The Florida Trip Pt. 07

Ava Addams

Happily ever after?

Welcome to Part Seven of The Florida Trip, aka The Baseball Trip: Season Two. This is the final part, so if you haven’t read up till now, I’m not sure what to say.

Everyone is over the age of 18.

I woke up on the floor of our hotel room. Back itching from the carpet. Muscles sore from the… well everything. We’d had yet another wild night, the five of us. Still, that was no reason to continue ignoring the two perfectly good, Queen-sized beds the Disney people had provided us with.

I stood and stretched. The other girls — also lying on the floor around me — slowly got up and did the same. Four incredible bodies, all different shapes and sizes, splayed out before me. Sexy Sarah, her younger sister Chloe, beautiful blonde Kelsey, and athletic, attractive Julia all had my dried sperm on them. Sarah, in particular, had several crusted splats on her cheeks and tits.

We all eyed one another, almost warily. Like we couldn’t decide who was to blame for all of this. It would be like the opening to the next edition of the Hangover, only we all remembered exactly what had happened.

This is the short version. We’d all gone to Disney World, determined not to repeat the mistakes of our baseball trip the summer before. Instead, we’d done everything all over again, leading us to here: a full-on orgy in our hotel room. We were right back where we started, which was a problem, because our vacation had come to an end.

On a road trip, visiting a literal magic kingdom, it was OK to pretend that we could fuck around forever. There were no consequences (mostly), feelings weren’t involved (somewhat), and we could always go back to being our normal selves (or so we told ourselves). But now that we were headed home, the warmth of our surrounding environs only left us less prepared for the cold reality that came crashing down.

All five of us stood frozen, like moving forward might break the spell. Waiting for the first person to say something profound.

“Holy fuck are we all disgusting,” Sarah said, “I’m taking a shower.” She turned and stumbled toward the bathroom. Both Chloe and I tried to follow after her. “One at a time for once,” Sarah said, holding out her hands to stop us. “Otherwise we end up even dirtier.”

While the buxom brunette got clean, the rest of us slowly packed. It was funereal, picking dirty clothes off the floor and laying them into our suitcases like fallen friends. At one point, I found a pair of lacy pink panties that I was sure had been Alyssa’s. I pocketed them. One last souvenir from Disney.

Alyssa. I hadn’t heard from my redheaded former girlfriend since we’d split up two days before. I assumed she was with Kevin, Kelsey’s ex, and having one heck of time. Ironically, the girl who’d taught me about open relationships now seemed to be in a closed one. I was happy for her. Seriously.

Happy for me, too. Maybe Alyssa was a mistake but, like the best errors, she’d taught me something: I wasn’t the kind of guy who could have empty sex. Feelings get mixed in with all the fucking for me. Pretending otherwise just hurt everyone. Myself most.

Sarah stepped out of the bathroom and Chloe took the next turn in the rotation. When Chloe came out clean, the two sisters got dressed and left to get coffee from the lobby. Kelsey went in behind the curtain next. I watched the beautiful blonde go by, body bouncing in all the best ways. Who knew being surrounded by nude, gorgeous women could feel so sad?

With nothing left to do, packing completed, I flopped down on the bed and flipped on the TV. I was energized, exhausted. Wrapped between two disparate poles and incapable of shaking myself loose.

Julia climbed into the bed with me — still naked. She kept looking at her arms and chest, like examining herself.

“Your girlfriend really beat me up last night,” Julia said. She pointed to the bruises on her arms. Scratches on her chest.

“I thought you were my girlfriend,” I said. Julia smiled at me, blushing a bit. When had my tomboy roommate gotten so girlie?

“Am I?” she asked.

“I don’t know what we are, honestly,” I said, “Any of us.” It was the truth. I wanted to be with Julia for sure. But that didn’t change what I felt for Sarah. And even Kelsey. I mean, I wasn’t in love with the blonde girl, but we both clearly loved fucking each other and that was important, too.

It should have been wonderful, to wrap my arms around so many options. Instead, it was a juggling act — more certain to hurt us than flaming torches or swords — and it was about to end. I couldn’t work out how to pull off the big finale without all of us splatting on the ground.

“Speaking of all together,” I said, “You and Chloe, huh?”.

“What? No,” Julia said, “OK maybe. You’re not mad, are you?”

“Why would I be?”

“Because, like you said, I’m supposed to be your girlfriend or something. I don’t know,” Julia said.

“Are you leaving me for Chloe?” I asked.

“No,” Julia said, “Definitely escort bayan not. I’m just… I don’t think I’m leaving her for you, either.”

“I’m OK with that,” I said.


