The Car Club Cafe

The Car Club Cafe
Sitting in my 1967 Ford Galaxie XL 500, waiting for the other classic car owners to arrive for our weekly drive , I see a tall brunette young woman in a loose fitting blouse and tight skirt and high heels walk by. She turns and we make I contact. This woman has an hour glass figure big pendulous breasts, a tight waist and a nice shaped big bottom. A size 16 my ex wife would tell me.

She adjusts her walk to a strut and sways her hips my eyes are popping out. My dick is getting hard in the confines of my hipster jeans. She sits down outside the café and looks straight at me smiling. Her lipstick is a bold red her horn rimmed tortoise shell sunglasses are now on the tip of her nose as she looks at the menu. I look under the table her legs are wide apart, the tease is wearing no panties, her neatly trimmed pubic hair sits above to moist pussy lips.

A teenage waitress in a short skirt and see through blouse takes her order and goes inside. I get out of the car, as I see a old friend park her car near the café, walking over to say hi I walk pass the woman seated in the café letting her check out my fit and athletic 50 year old 2m tall solid body. Claire and I have been friends since high school. We fuck occasionally when the circumstances are right. Claire is bi prefers submissive young feminine women. Claire and I are talking about anything and everything however both of us are looking at the attractive woman in the café.

“I saw her first” I quip.

“Well I think we should say hello!” Says Claire as she pulls on her black leather jacket over her tight t shirt. The black stove pipe jeans and military boots number 1 shaved head complete the don’t fuck with me look.

“Can we join you ” I ask in friendly manner as if there are no more empty tables. Claire is looking down the front of the blouse enjoying the view. Claire receives the full woman’s full attention as she replies with a big smile.

“I was hoping you would come over. I do like to attract attention” placing a hand on each of our legs. We are sitting either side of her watching the more of the classic cars come in to the carpark.

“Where are we going ?” her sultry husky voice asks. Her hand is stroking the growing bulge in my pants.

“Toilet stop first” Claire asks her hand under the woman’s chin turns her head to face Claire. The two women stand and head off to the ladies powder room. A cleaning sign warning of wet floors is outside the door. Claire opens the door for the our conquest and watches those big boobies go pass then follows her in. Outside nothing can be heard. In the powder room Claire finds the young waitress on her hands and knees with a rag cleaning in a stall cleaning around the toilet bowl. The teenagers skimpy shorts reveal her nice peach ass cheeks. Claire pushes the woman back against the wall her hand moves to a big fleshy breast and roughly mauls it.

“Oh god yeah!” The woman moans. Claire kicks the woman’s feet further apart on the tiled floor. Her skirt starts to ride up. The woman feels Claire’s fingers cup her cunt and roughly move up and down until two long fingers split her moist pussy lips and are fucking her. She slumps against her lover, her head on Claire’s shoulder as two fingers plunge in and out a thumb moves against her big protruding clit.

“Come for Mommy bitch” Claire demands .

“Wha…” mumbles the waitress.” What are you doing!” The waitress is looking at the neatly trimmed pussy getting finger fucked.

“Mmmm oh fuck I’m coming” the big titted slut moans over the noise of the fingers sloshing in her juicy slut cunt.

“Ask for permission slut”

“Please can I cum”

“Please can I cum Claire” Claire thumb and index finger held the sluts big clit firmly.

“Please … can … I … cum … Claire.” She said quietly. In the mirror Claire watches the waitress masturbating. Skirt around her waist knickers around an ankle a hand rubbing her pussy the other on a long nipple.

“Yes slut you can”

The slut slumped against Claire as her body convulsed in orgasm. The waitress stuck her hand in her mouth as she moaned loudly.

“On your knees slut. Suck this teenage waitresses little wet pussy” Claire ordered. Both women were too scared of Claire to argue.

Claire filmed the scene with her camera as the young blonde waitress sat on the edge of the bench legs up in the air spread wide. The brunette slut on her knees lapping the young bald pussy. Claire backed up to the bathroom entry door as voices could be heard outside the locked door.

“Won’t be long ladies the cleaning is nearly done” Claire advised the people outside.

The young waitresses moans of pleasure were so loud they could be herd in the carpark. My cell phone beeped messenger wanted acknowledgement I hit the green button. On the screen is a young pussy and some bright red lips. I hear a gasp beside me as a mature waitress reacts to scene on my screen.

“Sir ”


“Umm” she moans as my hand is between her legs, fingers working towards her pussy she thinks. I put the phone face up for her to watch the scene in the bathroom. My fingers push against her asshole and easily probe her perspiring butthole.

“Sir! What are you doing ?”

“We are going to the kitchen…” I instructed as pulled her G-string down for her to step out of. I followed the 30 something BBW in to the kitchen. Found a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. She watched the waitress getting her pussy licked on the screen as I oiled her big tanned butt crack stroked my fat cock with my oily hand. I pushed my swollen dick at her lubed asshole and it slid in easily all the way up to the hilt.

“Fuck! Fuck that feels great” her hand between our legs fondled my balls and then rubbed her pussy. A few thrusts in her tight butthole and I came quickly. I continued pumping her asshole with my semi hard dick. On the screen a big orange dildo penetrated a young pussy doggie style on the floor. On top of her lay a more well used pussy with a hand fist fucking in and out. My dick responded to visual stimulus.

We fucked for a few more minutes before my bitch moaned loudly and collapsed. My hard dick popped out. I grabbed a tray to cover my member and went to the ladies room.

My mature slut was told to get on her knees as Claire vigorously fucked the young tart in her virgin butt.

“Yes sir”

“Suck my dick clean slut” I held the base of my shit and oil covered cock pointed to her mouth.


“Do it” I slapped her big pendulous tits hard. Once. Again.

She wouldn’t open her mouth so I grabbed her neatly coiffed bun of hair and dragged her semi naked body out to my car against all her protests.

“Sit in the back and don’t you fucking move” I said firmly. Members of the car club looked on used to my unseemly and unpredictable behaviour. Enjoying the view.

“Joe zip up please ” said Michelle, the high maintenance ex wife, and club secretary. “Where is the other trouble maker?”

“Here Ms”

“Claire ! Let the little horny bitch go and make my espresso”

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