The Object of Her Affection


My parents are throwing a party because I’m finally home after a four year hitch in the Marines. Old friends, neighbors, all people I had known for a long time. I really didn’t want a party but it makes my parents happy and I have to admit, it’s good to catch up with everyone. I’m working my way through the rooms, talking with everyone, when I spot a beauty. She was about the best looking girl I’d ever seen. Tall, maybe 5’10” or so. Slim but with all the right curves. Gorgeous butt, shapely legs, boobs that weren’t huge but fit with her body. Sort of a shaggy haircut over a face that’s almost beautiful but really is more girl-next-door cute. I must know her since she’s here but I don’t recognize her so I make my way over near her.

“Hi,” I say.

She gives me a big, beautiful smile, reaches out and touches my arm, “Hi, Jack, welcome home. Are you here to stay?”

“I think so. I need to go back to school for a couple years, finish my degree, but I’ll probably be around from now on.”

She rubs my arm a little like she enjoys it and nods her head slightly towards some people, “Mom and Dad were so happy when they learned you had made it back safely. Hope you’ll spend some time at the pool.”

I followed her look and it finally hit me. Melanie! Those are her parents so this has to be Melanie, our neighbor. “I’m sure I will. I’ve sure spent lots of time at your pool, Melanie.”

My parents bought this house before I was born. This neighborhood has huge lots. Our large back yard was mostly a tennis court. A paved court, not clay, with baskets at each end so with the net down it could also be a basketball court. I have two older brothers and we spent lots of time on that court. Our neighbors, whose back yard meets ours, have a pool in their similarly large back yard. Their three children spent hours and hours on our court and we spent hours and hours at their pool. We were almost one big family with one huge backyard to share. And this gorgeous creature is Melanie, their youngest daughter. Skinny Melanie, three years younger than me isn’t so skinny any more.

“You’ve really changed, Melanie,” I tell her, “You were a skinny kid the last I remember and now you’re absolutely gorgeous.”

She rubs my arm a little more, moves even closer and puts her hand on my chest. It’s as if she’s making a move on me but I’m not sure how to react to a neighbor I’ve known since she was born. “Thanks, Jack, that’s nice of you. I think the Marines built you up some, you’re looking very buff.” I was ready to lean down and kiss her, I bet those long legs could wrap around me for a really great fuck. But I can’t. What’s wrong with me, getting aroused like this. I’ve been away from civilization too long, I think. Fortunately, another neighborhood couple came up and start talking to both of us and eventually I tell Melanie that I’d probably see her by her pool some time and we both go our separate ways.

The next day, midmorning, I put on my old bathing suit, grab a large beach towel and head off through our tennis court to the neighbor’s yard and pool. I’m vaguely aware that maybe no one will be there. The father has a business and I remember that the mother has started an art shop, almost as a hobby, and the two oldest kids are married and live elsewhere. But I’ll enjoy a few hours relaxing in the sun and perhaps get a little exercise doing laps in the pool. And maybe Melanie lives there now and maybe she’s home. I never asked or found out whether she’s working somewhere or what she’s doing.

She’s home. I was there about twenty minutes, took a quick dip and then laid out my towel and lay down on my back to get some sun when I heard a voice say, “Hi, Jack, I’m glad you came over.” I sit up slightly and see her, even more gorgeous than at the party. She has on one of those short little beach jackets that barely covers her ass and accentuates her long, long, shapely legs. She comes over to where I’m laying and spreads out her towel right next to me. She’s standing almost on top of me and as I look up, I’m sure I can see her bare pussy. Really bare, just a puffy slit with no hair.

“I don’t want to embarrass you,” she says, “but I’ve been trying to tan without lines for the last couple weeks since I’ve been home from school. So I’ve been laying out here nude.” With that she shucks the short little jacket and she’s showing off her unbelievably sexy bare body to me. I just goggle at her, stupefied, for a moment. I’ve never seen anything more desirable in my life. My old bathing suit is probably stretched to the limit by my erection.

