The Library


I walk into the library to return a few books and get some further reading for my daily commute on the train. I approach the counter and hand over my books. I don’t recognise you, you must be new; the first thing I notice is the perfume, musky, sexy and very evocative, something I’ve not noticed with the other librarians. But as I got closer your figure was very hard to miss. The tight white blouse almost bursting, trying to contain your magnificent breasts; your lips are full and very inviting; the imprint of your lacy white bra clearly visible though the thin cotton. I get to the counter and hand over the books; It’s like an electric shock as your soft fingers brush my hand as you take the books and scan them in. I look over the counter and am stunned by the gorgeous form packed in to your black pencil skirt, your arse and thighs are just awesome and the black fishnet stockings complement them to perfection. Your extremely sexy form start my hormones rushing around and I can feel my cock reacting to your delicious body …..

I wander across to the books, your perfume still lingering in my nostrils. I peruse the shelves looking for something exciting, but you scent just keeps reminding me of your gorgeous body. I try to think of an excuse to go back to you; I ask if there are any new thriller books that have just come in, as I seem to have read most on the shelf. You smile and ask me to follow you to the side room to see what has been recently been delivered.. For the first time I see your form in its entirety. It is simply delicious. Your heels click sexily as you walk to the room and your buttocks move sex hikayeleri divinely – I just want to touch them. You open the door to a smallish cupboard, there is an instant musty smell from the books within. With a click the contents of the room are revealed in flashes as the single fluorescent light flickers into life. The walls are clad in shelves with all sorts of books and in the centre is a table and a chair; the table has a few boxes full of new books. You ask me to sit down and show me a inventory of the new books to see if there is anything I fancy. I start to ready the list; and I begin to be aware that the damp musty smell of the books is slowly being replaced by your perfume. You are behind me, looking over my shoulder, your right breast is just resting on my back sending a large wave of hormones to my groin. Your hand touches mine and again you ask “are you sure there is nothing that takes you’re fancy?”….

The meaning of the question was very obvious and needed no verbal reply. I push my chair back and your sit on my lap facing me. I wrap my arms around your back and squeeze you tight feeling your ample bosom compress against my chest; I can feel the wires in your bra dig into my skin. You hand grab the back of my head and pull my lips to yours. That are soft and full but in contrast you tongue is stiff and parts my lips and engages mine as we move our heads to maximise the enjoyment of the kiss. I kiss each of your lips individually and bite them. You roll your breasts against my chest and I hear you moan in my ear as your body becomes excited. I release my grip and move my hands to the front of porno hikayeleri your blouse. I undo the buttons and reveal your magnificent breasts snuggly held by your white lacy bra, the pink shadow of your nipples tantalizingly show themselves though the bra. I massage your breasts through the the bra and make sure that my hands make contact with you nipples. The pleasure makes your quake and I feel your arse gyrate in my lap my lap causing my cock to stiffen even more. I remove your blouse completely and stroke the soft skin of your back making you shiver. I locate the clasp of your bra and your tits fall out with your stiff nipples being pressed in to my chest. I Hug you tight and we engage in more passionate kissing and tongue action – enhanced by the wonderful feel of nipples digging into my chest ……

I move to kiss your breasts, I caress the soft skin with my lips ensuring that both breasts get detailed attention. I then move to your nipples; kissing, sucking , biting them, feeling your body tremble as my action cases waves of excitement to rip through your body, . You clamp my head to your chest as your body tenses with the pleasure raging through your nipples.

You stand you and reach behind to undo the zip of your skirt;it falls to the ground to reveal your full body perfection. Your breasts hanging wonderfully in front of me – nipples stiff and erect; your legs gorgeously covered by fishnet hold-up stockings; your moist shaven pussy hidden by a black lace thong. My cock is now fully engorged and aching behind my trousers. You lean back with your bum supported b the edge of the table. You sikiş hikayeleri spread your legs and as you do so your glistening pussy flaps poke out either side of your thong. You caress your breasts, rubbing and pulling your solid nipples moaning and writhing with every touch. I move forward and move your thong to one side and plane my mouth firmly into your fanny; I just love the smell, it’s divine . You body shudders and my tongue works up and down your slit poking in and out of your tight hole. The action intensifies the work your hands is doing to your tits sending wave of pleasure all through your body. I find your clit an my tongue starts flicking it and you moan and groan as I do so. I bite and suck and start to bring you to a climax. I feel you body start to tremble as a precursor to the orgasm. I get up and drop my trousers. I turn you over the on the desk your arms holding you up . I spread your legs and enter you from behind. Your soft, hot, slippery offering no resistance to my stiff member. I gently plunge my cock in and out and you moan as my cock drives against the walls of your vagina. You hips rock in tandem to maximise the pleasure from my strokes. The tempo rises as I feel the juice from your pussy spread across your buttocks and into my groin. You start to scream with every stroke. I grab your shoulders and pound away at your dripping pussy you shiver, tremble, convulse as my cock works you to a full orgasm – ripping through your whole body. The walls of the pussy tighten and you reach your orgasmic peak. My cock reacts to the extra tension and I cum shooting strong hot spurts of spunk onto your fanny. You collapse on the desk still twitching and trembling as your body continues to react to your orgasm and you feel the trickle of as mixture of your juices and my cum ooze down the inside of your luscious thighs…

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