Sex Gods World Cup – Quarter-Final


Quarter-Final Round

At the sound of the whistle, the girls leap to action, fawning over the mega cocks of opposing teams’ super studs. Luana from Team Brazil begins by straddling Chikato’s cock and backing her hips against the base of his shaft, scissoring her toned thighs around his huge hard-on. Asuya has a similar plan, but instead mounts Marco’s member head-on, making out with the hung Brazilian boy-wonder while she rubs her already leaking pussy along his length.

Across from them, Sabby gets on her knees and wraps Tim’s massive member in a bear hug, squeezing his monster cock between her full tits and thick biceps. The UK muscle babe gets a loud moan from Tim as he leans his head back, his huge fifteen inch horse cock pulsing powerfully from the sensation. After marveling at David’s size for a few seconds, Gabby nestles his super-sized cock between her triple G’s for an incomparable tit-fuck: incomparable, save perhaps for Team Germany’s Lisa.

Raising the mic once more, Randy charms the crowd, “Actually, let’s look in on the match now and see how she’s doing,” Surprisingly, instead of unleashing her massive breasts on Matteo’s equally massive member, Lisa kneels down to try a wrap her lips around the Italian studs head for a blowjob. “In previous rounds, Lisa would begin by starting off with a blowjob, coating her opponents cock with her saliva before switching up with a five-star tit-fuck to finish him off. However, the German bombshell seems to be having some difficulty in getting her mouth around Matteo.” And it’s true, while Lisa’s blowjob was second to none, capable of handling all but the biggest cocks the Muscle Sex Gods World Cup had thrown at her, Matteo was the biggest, his sheer size making a regular blowjob impossible.

Unable to fit him in her mouth, Lisa instead begins to lick up and down his length in a bid to get him lubricated enough for her ‘instant win’ tit job. At the judges table, MILF Francine licks her lips, practically salivating at the sight of Lisa’s full lips puckering around the immense girth of Team Italy’s Matteo. “Meanwhile, the other half of Team Italy, Brianna is giving Stephen a mean two-handed hand-job, but the stud is handling the sensation well and holding his own, or rather, his cum. We’ll check back with them in a little while.”

Randy rests the mic down to watch the intense action, but soon has to pick it up again as the first guy blows his load, hardly a minute into the ladies ministrations. “Ooh, hard luck to Tim who’s first shot fires off hard and fast. A quick shot like that will cost Team USA big time. However, it seems like his attendant hadn’t been prepared for a quick shot either and has paused to clear the sudden cum blast off her face.” As Tim pants, his strapping chest heaving heavily from the strength of his climax, David across from him is still going strong, even against Gabby’s triple G tit-fuck. Sabby meanwhile struggles to clear enough of Tim’s thick cum from off her face to resume her bear-hug tit-fuck.

Another eruption soon joins Tim’s and is accompanied by a huge roar going up from the crowd. Groaning loudly, Chikato leans his head back as Luana’s hip dance coaxes him into blowing his load. He unleashes half a dozen jets of warm spunk before giving another tired groan and calming down. With nearly four minutes still left in the precursor round Luana has plenty of time to milk another climax, and even after his powerful orgasm Chikato looks ready to blow again.

“Hold on a second folks,” excitedly, Randy picks up the mic, “It looks like good things come in three’s because Asuya seems ready to even the score!” and he’s right. Groaning, Marco breaks away from the Asian’s erotic kiss, and as his powerful cock gives a flex, lifting Asuya off the ground momentarily, he launches a cum-blast of his own which splatters a few feet away from him.

It’s not long before more guys begin to cum, Zahira’s tit-fuck coaxing a series of creamy loads from Sven’s fifteen inch schlong, and despite David’s resilience, Gabby’s GGG gams get an absolutely massive spunk load from his eighteen inch mega cock. He’s quickly joined by yet another eruption from Tim, Sabby’s muscular bear-hug tit-fuck convincing his cum-cannon to fire off yet again. “Speaking of muscles, Melinda from Sweden is having a hard time getting off Hulk’s huge dick, imitating Luana’s thigh press to no avail and has now opted to copy Sabby’s bear-hug style, again to little effect. In fact, as yet, only the incredible Hulk and the mighty Matteo have yet to cum. Remember folks, if they can hold off till the end of the round, they will double their partners point scores.”

