Secret Sexiness Ch. 01

Big Tits

Deb was standing at the front counter, checking the schedule for the day. She noted that 15 people had attended the early morning water aerobics class. Now, the three 8:00 am regulars were swimming laps in the pool, and the normal 6:00 am lifeguard was in the lifeguard stand trying to stay awake for her 30 minute shift. Deb had just gotten into work, and she knew Burt was there already but she hadn’t seen him yet. She knew he had just gotten off the lifeguard stand, and that he was in the back room, by her office.

She didn’t hear him walk up behind her, but she felt him put his hands on her waist and slide them up underneath her shirt. He leaned his large body into her back and said casually, “Do you have a swimsuit on?”

Even though she enjoyed feeling his hands on her, she turned around quickly and said, “What the fuck are you doing?”

Burt looked apologetic and said, “I’m sorry…”

She said, “Shut up.” She grabbed him by the shirt and led him to the back room, around a corner where no one could see them.

He was shocked by what was happening. He didn’t know what to expect from her if he touched her, but he knew he had to try sooner or later. She was driving him crazy. Ever since he realized that she wasn’t always a cold authoritarian, he’d been sure that he could get her to open up to him. He liked talking to her, and liked looking at her. She had long legs and long blonde hair. She was athletic and his favorite part about her was that she swam almost every day – and he got to be her lifeguard, watching her flip around in her Speedo.

Once they were in the back room, she pushed him roughly so that his back hit the wall, and she said in a strict tone, “First of all, it is incredibly inappropriate for you to touch me that way. Not only am I your boss, but if any of the customers or the other staff had seen you, I could face being fired. You wouldn’t be fired. I would.” Then she said in her strict tone, “Secondly,” but softened her tone and took a step closer to him and said sweetly, looking up at him, “Ask me that question again.”

He tentatively put his hands on her hips, looking questioningly into her blue eyes. She reassured him by leaning closer to him until her breasts were brushing against his chest. He slowly moved his hands up under her shirt and felt the soft skin on her stomach with his thumbs, then moved his fingers along her back up to her bra and back down, stopping just above her ass, and he leaned down and spoke softly into her ear, “Are you wearing a swimsuit?”

She had her eyes closed and she took a quick breath of air, enjoying the way his breath felt on her ear.

He pulled her hips closer to him and wrapped his arms around her, putting her earlobe in his mouth, sucking it and then gently biting it.

She lifted her arms to put them around his neck and pressed her hips against him with all her weight. She wanted to feel his hardening cock against her. She leaned her head to one side to open her neck up to him. He took the invitation and kissed her neck softly, then sucked it, then bit it gently, making her breathe harder and harder. She ran her fingers through his short brown hair, pushing him into her neck, and then she turned her head so that she could kiss him. She looked into his eyes and her lips began to curl into a sexy smile. She steeled herself to close the gap between them, to press her lips against his and finally kiss this sexy man who worked for her. With their lips about to touch, she took a breath, tasting his minty breath and feeling the wetness between her legs respond to his proximity.

As they both leaned further and let their lips gently brush, the loud creaking sound of the old solid-steel door jarred them out of their reverence for each other. They both knew that sound: the pool’s front door opening. They both knew that it would take about 15 seconds for the person to make it all the way to the front desk, since whoever walked in would have to walk from the other side of the natatorium. Deb and Burt both knew that a customer wouldn’t be able to see them, but a lifeguard would walk straight into the office right past where they were about to start making out. So they both knew that they had to stop, to avoid being caught.

She briefly allowed herself to just lean against him. She took a deep breath and resumed her authoritative tone. She had felt his cock growing hard, so she asked him quietly, “Do you need to go into my office to… straighten up?” He was still looking deeply into her eyes. He wanted her so badly. His brain was doing summersaults as he tried to think of ways he could throw her down and fuck her right then and there. Finally he took a deep breath and said, “No. I’m ok.

She straightened her shirt and walked her normal fast-paced walk back out to the front desk. It was another lifeguard after all. It was Dave, who was early for his shift, for once. She thought, Why is he early today of all days?

