Room Mates Pt. 14

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Sammie screwed her eyes tight and tried to concentrate. She was in her room, in her robe and tender in all of the best places. Something had happened but for the life of her she couldn’t remember what. Her stomach rumbled and just like that, her perfect weekend and her world crumbled to dust.


Jake’s gorgeous, perfect actress ex girlfriend.

All Sammie could remember was hearing Jake’s voice calling her name from afar as Sammie starred at the huge bump as Olivia ambled towards her, telling her they needed to talk. And now she was in her own bed, still rumpled and pungent from their rampant lovemaking and as ever, alone.

Groaning, Sammie sat up, her head as mussed as if she’d been drinking. She heard voices outside and realised Olivia was still there. Sammie wanted to scream, wanted to throw her out, wanted to howl to the heavens for stealing her precious memories. She wanted Jake to be with her now, ignoring Olivia and truly putting her first but even in the depths of pain, Sammie was still pragmatic enough to see that this had to be addressed. To think, they’d naively thought Rosie was the worst problem they had to face. This hadn’t even registered.

Sammie dressed, throwing on jeans and her beloved Nirvana “Nevermind” tee. No point trying to compete with the glossy Hollywood brunette outside. She gripped the door handle as if trying to turn it through will power alone and held her breath. This wasn’t about her now, this was about them. Jake had bared his soul to her and given her his heart. Sammie had to show him he hadn’t thrown it away in vain, she had to be strong now, had to hear what came next, even if it destroyed them both.


Jake stood as Sammie entered the room, wincing at the endearment that had once made her wet with arousal. Jake caught her reaction and stilled,

“Sammie. Are you okay? Can I get you anything?”

He reached for her but Sammie ignored him, standing before Olivia,

“Don’t get up. I can’t imagine it’s easy in your condition.”

Olivia took her hand and smiled. It seemed genuine but Sammie couldn’t fight the urge to howl at the woman before her,

“Everything is harder now. Standing, walking, breathing. No-one tells you that part.”

Sammie stared at Olivia, stunned at the similarities between them. Okay so Olivia was groomed to within an inch of her life, full face of make-up, Brazilian blow out and an outfit that seemed to embrace her blossoming body instead of hiding it. Beyond that, they had the same colouring, same hair, same eyes, same skin tone.

Sammie blinked as Olivia smiled at her and almost shunted back as identical dimples appeared on her cheeks, a mirror of her own. She glanced down to the Louboutin shoes and shuddered. Should a heavily pregnant woman even be wearing heels?

As if she read her thoughts, Olivia shrugged,

“I thought I needed to dress for battle.”

Reaching down, Olivia pulled the shoes from her feet, sighing as she wriggled her toes into the rug,

“Now that… is… heavenly!”

Sammie stood stock still as Jake danced from foot to foot beside her. She felt his warmth, his tension and turned to him, seeing the pain in his eyes. He reached for her and despite herself, Sammie took his hands, squeezing gently.

“Maybe you should put some clothes on Jake?”

He glanced down to his naked torso and nodded blindly, heading for his room. Sammie turned to Olivia and sank down into the sofa, watching the other woman with trepidation,


“It’s his. That’s why I’m here Sammie. Jake has a right to know.”

Sammie grit her jaw, trying to remember everything her mother had ever taught her about being a lady. She wanted to lunge across and throttle the glossy vision before her but damped it down, choosing to glare instead. Olivia didn’t seem fazed,

“He talked about you all the time. Sammie said this, Sammie did that. I hated you, you know, imagine how it felt knowing the man you were living with was in love with a ghost.”

“I’m very real.”

Olivia shrugged,

“And I’m very pregnant. Paper, rock, scissors.”

Sammie hissed and if Jake hadn’t walked back into the room, she would have struck Olivia. He sat beside her, holding Sammie’s hand in his own and she felt his elevated heartbeat against her side,

“So what do you want Olivia?”

“You want to have this conversation… now?”

Jake nodded,

“Sammie and I are together now, whatever you have to say affects us all. I won’t mecidiyeköy escort do this without her with me.”