“So far, apart from Hulk and Matteo, each male member has cum at least once, and in Tim’s case, twice. However, Gabby is frantically working David’s cock between her huge pillowy mounds in an attempt to force him to cum and even the score.” Cradling the masculine half of Team UK’s eighteen-inch cock between her huge triple G breasts, Gabby beylikdüzü escort softly slides her massive boobs up and down his huge shaft looking to coax a second cumming from super-studs monster cock. “But after his last climax, David looks pretty content and is holding his own.

“So are you going to give in and cum?” Back over with the match-up between Team Brazil and Team Japan, Luana is sultrily working Chikato’s fourteen and a half inch tube-steak. The muscular hunk is doing his best to resist the alluring Luana, but he’s having a hard time resisting as the Brazilian bombshell submits him to an ultra-erotic standing lap dance, rolling her hips against his cock in slow circular gyrations. “Or am I going to have to take things up a notch?” Not that she needs to, there are already thick globs of pre-cum already oozing from the tip of Chikato’s tortured head.

Across from Chikato, Asuya adds a double-handed hand-job into the mix, adoringly running her hands along either side of Marco’s eighteen inch cock. Over at the judges table, Brazilian playboy model, Andressa Soares licks her lips enviously as she watches the demure Asian babe try her best to handle the well-hung stud. Examining Asuya attentively, Andressa slowly slips one hand between her legs, sliding a few fingers inside her soaking wet snatch to begin pleasuring herself, longing to trade places with the Asian girl.

Andressa watches as Asuya encouragingly rocks her hips back and forth against Marco’s eighteen-inch mega-cock. As she slides forward, her natural nectar drips from her pussy onto the Brazilian’s shaft, and as she slides back, her ass spreads her juices over the entirety of his length. Combined with her hand-job, soon Asuya’s feminine fluids coated every inch of Marco’s super-sized cock making his mammoth erection gleam.

Asuya using her arousal to her advantage in keeping Marco perpetually lubed up was a good tactic and Andressa would have awarded her bonus points if the preliminary round allowed it. However, the Brazilian Playboy model couldn’t help but think to herself that a bigger ass would better befit Marco’s super-sized shaft. ‘After all, he has one of the biggest cocks to enter the final knockout stage, and definitely the biggest Brazilian cock in any Muscle Sex Gods World Cup.’ Andressa mused to herself in arousal, increasing the speed of her fingers as the pumped in and out of her pussy, ‘I mean, it would only be appropriate that the biggest Brazilian ass take care of the biggest Brazilian cock… Maybe once the matches are concluded and Brazil wins the Cup, I can express my appreciation.’ Growing a little dazed as lust filled her mind, Andressa spread her thick thighs to better access her soaked snatch, ‘Luana’s good, but I’m sure Marco would like someone a little juicier to play with…’

“Zut alors! Zat cock eez magnifique! Ah, je jouis! Je jouis, jouis, jouis!” Screaming French jubilations, MILF Francine cums again from watching Lisa try and fail to bury Matteo’s hyper-cock between her extraordinary cleavage. The interruption brings Andressa out of her own personal reverie. Straightening up, the Brazilian model sighs and gets back to the match, watching adoringly as Marco easily weathers Asuya’s triple-threat attempt at trying to coax another climax from the Brazilian. However, he remains firm, instead giving a series of sporadic almost playful flexes from his cock to keep Asuya off her game.

“You won’t last long now, I can feel your dick pulsing between my tits,” on the other hand, Sabby is completely on top of her game and keeps Tim enveloped in her bear-hug tit-fuck. She’d already coaxed two easy climaxes from the American stud and saw no reason to change things up. After all, shifting position would eat into the remaining time and give Tim a chance to recover and pace himself against her sexual onslaught.

Clutching his cock tighter in her erotic bear-hug, Sabby submits Tim’s stiff prick to a double squeeze, her well-developed double-F cup tits stimulating the underside of his fifteen inch shaft while her built biceps form an erotic vice around the remainder of his length. “Fuck me once shame on you, fuck me twice shame on me, but fuck me three times…” Excitedly, Randy West comments on Sabby’s unconventional yet effective approach at milking the mega-studs mighty cock, “To his shame, Sabby, the UK stunner has already elicited two impressive cumshots from the American stud, but Tim has endeavored, and it looks like Sabby’s reign of unrelenting fucking is coming to an end.” Randy nods sagely as the American hunk begins to shift his hips in rhythm with Sabby’s triple-threat bear-hug tit-fuck. Eyes closed in concentration, Tim looks more at ease with his hands positioned on his hips, steadily increasing the force of his thrusts and pounding his cock upward between the UK babe’s ample breasts.