In her usual curt and matter-of-fact tone, she said loudly, “Good morning Dave.” After Dave said good morning and was standing in the reception area, Burt had recovered and appeared from acıbadem escort strong the corner. She gathered her keys and some paperwork and told them that now there were three guards, she was going to run to City Hall to do some paperwork. She said she’d be back around noon, and if they needed her to call her cell. She quickly walked to the front door and out to her car, then she pulled away.

After she was gone, Burt noticed that she had been acting like nothing had happened, acting just like she always did. She had spoken to both of them while she was gathering her things, without really looking at either of them. She was acting very busy and in a hurry, as always. It made him smile to think of her behavior in light of knowing that she must be as horny and disappointed as he is. He realized that maybe she’s always acting cold and professional as a way to hide what she’s really thinking and feeling.

He thought back to how he’d finally decided to try to touch her. A few weeks ago she worked late and he was the lifeguard that was closing up for the night. Everything was done, but he was supposed to stay until the last man was done in the locker room, and tonight it was the 70-year old Larry who always took forever in the shower.

As Burt waited in the reception area, sitting in one of the three chairs at the front counter, Deb was doing the final paperwork for the front desk. Burt always felt a little uncomfortable around Deb, because she was his boss, but also because they’d been working together for over a year and she was always uptight. She never had a down moment where she just joked with everyone, and the lifeguards usually did plenty of joking; he thought it would be easy for her to chime in. She usually just ignored the lifeguards’ joking unless they happened to say something derogatory or degrading. In that case, she would just look up from whatever she was working on, or suddenly appear from the other room and say, “That’s enough, guys. Talk like that outside of work, but not here. I’m happy to give out official warnings if it continues.” Then she would look them in the eye until she got a nod or a “Yes, ma’am,” from each offender. Burt had always thought her personality didn’t fit her look. She acted like she was his mom’s age, not just a couple years his senior. In Burt’s experience, most attractive women in their early twenty’s were easy going and flirty, but Deb was serious and considered herself to be above the banality of joking around.

Burt remembered that night, as they sat at the front counter. Burt stole a glance at Deb, who had her head turned away from him. In her tank-top and shorts, he could see her trim arms, her long narrow torso, her firm legs, and her long blonde hair cascading down her back loosely tied in a ponytail. He tried to guess how tall she was. He guessed maybe five foot eight inches, which would put her just a few inches shorter than him. He tried to imagine what type of person she was when she wasn’t at work, when she wasn’t in charge. He wondered what she acted like when she let loose, and he wondered if that ever happened.

Burt decided to pull his phone out of his pocket to start playing a game when Deb sighed, turned to him, and said in a surprisingly exasperated voice, “This isn’t the worst job in the world, right?” He was surprised that she asked him the question as if he were her friend, not in her usual commanding tone. He felt like she was reaching for some comfort from him, like she desperately needed to be told that everything was alright.

After registering his shock at her casual tone, he said, “Your job or mine?”

She said, “Both. I mean, working at a pool. It’s not so bad, right?”

He shrugged, “I like it. It’s a lot easier than a lot of other jobs.”

But she looked worried, gazing at the floor with a furrowed brow, so he thought he’d add something negative, to give her permission to bitch to him. “I mean, it is also really fucked up in a way.” She looked up from the floor and looked interested in hearing more, so he continued, “I mean… I feel like we simultaneously have a lot of serious responsibilities while having to do really stupid stuff like scrub gum off the bleachers.”

This made her laugh, and she said, “Yeah, it can really suck sometimes.”

He thought he’d prod her on. “I mean, it can’t be easy for you to try to keep us motivated to clean and be nice to customers and keeping us coming to work on time…”

She almost interrupted and said, “It’s not you guys that stress me out. It’s stupid City Hall. Why do I have to do so much stupid paperwork and go to so many classes and trainings when all I’m doing is running a fucking pool? If all I had to deal with was you all, I’d be happy. But they have me teaching training courses all over the city. The last time I checked, they only pay me to supervise you bozos. Not to teach city employees about sexual harassment and CPR.”