“I get to be with you, Julia. You don’t want to know what I’m willing to put up with to make that happen. Besides, I don’t think I’m really in a position to complain.”

Julia rolled over to kiss me, then cringed. “Seriously, what the fuck did that big-titted bimbo do?”

“Just desserts,” I said.

“Oh, you’re going to regret that…” Julia said, and started climbing on top of me.

“BEN!” Kelsey shouted from the bathroom, “I need your help in here!”

Julia sighed and smiled. She rolled back onto the bed. “It’s OK,” she said, “Go have fun.”

“I’m happy right here,” I said.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Julia said, “Go play with your little slut.”


I opened the bathroom curtain and stepped in. It looked like we were starting our own personal bath house in there, the room was filled with so much steam. Girl clothes strewn everywhere. Every time I thought we’d gotten everything in a suitcase, we found another pile.

“Oh good, you’re here,” Kelsey said. “I was in here, soaping up, when I realized that I needed to hear a good dirty Disney joke.”

I climbed into the shower and Kelsey moved so I could stand under the stream. The hot water felt amazing. The beautiful blonde across from me — naked and slippery — she was even better. This was the easy part. I may have turned “Marry, Fuck, Kill” into “Marry, Fuck, Marry,” but at least I knew who the “F” was.

“OK, you’re lucky I’ve got one more joke,” I said, “What did Cinderella say to her prince?”

“I don’t know,” Kelsey said, vamping a little, “What did she say?”

“Want to see if it fits?” I said.

Kelsey smiled. “That sounds like a good idea, actually,” she said. The beautiful blonde slinked forward and grabbed my cock, then slowly slid down to her knees. “You ready big bro?” Kelsey asked.

I reached down and pulled Kelsey up by her shoulders, perhaps a bit too roughly. She shifted in my hands but stood. “You want to pretend to be someone else this time?” Kelsey asked, “Maybe your slutty cheerleader needs a good pounding after the big football game?”

I looked her dead in those endless, baby blue eyes. OK, so maybe my feelings weren’t exactly as clear as I made them out to be.

“I want you to be the scariest thing you can think of,” I said, “Yourself. Here, in this shower with me. Completely and totally in love.” I put my hand on her chest. Not her tit, her chest. Like I had with Julia the day before. The little blonde’s heart really was racing. Kelsey searched my face. Then, slowly, she knelt back down.

She took my cock in her mouth, gently, and began to lick me. Up and back. She had that same enthusiasm she always did — like she was about to get the world’s greatest treat. But there was something far more affectionate about it. Kelsey sort of corkscrewed her mouth with each suck. She wrapped her right hand around the shaft. Pumped me into her waiting mouth. Cupped my balls with her other hand. Made happy humming noises the whole way through.

“Kelsey… getting close,” I said, far too soon.

“Please,” she said, “Give it to me. I want to see you. Feel you.” Started moving a bit faster. Tighter. I built and built and then I was there.

“OH fuck! Oh Kelsey,” I cried. Kelsey just moved her hand faster. Grunted as my spend filled her mouth. She gulped and got more. More. Blast after blast. She sighed, satisfied. Wrapped her arms around my legs and hugged me close.

Kelsey slowly stood and kissed me. Her hands on my jaw. The shower water poured over us. She rested her head on my forehead. Rubbed our noses a bit.

“How was that?” she asked me.

“Amazing,” I said, “You’re always amazing. That’s the thing you forgot, I think. You don’t deserve handsome or smart or rich. You’re too good for someone who can only offer that.”

Kelsey kissed me on the lips. She started to say something then stopped.

“I know,” I said, “Just having fun.”

“Maybe… I don’t know. If we tried I could…”

“It’s a fun fantasy,” I said, “But that’s all it would be. Lying to me, to yourself? It would only make things more painful in the end.”

Kelsey made a pouty face, but she didn’t argue, either.

“It’s OK Kelsey,” I said, “When it’s real, you won’t have to fake it. If that means we’re not, I don’t know, a couple? Soulmates or whatever? That’s fine.”

“I do have feelings for you,” she said, “I crushed on you since I was a kid and then we were together and I mean… Oh my God. Ben you’re my first. First everything. Maybe that’s why I can’t just… I mean, imagine if you only every ate the very first ice cream flavor you tried? How sad would that be?”

“So, I’m vanilla now?” I asked, smiling playfully.

“You do have one heck of a cone,” Kelsey said, grabbing my cock again, playfully. I stepped escort back. Letting go was hard enough without getting my other head involved.

“Like you said before,” I said, “Friends with benefits. I can be good with that. Besides, I have too many girlfriends as is.”

