St. Stephen and the Earth Goddess


I was sitting in the passenger seat of my friend’s truck. We were heading home from work. We pass through a few small bergs. We live up in the mountains. Passing through one of these, my friend quietly mentioned that my car was parked up the driveway of a house there. Hearing him say it, I knew that he knew. It was in the tone of his voice.

And as he said it I saw my girl in there. The image was as clear in my mind as if I was seeing it. She had a thick cock in her hands and was kissing and licking on the tip of it in that moment. My cock thickened up and my coworker squirmed a bit. It had been a powerful image and on some level he felt it. He thought about my woman often too. I could feel it surging up. His own imagination was already working out possibilities.

I covered for her weakly, knowing it was unnecessary, saying that she was shopping with a friend via carpool. It was actually true, but I also knew it was a cover for a date and I probably wouldn’t see her until late, if I saw her at all. She was with one of her boyfriends and he was leaving the region in the near future. She had been over there a lot lately, even tricking me on several occasions, so that she could give him little rides on the sly. But in general, I was very informed of the situation. She enjoyed telling me of her adventures as she fucked and sucked me, often getting me hard over and over. Of course it turned me on. It wouldn’t have been much of a relationship if I wasn’t into it.

My girl is an earth goddess priestess. She is a gardener, she is a householder. She has children. She serves on committees. She also sucks and fucks cock. It is both her simple desire to do such and her personal call, and through sex and intimacy she unites many and mitigates much.

Right now she was with one of her warders. He had been protecting her for few years now. It had been a busy time and his position had been lonely at times. I had been gone for a good while, but was back now, which freed her to really give him a good thanksgiving. She was busy doing that right now. It was tricky for her and for me. We lived in a small town and her warder rented his place from the welder at the mill. I was hoping he hadn’t spied her slipping in and out of his place. He knew I lived with her and assumed I thought of her as “my” girl. Therefore my “honor” would be at stake. I hadn’t heard anything, which was good. Earth Priestess’ work often brought trouble. These sexy priestesses were a holy terror to the patriarchy and they destroyed the power of the sexual taboos which held so many in misery. A few weeks of wet pussy can really change a man, erasing years of programming and brainwashing.

My main role was protecting her, but I was also her primary lover and she mine, plus we had few allies left, lovers being the source of our greatest allies, but also the most capable of destroying us. People think the witch hunts are a thing of history. They aren’t witches though. If they were they would know that the witch hunt will continue as long as the patriarchy is venerated at the expense of the matriarchy.

By the time Jeff dropped me off I could clearly see her straddling Stephen. His cock was sinking up into her wet yoni. It probably helped that she often shared her love making patterns with me. It helped me know that what I was seeing was real time. Stephen was a simple deal with her. She sucked him until his precum was up, then she slow stroked that into his cock and sucked and nibbled on his head. His cock got thicker as it went toward the base, so it was more conical then tubular. Therefore she really enjoyed riding it. So after sucking on him, she climbed on him. If he was really good and lucky and intent he might get behind her on a good night, but he was mostly happy to let her ride him to her heart’s content. That is where she was as Jeff gave me a weak goodbye. He was gonna be stroking etiler escort his cock soon after he got home. I could tell.

I understood. Jeff and Mary had energy too. So he was feeling her through that connection as well as his relationship with me. And my connection with her was so close that if she was cumming, I was best to be somewhere private. Thankfully she was just getting going. As Jeff pulled off I saw a glimpse of his fantasy. Mary had snuck into his truck and was sucking his cock as he waited for me to come out of the house. My tardiness annoyed him. His desire to get to work 30 minutes early drove me crazy. I took my time, he fantasized about my girl sucking his cock as I slacked. It was a fair trade.

As I got into the house I felt my cock getting really thick. I could feel Mary’s hips popping and dropping. Her tits were free and bouncing. Her eyes were closed. She was thinking about me watching her, wanting me to see her. She is a sexy bitch like that. When I am fucking her she is thinking about someone else, yet when she is fucking someone else she is thinking about me. She now knew that I had seen her car and was aware of me too. That excited her more.