Picking up on the American studs steady comeback (even if it latched beyoğlu escort onto a shady spot with the rules and giving the girls free-reign) the crowd begins the chant of, ‘U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!’ Enthused by the audience’s support, Tim ups the intensity of his thrusts, making Sabby’s breasts bounce upward into her face. He’s just getting into a good rhythm when the tables are turned on him.

Tightening her hug, Sabby grips Tim’s cock even tighter, flexing her biceps against his length, squeezing his cock between her muscular vice-grip. The American stud groans as his thrusts come to a sudden standstill. However, the English beauty isn’t satisfied with stopping Tim, she wants to make him cum… and it doesn’t take long for her tit-fuck to prevail. Groaning loudly, Tim throws his head back as his fuck-rod fires off spectacularly, letting off load after load of his thick cum. Slowly, the crowd’s patriotic chanting peters out, watching silently as their American icon succumbs to British rule.

The stud lets off a few more similarly sized spurts of semen before his cum-cannon calms down, leaving Tim surprisingly winded. Smiling mischievously, Sabby eases off her squeezing strokes and instead cups Tim’s cum-load in her cleavage. She balances his creamy secretions delicately before crouching forward and slurping up some of his liquid virility, adding in a little lick to the tip of his head for good measure.

A climax from Chikato quickly follows Tim’s as the super sexy Luana manages to force the Asian stud to the bursting point, firing off an impressive series of shots, seemingly thicker than his last set. Despite his sudden climax, Chikato seems none the worse for wear, and as Luana adds an erotic hand-job to the mix, it looks like the Brazilian babe is going to try and match Sabby’s triple-shot-score. And indeed, Chikato’s member hasn’t softened in the slightest; in fact he looks even bigger as veins bulge around his awesome length. He’s not ready to cum yet, but he’s rapidly approaching his limit. The only question is whether he can hold out this the end of the prelim round…

With Sabby already at a three to one lead over her in terms of the climax count, Gabby ups her efforts in getting David to cum at least one more time. She smiles up at the UK stud demurely, sweet-talking him, “I really hope you’re enjoying my tit-fuck. Did you know that I have the biggest tits in the entire competition this year?” She tilts her head cutely as she crosses her arms underneath her massive bust, lifting it up some to show off her size and pleasuring the UK studs shaft in the process. “That means of all the babes, I’m the only one who can do this…” and at that, Gabby squeezes her bounteous mounds together, swallowing up the entirety of David’s eighteen-inch cock in her tit-flesh.

Intrigued, David looks down to his cock engulfed in the most magnificent tits imaginable, only the very tip of his cock-head peaks out of her massive mounds. Coupled her lovely smiling face, David’s cock gives a powerful flex, fruitlessly attempting to fuck its way out of Miss USA’s infinite cleavage. However, Gabby’s endearing antics don’t end there, and the ups the ante by softly beginning to kiss the swollen head of David’s fuck-stick.

Beginning with light kisses, barely letting her lips brush over the tip of his member, Gabby progresses steadily, pursing her lips to add a bit of sucking as she smooches his head. Soon she adds some tongue, lavishing licking every inch of his bulging cock-head, letting her saliva run down his shaft and disappear between her cleavage.

Barely able to control himself David groaned loudly, his dick pulsing between Gabby’s gigantic boobs. “So you like that sort of thing?” breaking away from her kiss with a wet pop, Gabby nearly giggled, “I’m glad that you’re enjoying it because the best it coming right up…” The fact that Gabby was enjoying ministering as much as David was enjoying her ministrations made what she was doing all the more arousing.

Giving David another coquettish smile, Gabby places her mouth over the head of his cock puckering up to powerfully suck on his cum-slit and furiously pumping his thick shaft with both her hands. All while keeping his huge hard-on safely nestled between her huge breasts. It was the ultimate triple-threat; blowjob, hand-job, and boob-job.

That was it for David. Unable to resist any longer, the UK super-stud gives a loud roar as he feels his cum rise up his shaft from his massive balls before erupting like a volcano, catching Gabby somewhat by surprise at both the force and volume of his cum-blasts. The UK stud manages to churn out over a dozen loads of his thick white cream. Measured, it would probably come in at nearly a gallon of unadulterated spunk.