“I don’t want you to feel abandoned again,” Kelsey said, “If those sluts ever hurt you I promise I’ll…”

“Your word is my bond,” I said, and we kissed, clasping each other like lovers.


When we got out of the shower, Julia was standing there waiting for us. Tapping her foot like an exasperated parent.

“Jesus fuck you two are slow,” Julia said. We shut off the water and Kelsey went out to get dressed. I got out as well, wrapped myself in a towel, and sat on the toilet seat.

Julia climbed into the shower. My roommate’s lithe body looked so incredible through the curtain. Even if it was obscured by a big, grinning Mickey head. It was like he could see everything that had gone on behind him and was smiling, remembering it all.

“Seriously, dude,” Julia said, “What took so long? It can’t be that hard to give you a BJ.”

“We were just breaking up,” I said.

“What?!” Julia shouted from behind the shower curtain, “That little blonde bitch. I’m going to beat the crap out of her.”

“It’s OK,” I said, “Really, Julia it’s fine. We’re fine. She’s just… not ready to be in a relationship. You know that. Honestly, I thought you’d be happy to know there was less competition.”

“I don’t worry about that,” Julia said, “If I wanted to win, I’d just do it.”

I couldn’t help but smile. It was nice to be wanted. Still, there was something about the way she said “if” that made my stomach churn all over again.

“I guess I’m glad she’s being honest with herself. With you,” Julia said, “Still if she hurts you she’s going to regret it.”

“She told me the same thing about you,” I said,

Julia laughed a little to herself. She reached up to turn on the shower. It hissed and sputtered.

“Fuck that’s cold!” Julia screamed, “I’m going to kill both of you I swear to God.”


By the time Julia was done with her icy shower, the other girls were all back and ready to go. We walked to the hotel lobby one last time, dragging our suitcases behind us. The sun was mockingly warm, the sky insultingly blue. The world was cheery and all I could feel was down. We were headed back to winter and who knew what. I probably wouldn’t see the sun again for four months. It was going to be hard, letting all of this go.

After we checked out (I kept waiting for them to tell us we were no longer welcome to return, but apparently our neighbors were either heavy sleepers or extremely accommodating), we walked back to the big, white Odyssey and packed it full. Then the five of us climbed in. Julia gave Sarah the keys (apparently her rule was, ‘whoever makes me cum gets to drive’) and sat in the passenger seat. Kelsey and I took the chairs behind her, while Chloe squeezed into the way back.

I won’t lie, when Sarah turned over the engine, I started to cry a little.


We spent most of the time driving through Florida in silence. The lack of sleep combined with the overabundance of everything else left us all in a daze and we had to ride it out.

“What a bunch of mopes,” Chloe said, “We just had, like, an amazing awesome trip and you guys are all sitting there like we’re heading back from a burial.”

“Amazing awesome?” I asked.

“It was pretty great,” Sarah said.

“See?” Chloe said, “What do you think was the best part, Sar?”

“Oh definitely when I was riding Ben’s cock and then you…”

“I meant at the parks,” Chloe said.

“Oh,” Sarah said and blushed, “Right. I really loved meeting Mickey. And seeing the tigers in Animal Kingdom.”

“Splash Mountain,” Julia said, “And Space Mountain. Oh, and that flying alien bird thing in Pandora.”

“Being with my friends,” Kelsey said. We all gave her gratuitous oohs and aahhs. “No, seriously. Disney was fine. But you guys all made it amazing.”

“That reminds me,” I said, “I got gifts for everyone.”

“You did not,” Julia said. I could hear the nervousness in her voice. I turned around, climbed over the back seat, and pulled out a plastic Disney shopping bag — blue with Cinderella’s castle all lit up with fireworks.

I reached in, pulled out a long, black shirt, and handed it to Chloe. She held it up, eyes wide. The shirt said, “Mouseketeer on board” on the stomach. Chloe turned to me with a look of… I mean, I can’t even say. It’s not a word that really exists. The girl was horrifembarasscaredgrinning. I think it’s German.

“This is…” Chloe said.

“That’s not funny, Ben,” Sarah said. Chloe started to laugh hysterically. So hard that tears ran down her cheeks.

“OK, it’s a little funny,” Kelsey said.

“I better not be wearing this in six months,” Chloe said, “Or I’m coming to cut your dick off.”

Rather than respond and bayan escort dig myself an even deeper hole, I dug back into the bag and pulled out the next item. It was a silver, plastic, princess tiara. All covered in clear, shining sequins. I handed it over to Kelsey.