Olivia shrugged, her lips tight as she glared at Sammie,

“I have to say Jake, she seems nice enough but I was expecting more. After all those years of hearing about her, the truth is a little underwhelming…”


Jake gripped Sammie’s hand and she bucked, wanting more than anything for this to be over. Sammie turned to Jake and felt his love surround her, Olivia may be very much in the present but she knew that she was his future,

“And such a lady Jake. You never mentioned the mouth on it!”

“Livvy! If you want me to choose between you and Sammie, I guarantee you will be the loser. So talk, say what you have to say and then go.”

Olivia flipped her hair over her shoulder, looking like a shampoo advert, effortlessly glossy and always picture perfect,

“Fine! Well it’s obvious that I’m pregnant and it’s yours Jake. I could raise our child as a single mum but we both know that I’m not exactly the earth mother type so here I am.”

Jake winced,

“You really expect me to believe it’s mine?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

Jake shivered and Sammie wrapped her arm around his shoulders in support,

“Livvy… Since the day we met you have done nothing but lie to me. I followed you across the world and you repaid me by fucking half of LA. If it had a penis you were available. Your parent’s should have named you Casting Couch!”

Sammie bit back her laugh as Olivia glared at him,

“I may have been unfaithful Jake, but you were hardly my dream lover. You were always working and you know how high my sex drive is.”

“I worked those hours to provide for us because you couldn’t book a job to save your life! Shitty actress, shitty person!”

“I still needed you Jake and you let me down.”

“So you just fucked with abandon as a reaction to my trying to be there for us?”

Olivia huffed, glancing at Sammie for support and finding none there,

“I may have indulged Jake, but I never had sex without protection. Not even with you. Remember that weekend in Reno when the condom broke…? Say hello to the repercussions.”

Jake howled,

“You fucking liar! Have you forgotten that STD I mysteriously contracted that you swore you knew nothing about! You screamed at me for days, accusing me of cheating on you. Honestly Livvy, that may have been the only thing you ever gave me! I thought I loved you and you treated me like shit on your $1000 shoes!”

Olivia stared at hem both indignantly and Sammie watched at the mask began to crack. Before her eyes the perfect face began to crumble and the picture perfect image began to shatter, tears falling and her face rumpled in distress,

“I DON’T KNOW JAKE!! I don’t! I want it to be yours but I can’t be sure! I was a bitch, a whore. A slut!. Are you happy now?!”

Jake stared as Olivia carried on, not needing to hear his reply,

“I fucked around, a lot! But here I am, pregnant and alone and I’m hoping to high heaven that it’s yours because, fuck it, no-one else could even begin to be the father you could! I need help dammit. Fuck you Jake… you owe me!”

Jake gripped Sammie’s hand,

“And how do you work that out Livvy?”

Olivia stared at the, flitting her eyes between them both,

“Every time you fucked me Jake… every time… I knew you were thinking of her,” She tilted her head towards Sammie, the hatred blatant in her expression, “How do you think that made me feel, knowing you’d rather be with her than me?”

“And I’m supposed to take on your bastard child because you feel maligned?”

“Damn right! You should never have taken up with me knowing that you wanted her… “

Olivia glared at Sammie and suddenly it all became too much,


Sammie stood, letting go of Jake and smiling bleakly down at him, hoping he’d see she wasn’t mad at him.

“This is getting us nowhere. Olivia, you’re pregnant, and whatever the outcome Jake will undertake his responsibilities, ” she bent to stare the other woman out, “But understand this, if you are lying to us, or if this is all a sham… I will break you in two. And if I can’t, I have friends who will make you wish you had never been born!”

She glanced back at Jake and smiled sadly,

“I imagine that you must be tired so give me ten minutes and I’ll make up a bed for you. merter escort A good night’s sleep and maybe we can talk about this without the animosity. I’ll even make breakfast. What do you say?”

For the first time all night, Olivia smiled, her face stripped of attitude,

“That would be nice Sammie. Thank you.”