David’s eruption isn’t the only one as at the last minute Hulk blows his load, his huge black cum cannon blasting out shot after shot of sticky white cum, plastering bizimkent escort Melinda’s face and titties. The dark stud’s endurance against the Swedish sisters ministrations had gone mostly uncommented for the majority of the match, but now seeing as Hulk had literally blown his chances at doubling Zahira’s score, Randy West seems moved to comment, “Talk about a facial! Literally knocked onto her back by Hulk’s idea of an extreme makeover, Melinda looks a little dazed. And after an ejaculation like that, Hulk could probably use the cool-down time too.” Hulk’s huge cock fires off round after round of cum blast, each eruption blasting into Melinda at point blank range. In total, Hulk unloads nearly thirty verifiable cum-bombs before finally calming down… but remaining as hard as ever.

That only leaves Lisa and Matteo… “We’re in the final countdown folks, can the ultra-busty blonde bombshell manage to milk a mega-load from Matteo’s massive member, or will the Italian with the twenty-two inch cock hold out till the end?” Over at the judges table, three pairs of eyes are fixed on Matteo, doing their best to keep track of climaxes and techniques, but are having difficulty as their hands keep wandering between their legs. MILF Francine is having the hardest time of all, pumping her fingers in and out of her snatch relentlessly, dazedly muttering Matteo’s name.

There’s a sharp blow of a whistle, signaling that the five minute prequel period is over. Most competitors immediately stop the girls up from what they’re doing to pick them up and begin fucking them in earnest. Tim in particular is eager to end Sabby’s string of superiority over his super-sized cock, and breaking her bear-hug around his cock, lifts her up for rigorous round of hip banging.

Despite similar levels enthusiasm from the other guys, there are a few, ‘stylistic’ exceptions…

“Would you look at that! Sven starts with a hands-free lift, using only flexes from his cock to lift Zahira into the air. That’s going to net him some significant points with the judges and pick up a nice point lead to counter South Africa’s initial advantage.” Looking across to Zahira straddling Sven’s dick in mid-air, Hulk follows suit and promptly lifts Melinda with his massive cock, “However, Hulk’s lack of originality can only grant him half of however- whoa! Hold on now, what’s this?” Not to be outdone, Hulk flexes his cock downward, then back up, actually managing to flick Melinda into the air some. It’s not much, but it is enough so that the head of his cock impales itself into her.

Nearly orgasming from the penetration alone, the Swedish muscle babe flexes her body, squeezing her pussy around Hulk’s huge head to stop from sliding lower. Hands on his hips, Hulk only continues to flex his black ramrod, forcing Melinda’s pussy lips apart so he can fit more and more of his massive cock inside her. “She’s holding off her orgasm, but only just. How long can she…”

Randy trails off in the midst of reporting on South Africa and Sweden’s match up to instead look over towards Japan and Brazil’s match as all attention falls, surprisingly, on Chikato, “Whoa! Would you look at Chikato go! Right out the gate the stud has gone on an all-out assault, vigorously plowing his big dick into Luana!” And it’s true, hips like a piston the Asian’s rigid member pounds in and out of Luana, doing a number on the sultry Brazilian bombshell as she reaches her second orgasm with little indication it will be her last. Meanwhile, Marco is having technical difficulties with Asuya, “His cock is rock hard and throbbing for action and her pussy’s soaking wet and leaking profusely, but her tight body looks like it’s too tight for him to penetrate her. This is going to cost Brazil some major points.”

Over by Germany vs. Italy, Stephan has already taken Brianna down for some powerful floor pounding. Forcing her into a doggy-style position, he plows into her with slow steady thrusts, knocking the wind out of Brianna every time he bottoms out. However, Matteo still hasn’t made it any further with Lisa, allowing the ultra-busty German beauty to work his monster cock between her mammoth tits, all while she continues to endeavor to suck him off. “He must have heard the whistle because he’s looked over to the other contestants twice already. However, he genuinely seems to be enjoying Lisa’s tit-fuck despite having still not cum and is just letting the German beauty continue at her own pace.”

There’s a heavy thump, as Tim mistimes his hip thrusts and loses his balance to fall onto his back, Sabby still riding his cock on the way down. His rough landing isn’t helped at all by the fact that the UK muscle babe has taken this opportunity to begin riding his mega dick cowgirl style, forcing all fifteen inches of his meat-tube into her tight pussy before rising up, only to pound her hips down onto his again.

Finally, there’s the insurmountable Matteo, who still hasn’t cum despite Lisa’s best efforts. Without faltering in the slightest, he picks her up and unceremoniously buries his humongous cock to the hilt inside Lisa his dick distorting her stomach and up between her breasts, making it look like Matteo is tit-fucking her from the inside. The sudden intrusion is too much for Lisa to handle, and she cums she arches herself back as a massive orgasm racks her body.

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