The Last Time

Group Sex

She walked quickly thru the dark street, her heels making a clicking noise as she hurried along. It was chilly out, but she was perspiring, her heart beating violently in her chest. She pursed her harlot painted lips together as she walked her mind a whirl with thoughts of the night ahead. She knew what she was going was wrong but she didn’t care. She was hungry, so hungry and the hunger clouded her mind like a thick blanket. She needed to see him, just once more… and then it was over. Yes, it was over, just one more fix to get him out her system and then she would be a good girl forever. A good, boring, seemingly unalive girl. She shook her head and hurried faster, pushing the guilt out of her mind as the fever of her hungry gripped her.

He waited for her, pacing back and forth in the familiar hotel room. It was cold in the room, but he wasn’t worried, she was always hot. His heart quickened in his chest as he thought of her. He licked his lips in anticipation, thinking of her warm body next to his. She was always starved, always willing to give him what he needed in return for what she craved. He could smell her perfume even now, hear her soft moans in his ear, and his body responded to the memories. He chuckled warmly as he glanced down at his thickening member. Soon, she will be here soon, he mumbled to himself as he looked at his watch.

The hotel was insight now as she raced down the dark sidewalk. She could feel her nipples tighten as she opened the lobby door. She shook her blonde hair and straightened her blouse as she moved toward the elevator. Again, the guilt gripped her as she hit the up button. But the hunger was there, waiting to conquer the guilt. She could feel the moisture seeping thru her black satin panties as she waited impatiently for the elevator door to open. Once inside, she quickly hit the 9th floor button and threw her right hand between her legs. She moaned as she leaned against the wall, the hunger making her weak. She fondled the wetness beneath her hand as the elevator chugged slowly to the 9th floor. Finally, the door opened and she raced down the hallway, to room 919.

He could hear her heels as she ran down the doorway. He smiled as he went to open the door, delighted by the sound of her apparent impatient ness. He opened the door and was greeted by a bundle of heat with long blonde hair and flashing emerald eyes. Their lips met with in a wild, frantic kiss. He pulled her from the watchful eyes in the hallway and slammed the door, still holding the moaning woman, still kissing her sweet lips. He maneuvered her toward the bed, her body rubbing a delicious friction against his. Suddenly, she stopped, her eyes blazing with passion as she looked into his soft brown eyes.

“This is the last time, I swear.” she rasped, her chest heaving as if she had run a marathon.

“Sure, Baby”, he smirked as he reached for her blouse. “Whatever you say.” Gracefully, he unbuttoned her blouse, one handed, all the time looking into those fiery eyes of hers.

She broke the gaze and glanced down at his pants, licking her lips. She quickly raised her eyes back to his, the hunger apparent over her flushed face. He reached behind her head and grabbed a handful of her soft hair. Gently he pushed her to her knees, knowing what she needed, what she wanted. She lunged at his zipper, clawing it down, and yanking his pants to the floor. She leaned and kissed his stomach, caressing the gerçek sex hikayesi curly hair that trailed down. She inhaled deeply as she kissed his skin, savoring the smell of him. The hunger wailed up inside her as she rid him of his underwear and his throbbing cock sprang forth. The head was angry, purple and pulsating. She licked her lips again and glanced up to see if he was watching her.

He signaled he was as he pulled her by her hair closer to his body. She parted her soft red lips and engulfed him. Her mouth was pure heat as she used it to massage his member. Slowly, she sucked him, up then down, taking her time to taste every inch of the meal she had been offered. He loved watching her face as she sucked his cock.

She suckled at his cock like a woman starved. His hands felt so good in her hair. She nursed harder, her mouth moving up and down over his member. She took a breath and flicked the head of his cock with her busy tongue, then swallowed him again.