He was just looking at her, astonished that she was actually admitting that she was stressed. She always acted like a bitch. It seemed like she didn’t akbatı escort know how to be nice and caring sometimes, but he was realizing that maybe that was just her way of dealing with this stress.

She continued, “I mean, some of the lifeguards can suck my balls too. Why do they have to suck so freaking bad? Little insubordinate shits. I have to admit my job would be easier without them pissing me off all the time.”

He smiled and said as nicely as possible, “You know they do that on purpose, right? They are messing with you to try to get you to freak out and yell at them. They think it’s funny how uptight you are.” He immediately regretted calling her uptight, but she made it ok by saying, “I know! I see that happening, but it’s like I can’t change it! I just hate them for it, and hate myself even more for being a fucking stick in the mud. I don’t know how anyone would deal with those fuckers,” and she added, “How would you do it?”

He swallowed hard and thought about what to say. “I really don’t know. I’m glad I’ve never had to deal with them in that way. I guess I’d just fire someone if they were continually disrespectful.” He quickly added, “But don’t tell them I said that!”

She laughed and said, “You don’t have to worry about that. I like your advice though.” She looked back down at the paper work, filed it in the cabinet underneath the desk and then turned to look at him and said, “It’d be better if I could just be here all the time. Instead of running all around town.” Then she rolled her eyes and said, “Not that it matters anyway. As soon as I’m done with grad school, I’m out of this fucking place.”

Burt thought about how he was in his last year of college and only really working there because of the flexible schedule. He nodded and said, “I know how you feel.”

Larry finally walked out of the boy’s locker room and said good night as he walked by. Burt jumped up to close down the locker room. Deb went to grab her purse and turned out the office lights. As she and Burt walked out together, she said to him, “If you don’t mind, I’d rather you not tell anyone that I was speaking to you about these things, especially about leaving after grad school.” He opened the door for her and then closed it and locked it. He turned to look at her in the eyes, noting that he might be about four inches taller than her. He said with an honest smile, “You don’t have to worry.”

For the next few weeks, they would have these honest conversations with each other. She would share her frustrations, and he’d give her what advice he could about dealing with the stupid lifeguards. They would talk about school. Then it got to the point where he couldn’t talk to her without thinking about kissing her. He had dreams about her body being on top of his. He would go crazy when she would swim when he was on the lifeguard stand. She would walk across the pool deck and talk to him for a minute before she jumped in. He could barely keep his eyes on the pool when she was walking around in her swimsuit. When he finally put his hands on her this morning, he hadn’t even planned on doing it. He actually immediately regretted it, as if it was a Freudian slip, or an inevitable reaction to such a sexy woman being constantly around him. There were many mornings that she would come to work at 8am, do a little bit of paper work and then jump in the water and swim laps for a while. When he came out of the back office to see her standing at the front counter, he hadn’t even thought. He just walked up behind her and asked her about her swimsuit, wondering if he’d get to see her swimming this morning. Before he knew it, he was standing in the back office with his lips on her neck. He couldn’t stop thinking about what a blur that was. Because she went immediately back to acting like normal, playing her tough-girl authoritative role, he was a little unsure of what would happen going forward.

But again, he was reassured. She acted just like she always had. She acted just as tough, just as distance as always. He thought that maybe she was constantly hiding something. Maybe, for some time, she had been just as attracted to him as he was to her. Maybe she was even a hot ball of hormones and had to act like a tough girl just to keep her cool. Maybe she was a hot, sexy, fuck-machine who wanted…

“Burt!” Dave yelled at him, for the third time.


“Kelly said she needs you to go out there.” Burt got up and walked out to the pool to see what Kelly wanted.

He was in a daze until he got off work at 11. When he got home, he couldn’t help it. He had to see Deb. He had to taste her again, and he wanted to actually kiss her beautiful lips, not just brush his lips against hers for a passing moment. He wanted to feel her melt into his arms again. He couldn’t believe how badly he wanted to fuck her. He picked up his phone and wrote, “What are you doing tonight?” and sent it to her. He looked at his phone for a few minutes, but then had to go to class. He had to resist looking at his phone during class. His professor was adamant about cell aksaray escort phones in his classroom, so Burt had to wait until after class to look at his phone again.

