Sarah’s Journey Ch. 016


016 Having huge breasts is great but…

A few weeks went by rather uneventfully, as I got saddled with a huge project at work and that was my focus. But I did get quite a few looks and obvious stares at work when I went in. The security guard at the front desk had to do a double take before he looked at my face, inside I was loving it, for some reason it was terribly erotic for me. A few of the guys on my team said something about my newly increased size. It was all in good taste and mostly just a few questions. No one had actually sat down and asked me about them, I thought that was great. As I answered I actually was liking talking about them, it seemed erotic to me.

After they left I was trying to figure out why that was erotic to me. They say women are more stimulated by sounds and actual physical stimulation, but for me I seemed to be just as visually stimulated as the guys. Oddly enough talking and answering questions was a turn on for me.

I just wish that I had a girlfriend I could talk to about what happened at the beach a month ago. But they all seemed to avoid me after my last fill appointment. The guys say they’re jealous. Maybe; I don’t know.

I still hadn’t had sex with anyone since Brandon moved out because we were still married and I still didn’t want to violate that, oddly enough. The temptation was terrible, but I still just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I text messaged Brandon about it.


“Hey, got a sec?”


“A few whats up? Are you ok?”


“Yes doing fine thanks for asking. You are also I hope?”


“Yep, just consumed with work as usual.”


“Wanted to check about the taxes and finishing up our paperwork.”


“Taxes are at the accountants and I’m in line she told me.”


“Any estimate on a time?”


“Probably April.”


“Ok, thanks at least I know what to expect. Glad you’re going well, take a day off now and then please. You’re going to work yourself to death,”

It was January 2016, so about 4 more months. It’d been a little over 2 years so 4 more months wasn’t bad. In all that time I hadn’t had actual sex the only thing I actually inserted into me was my small vibrator and it was about as wide as Brandon was so I hadn’t stretched my self. I thought about this as aside from the 1 time I used 3 fingers on my self it was always 1 finger and I could feel myself contracting on my finger when I came. Even the event at the beach Russ only used 1 finger as well.

All the guys I’ve seen so far have been thicker than anything I’ve ever had put in me and that’s concerning.

Authors Note:

I know I refer to my Ex’s size. When we married I had no experience with guys really before. And all I knew for 15 years was him. I never thought much about it and figured that 4″ in length and 3.5″ around was average and that all men would be similar. But as I found out that’s not the case. I don’t think less of him, it’s not like he has a choice. So sex was a concern for me from a physical stand point.

My phone buzzed, it was a text from Russ, the guy I met at my beach outing. I guess he figured out the Signal app. I chuckled to my self.


“Hey Sarah how are you.”


“I’m well, and you. Been a while.”


“Ya been busy and didn’t want to be too forward.”


“Lol you’re fine, what’s up.”


“I thought we might go do something. Not quite as amazing as last time, unless you’re in that mood. :)”


“LOL well that was a pretty out of character thing for me and haven’t gone out since. But ya what did you have in mind?”


“How about I surprise you? Are you ok with heights?”

This was scaring me yet intriguing at the same time.


“I can deal with heights ok[ish]”


“Great, so Saturday say 6AM?”


“Sure 6AM works, a bit early for a date.”


“Don’t want to waste the day ;)”

I gave him the address of a 7-11 about 6 blocks from the condominium complex I lived in as I am still pretty guarded about that.

Friday night I was trying to figure out what to wear. I knew he said, heights, but that was it. I guessed it would be cold if he was talking up in the mountains like around Big Bear or Julian. So I dressed in layers. Sports bra that was now too small it pushed my breasts way up and they just bulged out of the top, the material across the front didn’t really hold them that well and my nipples would slip out with not too much movement. It was all I had for a sports bra and it would have to do. An over shirt that I loved because it would stretch and form fit my breasts as it perfectly outlined them by laying flat against my tummy and not tenting up.

I put it on and smoothed it over my now beyond huge breasts and made sure to pull it up against my tummy so there was practically nothing left to the imagination. I then noticed that it no longer would cover my abdomen completely. My breasts took up so much space now that the bottom of the shirt was 4-5″ above my pants line. I looked in the mirror, Holy shit, I thought! WOW these look gigantic, tuzla escort partly it was because the sports bra was struggling to hold them in and they were bulging out of the top. Well as I have recently discovered I love attention and decided to wear it anyway. I grabbed my XXL hoodie and put it on, it also didn’t fit that well any more, I had to squeeze them together just to get the zipper up and even the zipper was struggling.

