Sunshine (MF)


My life has not been filled with sunshine. No, I’m not depressed. Yes, I had a rough childhood. No, I was not physically or mentally abused by anyone, in part there was no one near enough to do that. I just grew up with a single Mom as the fourth of six kids from at least three different unknown Dads, in a never-ending parade of cheap housing options.

Mom tried to raise us, but she just started on the wrong track and never could get to a better place. Most of us were raised by each other and ourselves. We went to school, usually, but never really had a shot there either. Education only works if someone cares. Mom didn’t. We didn’t. And the almighty administration sure as heck didn’t.

Halfway through high school I decided I had had enough and left Podunk, Iowa (not a real place in case you’re wondering). I spent the next 4 years wandering the country alone and with others who had ended up in similar places.

Today I turned 20 and here I am sitting in the dark, smoking a joint in my little dive in Nashville, TN. There are 5 of us living here, even though the place only has two mattresses and one bathroom. We don’t care, it’s one of the nicest and safest places I’ve been in years. I’m working full time at a local diner and making enough to eat and live. Kyle and Cammy were the ones who found the place and the rest of us just joined them. It’s not quite rent free since ‘technically’ it’s in foreclosure or something but for us it means a roof over our head and a little quiet safety.

“Fuck off Charlie,” I had to tell the dumb ass creep Charlie as he tried for the fourth time to feel me up today. He’s a fucking annoyance but mostly harmless. No idea how old he is but he looks and acts like a younger version of an old pervert. He doesn’t always understand when I tell him no but the boot knife in my hand reminds him what no means.

Being a girl on the road does come with a lot of extra challenges. While I’m not really skinny, I’m not fat either. Unfortunately, when you’re only a little over 5 feet tall, you don’t intimidate anyone, so unwanted attention is a big problem, but I have found ways to make it work. The boot knife being one of those. Having friends is another, and the fifth one of us is my good friend Carl.

Carl is an amazingly relaxed guy but being probably 30, black, 6’4, and well over 300lbs he does tend to deter unwanted attention. I’ve been with Carl for maybe 3 months, ever since he moved in with us, and he has been my bullwork against all unwanted attention. I made sure to get his support early and to make sure he always has an interest in keeping me safe. I can see Carl is hitting the pipe, as it glows faintly in the dark room. Shit, I think, knowing what will be coming later.

Sure enough at some point in the night I feel myself pulled up. I can see Carl’s bulky form in the dark room next to me as he pulls me to my knees.

“Now?” I ask, still waking up and already knowing the answer.

The grunted reply may have been yeah, or yes, or yodel for all I could tell but the answer is obvious as his cock slaps my face. As I mentioned Carl was my protective castle walls but that requires a certain about of tribute to maintain. Tribute that is paid in favors on nights like tonight when his meth addled brain wanted release. This was also why I made sure to visit the free clinic regularly to make sure I was clean and wouldn’t get pregnant.

Wrapping my hands around his cock I spit on it and began to jack him off. Sometimes this would be all it took but as I felt his hands on my head, I knew this was not one of those times. His cock is not huge but it does not get bathed often enough, so I try to hold my breath as much as possible as it slides into my mouth.

He is obviously excited as he immediately pushes himself in and begins to pump my head back and forth. It’s dark but I can already see Charlie wanking himself off to the show. Carl’s cock is sliding in and out and I try to keep my mouth as wet as possible, to avoid any cuts and scrapes. Carl is pumping my mouth pretty hard and so I’m not surprised as I feel him cum. The discharge is thick and ropey and as he cums and I choke trying to breath.

One nice thing is that since Carl isn’t really interested in a show, I maltepe escort can just spit the thick gunk out once he finishes, and as he withdraws, I do. Turning my head, I try to spit the sticky crap out completely, one glob at a time. This is the moment I realize that Carl must have really gotten a good batch of meth, because as I am turned trying to spit, I feel his hands fumble around my hips. Carl usually just wants a little release, think of it as cranking out a little built up tension. But when he is high on meth he is wired and almost insatiable. All those old guys should really try a little meth to keep their peckers hard.

I know where this will end but such is the cost of security, and besides Carl’s a sweet heart. So, with a little effort I pull my shorts off as I get on my knees in front of my protector. His hands are sweaty as he grabs my now naked hips and pulls me towards himself. I feel his still hard cock as it slaps against my ass. I know that I have to be careful because he will not care which hole he fucks. I lift my ass slightly higher and feel the head of his cock slip between my legs. As soon as he feels himself slide into a crease he pushes his whole body forward. Shit! I’m not wet enough yet at all and he is already pushing inside me, so I quickly lick and spit on my fingers and try to rub it onto his turgid cock and myself to make his entrance a little easier. I’m young enough that I am getting wet, but not fast enough for Carl.

Just that little bit of spit helps, and I can feel my own moisture beginning to make the situation bearable. Carl’s penis is dragging my lips inside me as he keeps pushing and pulling but then I begin to get wet enough to feel myself stop pulling inside and my sigh signifies how much better it now feels.

