The Dripping Tap


“Oh, he’s here. Just coming up the path right now. I’ll have to go and let him in.”

“Don’t do anything I’d love to do. I know you Zil, you can’t say no when it comes to a well-hung stud. No man is ever safe alone with you.”

“Chance would be a fine thing, anyway he’s rather old and looks highly respectable. Look I must go Jane … I’ll ring you later, okay?”

Zil hung up her phone and went to open the door for her surprisingly good-looking plumber. She didn’t know why she had lied about him being old and past it, as she spied him walking up to her front door. Maybe she just felt some form of guilt at being reminded that she had this thing about the smell of a hot sweaty male body locked away in the confines of her home. It was true that it did bring out the bitch beast in her, and being hidden behind locked doors was also one hell of a turn on for her.

Zil showed her plumber him into the kitchen and the tap, which no amount of tightening could put an end to the constant drip of water.

“Soon have this done,” he said smiling at her and trying the tap for himself.

“I’m quite useless I’m afraid, I got some new washers but the stop tap is so fast I can’t even turn that off.”

She asked him if he would like a cup of tea as he took out a large adjustable wrench from his tool bag and lay on his back on the floor under the sink to tackle the cold-water stop tap. On telling her that a cup of tea would be great, Zil had a good long look at her dishy plumber as she made him a mug of tea.

He had to be in his late thirties. He looked fit and firm fleshed under that dirty old red shirt he had on. His hair was thick and although going slightly gray was longish, and worn in a rather artistic way for a man who carried a large wrench around all day. Zil giggled to herself at the thought, and had to take a closer look at his special wrench to see if it was indeed a big one as he lay under her sink.

It did indeed bulge large inside his jeans and she wondered just how big it really was if ever let loose from its tight surroundings.

“It’s a lovely warm day for shorts isn’t it?” He called up to Zil as she stood there with her long bare legs being shown off to their best advantage as she wore a nice pair of red shorts with a blue t-shirt.

“I do like to get my legs a bit bronzed during the summer,” Zil told him as she noticed that he was now ogling her from his position on the floor.

“You do right girl,” he said, “Those are very pretty legs you have there, they look a picture in those shorts.”

Zil blushed and giggled girlishly before giving him a twirl to show them off fully to the man who was now sitting up and admiring them intensely. Suddenly he reached out and very slowly ran his large hand down Zil’s left leg telling her how beautifully firm it felt.

She felt her mouth go suddenly dry and before she could think of anything to say he did the same with the right üsküdar escort leg. Now he moved closer and had both hands stroking her bare legs together and all she could do was to stand there ridged and say “I think your tea will be getting cold.”

He wasn’t bothered at all about tea now, and slipped his hands in between both her legs and signaled that he wanted her to open her legs wider. Zil smiled down timidly and obliged his wishes by moving her feet apart allowing him to stroke the insides of her tingling thighs, making her legs go all goose pimply and sending her soft downy hairs all on end.

Up and down he went, first one then the other, then both together and always stopping just short of her desperately hot and sweating crotch.

“Oh gosh, I’m sure I can feel myself wetting my panties,” she thought watching her plumber feel her all over now. He clenched both cheeks of her firm arse as he pulled her towards him nuzzling into her crotch with his big smiling face, sniffing and smelling her sex scent as she drooled for him.

Suddenly without warning he just pulled her shorts right down and her panties too, and was kissing her pussy over and over. His hands held her so tightly; she couldn’t have escaped if she’d even wanted to.

His tongue was lapping her pussy’s lips and she couldn’t help herself from moaning as she smacked her own tongue loudly across her open mouth. “Oh no … please no… you really shouldn’t be doing this to me!”

Her legs were open wide now, with her shorts and panties around just her left ankle. She moved over him as he still sat on the floor and let him finger her cunt forcefully as her heart raced watching him explore her so dirtily.

With slow deliberation he stuck first two then three thick fingers up her sticky slit making her buck on them as he sank right up to his knuckles into her wanton lusty hole. She groaned loudly with her mouth open wide and her tongue hanging out. His bitch was definitely on heat! She couldn’t possibly refuse him, not now. She was totally his for the taking!

“Damn you! You make me feel such a slut,” she told him groaning, as he thrust upwards into her, thinking that she should for decency’s sake put up some kind of resistance.

“You shouldn’t be doing this to me, it’s not fair! You make me feel so dirty, letting you do this to me in my own home. I’m all-naked and vulnerable and exposed like a cheap slut. You are taking advantage of me, damn you! I wish I could control myself!”

“You love it though, don’t you?” He told her as he worked hard on her hole. “You had ‘fuck me’ written all over your face the moment I walked through your door. I bet your pussy has been wet and wanting for days?”

Zil swallowed hard and felt she’d cum at any moment she was so sexed up at being taken so roughly.

“How long then … since you were last fucked?” he demanded.

Zil şerfali escort paused and thought. “A week or so, well maybe two or three, I can’t bloody remember …oh fuck you …fuck you!” She spluttered as she grasped his large hand and pumped it hard as she suddenly started to cum totally out of control.

