Neighborly Secrets Pt. 04 – Wet


The fourth in the Rick and Diane series, “Wet” is also inspired by true events, as one day in the neighborhood where we all live the sky just seemed to open up and begin pouring, and I happened to glance out my window to see the woman I call “Diane” running with her dog to get back to her house and out of the deluge.

The full back story of these two – actual people, not actual names – is available in my previous posts, but as context for this story, you just need to know that “Rick” is gorgeous, middle-aged, single, and very fit (and yes, I had a major crush on him until I learned he had a major crush on Diane). Diane is dark-skinned, petite, beautiful, and even though she is married with two kids, she’s stayed in phenomenal shape and always seems game for anything.

Through mutual friends in our neighborhood, I’d learned quite a bit about the two of them, notably Rick, with whom I struck up an anonymous email relationship. In our email exchanges, he shared quite a bit about his feelings for her, his interest in having more than a platonic relationship with her, and the fact that he’d previously had an affair with another married woman in our neighborhood served to make me believe that it wouldn’t take much to convince him to make a move on her.

I’d also learned that Diane’s marriage wasn’t the strongest, and that she wasn’t particularly happy at home. And because her husband worked a lot and was traveling for business and away from home for sometimes weeks at a time, it seemed to me to be a natural and convenient opportunity for both of them to get a little enjoyment on the side. As I sent Rick these stories, he agreed to send her increasingly sexy texts, but alas, Rick didn’t live up to his commitments, and so nothing happened between the two of them.

Don’t be sad for either of them, though – Rick told me he’d enjoyed the stories so much that he’d beaten off to the thought of them happening, and as for Diane, well, thanks in part to me I heard she had some fun with another single neighborhood guy who lived much closer to her anyway. Kinda sucks for Rick – I wondered if he ever found out she’d done some of the things with the other guy that he’d wanted to do with her – but because he was a baseball coach I kept reminding him, if you don’t swing at the plate, you can’t get a hit. And he just didn’t swing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy “Wet.” Along with the other stories, I originally sent these to Rick in hopes of inspiring some action, so the “you” in the story is him.


A gray overcast Saturday on which you were getting some inside work done, relaxing with a fire going in the fireplace, had all of a sudden become a torrential downpour and major wind storm. Hanging out in sweatpants and a t-shirt, staring out the window at the lagoon, barely able to see it through the rain, you could tell from the way it was pounding on the roof that it was coming down in buckets where just moments before it hadn’t even been drizzling. Happy that you’d cleaned out your gutters the weekend before, you were equally glad that it hadn’t started earlier when you were walking the dog.

All of a sudden your doorbell rang. “That’s odd, who would be out in this weather?” you thought to yourself. Heading to the door, you wondered if maybe the postman had a package he didn’t want to leave out in the rain. As you opened the door, ready to accept the package with thanks, you quickly learned it was definitely not the postman. It was Diane – with her dog – and she was out of breath, dripping wet, without even a raincoat on.

“I was on a walk and got caught in this rain over at the high school, I ran all the way here, mind if I take refuge and ride out the storm here?” she asked.

“By all means, come in, come in,” you said, surprised that even soaking wet she’s still strikingly beautiful. “You’re soaked, can I get you a towel or something?”

“A towel would be good, but I’m afraid that won’t do much for these sopping wet clothes,” she replied.

“Well,” you said, trying to be helpful (but also a little bit hopeful), “I could see if I might have something you could change into, if you like.” She doesn’t respond right away, so you quickly say, “My dog’s in the garage, can I put yours out there as well?”

She answers quickly, “Yes, I’m sorry, thank you. Do you know if this is going to blow over quickly?” she asked, and damn if you didn’t think she sounded like she was hoping it wouldn’t.

“Hard to say,” you replied as you put the dog into the garage and grabbed a towel istanbul escort from there, calling back, “I didn’t realize it was even coming in this soon, but they did say that once it got here it could stick around for awhile. Do you want me to give you a lift home?”

You were hoping she’d say no, and as you reentered the room and handed her the towel, she said, “No, that’s ok,” adding, “None of my family is there anyway, and I love how warm your house is, mine’s always so cold.”

“Can I make you some tea, or coffee?” you offer.

“Tea would be nice,” she says, “Any kind is fine. Um, where’s the nearest bathroom?”

You direct her to the master bathroom, in part because it’s the roomiest one in the house, but it will also give you an excuse to show her your bedroom just in case she has any ideas…as you walk into the bedroom, she compliments on you on it, but doesn’t give anything else away, and she disappears into the bathroom, closing the door behind her, so you head back into the kitchen to get the tea ready.

A few minutes later, as you’re getting the tea ready, you hear her reappear behind you saying, “Well, that feels much better.”

As you turn around, starting to say, “Good, I’m gla…” and as you do, you realize she’s changed out of her clothes and put on the robe that was hanging on the back of the bathroom door, a thick comfortable white fleece robe that you “borrowed” from a Four Seasons stay a few years prior. “Umm, wow, I’m, uh, glad you found that, it looks much better on you than it does on me,” you manage to stammer out, and you turn back around to check the tea, aware that the front of your sweatpants may be starting to bulge out a bit.