On the one hand I want to pounce on her and fuck her for hours. I also want to start licking and fingering that delicious looking bare pussy. And I want to just wrap my arms around her and hold that lovely body tightly against me. I want to get up and run. This is Melanie, I can’t rape her and I sure can’t stay here and ignore her nude body. I sit up slightly. “Melanie, I’ll go back home, I don’t want to ruin your plans.” tecavüz hikayeleri I start scrunching my legs together to rise up.

That sexy naked body jumps on me. She straddles me and sits on me. Her bare pussy right on top of my erection. “No,” she says, “don’t go, I figured I would talk you into taking off your bathing suit and getting naked, too.” I’m looking right at her breasts, which are larger than I thought when I first saw her yesterday. Lovely, full breasts. Not porno DDs but lovely. Her nipples are maybe two feet from my mouth. I hold myself almost sitting up with one arm and use my free hand to hold one of her breasts. I lift it slightly as I lean forward some more and lick around the nipple and then suck on the nipple. I can hear her moan and she caresses the hair on my head, wiggles her bottom to feel my erection against her. She pulls back from me, slides her whole body back so she’s sitting on my legs. “I hope than means I can take your suit off,” she says as she grabs my waist band.

She moves back as she pulls off my bathing suit, then crawls back up a little between my legs to fondle my balls with one hand and grab my cock with the other. “I knew you’d have a perfect cock, Jack. It’s beautiful. So full and firm and straight, and clean, all smooth and clean and delicious looking.” She leans down and licks the length of it then licks around the head, gets her lips over the head and starts taking more and more of me into her mouth as she sucks and licks, still playing with my balls. I’ve had my cock sucked by pros and she isn’t one, no great technique but obviously loving everything about my cock. She moves up and down, drools a little, lifts off and looks up at me, grinning, then back to sucking most of me into her mouth again. I haven’t cum in weeks so I know I won’t last long and as she continues she gets a little more aggressive, moving faster and faster, and then I shoot off a big load and she doesn’t bat an eye, swallows it all and keeps on sucking on me.

I sit up slightly and sort of pull her head off my cock, and roll us so she’s on her back and I’m partly atop her. I kiss her and massage her breasts. Our first kiss. At least our first mouth to mouth kiss. I move down, trying to be a lover but sort of a in a hurry to get to all her lovely body, kissing and licking. I spend some time on her breasts and move on down to get at that lovely, bare pussy. She must play some sports. She’s not only slim and trim but almost a hard body. Her pussy is, too. Firm. I lick up and down, using my fingers to spread her open a little. I push a finger into her and get my tongue to her clit and she’s moaning again.

I finger fuck this gorgeous girl and suck on her clit until she cums and cums, her hips bouncing, her hands grabbing my hair. Once she’s fully into it, I slide up over her and start pushing my cock into her vagina. She’s tight. Feels great. She bounces even more and starts talking, telling me how I’m filling her up and asking me to fuck her. “Fuck me Jack, fuck me, Jack, you’re even better than I dreamed about.” She’s a terrific fuck, pushing back with her legs and then wrapping those long beauties around me as I cum in her.

After, we’re laying there holding one another. “I’m not some nympho that fucks every guy she sees, Jack. I’ve had a crush on you for years, since I was, oh, maybe ten or twelve. In high school I fantasized about having sex with you. I imagined us doing everything possible sexually. I’d watch porn on the net and then think about us doing what I’d just seen.” Then she runs her hands over me and kisses me again and reaches down between us to grab my soft cock.

“You’re not a virgin, are you?” I ask, “This isn’t your first time? I didn’t want to do that.”

“No, I’m not a virgin. I wanted you to be the one to have me first but when you joined the Marines, I figured you’d get killed or something. Anyway, I was so horny from thinking about us having sex that I had to do something. So a guy at school and I started doing it. Then when I went off to college I found another guy to do it with. So I’m not a virgin but there have only been two others, I hope that doesn’t bother you. But now that you’re back, I hope we do this all the time. This is exactly what I want and it’s all happened just like I wanted it to. I’ve never come out her naked before but I figured that might get you interested and I guess I was right.”

“Well, we have some options, I think,” I say to her softly as she continues to sort of play with my cock, trying to revive it. “One, I can be ashamed of seducing the younger daughter of my long term neighbors and slink back home. Or second, we can dive into the pool and cool off. Or third, we continue what we’ve started but up in your bedroom rather than risk sunburn on our body parts that aren’t used to being in the sun.”