Carl is now in full on rutting mode as he pushes himself and pulls me fast and hard. I do like sex and I do like Carl, but this is really just a chore, so I focus on not getting hurt by the wacked out man. His cock is pounding my poor coochie with painful abandon. I am bracing my hands to give myself some support and some bracing against the pounding thrusts of the large man. The advantage of this position is that our size difference is more bearable.

Carl is obviously still feeling his high as he is pounding at an incredible pace. His cock is slamming into me hard and fast and I am actually getting aroused. Unfortunately, Carl is not giving me a chance to enjoy anything as his pace keeps increasing.

The sound is obviously just as loud in the room as it is in my head and I can see Charlie, Kyle and Cammy watching us. I’m not shy but I am not thrilled to be the center of this show as I serve as a meth heads fleshlight. Carl is really going now and he just keeps pounding away.

“Stop Charlie!” I cry as I feel Charlie’s hand reach under my shirt. I can’t move my arms or Carl is going to drive me into the floor but Charlie has obviously decided to cop a little feel. I’m just unable to do anything to stop him and Carl is not really caring at this point. Charlie’s hand is mashing my breast under my shirt and I can hear him grunting. He must be jacking himself as well. Charlie is a creep and I would love to stop him but I’m a bit busy as Carl keeps hammering away.

I’m not sure how long Carl has been going but I am really beginning to feel the pounding. “Fuck Carl…” I groan as my arms are barely able to hold me up. How much did he get?

“Charlie! Charlie! Get that shit out of my face! You fucking…” Charlie has moved and is now sitting directly in front of me. I realize he has positioned himself and is pumping his cock directly under my face. “God damn it Charlie don’t you dare! Don’t you…”

“Shit Charlie.” I shout as the first wad of his cum hits me on the cheek. I close my eyes and mouth, so the next shot hits my eye lid, followed by my nose and lips. I can’t open my eye, can’t move my arm to wipe my face, and no matter how much I want to keep my mouth closed I have to breath. My gasping breaths mean some of Charlie’s nasty shit is getting sucked into my mouth. I want to yell at the little prick but Carl is obviously getting close as he, amazingly, gets faster. All I can do now is hold myself up and keep pendik escort breathing. Finally, I hear Carl begin to grunt as he cums once again, pushing deep inside me.

After what feels like hours Carl pushes out and walks away to one of the room’s mattresses. I can hear the old stuffing creak as he settles down. By the time I wipe myself off with some old newspapers he is snoring. With a little luck I won’t be far behind him as I pull up my shorts. Since Charlie is still around, I decide to join Carl on the mattress and lay back down beside his snoring mass.

When I wake the room is filled with the mottled sunlight of the city, and only Carl is around. I’m not sure where the others are but it’s nice not to have to worry about them. Moving carefully so as not to wake Carl, I really don’t have time for what would follow, I get up and head for the bathroom. I jump in the shower and start to get ready for work. Peeking from the bathroom I make sure Carl’s asleep and no one else is here, before running my naked ass to the closet. My uniforms are the only things hanging in the closet, so I grab one and get dressed.

By the time I walk the three blocks to Sam’s, the diner I work in, I’m feeling less stiff and sore from last night. Sam’s is actually a pretty good place to work. They pay us in cash, give us free meals at the beginning and end of a full shift and best of all there is no tip sharing. I have been there for a couple months and have no plans to change.

Walking in the back I hear my name called from the office. “Sarah?” It sounds like Gary Adams, the General Manager of the place.

Walking back to the office and leaning in I call “Yeah?”

Gary is old, short, fat, mostly bald, and someone we all must keep happy to keep our jobs. “Sarah come in and close the door.”

Oh crude, I think as Sally walks past me giggling and giving me a ‘glad it’s not me’ look. Walking into the office I close the door and turn to Gary. He is still sitting in his chair but already unbuckling his belt and opening his fly. It’s not really that unusual. One of us girls gets caught just about every day and it seems today is my turn.

By the time I walk over to him he has fished his shriveled cock out of his pants and begun rubbing it. “Come on. Get busy, I’ve got things to do,” he says, and I kneel down in front of his chair and grab his prick.

He’s already stiffening, so it only takes a few moments to get him hard in my mouth. He’s not big but he is hairy, so I try to keep my face as far from his belly as I can. “Yeah, more tongue sweetie,” he mutters as I am bobbing my head in his lap. I’m working him quickly, knowing if I let him get too worked up, he’s going to want more than a blowjob.

I am lucky today, as I feel him dribble in my mouth with only an “oh yeah,” from him as warning.

As I stand up and spit into his trash can, I can’t help but snap at him for not giving me more warning. He just laughs and tells me to get my ass to work as he refastens his pants.

Work is busy this morning. There is a steady stream of tourists and future ex-stars needing food. Tourists are usually better tippers, but the star wannabes are better customers. You can usually tell the difference pretty quickly as the wannabes are usually wearing some version of cowboy paraphernalia.