I headed out the door and walked the 6 blocks to the 7-11. I was getting stared at by every car that went by, men and women alike. I felt like one of the 7 wonders and loved it. I got to the 7-11, and went inside to buy a coffee. As I was pouring my self the coffee, I turned to put the carafe back and hit a display with my right breast. A few Twinkies fell off and landed on the floor. While this would probably bother most women I was so happy about it. I put them back and went to pay, at the counter I had to lean forward just to see the credit card machine because as I stood there it was hidden from view by my breasts.

As I walked out the door, with everyone still staring at me the guy that was coming in looked straight down at them and exclaimed “Daaaaaaaaammmmmm!”, paused for a second as did I to give him a bit of a look and continued on his way. Inside I loved that and just giggled.

Russ showed up a few minutes later and we headed out. I got in and he asked if my breasts had gotten bigger? I explained my story and about the expanders to him on our drive. We headed south on I-5 for 90 minutes and we talked about all the getting to know you stuff. He exited on Genesee Ave. As we were obviously getting close to our destination I mentioned that I tended to get a lot of stares. He laughed and told me that on the walk to the car at the beach he noticed all the stares and even a few people pointing me out to others. We talked about how I handled all the attention and I told him I loved it honestly. Luckily he understood after I explained my marriage. As long as I was ok with it was all that mattered. He assured me that he wasn’t going to get upset, because it’s just going to happen.

As we headed west toward the ocean we pulled up at the paragliding airport in La Jolla. I was a bit scared because when he said heights I thought standing on a look out somewhere. I did not expect this.

We got our 2 tickets for a tandem ride and waited. The breeze was surprisingly warm so I took my hoodie off and put it in the car. And I thought a lot of people were staring already. As I was waiting for my ride a guy coming in for a landing saw me and was staring at me, that caused him to miss his landing and face plant about 10 yards outside the landing area. He got up and was ok, but inside I was loving it.

We got hooked up in our tandem rigs and jumped off the cliff. The sudden drop scared the hell out of me until the parasail caught the wind and away we went. With that sudden drop my sports bra slipped down and I could feel my breasts bulging out the top and knew what was next. I tried to pull it back up but with the harness that just want going to happen. Sure enough within a few more minutes it slipped all the way off and was now just bunched up underneath my breasts. The pilot couldn’t help but notice because my nipples were now not only hard from the cool air but showing through my shirt like beacons.

The pilot shifted in his harness. After that I swear I could feel his penis as I was sitting on his lap.

Again I took this as a compliment and still just loved it. I was becoming an attention addict.

We landed and luckily it was a smooth landing as all I had covering me, was my thin skin tight shirt.

Russ was already there and waiting for me. As I landed he was watching and as I walked toward him breasts still jiggling freely with each step, he smiled.

“So I see you ummm, had a “wardrobe malfunction?”

Laughing “Yes the sports bra lost that fight.” I said as I was starting to tug at it through my shirt.

“Lets find you a place to get that adjusted.” he said kindly.

“Ya probably a good idea with all these families with their kids.”

We walked over to the porta-potties and went inside. I’m just glad they were clean[ish], I pulled up my shirt and heaved the undersized sports bra out and up over my breasts struggling to get them squished in it. This time adjusting it up higher, but then I had under boob bulging out the bottom now. I was sure it looked terrible. But I didn’t have a better idea.

Russ took me for tacos at the shittiest most rundown place I’d ever seen. It had a health department paper in the window that said C. That was concerning but Russ was adamant that it was safe and the best tacos ever. Personally I preferred the pop up taco places that the people set up in gas station parking lots and on the sidewalks in LA.

“How are you doing for time?” Russ asked.

“I’m in no rush, this is all I had planned for the day, why?”

“Was going to go and maybe take a short walk, they have several close here.”

“Sure that sounds great.” It was nice to go and do something on a date besides ucuz escort dinner and a movie.

We arrived at a thickly wooded walking trail close to the UCSD campus and got out of the car.

