My Lover Ch. 01


God, she loved his cock. Of course any woman prefers a nice cock — big, thick… the kind of that really fills you up.

But never before had she experienced a cock that so consumed her. Just the thought of it sometimes was all she needed to be soaked through her panties immediately.

The first time she touched his cock it was in the dark, a little drunken, and overall an awkward blur of a brief sexual encounter on a business trip. He was her boss. And each of them belonged to someone else. That night was only a taste before conscience kicked in. Each of them was tempted that night, but neither could go through with it completely. Yet.

Months passed. They tried to dismiss it as simply an itch. Two very sexual people in very non-sexual relationships with their current partners. Two people who missed the connection of really fucking — fucking with all you have until your bodies are sore and swollen and then fucking some more because it’s just that good. Soon enough, they began to dance around each other again — first with some very hot conversations, then with him telling her to touch herself while he drove. She complied. . She never had a choice. No words. Just her hand on her pussy and the sound of him breathing harder as he haramidere escort watched

The next time she got close to his cock was a dangerous encounter in the office after-hours. They told each other it would be a one-time thing. The danger made it more exciting. So did his saying that if it was only one time, he needed to touch her pussy at least once. As soon as he was in her mouth she knew she wouldn’t care if someone walked in. She was mesmerized; fascinated… his cock was so good. Big, warm, hard as a rock, and she wanted to take it all in. She sucked him for all she was worth. She took his balls in her mouth. She took his whole cock in her mouth and buried her face in the smell of him down there. She fucking loved it. She couldn’t get him in deep enough. Her own moaning should have embarrassed her, her obvious hunger for his cock, and her unabashed stare of appreciation as she held its weight in her hand. Her boss. Someone’s husband. Fuck it — his cock was that good.

Everyday that followed she remembered. The dimness of the light at her desk, him sitting back in that chair, fully clothed from the business function they attended earlier except for that gorgeous içerenköy escort cock — proud and hard from his open zipper. He was also the only man that had ever talked dirty to her the way she wanted and needed — not because others hadn’t tried, but it had always been so harsh, so mechanical… so loud. His words were almost whispered, soft and urgent and very dirty. Especially She didn’t let him touch her that night, but she came anyway. Just from his voice, the smell of him, how damn sexy he made her feel. He made her feel like a world-class cock sucker, and all woman at the same time.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, it wasn’t a one-time thing.

You can’t blame a girl really.

She needed to be consumed by him. It became a regular thing. After hours. Sometimes in the darkness of the boardroom, sometimes on the stairs, sometimes on the bathroom counter. She would kneel before him and wait — he made her wait for it every time. Slowly he’d undo his belt, then his fly, and in painful slow-motion he’d pull it out and present it to her. Never any words. But if she watched his face when he pulled out that cock, his expression was always somewhere between a smirk, innovia escort desire and wonder. Sometimes she had to hold back a whimper when she saw it. Sometimes she couldn’t help it and she heard it low in her throat. God. That cock.

In the beginning she didn’t want him to touch her. She wanted him to use her. To fuck her mouth with that cock. To whisper dirty things to her and make her pussy ache so badly for him sometimes she couldn’t stand it. He wanted more. He begged for it. She always refused. She loved that simultaneous feeling of being totally used for his gratification but being in complete control. She never felt more power sexually when she was kneeling in front of him, that hard cock in her mouth, his fingers bruising her shoulders and his loud moan when he came. He always came so hard — his moans deep and soft, his cock jumping in her mouth as she tasted him — he tasted so damn good.

The first time he finally touched her he gasped — he could not believe how wet this woman was for him. The first time he touched her, she came in under a minute. He never kissed her mouth. But it turns out, he’d make her cum harder and more than any other man she would ever know.

This was just the beginning of her love affair with that cock. Her love affair with a man who was built for sex. Broad shoulders, strong arms, powerful legs… A man with an incredible cock that got hard just sitting next to her. A man who would own her pussy and her ass and her mouth. Eventually.

Her boss. Someone’s husband. But that cock.

You can’t blame a girl really…

To be continued…

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