“Good girl…that’s the way…let it all go. Don’t you just love it?”

Zil trembled long and hard and still with his fingers up her cunt ordered him to, ” Get your cock out, I want to see your cock right now!”

He smiled up at her and asked, “So, you are going to let me fuck you after all?”

Zil nodded her head in acceptance, and pulled off her blue t-shirt to reveal she had no bra on and was now completely naked for him.

“If you are going to treat me like a fucking slut, then you may as well fuck me like one too. C’mon, I’m all yours, show me that big cock of yours and let me have a suck on it.”

He was up now in an instant, on his feet, and had his pants open and let that huge wrench of his, spring free for her to feel with both her eager hands.

Holding it, and slowly peeling back that lovely foreskin till his knob shone like soft silk, made her gasp with pleasure. She saw how delicious it looked, and how it just begging to be sucked. Breathing in those spunky aromas set loose from around the helmet’s rim made her cunt run all the faster in the anticipation of letting it fuck her later.

Zil’s mouth was awash with drooling saliva gagging for a suck on this monster prick as she sank to her knees and sniffed all that musky smell of promised spunk.

“I’m really such a cock sucking slut when I can get my mouth around a beauty like this one.” She told him as she opened her mouth wide and started to let it slide into her. Working her tongue over its throbbing length, she let it slip ever deeper till she felt it in her throat. She also handled his hairy balls, and felt intoxicated by their musky scent as they oozed oils of lust while she played gently with them. Now he grabbed her roughly by the hair and fucked her face furiously telling her what a brilliant little cock- sucking bitch she really was!

Zil loved it, and could have happily let him shoot his spunky load right down her gasping throat, but she wanted to feel this monster cock in her cunt and reluctantly pulled away from him.

“Fuck my cunt for me!” she begged him. “Cum in my cunt so that I can feel you splashing all your hot spunk deep inside me.”

He grabbed hold of her lifted her up onto the kitchen units and tore his clothes off in a couple of seconds. Then when fully naked and standing there so beautifully proud and cocky, he pulled her towards him so that her bum was just perched on the very edge of the work surface. Now he proceeded to slowly inch his cock up into her wide open pussy as it protruded over the edge of the granite work top, and succeeding to take her breathe away as she got totally stuffed.

It was a perfect position to get all the way up her horny hole. Thrusting upwards he could get every inch of his cock into her right up to his balls and as she was so finely balanced she had to hold onto him tightly for fear of slipping off the unit.

He was touching deep places in her cunt that she loved to feel fucked. He was huge, making her juices ran wild for him as he slurped and squelched his way back and forth, and starting her to talk dirty and moan louder and louder as she went out of control.

“Oh yes … screw me! … Screw me hard! … Screw me with that big cock of yours. I love big cocks … they make me cum big time … And I love spunk too … I want spunking soon … lots of lovely spunk …Oh yes … I do love it … I need it badly!”

Her cries trailed off as he tightened his hold on her and his cock grew even harder and he gasped that committed grunt of dirty desire that signified he was finally there.

Zil was there too, at the point of no return, that moment of truth when the little death came to strike them down in one crashing blow, then fling them into obit to fly high for thirty seconds as his hot spunk splashed her cunt with its slippery saltiness.

“Yes, yes, that’s it … oh you beautiful man!”

She lay in his arms for some time, trembling in little after shocks as they both shook with recurring orgasmic tremors. Both feeling beautifully satisfied.

“Now will you have that cup of tea?” Zil asked him as he slipped back into his clothes, and she slid wetly off the kitchen units.

“No time really, I’ll just pop this washer on for you and then high tail it to another two customers.”

“Lucky girls!” Zil added a bit hurt, hoping for another session after he’d got his breath back and a nice cup of tea down him.

“Nothing like that,” he laughed. “Look, I could always come back tomorrow night if you like?”

“Oh yes, that would be lovely”. Zil told him as she watched him work away on the tap. “How much do I owe you by the way?”

He laughed and told her it was on the house, his pleasure to have been of service to her.

“So tomorrow then?” he smiled as he finally picked up his gear and walked towards the front door.

“Hey, I don’t even know your name!” Zil told him as she opened the door still totally naked and still dripping his seed down the insides of her bronzed long legs.

“Bob! And you?”

“Zil, I’m called Zil.”

“Look Zil,” he asked, as he turned to stroke her big breasts gently, and tweak her rock hard nipples wishing now he hadn’t got to leave. ” How do you feel about a threesome, tomorrow night?”

“You mean, you, me, and a girl?”

“No, you me and my pal Dave. I think you can take a couple of us with no sweat. Let us take turns with you, then both together? You’re just made for it. We’d give you a really good going over, the two of us all night long if you want. What do you say?”

Zil thought for a moment and then smiling up at him said, “I think, Big Bob, that you and your pal Dave would be most welcome if you were to call on me tomorrow night… should we say around eight?

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