Sandi’s Erotic Interludes Ch. 18


Chapter 18. Dominic. (April 2002)

The roadside café was a typical greasy spoon establishment and checking out the clientele while waiting to be served I found them to be mainly lorry drivers and builders. At one table though sat a smartly dressed guy in his early thirties who smiled when our eyes met. Having been served I carried my coffee over to the table where he sat and indicating the vacant chair opposite him asked if it was taken.

“No help yourself, I’d be glad to have the company of an attractive lady,” the guy replied.

His name was Dominic and he was on his way to a business meeting next day in C, stopping the night at a Travelodge just outside the town. Telling Dominic I’d stayed there a few times myself I went on to tell him it was probably amongst the best. For my part I told him that I was on my way home, having concluded my business earlier than expected, and we were travelling in roughly the same direction, though remaining vague about my final destination.

Dominic was a suave and confident sort of guy who leaning his upper body across the table as we talked placed a hand on my knee beneath it.

“If you’ve time to spare as you said, maybe you could divert to the Travelodge and show me the luxuries it affords.” Dominic said with a wink and a smile, his fingertips slipping under the hemline of my skirt.

“Maybe I could.” I returned his smile and Dominic’s hand crept higher sancak escort up my leg.

“Ah stockings, nice,” his hand continued upwards. “I also like the way you’ve uncrossed your legs and parted them a little.”

His fingertips had reached my panties by this time and finishing my coffee I suggested going before we drew attention to ourselves.

Outside he kissed me before climbing into a sleek blue sports car and moving off. Calling, “See you there,” and blowing me a kiss, Dominic sped from the car park.

Dominic reached the Travelodge well before I did and stood outside reception twirling the room key in his hand. Following him in I told Dominic it was a room I’d stayed in before, suppressing the information that I hadn’t been alone that time either!

Stripping down to his boxer shorts Dominic told me he’d better ring his wife to let her know that he’d arrived safely. “Penny worries so.”

I went to the bathroom and then undressed while Dominic spoke to his wife. Naked I stepped up behind him and pressed my body to Dominic’s back while running my fingers through his sparse chest hair. My fingers located his nipples and I played with them, Dominic trying to suppress his gasps while listening to his wife talking. Running my hands down his front I slipped them inside his boxer shorts, aware that Dominic was trying to end the phone call sarıyer escort as I took his cock in one hand, his balls the other. His efforts proved in vain though as his children were next put on the line. Tugging the boxer shorts down I moved to kneel in front of him and there was a pleading look on his face, pleading with me to desist, which I ignored and took the end of his cock between my lips. He ended the call abruptly and told me I was a tease who needed teaching a lesson; although Dominic admitted that it had turned him on to have me sucking his cock while he spoke to his wife.

Kicking the boxers off Dominic sank down onto the end of the bed and catching me by surprise pulled me face down across his lap. I of course offered no resistance as he began spanking me but was soon squirming and squealing on his lap.

Calling me a tease who deserved it, Dominic continued spanking my bottom, ignoring my half hearted pleas to stop.

“You’re enjoying this as much as I am!” He told me

Growing more and more worked up, Dominic eased me off his lap and positioned me face down on the bed. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him removing the belt from his trousers and braced myself for what I knew was to come. The first blow still took me by surprise though and I yelled.

“Quiet, stop your whining.” Dominic continued to beat my bottom with sefaköy escort his belt, teasing me that despite the pain I made no attempt to stop it.

“That’s enough though, you need to be able to sit down for the drive home,” he said, throwing the belt aside. “Let me kiss it better.”

It was his lips on my bottom then as he kissed my tormented cheeks. Then he was licking my bum cheeks while probing my cunt with his fingers. Dominic would have found me very wet indeed!

Rolling me over onto my back Dominic lowered his face between my thighs. Again I was squealing but this time the cause was his tongue licking my clitoris. In next to no time my squeals became wild and lusty shouts of joy as he brought me to orgasm. Next Dominic slid on top, drawing another, and different sort of cry from my lips when his cock powered its way into me. He fucked me rapidly for a moment before climbing off to urge me up onto my hands and knees.

“I want to fuck you doggie style,” he grunted.

“Suits me!”

Within seconds his cock again powered into me and gripping my hips Dominic resumed his fierce thrusts. Pausing, his cock fully inside, Dominic lunged over to take my breasts in his hands. Continuing to fuck me, Dominic’s lips nuzzled my neck and ears, his hands to squeeze my breasts, until he came, his twitching cock buried to the hilt inside me.

I resumed my journey later in a very contented frame of mind, despite a certain amount of discomfort due to the way Dominic had chastised my bottom.

Telling hubby about my experience later and exhibiting my backside for his inspection resulted in the excitement I anticipated. Hubby was very highly charged to see the signs of another guy’s handiwork on my bottom and I gave him the hand relief he expects!

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