Folded in Jake’s embrace, Sammie tried desperately not to cry. It had been torture, stripping his bed, removing the sheets and preparing it for Olivia. Jake had wanted to help but Sammie couldn’t bear to have him near.

Handing over a spare toothbrush and wishing her a good night, Sammie had slunk down the hallway towards her room, wanting more than anything to hold him and pretend this had never happened. How could her dream weekend have gone so wrong?

Jake looked broken, and despite herself, Sammie climbed in next to him. He bristled as he felt her clothed body against him and she wanted to cry, wanted to tell him it would be alright but unable to. She wanted the same connection he did but fear and sadness stopped her. Becoming a father wouldn’t change their situation but until they were certain Sammie didn’t want to sleep with him again. A baby… The one thing that could tear them apart. She struggled in his arms as he kissed her hair,

“Sammie… you were amazing. As long as I live, I’ll never forget how you handled tonight. I am so sorry sweetheart… so very sorry.”

Sammie shuddered at the change in endearment and hugged him, as much pain as she felt, his was multiplied. If she wanted him to believe she meant what she’d said, this was the time to prove it. Snuggling close, Sammie kissed the stop above his heart and sighed,

“Sleep Jake. We will sort this out… together.”

“Why did you let her stay Sammie?”

She looked up at him, blinking into the dark,

“You expected me to kick her out?!”

“I don’t… I don’t know Sammie! One minute I’m happier than I’ve ever been and the next… I’m not ready for this. I don’t want her… I want you. I need you Sammie!”

Sammie kissed him, a kiss filled with hope and sadness and resignation,

“Sleep Jake. We will sort this out in the morning.”


Sammie bolted upright, Rosie stood in her room, the shook emblazoned on her face,

“What the mother fuck is going on Samurai?! Jake, you cunt! What have you done!”

Jake sat up, rubbing his eyes,

“it’s not what you think Rosie Puds!”

Sammie climbed out from the duvet, as Jake huffed,

“It’s far, far worse!”

Sammie hugged her friend,

“How was Paris? Did you have fun Puds?”

Rosie pulled her hands away, glaring at them both,

“Screw Paris! What the fuck is going on Samurai?! Why are you in bed with my brother?!”

Sammie gestured to her clothed body,

“Nothing Rosie, honestly, look at me, I’m dressed. As if!”

Jake snorted, climbing out of bed and baring his erection to the pair of them. Rosie shrieked in disgust, covering her eyes and Sammie tried to quell her arousal as he wrapped his arms around her,

“Rosie… we need to tell you something. Sammie and I are a couple now. I… I love her and I hope she loves me.”

Sammie squeezed his hands, wrapped around her waist,

“I do Rosie Puds… but it’s far worse than that…”

Before Rosie had a chance to respond, the door opened and Olivia stepped inside, her heavily pregnant form illuminated by the moon,

“What the hell is all this noise…?”

Rosie clocked Olivia and flew towards her, shrieking and screaming like a woman possessed,


Sammie dragged Jake’s hands form her body and pulled her friend away from a quivering Olivia, glad to see Jake take her in his arms. Rosie was incandescent with rage, hissing and spitting towards the pregnant woman,

“Somebody needs to talk to me god dammit! What the fucking fuck is going on here!”

Sammie pushed Rosie bodily out the room as Jake held Olivia in his arms. She wanted to cry but knew that she had to stay strong. Pushing a struggling Rosie into her room, Sammie shoved her onto her bed,

“Rosie! Calm the fuck down!”

Rosie fought her, scrabbling as Sammie tried to pin her down,


Sammie sat astride her oldest friend and wondered how her life had failed so spectacularly, Rosie squirmed but Sammie felt the mutlukent escort fight leave her and she sagged beneath her,

“Samurai… what is going on?!”

Sammie talked. She told Rosie about how much she loved Jake, how he loved her and how they’d planned to be open and honest with Rosie on her return. No lies, no bullshit. Rosie huffed but as Sammie spoke she relaxed, and Sammie climbed off of her. Rosie sat up,

“So he loves you?”

