It was a Friday afternoon and basically school was out. We had a big home game on and everyone was being encouraged to go and cheer for the team as they had a good chance of making the finals this year. Me, I very heroically volunteered to do patrol duty around the school and grounds. My team spirit was duly noted and I wouldn’t have to waste my time down at the game. I can’t stand watching football.

I caught up on some paper work and then went for a stroll around the classrooms and general area. All was reasonable quiet although there was a bit more traffic than I had expected. Even so, no-one was acting suspiciously.

I was coming around the far side of the school, heading back to do more paper work when I caught a whiff of smoke, as in cigarette smoke. I was tempted to just ignore it but I guess I had a duty to look into it. There were a couple of portable classrooms nestled over against the fence and I suspected that would be the place to look.

I had nearly reached the two portables when there was a sudden sound of alarm and moments later a couple of cheerleaders barged out from behind them, hands in plain sight and nary a cigarette between them. They gave me sweet smiles and headed towards the game, not stopping to chat.

I assumed that the area was now empty but thought I’d better check in case there were some lit butts on the ground. No need for grass fires. I did get a slight surprise. Behind the rooms was another cheerleader, crouched down and trying to stuff her things into her bag which she had dropped and spilled.

Brenda was a senior and this was her last term. From memory, she was pushing nineteen and, from rumour, was supposed to have had a passionate affair with one of the team, but no-one was willing to say exactly who. It didn’t really surprise me to catch her there.

“Ah, I dropped by things,” she said, looking all innocent.

“So I see. Better get them picked up. What were the three of you doing back here?”

“Oh, just gossiping. You know how it is.”

Indeed I did.

“I see. Ah, before you go rushing off, can you tread on that bit of hot gossip before it sets the grass alight?”

Face red she looked where I indicated and hastily ground her foot on the wisp of smoke that was starting to rise. Then she stood there, looking plainly guilty.

“Smoking is against school rules, it’s bad for your health, makes your clothes smell funny, and gives a nasty taste to your kisses,” I observed.

“It wasn’t me,” she protested.

“But you were the one that got caught.”

“What are you going to do?”

“That’s the big question, isn’t it? What should I do, compared to what do I want to do, compared to what do I have time for? You do know that what I should do is report this, but then there’d be all that paper work and you’d be in trouble and blaming me and arguing with your friends.”

I shook my head sadly.

“You, ah, mentioned that there was something that you wanted to do,” Brenda said carefully.

“Yes, but time precludes that,” I said with a sigh. “If we had more time I’d drag you down to the ground, peel off your clothes, and demonstrate the sort of things you can do with that body that don’t include smoking. However, your friends are likely to come back looking for you and it would be a sancak escort bit hard to explain why you’re lying naked on the ground, not so?”

Her face was a very interesting shade of red as she looked everywhere but at me, saying nothing.

“It seems to me that while I probably don’t have much time I should have enough to give you a sporting chance. I’m going to pull down your panties just a little way and slide my cock deep into you and out again. That’s all I’ll be doing. However, if I can catch you alone sometime in the next forty-eight hours I’ll finish off what I’m about to start. You game to risk your virtue? Speak up quickly.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” Brenda said, barely breathing the words.

“Brenda, you’re of age and a very attractive young woman. Of course I’ll bloody dare. Just say stop if you’re not going to take the chance.”

With that I lifted up her skirt and latched onto her panties, modesty shorts and panties, seeing she was in her cheerleader costume, and pulled them slightly down, just far enough to show all.

“Turn around and lean against the school,” I told her, giving her a helping hand.

She turned and leaned, looking back at me, her mouth open in shock, looking even more shocked as I unzipped and produced my weapon of discipline.

“Oh, you can’t. Someone may come. You wouldn’t dare,” she gasped and gasped again when she found me easing her lips apart and pressing forward.

I pushed slowly into her. She wasn’t wet when I started but she most certainly was before I was even halfway home. I fancied I heard a little splash as my groin slapped against her. Then I was withdrawing and zipping up.

“What are you playing at, girl?” I demanded. “Hitch your panties up. Someone may catch you like that and then what would they say. For shame.”

Her face had turned that interesting red again and she was very hastily hitching her panties up.

“You’ve been tagged,” I said. “You’ll be thinking of me for the next couple of days, wondering what it’s going to be like.”

“No, I won’t,” she flatly contradicted me. “You’ll never get anywhere near me.”

About then I heard approaching voices, her friends coming to see what had happened to her. I shooed her away and she went quite willingly, apparently wanting no more of my company.

“What happened?” I heard one of her friends ask her.

“I copped a lecture on the perils of dropping lighted cigarette butts in dry grass,” Brenda answered. “And may I point out it wasn’t my butt.”

There was some general giggling and the girls went on their way.

The team finished up winning their game which inevitably led to post-game celebrations in the gym. This was another event that I’d normally avoid but I thought I’d show the proper school spirit and wander over and be seen.

I strolled around, congratulating the coach and any team members I bumped into and then drifted outside for a while. I knew how my students acted. If they do something once, they’ll do it twice, three times, etc.

After waiting awhile the side door of the gym opened and three young ladies popped out. Giggling and chatting they slipped around behind the gym, two of them lighting up even before they turned the corner. I sarıyer escort settled back to wait for them to finish their cigarettes.