That morning, after Deb left the pool, she had driven to City Hall, thinking about Burt the whole way. Her pussy was throbbing, wanting to feel his cock against her again. She wanted to just pull over and touch herself, but there wasn’t a place to pull over that would be totally private. Besides, she had never masturbated in her car, and probably wouldn’t be able to relax enough to get off. She got to City Hall, had a couple meetings and filed her paperwork. She was done by 10:30, but she didn’t want to go back to the pool yet, because she knew Burt was still there. She couldn’t stand to see him again, not unless she could tear his clothes off and push her wet pussy against his hard cock.

She decided to run some errands instead of going back to the pool. She had some shopping to do, and she stopped to get some lunch. It was about 12:30 before she got back to the pool. She left her purse by the reception desk, walked around the corner where she had pressed her body against Burt’s earlier, and then walked through the door to her office. She heard her phone beep. One of the guards yelled, “Deb, you got a text.” She walked to her purse and checked her phone. “What are you doing tonight?”

She immediately blushed and grabbed her purse and walked quickly back to her office. She wrote back, “You.”

But she didn’t send it. She deleted it. Then she went to her contacts and changed Burt’s name to “George.” She figured that was a safe name since she didn’t know a George. Then she decided she’d think about it for a few minutes before sending it.

When she first hired Burt, she wasn’t sure if she would like him. He was cute, in the traditional sense, with green eyes and clean-cut brown hair. And he was muscular. He had been working out for years, after playing football in high school. He obviously got a lot of attention from ladies, which, in Deb’s experience, made a guy arrogant and sometimes even disrespectful. But Burt was respectful, professional, and a hard worker. She thought at first it was just an act, but his character never strayed. He always did his work and he even kept the other lifeguards in line most of the time. She had overheard several of the girls who worked at the pool talking about having crushes on him, but none seemed to have success in getting his attention. Deb liked that about him. He seemed to be focused and driven, someone who wasn’t distracted easily. He came to work on time, did his job, and got his paycheck. He was just working there to help get him through college, and then he was going to be an engineer. Even though he was a similar age of most of the year-round lifeguards, most of whom attended the local university, Burt was more serious. Deb thought that he was, quite simply, more mature.

When Deb had first moved to Knoxville for grad school, she got the job managing the pool to help put her through school. Her Teaching Assistantship didn’t pay her enough to live on, and she didn’t want to take out loans. Therefore, she relied on her years of supervising and managing pools throughout high school and college to land an easy gig that paid a regular salary with city employee benefits. Her first day on the job, she self-diagnosed several of the most experienced lifeguards with an authority complex. They had worked there for years and weren’t used to being told what to do, and they weren’t used to even pretending to be professional. They were disrespectful to her, and she quickly decided the best way to deal with it was to demonstrate a strong work ethic and professional attitude, and to never stray from that line.

She had fired the worst offenders within her first few weeks, and ended up covering a lot of the lifeguarding herself because of it. Within her first few months at the pool, she had increased the amount of money the pool brought in, while decreasing the overall number of employee hours, and her bosses had decided to reward her with more responsibility. They wanted her to teach classes about city policies, which primarily meant teaching sexual harassment and sensitivity training. They also relied on her Lifeguarding, CPR, and First Aid Instructor status to teach and certify most of the city employees in first aid and CPR. All of these responsibilities kept her away from the pool more often, and gave her less control of the delicate balance of maintaining high standards of lifeguard professionalism. The end result was that she had been working this job for almost two years and still struggled to get her lifeguards to avoid saying things like “fuck” and “cunt” within earshot of kids and mothers, much less getting them to come to work on time.

But with Burt, she didn’t have to worry about any of that. He was kind to everyone, and she knew that if he was on the schedule, she could be away from the pool that day, because he kept things under control. He was a good worker, and the other lifeguards respected him. The first night she actually talked to him like a normal human being, instead of pretending to be a hard-ass, she realized that she did so because she was attracted to him. She became aware of her attraction that night, after he locked the front door to the pool and stood in front of her as if sizing her up. It was when he looked into her eyes and smiled. That night, she knew things had changed between them.

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