Sherlyn’s Marriage Ch. 03


By dan57 and Riya

Riya felt edgy these days : Sir Gupta had been travelling abroad for now more than two months. He was busy training his new fuck toy, Sherlyn now transformed into an Indian slut by their boss. Riya resented the absence of a real man at their office : he would have taken decisions and stuck to them while girls were usually ready for tortuous arrangements with reality in order to have everyone happy. The manager of an important supermarket near Bristol had resigned and his two assistants were waging a war to obtain the job. Sir Gupta would have summoned the two managers, and told them that their little feud had to stop or they both would be fired. Sir Gupta loved to show that he was the boss and had total power on his underlings. It was old-fashioned management in the nineteenth century style but Riya knew it worked fairly well but now Sir Gupta was really missing them. There was no war between Riya and Joan but they really needed a good fuck to keep them in line! Riya had had to admit reluctantly that two transgender former men like Joan and herself had rapidly adopted the tendencies of women and needed the firm direction of a true man! OK they were certainly smarter than most men in the company but they just lacked the will to break opposition!

Sulay was a nice guy but Joan lacked the interest for partner sharing displayed by their boss. It had been strange : Joan was quite eager to be shared by Mr Gupta and her legitimate husband but she didn’t want to share Sulay even with her close friend… Riya could have been deeply stressed but she had not been deprived of pussy, as Joan was ready to play with Riya any time. She often wore very flimsy sarees that revealed easily her petticoat and recently, she had begun to wear see through petticoat under which she frequently omitted to wear knickers! She often put on a dupatta or a shawl above her saree to walk to the office but she peeled it off when she was arrived and looked nearly naked even on some business errands. Sir Gupta would have probably enjoyed this shamelessness and taken advantage of it by fucking Joan in every rest room in the building but he wasn’t there and Joan and Riya now openly flirted around, lifting the hem of their sarees above their waist to flash their pussy and bum to their friend and trying to get some ventilation to their hot pussies but Joan’s main objective had been clearly to flash her pussy, her ass or sometimes her tits to Riya or occasionally to any of their colleagues, male or female. She had become rather depraved after her surgery and even Riya was sometimes shocked by her lewdness!

Joan had progressively become more and more sexually aggressive, daring Riya to lick her wide spread pussy or offering her to use a large dildo she had in her bag and that was covered by her love juices she dispensed liberally since she had become a fully functional female. That had been a small but very important advantage Joan had had with regard to Riya. Sir Gupta was looking continuously for a similar transplantation to the benefit of Riya but had found no donor so far. As usual with Sir Gupta, he had never inquired about what the girl really wanted : his will was the basic law in his company and neither Joan nor Riya had the nerve to oppose to him? He was the lord and master of their small group like prince Kyrhan in his palace but where Kyrhan looked for their common welfare of every one, what mattered for Gupta was just his selfish whimsy…

With such lewd assaults on her relatively shy habits, Riya had swiftly changed her stance. She had switched to equally daring outfits : a transparent saree, not the bronze or smoky ones worn by Joan to tease her colleague but something openly lewd, showing off blatantly that she hadn’t put on anything under her petticoat. The number of visitors from the other services had greatly soared after the beginning of this competition. Joan had responded by wearing fancy jewels at the office : head pieces, very long and heavy earrings, deepening the cleavage between her breasts to display more openly her mangalsutra with diamonds inlays she had manipulated Sulay into offering her. She had been aware that headpieces were only worn by Muslim women but she never felt concerned. Gupta had her attend religious ceremonies in temples but she had never adhered to it.

Joan had to pay for this little victory on Riya, of course, as Sulay had invited her to a well known restaurant before taking her to a drive in cinema. Indian people are extremely fond of pictures and they may be rather long. Sulay often took his wife to this cinema since she spoke fluently Hindi But it was merely a pretext to fill every hole of her body with his sperm. Joan had felt it was her wife duty to satisfy her man. As usual, Joan had been unable to follow the film as she had spent most of the time on her knees on the floor, sucking off her husband with his thighs pressed around her ears? But at this moment, Sulay was happy and that was what only mattered for a loving wife.