“You told me sluts can’t be Disney princesses,” I said, “This proves them all wrong.”

“That’s actually kind of sweet,” Kelsey said, holding up the little crown. She slid it on top of her head.

I gave Sarah the next gift. It was a stuffed Winnie the Pooh pillow, perfectly banal. Except, for whatever reason, they’d put Pooh on all fours — butt up in the air — so it looked like he was about to take it from behind.

Sarah took one look and cackled, madly. “I don’t think we’ve actually ever done it this way,” she said.

“Think of it as a promise, then,” I said.

Finally, I reached into the bag one last time and took out Julia’s gift. It was another shirt, red. Julia unrolled it and looked down. It said, “Disney’s Greatest Mom.”

“OK, seriously?” Julia said. The whole car burst out laughing. Sarah nearly swerved off the road.

“You do kind of tell us what to do all the time,” Kelsey said after she’d caught her breath.

“It’s just… so icky,” Julia said.

“And yet, it hasn’t stopped you from acting that way,” I said.

“Quit complaining Mom,” Chloe said, “Just thank Daddy for getting us such wonderful gifts.”

“OK, that’s way worse,” Julia said.


We stopped outside Jacksonville for gas and switched seats. Julia took the wheel and Kelsey went up front, so Sarah could sit next to me in the back. Almost as soon as we were off, Chloe dozed in the back row. The poor girl really was all fucked out.

Once we got on the road, Sarah got out her camera and showed me all the pictures she’d taken. I’d seen a few the day before, but now I got the full presentation. There weren’t many, she’d only been shooting for about two and a half days, but what she had was gorgeous. There was a rich, fullness to Sarah’s pictures. An energy that seemed to come directly from her. I could see her passion in those images. Feel the hugeness of her heart.

When I’d seen everything, Sarah, slipped the camera back into her bag. She glanced forward, surreptitiously. Carefully slid off her seatbelt. Suddenly, the buxom brunette leapt out of her seat, landing right on my lap. My cock jumped right up to meet her. Sarah shifted, getting her pussy in place. Slowly, she began grinding her clothed bottom onto my cock.

“Goddammit!” Julia looked back at us in the rearview mirror, “I told you animals, no! Not in my brother’s car. Bad slut! Bad!”

Chloe woke up with all the commotion. “If you don’t stop complaining, Julia, we’re going to make you put the t-shirt on,” she said sleepily. Julia glared into the rearview mirror, but she stopped complaining.

Sarah slid off her shorts and panties in one shot. She reached back, unzipped my fly and fished out my cock. She held it upright and settled down. Both of us groaned as I filled her completely.

“Fuck that’s good,” Sarah said, “Why do I ever take it out?” She started rocking back and forth. Sliding really. My penis was trapped in her snatch, tickled by the teeth of my zipper. It was a little painful, honestly, but a lot pleasant.

The car started to smell of Sarah’s sex. I reached my hands around and squeezed her massive breasts through her shirt. She sighed. I saw Kelsey was watching us from the front seat. She had one hand down her pants and she was turning pinkish. Julia tried to focus on the road, but she kept glancing back every few moments. Cursing under her breath.

Sarah — the polite girl who used words like ‘intercourse’ — was rutting on my cock like a maniac. Low grunts and high-pitched squeals. She put her hands on the seat in front of us for purchase and ground her pussy down on me like she was trying to shove my dick into her pancreas. Like reaching for an uncontrollable itch in an unreachable place.

Sarah didn’t bounce on me so much as she ricocheted faster and faster. Brown hair all over her face. Arms and legs clenched. You’d think she was in pain from it, except for all her cries of pleasure.

Then suddenly she froze. “Oh OH! ohmyfucking… FUCK!” Sarah’s body froze but her pussy clamped down almost impossibly tight and it was too much for me.

“Cumming,” I grunted. I squeezed hard on her massive tits, like they were the buttons that triggered my release.

“Oh fuck yes,” Sarah said. She ground down hard on my dick. “Give it to me. Get it all in there.”

I grunted and shot a thin stream of semen into Sarah’s hungry hole. She bucked as I came and shouted. Another burst and another. Sarah rubbed her butt up and down, like squeezing the last bits of pleasure out of both of us.

She fell back on my lap and shivered a little. “God that was nice,” Sarah said. She rubbed her boobs, like they were a bit sore. But she didn’t complain. She reached down and politely tucked my cock back into my shorts before pulling up her own pants.

Sarah got back in her seat and clicked the seatbelt. As she did so, she looked right at in the rearview mirror and stuck her tongue out.

“I’m going to get you for that,” Julia said.

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