Finally the girls returned, chatting away. I was pleased to see that Brenda was a pace or two behind the first two. I arrived at the side door moments before the girls and very courteously open the door for them. The girls smiled their thanks as they entered, eager to get back with the crowd, not even noticing that I closed the door behind the first pair and was escorting Brenda elsewhere.

“What? What?” she was protesting. “I wasn’t smoking. Smell my breath.”

“I didn’t say you were,” I said bustling her along to the door I wanted.

“Um, the girls. . .” she said, indicating the door they’d just passed through.

“Probably won’t even notice that you’re no longer with them,” I pointed out, opening my selected door and ushering her in, flicking on the light as I did so.

“Ah, what’s this place?” she asked, looking around, confused.

“This is the nightwatchman’s room. The school sometimes has to hire one when we have special events and around exam times. Don’t want little bastards creeping into the school to find exam answers, do we? This is where he hangs out between rounds.”

“Fascinating. Why am I here?”

“Oh, come on, Brenda. You can’t be that dumb. I told you earlier that what I did was only a placeholder until I could get you alone. Now we’re alone.”

Blushed easily, that girl.

“You’re kidding. You didn’t really mean that. You were just stirring me up. Teaching me a lesson.”

“And now we’ll see how much teaching you require in this area. You can start by taking your panties off.”


Why do you bloody think, I felt like asking, but I was all smiles and sweet reason instead.

“Because once your panties are off you’ll be very much aware of it. You know what it means is going to happen. With your panties off, every time you take off another piece of clothing you’ll be so much more aware of what’s about to happen to you. You’ll find it erotic and stimulating.

Ah, I can take your panties down for you if you don’t quite have the nerve.”

“I can do it,” she snapped, then I could see her biting her lip as realised what she’d just volunteered to do.

She looked at me and then away, and then back at me, chewing on her lip the whole time. Finally she swallowed and reached up her skirt and eased her panties off, stepping out of them and tossing them onto the desk in the room.

“Very good,” I said softly. “Now the rest of your things, remembering you have no panties and what is going to happen once you’re naked.”

The whole scenario was getting to her. I could already see her nipples were peaking, pitching two little tents on her top. She was flushed and breathing harder, expectation written on her face.

Her top came off and then, as I would have been willing to bet, her skirt dropped, leaving her in her bra. She reached behind herself, the movement throwing her breasts into prominence even before her bra dropped.

“Nice,” I murmured. “Very nice. Now just stand there, hands behind your back.”

While she stood I moved closer. Leaning down slightly I brushed my lips over hers, moving sefaköy escort down, across the side of her neck and nibbled on her collarbone. Down a little more until I was tasting her breasts. A slight pause while I tested her nipples, sucking lightly on each one, rolling them under my tongue, finally moving on.

Down onto one knee, my mouth drawing a line across her tummy, tongue darting in and out of her belly-button and moving on. My tongue sketched a line of moisture across her mons while I reached around her, hands holding upon her buttocks. Tongue darting between her legs, feeling them part as she restlessly shuffled her feet.

Teasing her pudenda, tongue running back and forth along her slit, pressing against her labia, tasting where her inner lips were pressing forth, looking for their part of the action.

Still on one knee I reached for her hands and pulled her down towards me, moving slightly so I could lay her on the floor. Kneeling between her thighs I undid my trousers, pushing them down, my erection standing forth, all rigid determination.

“You need to make a decision,” I told her. “Slow and easy or hard and fast?”

I was brushing the head of my cock back and forth along her slit, feeling it moving slightly as her lips tried to close around their prize.

Brenda was looking feverishly expectant, wanting what was to come. Her eyes flicked from my cock to my face and back to my cock, watching it as it poised there, ready to strike.

“Do it,” she said with a bit of a groan. “Hard. Just do it now.”

Far be it from me to disappoint a lady. I drove in hard and fast, sheathing myself in one quick thrust. Brenda gave a cry between a groan and a scream, her legs coming up wrap around me, closing tightly around my waist. I was quite impressed with her flexibility to be able to reach so high.

Her hand dug into my shoulders and I found one reason cheerleaders have short nails. It’s to stop them clawing their lovers to death. I shouldn’t really complain, I suppose. My own hands were closed around her breasts, playing with them quite roughly.

With initial moves made we both proceeded to see if we could fuck the other to death. Minks mating had nothing on us. I thrust into Brenda, driving in deep and hard, while she bucked under me, taking every inch and wanting more, while I endeavoured to produce more.

Forget about a nice peaceful rhythm bringing pleasure in its trail. We just went at each other for all we were worth, any rhyme or rhythm being completely coincidental as we fucked, each taking the other with frantic need.

The entire episode was – interesting – but it didn’t really last all that long. It couldn’t, being a bit too intense to survive. I was just lucky that Brenda hit her climax first. Lucky also in that my mouth was plastered against hers when she stiffened and screamed, letting me swallow the scream even as my own climax hit me.

We lay silently for a moment or two until Brenda finally spoke.

“Um, I’d better be getting back to the party. My friends will be wondering where I am. They’ll be looking for me.”

“They’re not the only one,” I told her.

She looked a trifle confused and I gave her an evil smile.

“I gave you a forty-eight hour time limit,” I pointed out. “Only four hours have passed. I have another forty-four hours in which to catch you alone and have my wicked way with you. This could be a very interesting weekend.”

Brenda was dressed and gone very quickly, giving me some odd looks as she left. Was she anticipating what was to come or planning to go into hiding? Doesn’t matter. Half the fun is in the hunt.

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