Shower Play


Toni was still a little worried about Jeremy. He took the exchange really hard, and will need some time…and perhaps help…getting over it. It bothered her so much that she was up at 0200 driving around the base randomly. So randomly as a matter of fact that she found herself in front of Doctor Stone’s home. She hesitated for a moment, but finally decided to walk up to the door and ring the chime. No answer, something made her ring it a second time…and still a third. Finally she took the key he kept hidden in the plant and unlocked the door.

Jeremy did quite well as a military doctor and was authorized a fairly large home. She walked in though the darkness and found her way to his bedroom. Toni immediately noticed the untouched bed in the darkness. From the other room, she could hear the shower on. ‘Guess I’m not the only one who can’t sleep,’ Toni thought. She walked up to the door and opened it carefully.

She immediately noticed the uniform in the corner and could see Jeremy’s naked silhouette leaning against one of the walls in the shower. Her body began to heat up not only from the steam, but also from the remembered encounter in his office back at the base. She could feel her breasts begin to swell inside her uniform. Toni loosened her collar, it all of a sudden becoming too tight around her neck.

She slowly walked to the shower, and opened the door. Jeremy turned around in surprise…his expression changing first to embarrassment and then delight as he recognized who it was. Toni entered the shower, fully clothed and wrapped her arms around Jeremy’s neck. Her uniform began to accentuate her feminine features as it began to cling to her body…completely soaked.

Jeremy wrapped his own arms around her back and they pulled closer to each other, until they were separated by mere inches. They held each other in silence for several seconds gaining strength from each other’s presence. Finally, Toni opened up the distance between them a little and looked Jeremy up and down. His body glistened from the light reflecting off this very wet body.

‘I was worried about your…your reaction,’ Toni began

Jeremy closes his eyes and she saw the pain on his face. He took several seconds before he finally answered. ‘I was…concerned…sickly concerned,’ he opened his eyes and looked at her face, his expression strengthened right before his eyes. ‘However, it was the right decision…one life for twenty makes the decision from the start. What really scared me is that I think that you have done the same thing had I been there by myself.’

Toni didn’t even answer his question; they both knew the answer already. Instead, she leaned over and kissed haramidere escort him lightly on the lips. ‘Jeremy, I needed you back…I couldn’t…bury you.’

Jeremy’s sickened when he thought about how close he came to losing his own life. He began to think about what Toni would have had to gone through had that happened. ‘I think that thanks are in order then.’ He returned her kiss sensually…the water spraying down on them added a certain amount of eroticism to the act.

She returned the kiss, and it quickly becoming deeper, sexier, and intense. Jeremy slowly removed her uniform, exposing her bare, firm breasts to the hot spray of the shower. Soon their tongues were moving against each other maddeningly. Toni removed her jumpsuit, and threw it outside the shower…leaving her body as bare as his was.

Jeremy turned Toni around so the front of her body was in the water. He ran his tongue across the back of her neck while his hands moved over her breasts massaging them in the spray. Toni began to move her behind against Jeremy’s manhood…teasing it mercilessly.

‘If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were hinting at something,’ Jeremy said with a smile on his face. His member growing with each second

‘What makes you think that,’ she said…shivering from the sensation of his touch.

Jeremy pinched her nipples, rubbing them between his fingers. He sucked on her neck, moving his hips slightly, rubbing himself against her. Toni smiled and turned around slowly. She reached down and grabbed his hard on…stroking it gently. She stuck her tongue deep into Jeremy’s throat…taking him completely by surprise.

They kissed for a long time…their passions increasing exponentially. He moved his hands down to her vagina, rubbing it gently and rhythmically…exploring with his fingers.

Captain Brown pressed her face against the tiles, dripping with steamy condensation, water ran down her back. Jeremy pressed his hips against her generous backside… reaching around to lightly pinch her swaying cleavage. He reached for the soap and began to thickly lather up Toni’s breasts…he ran his hands around and through them, the soap increasing the sensitivity of his touch. The smoothness of the contact sent ripples down her back.

Jeremy’s hands began to move down, rubbing the soap into every exposed inch of her flesh. Captain Brown turned and stood on her tippy toes, her pale flesh glistening with water and decorated with lather. She covered his mouth with her own and drank in the moisture on his lips, mixed with that of his mouth, and savored every drop, and the shower içerenköy escort became rain, their desire became passion, and their bodies became one…

Jeremy was the first to break off the kiss. He took a step back and gazed at Toni’s naked form, enjoying the beauty of the site before him. Jeremy looked into her eyes, flashed her a crooked smile and got down on his knees. He started with gentle kisses on the fleshy mound of the Vagina first…slowly increasing the depth of the kiss as he began to suck the water into his own mouth.

