Sometimes Size Does Matter Ch. 02


It was huge, way bigger than I expected. All I could do was stare at it, too shocked to move or say anything.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Umm, well, I wasn’t expecting you to be that big. It makes me nervous,” I finally said.

“It’s not that big,” he said, moving closer to me.

I looked back down at his erect penis. Who was he kidding; the thing looked like a horse cock, way to big to go inside of me. I moved away from him, which caused him to stop with a worried look on his face.

“Yes it is! You’re not putting that thing in me.”

“Are you serious? I thought women liked them big.”

“Not that big. You’ll hurt me for sure. I should go.”

“Go… You’re not going anywhere. We had a deal.”

“Deals off, no one told me anything about that monster,” I said, standing up to leave.

“That’s the price you pay and the luck of the pick, girl. Big small, you never know what you’re going to get in your line of work. I already paid, you’re going to deliver,” he said blocking the door.

“You’ll be refunded, now let me out.”

He didn’t move. His enormous cock remained hard and throbbing between his legs, angled directly at me and slightly moving up and down with each heartbeat.

“How about a handjob or blow?” I asked, getting a little scared.

“No go, I paid for anal and I want anal. Hell, a slut like you should be able to handle it.”

“Oh, real nice, asshole, nice way to relax a girl. Look, I’ll suck you good, for a long time. You’ll love it, trust me.”

“You can suck all you want but I’m still getting what I paid for. If you want to throw a blowjob in for free, be my guest but you’re not leaving until I fuck your ass.”

Again I looked at his raging cock, wondering if I could really take him, because it was looking like I didn’t have a choice. I’m not a big girl only five four and now 105lbs since I got my new boobs so you can picture how tiny I really am. If he managed to get that thing in my ass all the way I’d be choking on it practically.

Pre-cum was beginning to bead-up on the slit and the veins on the sides were standing off the shaft. I swallowed, trying to think of what to do. Maybe if I could get him to cum by sucking him he’d let me go after the climax. It was worth a shot.

“Okay, you win,” I said falling to my knees on the hotel carpet and reaching up to grab hold of his cock.

Good hell bahçeşehir escort it was amazing, I’ve never felt anything like it before or since. His balls were heavy his shaft so wide my hand had two or three inches of space between my thumb and fingers when I tried to touch them together. He was hard, more ridged then I expected for something so large. I began to stroke him and fondle his nuts, moving he skin up and down his shaft in long motions due to the sheer size of the thing.

When I tried to put his head in my mouth I had to open as wide as I could and even then it stretched my lips further. He grabbed my head and thrust forward, forcing more of his cock in my mouth. I suddenly couldn’t breathe he was blocking my mouth completely and I panicked, pulling away from him and gasping for air. He laughed and mocked me, saying I wasn’t much of a whore if I can’t suck better than that.

I shut him up by grabbing him again and stoking hard and fast. I got up the courage to put him in my mouth again, remembering to breathe through my nose this time. He thrust forward, just like before but this time I opened wide and let him pound his cock against the back of my throat. It was so big it didn’t go very far and I managed. Keeping up the stroking as much as I could, I notice his heavy balls were beginning to rise. My goal was his orgasm and I worked very hard to accomplish the task. Problem was, just as I was getting close he pulled away from me, like I thought he might.

“Oh no, slut, you’re not getting me off that easy. I’m fucking your ass for sure tonight. Now, get on the bed. It’s time you earn your money.”

I thought about going for the door, or my phone in my purse. I didn’t think he would allow either and decided against both. I stood up and he grabbed my breasts pulling my bra away from them before pinching my nipples and turning me around roughly. He pushed me forward onto the bed and finished taking off my bra. My panties came next. My heart was pounding in my chest. I hadn’t been this nervous about sex since my first time. He spread my ass with his hands and suddenly I felt his warm wet tongue slather my tight hole with saliva. With his finger he began to explore, penetrating my pussy and ass with two different fingers. It felt good, but I still couldn’t get the thought of how big he was out of my bakırköy escort head. Looked like I really was going to earn my money.