Sammie blinked,

“I believe he does.”

Rosie huffed,

“If he hurts you Samurai, I will cut him into a million tiny pieces and make him wish he’d never been born…”

Sammie smiled, hugging her friend,

“You don’t mind?”

Rosie sat up,

“Why would I mind Samurai? You are my best friend and I love you. He is my brother and I love him. If you want to fuck your lives away together I am A-okay with that. I wish you’d told me but…”

Sammie shrugged,

“We didn’t really know Rosie Puds… It’s only been a recent thing…”

Rosie hugged her and Sammie sagged against her gentle hold,

“And Olivia…”

Sammie shrugged sadly,

“That we didn’t anticipate…”

Rosie stood, opening her curtains and staring out into the night sky,

“And are you okay with that Samurai? Knowing he has a child out here?”

Sammie sobbed, the tears falling unbidden from her eyes, Rosie climbed on the bed, wrapping her arms around her friend,

“Does he even know Sammie?”

Sammie sobbed, unable to form the words.

Sammie eventually slept, an exhausted slumber brought about by an excessive trauma. She had no idea that Rosie has pinned Jake to the sofa, firing on all guns blazing,

“So you love her Jake?”


“And you want to be with her?”


“For how long? A week? A month? Forever?”

Jake hissed,

“All of that! For fucks sake Rosie, I love her!”

“Jake… I love you man, you are my brother and she is my best friend in the whole world. Nothing would make me happier than you two getting together…”

“So what is your fucking problem?”

“Jake… has she told you that she can’t have kids…?”

Jake stilled, staring at his sister as her words slowly perforated his brain,

“She tried… Naturally, IVF, that poor girl put herself through all kinds of torture trying to give Richard an heir. The pain, the agony, the tears. Sammie almost broke Jake, she gave and gave and gave and the failure almost killed her. And here you are, nonchalant as you like, a baby fully grown inside that bitch!”

Jake choked,

“I didn’t know…”

“Could you take that Jake? Knowing that you had a child out there whilst the woman you loved struggled, unable to give you a child?”

Jake stilled,

“Rosie, all I want is Sammie. If all we have is each other, that will be enough. If she wants to adopt, we’ll adopt but if it’s just me and her… “

Rosie gripped his face in her hands,

“Be sure brother of mine, be fucking sure. Can you really say you’ll be happy knowing you have a child out there…He almost killed her Jake, That fucker almost destroyed her. And I couldn’t stop it. I won’t let someone else break her again.. even if it’s you…”

Jake shrugged bleakly and Rosie sighed. Neither heard Sammie sob behind the door.

The four of them stood in the kitchen. Rosie taking the lead. Olivia revelled in her status, the billowing mother to be as Jake stared lustily back at Sammie. Rosie had somehow galvanised herself, leading the charge,

“Breakfast! We need food! I vote pancakes and bacon and bacon!”

Olivia grinned and Jake turned to Sammie, stretching his hand out,

“You go! I think I’m getting a migraine…”

Jake was on her in a heartbeat,

“I’ll stay with you sweetie!”

Sammie smiled,

“It’s okay Jake, get some food. I just need to sleep.”

He kissed her, stroking her back and making her want to drag him back to her bed,

“It’s cool Jake, I’ll be here when you get back. Get some sustenance… you’ve earned it”

Jake wrapped her in his arms, oblivious to Olivia’s hisses or Rosie’s sighs.

“I’ll bring you something back sweetie. I love you.”

Sammie kissed him with everything she had, wrapping her body around him,

“Sounds perfect Jake..I love you too.”

The door closed behind them, her love, her best friend and her adversary. Sammie sighed, her head was clearer than it had ever been, Jake had a child, something she could never give him. As much as he protested she just knew that he would never turn away from his child. Sammie heard the lift door ding and as the lift descended she turned to her laptop, typing in the As much as she loved him and wanted him, she wasn’t enough and as she typed in her card details she exhaled, sad but finally free.

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