After a few building minutes, I could feel her brimming up to cum, feel her thick cream on his shaft streaking down to the base. Her hips popping and dropping quicker and quicker. I could feel her lips stretching around him as she sank into his lap. I could feel him swelling up. He was in bliss. Mary was so fine. Her curves, her cute face, her love of cock. She was a treasure. She looked so good being so bad. Stephen wished she was his, but accepted her as she shared herself with him. I think that is why she loved to abandon herself on his cock and package all her love into these moments of passion. I could feel her lips swelling around his cock, sucking on it. Now she was cumming, slapping down hard on his lap, moaning, groaning, eyes closed, face angled up and to the left as she bathed in rapture. Her hard nipples so firm, her hips rocking and gyrating hungrily around his warder shaft. She christened his pole as her deep juices broke open in great cries of pleasure. His hands pulling her body onto him, pulling her hips onto his lap, letting her grind over every bit of it.

Finally, she spasmed into a limp mess on his chest. Still being hard I could feel him roll her onto her back and pound her until his cum was deep inside her. She held him, moaning quietly as his passions reached explosion. I had already cummed with Mary. My cock was spasming down. My cock tightly gripped inside a pair of her panties that I had grabbed before exploding.

I fell into a nap as they did too. She stayed there that night. She cooked him dinner. One of the many things she could do so well. I cooked for the home front. The kids having no idea there mom had been and would soon be again straddled over and cumming on a ‘family’ friend.

I tried to focus on chores, but soon I could feel her pulling me back into her world. They were watching a movie now. He was on the couch. Her head in his lap. He had his hand on her hip and was stroking her. She was already excited. I could feel it. She was in his little cabin, on his couch, his bulge pressed against her cheek through his work jeans. A zipper just a moment away.

Mary is brewing with juices. She is lingering in the moment suckling it for the pleasure as Stephen’s energies build inside his jeans. Still he focuses on the screen. Every few moments Mary adjusts her head and body a bit, trying to get comfortable, and jostles Stephen’s bulge a bit every time. She can almost smell the ache of the rushing blood that wants soothing wetness and increased pressure. Stephen shifts, putting a hand in her hair as if to stroke her hair, but really pressuring her face into his lap. She giggles, but halkalı escort squirms away, controlling the pace. He is still her dessert.

She gets up and goes to the bathroom, smokes a cigarette and somewhere in there I lose contact. I got busy, but later I wonder if she took the time, in part, to lose me. I woke up hours later in a hot sweat. My cock swelled up and aching for touch. I see clearly that Mary is tied to Stephen’s headboard. Her ass is in my field of view. Her wrists are tied low down, but a scarf or a sheet twines through her legs and forces her ass up in the air almost pulling her knees off the bed, but not quite. The sheet thing looks like some crazy naughty skirt that covers everything but her glory wholes. Stephen is behind her. He is holding the sheets like straps. He is pounding into her. He is fucking her so good. Her cream leaving trails of evidence all along his shaft. Everytime he thrusts into her I can see it building up in a white ring around the thick base of his shaft.

I can see now that she was trying to hide this escapade from me. He was handling her and she wanted to spare me, but her messy little pussy was being fucked so good that her shields were gone. I guess she didn’t anticipate his level of passion. It was all cumming out, fucking her so good. He was all big behind her and she was feeling it. I could see it in the way she had her ass all tilted up into him just right so he could drive in deep. Her mouth open in moans, but buried in the pillow, but her eyes peering into the reflection of him in the head board mirror. She could feel her cream was all over his shaft as she watched him pound her hips. She could look him in the eyes as she felt him swell and thrash. Her whimpers buried in the pillow as he rocked her hips. Though deep in orgasm her hips were still keeping rhythm. It was a good fuck. I wish I had a video camera on it. Still, I wilted inside as I felt his energy. He was wanting her so bad and this fuck was all about establishing himself inside her. Without knowing it, he was trying to make a baby inside her and she was wide open, gloried in the moment as he pummeled her tied up and wet pussy. My cock was swollen so thick, I dared not even touch it.