When etiler escort the projection was finished, the spectators had left slowly but Sulay had stayed in their car, savouring a last blowjob from Joan. She always marvelled with the volume of sperm Sulay could produce in a single day. If she was able to deliver her babies as women do, she knew she would have a baby from him each year. She knew Gupta had discussed with the surgeons on possible ways to modify her pelvis, but they had reached no conclusion so far. Surgery would need to cut her pelvis in two and widen it to allow the head of the baby to be expelled. It would mean months at the hospital.

Then Sulay had ordered Joan out of the car. She had prostrated as he has ordered her to do on the bonnet of the car and she had dutifully pulled on her ass cheeks hard to give him a perfect view on her holes like a loving slut. He had chosen where he would impale her with his raging manhood. Joan really enjoyed these moments of total surrender when she had no control on their relation! She loved to feel totally used by a superior will! Her former status of conquering male was completely forgotten now!

Sulay had buggered her with vigour and she had deeply enjoyed his strength even though her screams of ecstasy were blurred by plaintive moans of excruciating pain from her abused bottom as he had not used grease or any lubricant in his haste and he had rammed his cock into her ass with no foreplay. She had to confess she had been as eager as her husband as sex had become now the central part of her life… It hadn’t been so when she had been married to Susan. She had been satisfied with just a fuck or a blowjob every day! With Sulay, she had been ready for a dozen assaults every day.

It had felt as if he had entered her with red-hot iron shoved into her bowels but Joan like Riya was now accustomed to Mr Gupta’s dominance : he was their undisputed master and his sex drive was overpowering. He could treat them as hard as he wanted! They were, in fact, his slaves and they just couldn’t imagine fighting his domination. They loved him for his brutality and wanted nothing more from him! This feeling had run from Mr Gupta into his puppet. Any whimsy from Gupta or Sulay met absolute submission immediately. When Sulay had told her he wanted to share her with other men, she had dutifully displayed her pussy to some of his friends before kneeling at their feet to give them a nice blow job before tuning around to offer one of them her ass while she opened her legs to receive another one in her pussy and a third one in her mouth while she pumped two of them with her hands. Sulay’s remaining friend had watched intently as she had no place for him but he had been rewarded of his patience as she pressed hard her huge tits around his cock until he had covered her tits with his cream. Joan had then licked her breasts clean while Sulay used her back passage that was now well lubricated!

Two days later, Sulay was in another city visiting friends. Joan and Riya had decided to share a lunch at their work place? Riya had announced she would prepare the meal and Joan was eager for it ; Riya was a far better cook than she was although Joan took courses to please her husband and she made interesting progress. Gupta had recently told Joan to prepare food for a business lunch with six guests. She had peeled vegetables and prepared all the dishes. Joan had served the guests stark naked for the seven men’s enjoyment. Gupta had forced them to describe how she had prepared the food with sir Gupta pushing a finger in her ass and two other ones in her pussy. He had made her climax just after she had explained them what she had prepared for dessert. She had been the dessert for these seven men!

Riya had placed in the office fridge a large basket but she had forbidden Joan to peek. Riya called for silence to make an announcement. Joan obeyed and listened intently.

-I have decided to prepare you a dietetic lunch with vegetables only!

Riya opened her basket : there were cucumbers, turnips, zucchini, radishes and big asparagus. All these vegetables were clean but raw. Joan seemed puzzled by the choice of her friend.

-But, Riya; these vegetables are raw ; how can we eat them?

-Cooking them would have reduced their interest! You may still ingest them without eating them!

-Beg your pardon, Riya but I don’t understand

-If I must explain you everything! Look closer at these vegetables : I have chosen them carefully for you with a precise use in mind! Let’s see if you are clever enough to discover it without other clues!

Joan made an obvious effort of concentration; then her face brightened ; she laughed out loud and said triumphantly:

-These vegetables look like small cocks and as they are raw, we could push them in our fuck holes and masturbate with them!

-Congratulations, Joan. I have prepared for you several of each kind of these eve gelen escort vegetables. Do you know why?

-I would say that you intend to use them in other places than in a pussy and you fear contamination if they are used in our asses.