As I got out I was trying to readjust the back strap of the sports bra because it was digging into me pretty bad. Russ asked if he could help and pulled it up a bit, then down a bit and nothing made it any better. I probably should have thought about this before I left home. Russ suggested that I could take it off and wear my hoodie as a cover up. So I got in the car as Russ stood with his back to the window providing a bit more privacy for me. That was really sweet and not pushy at all, I would catch him staring often but that’s why I dressed like this. Besides he’d seen me naked and fingered me at the beach a month ago.

Getting my shirt back on I got out of the car. Russ handed me my hoodie, I looked at him grinned and tossed it in the passenger seat.

“It’s too warm for a hoodie, I’ll just sweat.” I said.

“Umm sure but you can see everything with just your shirt.” he said politely.

“Well I’m ok with the attention and I didn’t get these to try and hide them, not that I can anymore.”

He smiled from ear to ear looking down at the straining shirt and my nipples that were highlighted by the bright yellow of the material. We walked along the trail for a while and stopped to sit for a minute.

“I’m sorry I can’t stop staring Sarah.” Russ said trying to be as polite and apologetic as he could.

Laughing to make sure they jiggled “That’s ok I like that attention as you know and it’s not like you haven’t seen me naked anyway.” I said winking.

“Yes it’s just they’re very noticeably larger than 4 weeks ago.”

“I know I’m still super excited! I have my next Drs appointment next week.” I mentioned.

“You what!? You mean you want them bigger than this?” he exclaimed.

“Yes. Do you disapprove?” I asked just to see if he was going to get judgmental like the women that used to associate with me at work.

“Are you kidding!? Oh God no! That’s great! Besides you don’t need my approval, what I think shouldn’t matter, you do you.”

Ok, gold star for Russ! So glad about that. I smiled at him thankfully.

“So can I feel them?” Russ asked a little sheepishly.

“Of course, I mean after the beach that’s way more tame.”

He reached over and lifted them up, I could see that he was surprised as their weight. After rubbing them for a bit he had both hands on my left breast trying to hold it with no luck.

“You’re more than a 2 hander with just 1 of those, that is so Hot.” He said.

As he played with my breasts, I noticed that even for a guy 2 hands could barely could cover ½ of 1 breast. That was a turn on for me. Damn is there anything that doesn’t turn me on any more? I thought to my self.

I noticed Russ’s shorts and his erection that I could tell was probably at full mast. I reached over and rubbed it through his jeans.

“Sorry I didn’t ask first.” I said as I stopped rubbing but left my hand gripping his shaft.

“Oh don’t apologize!” he responded as I imagined.

“If there’s a place private enough I could probably fix that for you.” I said with a sly smirk.

“That sounds like a great idea!” he exclaimed.

He jumped up and looked around, he grabbed my hand and we set off toward a pile of small boulders that were about 100yds off the path. Walking around behind them we were hidden from the trail, as long as no one came from the other way it was a good spot. I walked around behind and found a smaller rock to sit on. I pulled Russ over, undid his shorts, then pulled them down a little ways to let his throbbing erection spring out.

“Don’t cum in my mouth, or on me. Got it?” I said in a very serious tone.

“I’ll let you know when I’m getting close.” he assured me.

His penis was about 6″ I suppose and a moderate width, I could still get my hand around it, but it was a nice thickness. I licked the tip of his penis slowly. I thought that I should try to deep throat him because I was still practicing with my toy at home I was comfortable and able to relax my throat muscles.

I looked up at him as he fondled both my breasts that they pressed into his thighs as I was flicking my tongue over the top of his raging hard on. I took a breath and a second to relax my throat muscles. Then I let go of his cock leaving just the tip in my mouth, I reached back and grabbed both of his butt cheeks. He looked down to see what I was doing. I just looked back at him making eye contact the whole time. Then I yanked on his ass cheeks and drove his cock right into my throat. I felt the tip pop open my pharynx and just enter my esophagus. The whole tip didn’t go in and I was all the way down on him. I moved my head back and forth, masturbating him with my throat. Every time feeling the tip of his cock just pushing its way in to my throat a little.

Wow I’m good at this I thought. I guess practice makes perfect? As I was able to easily get my toy in my throat and it was wider than Russ. I kept going for a bit. I pressed ümraniye escort my mouth all the way down on him, opened my mouth and flicked his balls with my tongue. I played with them and tried to get under them to lift them up with my tongue but I couldn’t. Russ grabbed my head on the sides and gently moved me back and forth just enough so that the head of his cock kept popping past my pharynx. I pulled my head back and he let go. He looked down with concern.