I could make out his words as he plead his love and claimed her as his, unable to even imagine that any other man had ever owned that sweet little pussy so well. And for the moment he certainly did own it and he was owning it exceptionally well, but that was more her than him. He was just losing his head so to speak, forgetting she was the goddess. He did love her. I could feel it. He worshiped her even, and in this moment he was convinced he was the man for her. She was pretty convinced too. I could see it in her eyes as she gazed on his godly visage. His stout frame wrapped all around her slim image. She watched him as she cummed on his stout and persistent shaft. His fierce declarations of love coupled with powerful thrusts. His hips surging inside of her. The hips of a lifelong fisherman. For too long she had been content to ride him. Now she realized the untapped potential of his hips as he maneuvered behind her. Mysteriously traversing the currents and canals of her juicy yoni. I could feel her willingness to follow him anywhere in this moment. She wanted more. She wanted a lot more. It felt good too. I wanted her to have it. I knew she couldn’t, but I ran with her for this timeless moment as his rode up inside her and declared himself her champion. And for that night he truly was.

Seeming hours later, their thighs were soaked with both their juices. I could see her swollen and pink pussy lips still clinched around his shaft as he slowly stroked in and out of her. His hands on her hips now totally guiding her limp body. Her muffled moans evidence that all was well in her universe. He seemed innovia escort unable to satisfy the ache and the stiffness no matter the ejaculations achieved. He just fucked and cummed and kept fucking. Mary, beyond count in her orgasmic journey was in bliss beyond bliss.

As I fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning I felt his weight collapsed onto her. He was finally too exhausted to continue.

I woke up exhausted. My alarm sounding just a few hours after I had finally collapsed. My first break comes at 8 a.m. which was unfortunately about a half hour before they woke up. I guess he either didn’t have work or had taken the day off. About 8:30 a.m. Standing on my platform sorting piles of wood, I felt Mary’s legs spread open. I felt her pussy, still wet, fill up with morning wood. I felt her hands on his ass as he pumped into her. I felt her lips on his as he kissed her passionately proclaiming his love. His swollen and hungry cock up inside her thrashing around. I felt her cream and wetness soak him. She pulled him into her body. She arched her hips for his depths. And he probed and plumbed them. Within minutes I was heading to the john where I could hold my cock and guide my semen into safe regions. It helped a bit, but he was still fired up and fucking on her at lunch. I couldn’t stay with the guys as I found another john to go rupture in. Now he was behind her again. And he had her wearing his shirt, which he had all wrapped up around her sexy hips and was using to pull her onto his surging cock. She was calling his name out. He was telling her to and she was doing it. He was loving it. Her too. And that was gonna get her a good spank. She loves playing with fire.

Things finally calmed down. On my way home from work my coworker didn’t say anything, but we both noticed whose car was still parked where. Thankfully they weren’t fucking at the time and I could play it kinda cool. We didn’t speak, but I could see what he was thinking. It was a different fantasy but one he had been nurturing for a bit. He had been careful not to think it around me, but now I could see it plain as day. He had been talking about a swing shift position lately. Now I knew the sole motivation of such a move was some hope that he could fill my bed space while I worked the morning shift. This revealed a new layer of his depth of desire for Mary. He wanted to get a piece of that ass. And now he had an idea that it was going around. Tricky stuff. I thought about addressing it but knew it would just have to play out. At least I had a ride to and from work. He wasn’t going to give up his one solid connection to Mary’s world.

A few hours after getting home Mary called me. I loved this part. She never knew what I knew. I enjoyed leaving her in the dark a bit. I could feel Stephen in the back ground. He was behind her with his lips on her neck, one hand on her ass and another lightly wrapped around her nipple. He was holding his breath though. I knew what she really wanted was an easy check in. She wanted more, but knew she was supposed to be home yesterday and was being too risky. It was too, but I also knew how juicy her world was right then. I let her off easy except to mention Jeff to her. I didn’t say much, but it was loaded because without saying so, I had just let her know he was ready. And with one stroke Stephens magnificence had a shelf life. Probably her next orgasm would have glimpses of Jeff in it. She had a hot little affair for him and healing, which was the more powerful draw.

Yep, she was hot already. Before we got off the phone I could feel her fingers wrapped around Stephen’s shaft. And soon she was sucking his cock, stroking his precum all over his shaft. Then she was riding him, eyes closed, face tilted up and to the left. I could see her fantasy of Jeff unfolding as she rode and rocked Stephen’s hard cock. He smiled triumphantly underneath her, but he would be leaving without her. I knew because I could see her tucked up in the cab of Jeff’s truck, curled up on his lap, as they rain came down in sheets making a veritable curtain around them. She cummed on Stephen, but in her mind she was holding Jeff’s steering wheel as he released the energies of thousands of fantasies fulfilled.

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