He inhaled deeply and she smiled with her full mouth. She loved to hear that noise. He pulled at her long hair and tried to dislodge her before he lost his load in her heated mouth. She whined and resisted, pulling back to continue her feast. He grabbed her arms and pulled her off the floor. She fell against him and he kissed her passionately. He grabbed her arms and held them behind her back as they kissed, her soft moans of protest filling his ears. He pushed her toward the bed, still holding her arms so she couldn’t touch him, her moans starting to rise in pitch as she began to struggle.

She felt the bed at the back of her knees as he leaned into her, forcing her back. His body was on top of hers as they hit the bed, his lips still locked on hers, her hands trapped under her. He kissed his way down her neck, to her open blouse, nuzzling her perfumed skin. He enjoyed the way her back was arched with her hands under her, pushing her breasts even higher. The black bra gazed out at him from the open blouse, so he kissed along the edges. She caught her breath in her throat as his tongue snaked out under the lacy material to tease the hot flesh below. He then nibbled her breast thru the fabric, teasing her nipple into a hard point.

“Very pretty,” he mumbled, admiring his handy work.

“Please,” she whispered. “Please don’t tease me this way.”

He smiled warmly at her flushed face and lowered his head to continue his assault. His cheek pushed at the bra now, brushing against the nipple and making her squirm.

Finally he decided the bra needed to be off, so he unfastened it quickly, feeling lucky his little slut had worn the front closure one. He looked at her naked breasts; both nipples peaked with the rush of the cool air that accompanied their freedom. His warm hands cupped them as he leaned in close to the right one. He kissed the tip softly and was rewarded with another moan. His tongue slipped between his lips and snaked out to taste the rosy bud.

She wiggled, trying to free her hands from under her so she could pull him closer. He knew she could hardly stand the teasing, but couldn’t resist just a bit more. He decided to turn up the heat on his hungry partner and started to lick his way down her body, down her bare stomach to her the waistline of her skirt. His hands left her full breasts to find the zipper of her skirt. Down came the zipper, and he peeled back the fabric to find her lacy black panties. porno erotik hikayeler He moved his head down farther as she continued to moan and wiggle.

Her hands free now as he moved to her legs, to her heat encased in the panties. He nuzzled her covered pussy, enjoying her cries in his ear and her struggles to escape the teasing. She clawed at his shirt, trying to pull it off or pull him in closer. He pushed her legs apart and buried his face between them. He could smell her excitement, her hunger. Her panties were soaked.

He nuzzled a second more, then raised himself from the bed long enough to work the wet panties down her legs. He looked at her on the bed, blouse to the side, her long hair in disarray and her eyes blazing with want. She smiled at him and spread her legs… she reached out her arms to him and begged him with her moans to feed her. He slipped off his shirt and watched her.

She was writhing on the bed, waiting for him, pleading with him to hurry. She wanted to feel him inside her.

He enjoyed watching her suffer, and started to stroke his hard cock for her to see, teasing her by refusing her. She moaned and begged, spreading her legs wide to show him how wet she was for him, how hungry. He laughed softly and continued to stroke his swollen member.

She wailed with need as she watched him stroke his beautiful cock. She knew he was teasing her and he knew how much that made her crazy. Slowly she started to smile, as she thought of how to get even. She pulled her hands to her lips.

He watched her avidly, his hand still moving up and down his cock. Her tongue peeked from between her lips and she flicked it against each on of her fingers. When they are all wet on her right hand, she brought it down to her chest, and slid the wetness over her nipple. She moaned as she rubbed the pink mound into tautness. She brought her other hand down to pinch her left nipple, and gasped as it puckered to match the right.

He leaned in closer to the bed, wanting to get a better look at what she was going to do next. Her right hand moved down her stomach as her left hand continued to pinch and tease the nipple there. Her fingers inched closer to her aching pussy, calling out with the hunger. He could see her swollen clit, the wetness there and started to rub his cock harder.

She watched him grow more excited and plunged her hand between her quivering legs. She arched her back as her fingers touched her heated flesh, her fingers flicking at her clit.