-You have found it all? Now you can test the rigidity of these natural dildos. You will tell me how much you have enjoyed this experience.

Riya suggested Joan to try the zucchini first : they were nearly the size of Sulay’s cock. Of course, Mr Gupta was bigger but reminding them of his absence wouldn’t have been fair : so, she abstained from it, pushing back her sorrow deep in her heart. She had wrapped the peeled vegetable in a condom : it would slide smoothly into the chosen hole. Riya had a second series ready in her basket : they were bigger ones to be used into a warm pussy or ass. Riya had the firm intention to keep hers all the afternoon and return with it at home. There she would peel the condom and eat it with gusto straight from inside her belly. She was quite sure Joan would do the same!

Riya inserted the vegetable in her pussy. It fitted nicely into her hole and it gave her almost the same pleasure, as Sulay would do. There was another one wrapped in a condom too. This one was meant for her ass as starters. She moaned when she inserted it and she groaned when she shoved it as deep as she could into her back passage! The sphincter yielded with no difficulty. She wondered whether she was still wide enough to receive Sir Gupta. He would come back soon and he would be rather horny. She didn’t want to disappoint him! She decided to prepare for his return by inserting first the big zucchinis in both her holes and then the unpeeled cucumbers that would almost equal Sir Gupta’s enormous diameter! She wanted to try these monstrous dildos on herself and keep them the whole day to ream herself properly and prepare for the return of her Master! He had a trunk like the god Ganesh and she wanted it deep in her holes. What she had gathered from Mr Gupta’s short phone contact was that she would have to compete with other girls in their household. Her master’s virility was not at stake as he could have easily satisfied a good dozen of girls, just it would reduce the time he could share with them : a threesome was nice allowing the girl to recover after a steamy encounter and ensuring a good balance of genders but a foursome was more demanding, mostly in the present case for the girls!

They discarded the zucchini and Riya fumbled in her basket and yelled in triumph : she had retrieved the radishes. She said that they would try something to stretch their pussy and ass hole : white radishes? Their shapes were similar to carrots, just much bigger. Shoving them into their tender twats or ass holes would be quite easy at the beginning but would get more difficult later when they would try to push them deeper in their holes. Joan tried to sit directly on her radish to get it deeper in her ass hole but she had to abandon her efforts after gaining just six inches. She turned toward Joan and playfully started to move her radish in and out of her friend’s pussy. The outside end of the radish, complete with its leaves made a very useful handle as the rest of the vegetable was made slippery by her love juices.

Riya felt a pang of jealousy : Joan was so lucky to have benefited from a full transplant ; ovaries, womb and pussy. She could forget she had been a man and enjoy fully her life as a girl apart from the medicine cocktail she had to take every day to prevent rejection of her transplant but aside from it, she was a functional female who could carry babies, who became wet when she was used, who had her monthly periods and had to wear tampons or any similar things. She made a prayer to the gods for her master to find a suitable womb for her too! She imagined herself taking a walk in a park with Joan and they had both a very pregnant belly. Their Master had knocked them up on the same day on the same bed and the other girl had helped him to penetrate one another. They would carry their babies until delivery through the normal way. Then they would breast feed their babies like any woman. That was a dream but a very pleasant one for both of them!

A scream suddenly pulled Riya out of her dream. Joan had reached her climax and as always got very noisy. If Sir Gupta had been there, he would have plunged his magnificent hard cock into her throat and that was sufficient to stifle her screams. By the way, Joan had stopped screaming. She opened her eyes to find what was wrong and opened wide eyes in surprise : a massive body she knew so well was among them in the bed and was plunging his cock into Joan’s throat. She yelled in delight ; Sir Gupta was there again! She hugged closely against his massive torso, unable to realize he was there among the loving girls of his small harem.

By the way, where was Sherlyn; now Bipasha, who had kept him from the embraces and fatih escort the kisses of his loving women? Sir Gupta must have read in her mind as he told her :

-I left her at the hairdresser : she couldn’t appear in front of her sisters without a new saree and new heavy earrings. Her mother Marcia is accompanying her. She will also enter our household as my concubine. They are both now pregnant from my deeds. I hope you will greet them according to their new status…

-Of course, Master : we will greet any girl you have blessed with your seed and we will welcome her in our beds!