He continued to lick and finger my holes, adding another to my ass and really working me in. I didn’t think the prep was going to really matter much. Nothing he did was going to prepare me for the width and length of his cock. I guess it was nice of him to try and it felt really good, made me cum a little. He must have enjoyed it as well because he did it for quite a while, probably as long as I sucked him. But all good things come to an end.

“That should do it. I think you’re ready,” he said pulling his fingers out.

I looked back on my hands and knees, watching him stand on the bed and move toward me. His cock was really hard now. The head was purple and pre-cum was running down the underside of his shaft.

“Is this your first time doing anal?” I asked him, trying to delay the inevitable.

“What do you think?”

“I’m thinking yes because no woman in her right mind would want that in her ass. That’s why you had to hire one.”

“Got that right. So let’s do this.”

I turned my head, not wanting to watch. My heart was pounding again and then I felt him move his giant head into position. It felt like someone’s fist against my ass. There was no fucking way it was going to go in, but he started trying anyway. At first I felt pressure; just a large force pushing on me and then my muscles began to be opened. The strain began as he leaned harder and part of his tapered head began to enter.

“Oh… fuck… shit… too much… fuck!” I screamed as he put more pressure into it.

Suddenly he pulled back, removing his cock. Not much had been in me, not even the head had passed my outer ring. He was just too big.

“I think we need more lube. Hold on.”

He jumped off the bed and started rummaging through a duffle bag he brought with him. My ass throbbed a little and I thought about running again while he was distracted. He was back too quick with a bottle of anal lube. He stood over me again and squirted a very large amount onto my throbbing asshole. Working it in with two fingers, felt pretty good and I was very wet and lubricated. He dropped the bottle on the bed and moved his cock into position again.

The lube helped, but not much. He got further başakşehir escort inside of me but the strain was incredible, turning my lubed as on fire.

“Almost in… almost there,” he said, commentating while I panted for air and bit my lip.

Suddenly my muscles gave way and he popped in, past my tight sphincter with an audible noise. A flash of pain grabbed me, making my ass throb and spasm. Fuck, I had never felt anything so big before and he only had the tip in. I was breathing so hard I couldn’t even swear anymore, just moan and pant.

“The heads in, I knew you could handle it.”

At least he stopped for a minute before trying to move further, giving me a small respite. I started rubbing my clit as fast as I could, hoping the pleasure would take some of the pain away. It helped, right up until he started to move forward again. The burn returned as his ridged shaft slid across my sore opening. He was so hard and so big I could feel every vein and texture on his cock. He was way too big to be fucking my tiny ass.

As he eased in the feeling of being really full increased as did the burn. I was going ballistic on my clit and it was the only thing keeping me from screaming and moving away from him. I didn’t know how much he had gotten in but it felt like my insides were going to burst and his cock was going to come out of my throat. I never stopped playing with my clit, and I know it’s the only thing that got me through. I never felt his balls on my ass so I don’t think he ever got all of himself inside. The forward movement finally stopped and he began to withdraw, bringing a totally new sensation. It felt like my insides were moving back into place and falling out of my ass. It was better than being stuffed full but not by much.

Then, of course, he slid back in, filling me to the bursting point again before taking it out. Thankfully this was his first time and the excitement of the moment made him cum quickly. If he would have been used to anal I probably would have been killed by his enormous cock from internal rupture or something. Luckily he only thrust in and out about five times before removing it completely and cumming all over my back. His large load fit his huge cock and by the time he finished I was covered and so was the hotel bed. I fell on my face and lay there with my ass throbbing and burning from the stress.

“That was worth the money. What the guys said about anal was right on. I’m going to take off, I’m sure you’ll let yourself out.”

Usually it’s me that leaves the client but I couldn’t move let alone walk. I lay there for about an hour before crawling to the bathroom and running a hot bath. My ass was on fire and was sore for a week afterwards.

Sometimes size does matter.

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