‘uhmmm,’ Toni let out. She opened her legs for Jeremy, raising one of them slightly and placing it on the ledge and giving Jeremy a complete view of her exposed flesh. ‘See anything you like,’ she said seductively.

Jeremy looked up and smiled. ‘I see a lot that I like.’

Toni grabbed his wet hair and moved his face between her legs, into her soaked and waiting love canal. Jeremy immediately began to flick his tongue around the outside of the lips, teasing her mercilessly. Just before her desire began to overwhelm him, he slowly moved his tongue to her clitoris and began to bat it with his tongue gently.

Toni groaned, her voice took on a soft husky quality… Yeremy, she evoked his name with an accent not unlike that of the swiss…her hands moved to spread her vagina, allowing his tongue full access to previously restricted areas…

Jeremy ran his tongue along the fleshy portions lining the insides of her canal…he touched the area with firmness and speed. Reacting to the shutter of her body, he concentrated on areas that produced the strongest reaction…not giving her the chance to recover or catch her breath. His tongue experimentally played with the tips of the boned ridges lining the upper and lower portions of her tunnel, moving between those and the fleshy walls just before them.

A warm surge of wetness rewarded your efforts… and her soft moans were an invitation to a more penetrating examination of the … situation? Jeremy stood up and saw that Toni was trembling a bit. He placed his arms on her shoulder and steadied her some. She looked into him and Jeremy saw that she had fire in her eyes. She grabbed his cock and brought him closer, moving her back against the tile wall for balance. She opened her legs and guided his rod into her waiting hole.

‘I’m not done with you yet, Doctor’

As he slipped inch by inch into her… she gasped then pulled his hips against her… wet skin slapping against wet skin as he buried himself to the hilt inside her. Their bodies locked with one another, and they held each other innovia escort in a tight embrace as Jeremy moved his hips in and out, each pump sending waves of excitement through both of their bodies. Toni’s own hips began to move in conjunction with Jeremy’s…coming together on the inward thrust. Jeremy’s would start with a slow and steady drive, Maximizing the force at the last inch or so.

Toni legs came up to wrap around Jeremy’s hips, her arms holding on around his neck… fingernails biting into his flesh as she lifted herself partially off then let gravity carry her down his Stone like member. Jeremy let out a groan, the ecstasy beginning to make him lightheaded. He moved Toni’s body up, letting her slide back down on his cock…her juices flowing freely and mixing with the water still falling on the two of them. They kissed strongly, Jeremy’s tongue penetrating deep into Toni’s mouth.

Toni’s vaginal muscles tightened around Jeremy’s cock…making the fit even tighter then it already was. Jeremy face contracted with pleasure at the sensation and Toni let out a slight moan of enjoyment. Jeremy continued to ram his tool deeper and deeper into her. Jeremy moved his head down to her breast and took the nipple between his teeth, biting it gently. Toni let out a metallic scream…the sensitivity becoming too much for her. She dug her nails deeper into Jeremy’s back…causing him to pick up the pace and begin to pound her with even more ferocity.

The shower washed away the sweat as Toni clung to Jeremy… her teeth latching on to his shoulder… to keep from screaming in ecstasy… as each thrust of Jeremy’s thick member sent her into a renewed frenzy. The bony ridges inside her canal rubbed against Jeremy’s manhood, contracting and expanding with Toni’s muscles. Toni bit deeply into Jeremy’s shoulders…whimpering as she did so. Jeremy on the other hand moaned loudly, both from the lovemaking and from the pain of Toni’s nails and teeth.

Toni started to feel Jeremy’s cock starting to expand slightly. Her own body began to tense up in both anticipation and she could feel her own orgasm coming. She clutched him tightly and he began to fuck her even harder than before…feeling his own member getting ready to explode.

‘ooo…Harder…keep going…I’m coming…I’m…coming…’ she screamed.

Jeremy felt her insides tighten around his cock. Her legs tightened around his waist…as her entire body began to tense and then shudder as her orgasm hits her full on. Sensing his own moment at hand, Jeremy sends his cock up her hole on last time just as a wave of her orgasm hits. He feels it explode, sending shot after shot of cum deep inside her body.

Finally, they both slowly come down from their highs. Toni unwrapped her legs from Jeremy’s waist and stood on her unsteady feet. She held onto Jeremy, revealing in the warmth of his body. Her hand slowly stroked his cock, cleaning both her juices and his cum off with the water still spraying down on the two of them.

‘You are… magnificent and …’ Toni gasped.

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