As you try to regain your composure, you’re again aware how turned on you are by her, knowing that you have been for years. You’ve never shared with her that you’ve fantasized about her for a long time, that when she thought your relationship was “just friends,” in fact you caught yourself many times thinking about her, wondering if she would be fun to be in bed with, watching that great ass as she walked away after a conversation in the neighborhood, or at the baseball field. You’re just amazed that all these fantasies you’ve had about her are finally coming true, one by one, and you know that you won’t be able to hide the bulge in the front of your pants when you turn around.

“Thank you,” she says, “It’s really comfortable, really warm, and I just really needed to get out of those wet clothes – would it be okay if I put them in the dryer?”

“Of course,” you say,” the laundry room is just right around the corner there.”

She heads in, and you return to the kitchen, but you hear her call you a minute later, “Umm, hey Rick, can you help me out with this machine? I’m afraid it’s a bit more technologically advanced than the one I have at home.”

“Of course,” you say, walking into the laundry room. You’re not often in there with another person, so you didn’t really realize that it was such close quarters, and as she moves to allow you to pass and get to the dryer, your bodies brush briefly against each other, and in particular the protrusion in the front of your sweatpants brushes against the robe she’s wearing, and that now-familiar jolt of electricity passes through you again, which if past experience is any indication, means that something amazing is about to happen…

“It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it,” you say, as you switch the dryer on and the machine starts to vibrate as it begins its work, “but I remember when I first got it, I thought it was pretty hard.”

“Yes,” she says, glancing down at the front of your sweatpants, “I can see that it’s pretty hard.”

Somewhat embarrassed, you place your hands in front and start to apologize, saying, “Yeah, sorry about that, seeing you in that bathrobe just had that immediate effect on me.”

“Nothing to apologize for,” she says, stepping up and placing one hand on your chest, leaning up to kiss your lips with a full warm open mouth, placing her other hand on the front of your sweatpants, feeling your hardness in her hand and whispering “Mmmm, you definitely don’t need to apologize for how hard you are. I won’t apologize for being wet, either…”

You kiss her deeply back, your lips and tongues warm and familiar, hungry for one another’s taste and touch, eagerly putting your arms around her, first on her back but irresistibly sliding downward to fully grasp her ass through the fleece kadıköy escort material of the robe. Her hand remains on your hardness, and you hear her utter the words, practically moaning them, “You’re so freaking big and hard…can’t ever get over it…so not used to that…I love it and need it so much…” and you again find yourself happy to be able to fulfill her in ways that she doesn’t otherwise get.

She removes her hand from the front of your sweatpants, and places both hands on the side of your hips as you continue to kiss, and she gently pulls you toward her, so your hardness is pressed firmly against her, swaying side to side so she can feel how ready you are. “Mmmm, that feels so nice…” She then slides her hands inside the back of your sweatpants, and learns that you have no boxers on. “Whoa, easy access,” she teases.

“Well, I didn’t really expect to have guests today,” you reply, happy that you’d decided to go commando this morning when you woke up.

“Oh, I don’t mind at all,” she says in a low and very sexy voice, “Makes what I’m about to do much easier…”

And she pushes you back against the dryer, so you feel the vibration and hum of the machine throughout your body, and then she kisses your neck, your chest, and as she kisses her way down your stomach, she slowly eases the sweatpants down over your butt and gently lifts it over your hardness in the front, crouching down in front of you with your sweatpants around your ankles and your thickness in her hands and at eye-level.

As her hands begin to stroke you, she looks up as you look down at her, and asks, “You want to watch me lick your dick?”

“Uhh, yeah,” you respond, and with that, without taking her eyes off you, she begins to lick your long hard shaft, up and down, top to bottom, holding you in her hands and delicately licking the tip, knowing that it drives you crazy.

You smile, not talking your eyes off her, and say, “Mmmmm that feels so good.”

She replies, “I’m glad,” adding “Do you want to watch me suck him?” You can’t even say anything to that, just nod your head continuing to lock eyes with hers.

She licks from the bottom of your shaft up to the top, grasps the base of you with both hands, positions her mouth right above your hardness, wraps her lips around the tip and while still maintaining eye contact with you, slides her mouth down you as far as she can go. Her mouth is warm, and wet, and it feels unbelievable as she begins to slowly slide up and down, using her hands to guide you and stroke you as her mouth focuses on the tip.

You can feel her tongue moving around in her mouth, licking you while you’re inside her warm wet lips, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever felt before. It’s everything you can do not to put your hands on the back of her head and slide yourself more deeply into her mouth, but she’s doing just fine by herself, sliding more of you inside every times she pushes downward. Her hands are on your butt, and you feel her pulling you more deeply into her throat, and the vibration of the dryer only heightens the feelings you’re experiencing throughout your body…

She’s done this enough now to know that you’re getting close to coming, so she releases you from her mouth, and says, “I have something else planned for this big boy,” kisses it on the tip once more, then stands up next to you saying, “You allowed me easy access to you, least I can is give you the same,” and while maintaining eye contact with you, she unties the robe, letting it fall open in the front, and you realize that every stitch of her clothing is in the dryer behind you – she’s completely naked under the robe.