As I head to one of my tables to get the order of a new customer, I see a cowboy hat and expensive boots and immediately think ‘wannabe.’

“May I take your order?” I ask in my practiced tone of indifference.

“Honey, what would you recommend?” The man says in a very heavy country accent. A country accent is a variation on southern, with a lot more twang and lot less genteel.

“The Fireman’s Reel, is our best seller. Three eggs, bacon, ham, grits, pancakes, and coffee for $9,” I respond quickly looking closer at the ‘dude’ as I do. He’s older than most wannabes, maybe mid 40’s, and he’s wearing several large gold rings that don’t say ‘up and coming’.

“Perfect. Bring me one of those and bring something for yourself too. I hate eating alone.”

What? My head flips up as I am writing his order on the pad. But he just nods, adding, “It’ll be fine. Ol’ Gary owes me a couple favors. Now kaynarca escort get that in and come back and join me with that coffee.”

Walking back to the kitchen I put in his order, then add a smaller combo for myself before taking a pot of coffee and a couple cups. As I walk back, I stop by the hostess stand and tell Carol that I’m taking a break. She looks at the due’s table, nods, then agrees to have Alice cover my tables.

“So, you know Gary?” I ask as I pull myself into the other side of the booth.

“Yup. I’ve known that overweight cheat since he was yea’ high,” he said holding his hand a few feet off the floor. “Used to beat him just so I could see his fine Momma when she’d yell at me.”

“What?” I gag.

“Oh yeah. His Momma was one the finest looking woman anywhere around Southern Nashville. I found every chance I could to see her, eventually managed to do more than see, but that’s a tale in itself.”

I was just staring at this man and trying to think of anything to say to that, when our food arrived. The look on Alice’s face as she unloaded our meals caused me to giggle and he winked at her as she walks off.

“I’m Sarah by the way,” I say as I begin to eat. The food is good, and since I don’t normally get meat and coffee with the employee meals, I’m really enjoying it.

“Randy Clay,” he says with a smile.

“So, Mr. Clay, what do you do?” I ask as I finish my second piece of ham.

“It’s Randy. That ‘Mr.’ business just makes me feel like some stuffed shirt,” Randy said before adding, “I helped a couple acts get some deals and such and now I don’t really do much at all.”

“Wow,” I said. “Must be nice. Anyone I might know?”

“Maybe. Ever hear of Kenny Rogers or maybe Alan Jackson?”

I almost choked as I nodded. Of course, I’d heard of them. They were older but those names were legend in Nashville. They were also some of the highest grossing acts out there. As we ate he told me about Nashville, the people, and the music business. I soon realized he was older than I had originally thought, as he had just seen and done too much. When Alice brought the ticket, he handed her a $100 bill telling her to keep the change. Needless to say, she was smiling. But I had her beat as he turned to me and asked if I wanted a job.

“Excuse me?” I replied a bit confused. I mean I was sitting in Sam’s in a Sam’s uniform.

“Oh no ma’am that’s not what I meant,” he stammered as I could see the red rising on his cheeks. Now it was my turn to laugh as I realized what he thought I had reacted too. “No. No. You just look like someone who could use a break in life, and I want to help you get it. So, I was wondering if you’d like to come and work for one of my companies? Nothing fancy but I think it might lead to more.”

As I realized what he was offering I smiled. A new start? A fresh chance? “That sounds amazing,” I said, waiting for my flicker of hope to be dashed.

“Great! When can you start?”

“Anytime. I’ve not got much to leave.” I quickly replied.

“Great! Let me call Cindy, she’s my right hand ‘man’ so to speak and get her started on you.” And with that he pulled out his cell phone.

“Cindy,” he starts smiling at me, “I have a new one for us.” There is a pause as I hear a mumbled voice on the phone. “I know but this one will.” Then after another pause, he smiles, saying “Great! 5 minutes it is.”

As he puts away the phone, he look at me. “Sarah, Cindy will be here in a minute to get you started.” He must see the apprehension in my face as he adds, “it’ll be fine honey. I believe in real honest to God second chances and you look like you could use one.”

When Cindy arrives, I feel a new wave of nerves threaten to overwhelm me. Cindy is tall, blond, and dressed in one of those ‘power suits’. It helps some as she sits down at the table and smiles at me. It’s not a threatening or demeaning smile, it’s a warm welcoming smile that challenges all the power accessories adorning this woman.

“You must be Sarah, I’m Cindy Waters and Randy here is a pretty good appraiser, so I think we are going to get along wonderfully.” she says extending her hand, which I take.

As all three of us stood from the booth, Randy turned and hollered to Carol. “Carol honey. Tell Gary I’m taking Sarah with me and Cindy, we’ll settle up anything with him later.”

I watch as Carol just nods before she returned to her attention to her hostess desk. Then Randy opened the door for me and Cindy, and together we walked out into the sunshine.

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