouth and a couple drops of cum came out. You then brought yourself up to snuggle with me. I look down and see my cock go limp. It seemed like I would never get hard again after an orgasm like that.

You rest your head on my chest as my breathing became slower.

“Kiss me.” I say.

You come up and I slide my tongue inside her mouth, tasting my salty secretions.

“Did you like that?” You ask.

“Immensely,” I said. “You can do that to me anytime you want.”

“Perhaps you might let me experiment further with your ass?” You query.

“Depends,” I say. “Exactly what did you have in mind?”

“You’ll see.”

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