“I’m sorry was that not ok?” he asked half panicked with concern.

I smiled up, “Oh no you’re fine, you like that pop feeling at the back?” I asked.

“Oh God yes!” he exclaimed.

“Ok.” I said smiling as I opened my mouth and impaled my throat with his still raging hard on.

I clenched my lips around his shaft and energetically slid my lips from the tip to the root each time making sure to pop his head into my throat. I then was moving only the tip in and out of my pharynx, while hugging his ass with my arms around him. I looked up at him, backed up just a little just so I could feel the tip of his penis just touch my pharynx, I tried to smile which is tough to do with a penis in your mouth. I seductively winked at him. Then I pulled him into my throat as hard as I could, concentrated a second and swallowed with his cock in my esophagus.

His legs shuddered, he exclaimed “Oh hell!”, yanked his cock out of my mouth and turned to the side. I immediately grabbed his erection and was jerking him up and down as fast as I could. Almost instantaneously he started cumming, the first squirt jetted out the end of his cock and flew 3-4 feet, the following ones a bit shorter until he was just dribbling but I could still feel his cock contracting like it did when he was squirting. I kept pumping his cock for several seconds until it stopped contracting like he was cumming.

He looked down at me and said “Holy God, that was amazing! What the hell did you do!?”

“It’s a secret.” I smiled up at him.

“I’ve never felt anything like that before! I can’t describe how amazing that felt!”

“I’m glad you liked it.” I replied as I was happy that felt so good for him. I don’t know where the idea came from it just seemed like it would feel good to have my throat muscles grip the tip of his cock and squeeze then pull as they tried to pull it down into my esophagus.

“Can you do it again!?” he asked like a kid in a candy store.

“Yes, I can do that again for you.”

“Oh my God that’s great!”

We got him stuffed back in his shorts and headed back to the trail. Back at the car we started the drive back to LA. The whole car ride he had his right hand constantly on my breasts rubbing, squeezing, or playing with my nipple through my shirt. After just a bit I noticed through his shorts he was hard again.

“Hard again already?” I asked.

“Ya usually I don’t go soft after I cum if I’m still being stimulated. Well until about the 4th time anyway. Then it’s 15-20 mins before I can get hard again.”

“Wow that is actually really impressive. So are you uncomfortable when you’re hard and in shorts or pants?”

“It depends on where it’s pointed when it gets hard, but usually not.”

“How about now?”

“It’s fine right now.” he answered as I looked down at his hardon in the leg of his shorts.

“It looks like it’s not comfortable though.”

“No, just fine.”

“Oh ok, I was thinking it would be more comfortable if you let it out. But that’s ok.” I said seeming to lose interest.

“You know now that you mention it, ya it is a bit constrained.” he said with a hopeful smile.

“I thought so.” I said as I continued to look out the window.

After a few seconds Russ said “You could make me more comfortable and I wouldn’t mind you know.”

“I guess I could do that.” I said smiling over at him. All the while his hand never left my boobs.

I unzipped his shorts and he lifted up to help slide them down, as he did his cock popped out and it was as hard as it was before, I was surprised. I thought, WOW I am liking the guys in their 20’s this is great!

“You know, don’t cum in my mouth, got it?”

“Yep, no problem. The second one takes a bit more work than the first.” he said with a smile.

With that he leaned his seat back and I turned in my seat and leaned over. I was leaning down heading toward his throbbing erection, then I stopped. I took a second, my breasts were pressed against the center console and I couldn’t get far enough down to reach his penis. Oh crap I didn’t think about that, mostly because I’d never tried to suck a guys dick in a car before. I tried pushing them back, and forward either way I was too far away or they took up his whole lap. I tried turning and pointing them back between the seats. That seemed to work ok, except for having to turn my head.

I worked with it he best I could. I tried but my teeth kept getting him and it was just uncomfortable. He suggested I kneel up on my seat and then lean forward. That worked surprisingly well, except it was blatantly obvious what I was doing. I didn’t care and Russ obviously was ok with as it was his idea. So the rest of the drive back I gently and lazily licked, sucked and ran my lips up and down his still hard cock. Occasionally when my jaw would get tired, I would tongue his balls for a while. Then go back to slowly and lazily sucking on him. By the time we got back to the 7-11 he hadn’t cum and was still hard, after at least 90 minutes of having his cock in my mouth.

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