Joan intervened ;

-I totally agree with Riya. I just hope she has nothing against trans gender people and will love girl-to-girl action as in most harems.

-Certainly : we shared nearly all the days the same bed and I can tell you she wasn’t shy when she opened her legs for Marcia or Marcia for her daughter. About her, I think she needs an Indian name and I’ve decided you would choose it. It should help mutual appreciation!

Both Riya and Joan blushed in pride :

-We thank you for this proof of your trust, Master. We will try to make you proud of us. May I suggest you also give Joan an Indian name? She has craved for it for months now! Besides, it would help us appearing as a normal family in life…

-I will consider your proposal and give you my answer in a week or so. My first inclination would be for Aruna for Joan and Neha for Marcia. What do you think of it, Joan?

-Oh Aruna would suit me perfectly! It felt so strange when I went to the doctor for my pregnancy control (I had chosen an Indian doctor on Sir Gupta’s orders), speaking with him in Hindi and telling him my name was Joan that sounds terribly English! At least, it would feel easier for me!

-As I am pretty sure that Neha won’t object, I suggest we decide to use your new names from this moment! And anyone who is caught using your old names or speaking English will face a stiff penalty : a one hour walk in the street stark naked under her saree and her petticoat. Only item of clothing accepted : a bikini choli!

-Even in winter?

-Especially in winter when it will be freezing! And if you are too cold, just tell me so! I have a good cane to warm up your backside and my swing is still pretty good! You will appreciate it some day! I have used it on Princess Kira herself!

-Good gracious ; a crime of lese-majesty, no less and you don’t seem to be ashamed of your misdeeds!

-Why? A princess who misbehaves should be punished and the penalty should be the double from what a commoner should face!

-You are right, Sir Gupta! As usual, you see to our needs better than we do!

-Besides, I have seen the sarees on the back of your seats. They are quite indecent! I definitely forbid you to wear such transparent clothes out of my presence but they will be mandatory when you are at home, even in presence of strangers! Is that understood, Riya and you, Joan?

-Your desires are our orders, Sir Gupta!

-But you just failed to follow my orders : Joan doesn’t exist any more. She has been replaced by Aruna! It’s the first time you made such a mistake : so, I will be lenient this time and condemn you just to a spanking by hand followed by a punitive ass penetration : I’ve been told that the last one was really painful : that implies that I didn’t bugger you sufficiently hard these days! I will rectify my errors immediately! I don’t want you to suffer from my faults…

Aruna was in heaven : she had been given, at last, an Indian name. She could now speak proudly with the other Indian girls in the neighbourhood! Sir Gupta would make his official return in her life by giving her a nice spanking, he would punish her with his own hand and then he would ass fuck her. She felt giddy with pride! He might then order her to spend the night with him: she couldn’t dream anything more exciting! She could even take the upper hand on Bipasha if only sir Gupta found her more attractive than his new submissive. It would be the most important task of her girlie life : seducing Sir Gupta! It would be a fascinating match : a transsexual girl openly competing with a normal one for the love of a powerful and very virile man!

Compared with Sir Gupta, Sulay was nothing but a wimp! Telling her husband she had been summoned by Sir Gupta would be a first victory for her and if her boss told her to move her clothes and jewellery to his bedroom, it would mean a total victory for her : she was prettier than Bipasha, danced more lewdly, sang more pleasantly, move more elegantly and spoke more fluently Hindi, she was also smarter than her competitor; she had visited more foreign countries Her only limitation was that she couldn’t carry as many babies for Sir Gupta as Bipasha but surgery on her pelvis could allow her to deliver her babies through the normal way : if so, Bipasha would be check mated and Aruna would probably win the competition. Riya was on another league and couldn’t enter in competition with Aruna : she couldn’t give Gupta children and as a true dominant, he had to establish his superiority by siring many babies from his mates

-Do you plan presenting your loving wives to one another, Master? I would want to meet Bipasha and chat with her and with you, my Lord, of course, about our respective duties as your servants!

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