He gasped as he watched her slick fingers work her pussy, his nostrils flared at the smell of her passion. He licked his lips, trying to hold back as he watched her, but so wanting a taste of her sweetness.

She thrashed upon the bed, her body flushed as she continued to manipulate her swollen clit. She could feel the bed move as he lowered himself on to it, and smiled as she knew she had won. Spreading her legs open further, she worked her button furiously, close to a pinnacle, hoping he would help her find it.

He leaned in close to her heated pussy and kissed the fingers that were flying over her cunt. She sighed and slipped one glistening finger into his waiting mouth. He sucked the juice from her digit, and then nuzzled his way to the source of the nectar. His tongue danced over her clit and then dipped down to delve deep inside her.

She wrapped her fingers in his hair and pulled him closer to her overheated porno hikayeleri pussy. “Please,” she breathed, “Please, I need to erupt.”

He answered her with a tongue to her thigh, hot and wet. She arched her back, trying to move his wandering tongue closer to her ache. He chuckled and gave her what she needed. He plunged his face into her womanhood and devoured her. He dipped his tongue deep inside her throbbing pussy, then back up to tease her clit. Back and forth, his tongue traveled over her sensitive skin.

She rode his writhing tongue to her climax, coating his face with hot pussy juice. He thrilled at her cries, her passion as she came, his cock jerking in response to her wild orgasm.

He kissed her thighs and her stomach as she struggled to regain her composure. He worked his way back up to her heaving breasts and licked away some of the efforts of her climax. Her moans rumbled in her throat as she recovered, enjoying the feel of his lips on her heated skin.

His body moved to cover hers and she could feel his excitement growing as he pushed between her quivering legs. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed his neck as he teased the entrance to her cunt with his cock. Precum mixed with her juices as he slid his cock between her lips and rubbed gently on her clit.

She nibbled on his ear and whispered, “No more teasing, fuck me now.”

Her breath was hot on his skin and he couldn’t hold himself from her any longer. He plunged his cock the full length into her quivering slit. She screamed with passion as she felt him fill her. He pulled back and thrust himself into her tight, slick pussy, feeling her muscles cling to him as he pulled out again.

Over and over he drove his cock deep inside her as she moaned and thrust her hips back to meet his. Their voices joined in perfect harmony as he continued to pound her heated pussy.

She held tight to his back as she thrust her hips to meet his. Looking into her flushed face, he knew he was ready to explode. “Are you ready to be fed, my sweet?”

“Please,” she sighed.

He withdrew his pussy soaked cock and moved it over her mouth. His rear was resting on her soft breast, his manhood glistening above her mouth. She opened her hungry mouth wide and let her tongue flick over her lips. She moved her hands to cup his ass, and tried to push him closer so she could taste him. He laughed at her hunger, and slowly lowered his cock to her waiting mouth. She licked the head, savoring the flavor of their juices mixed together. Precum dribbled onto her lips and she greedily licked it off.

He watched her pretty mouth as she trained to get more of his cock inside it. Slowly he began to fuck her lips and mouth. She opened wider and let her tongue curl around the hard cock.

She suckled at his cock, milking it with a hand freed from his ass. She needed to taste his sweet juice, to feel the heat of his passions on her face and lips. Faster she worked his cock, sucking and stroking him at the same time.

He roared as he felt his orgasm springing forth, and watched her as suckled him. Jism came spewing from his throbbing cock, threatening to choke her as gobbled it up. She swallowed loudly and quickly as he continued to feed her. She sucked the last drop from his quaking member and smiled sweetly up at him.

He slid down her body and rested against her cooling softness. She kissed his face, his lips and his eyes as he recovered, holding him close to her. Whispering in his ear, she breathed, “Just once more, I promise.”

He looked into her flashing green and then kissed her hard. “Whatever you want, babe.” he remarked, smiling at her.

The End

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