Although it’s become more familiar to you recently, you’re still amazed by how beautiful her body is, how fit and tone she is, and how incredibly sexy she is. And for the first time, you actually see the thin line of hair on her pubic mound, and that the rest of that area is completely shaved . Which gets you even harder.

“M-m-m-my god you’re gorgeous,” you manage to stammer out, more turned on than ever.

“Thank you,” she says, looking down somewhat shyly, stepping forward to kiss you again, and pressing her body against yours. But just then, the dryer beeps and stops. “Oh,” she says,” they can’t be dry yet, they were really, really wet, can you show me how to start it again?” You reach around her and press the button that starts the machine again, and as you step back, you watch as she turns her back to the dryer, kağıthane escort puts her two hands on top of it behind her, and jumps up to sit on top of it as it vibrates underneath her.

She grabs your t-shirt and pulls you toward her, finding your lips again and fervently kissing you, saying in between kisses, “I’m really, really wet, too…I don’t think I ever realized that the rain would get me this wet…” and you waste no time, gliding your hands up and in between her legs, finding that delicious wet spot, and quickly sliding one and then two fingers inside, feeling her wetness and warmth engulf your fingers.

As you continue to kiss her, one hand behind her pulling her ass forward, your other fingers continue their exploration, and you know from her moans how much she’s enjoying it. In and out you slide, and then you ease out, and pick your hand up to your mouth to taste her on your lips and tongue. “Mmmm, you taste so good,” you say, and then she kisses you deeply back, tasting herself on your lips. Your fingers now outside her, they’re seeking that spot that you know she leaves, and it doesn’t take them long to find it.

“Ooooooh my god oh my god no one has touched me like that for years and it feels incredible,” she moans the words as you continue to move your fingers slightly, listening and feeling carefully to hear her breathing and moaning increase. And sure enough, after a couple of minutes, her hand around your neck pulls you even closer to her mouth, mashing your lips together even more than they already were, and her other hand finds yours to make sure your fingers are right on the spot.

Her breathing quickens, her moaning intensifies, the dryer continues to vibrate under her, and she emits the words, “Don’t stop, I’m gonna come, don’t stop, oh my god, don’t stop, that feels so good…” and then she releases a moan that seems to come from deep inside her, she holds her breath and you know that she’s come.

It seems like several minutes before you hear her breathing again, and she kisses you again, deeply, saying, “My god, thank you for finding this in me again…I’ve missed it so much…”

Her hands slide from your neck down your chest to your waist and hips, and then around to the front. Wrapping her hands around your hardness, she says, “I don’t know how you stay so hard, I’m so not used to it, but I also just can’t get enough of it.”

Then, sliding herself forward on the top of the dryer, she realizes that you’re at the perfect height so that she can continue to sit there and you can slide right inside her. Moving one hand to your waist, she positions herself so you’re directly between her legs, and with the hand on your hardness, guides you right to her warm, wet, welcoming entrance. With your hands around her back resting on her ass, and her hands now both on your waist, there’s no reason to wait, so you slowly and steadily slide inside her.

Inch by inch you enter her willing wetness, and as each inch enters, her breathing deepens, and you again hear her say into your ear, “My god, I always forget how big you feel inside me, can’t get over how good it feels, it’s so different and so much better than…”

Before she can finish the thought, you begin sliding in and out, and with each thrust she pushes her ass forward to meet you and pulls you deeper inside her with her hands on your waist. The dryer continues to vibrate crazily, intensifying the feelings for both of you, and your thrusts increase, faster and faster, until you’re both moaning loudly, completely in sync with the thrusts of your hips. In and out, in and out you slide, and you both approach your climax at the same time, with you saying, “Gonna come, can’t hold off any longer!”

She responds immediately, screaming, “I want you to come, I’m going to, too…” and with that, neither of you can wait and you feel that amazing jolt of electricity coursing through your body, centering on your waist and hips and hardness as you feel yourself explode inside her again, and you feel her cling to your back, pulling you closer to her and deeper inside her, feeling like the storm outside at its most intense, she’s kissing you and you feel her body stiffen and then eventually you feel her relax as the two of you come down from the intense and incredible climax you just shared.

As if on cue, the dryer beeps and stops again. You step away, and help her down from the dryer, giving her one last deep kiss before you reach down to slide your sweatpants back on. As she begins to reach into the dryer for her clothes, you step into the kitchen to give her some privacy, and re-heat her tea, which she never drank.

When she comes back out, clothes dry and looking good, she takes the tea, sips it slowly and looks at you over the cup saying, “Well, I have to say, I don’t usually like the rain, but after today I think I’ll get excited the next time it storms…”

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