She grins and kisses me, still fondling my cock. “To start, you didn’t seduce me. I came out here naked determined that either you were going to fuck me or I was going sex hikayeleri to climb on and fuck you. And you have nothing to be ashamed of, you’re a perfect lover. I do love to swim but at the moment I’d rather get hotter than cool down so I think we should opt for the third idea. If I’m going to get sore down there, I hope it’s from overuse of you rather than from the sun. I hate to even imagine what a sun burnt pussy would be like but I love imagining that you overwork my pussy so much that it actually gets a little sore. I think I’d enjoy that very much. It’s something that’s never happened to me before. I’ve never had too much and I find the concept just yummy.”

So we moved into the house and up the stairs, our arms around one another, feeling each other’s bodies. “Melanie, you have a truly great body. I’ll love getting at every inch of you. Your breasts surprised me, they’re more than I expected. You have such a trim and solid body, you’re obviously athletic and in great shape. And your shaved pussy is both beautiful and delicious. I could spend hours tasting you.”

“Jack, you can have all the hours you want. The thought of it excites the heck out of me.”

So that’s what I did first, kiss and lick and taste all over her body. I told her what a great ass she has, what perfect legs, and worked my way over them. I didn’t spend hours on her breasts but almost. And then her pussy, her firm, tasty pussy. I did almost spend hours on it, interrupted by her spending almost hours with my cock in her mouth and in her vagina. We started midmorning and broke at almost five in the afternoon since her parents would be coming home soon. We then met up after dinner, rented a motel room, and did it all over again. I never had so much sex in such a short time before in my life. I even suggested to her that maybe we were overdoing it, would burn out. Her answer was, let’s try and see if that’s possible. “So far, this is all exactly as I dreamed about it for years, I can’t imagine ever getting too much.”

I don’t know if her pussy is sore. But I’ve never experienced this before. I get to a third erection without a lot of trouble but then I began to wonder if I could ever get another. She sucked on my soft cock and managed to get me up again, several times. And then I got to a point that I imagine porn actors get to after fucking for hours. I had about a two thirds hard on and it just stayed. I doubt if she got the same fuck as she did earlier but I could go on and on and on. Since she likely wasn’t feeling everything the same as when we first started, either, it all seemed to work out. The sex was actually still very good, I enjoyed it. But it was different. It wasn’t as emotionally high, it was just sort of an exercise in how much we could fuck and suck each other. It was still there physically but not emotionally if that makes any sense, even to me. It was well after midnight when I got her home.

The next day she came to see me, “Jack, where are you going to school? Maybe I can get a job there. We can live together and repeat yesterday over and over.”

“Melanie,” I say to her after thinking a little, “I don’t know how to say this. You’re gorgeous and sexy but I really don’t want another sex marathon like we had yesterday. I’ve been gone for four years with hardly any sex so I was ready for it. But now that I’ve experienced it, I realize it’s not what I want. I want to find a girl, a woman, that I can love. Or at least like a lot and maybe build towards loving. We can make love. Making love is certainly related to what we did but what we did was sex not love. Making love you each try to do what the other wants and it probably means that you may actually be inside her vagina once, maybe twice. It doesn’t go on and on and on because real loving emotion can’t do that. Even as I’m saying this I realize I’m not making sense. I don’t know how to explain the difference between sex and love. But what we did was sex. Marathon sex that went on and on and on, all physical action and very little feeling. I guess I want the physical action but with more feeling. And maybe not so much action, it becomes almost like work after a while. Does all this make sense?”

She just looks at me. “You’re saying the sex with me wasn’t very good and you’d like to find someone better.”

“No, no, no, that isn’t what I mean at all. Sex with you was unbelievably good. You’re a gorgeous girl with a perfect body and you really like sex and get involved in it, not just lay there and accept it. It probably isn’t possible to find a girl that is better at sex. In no way do I mean that you weren’t good. I just want more feeling, more emotion, more love instead of just great physical sex.”

“Jack, I fantasized about sex with you for years. I can’t have more emotion than I had with you. All of my dreams were coming true. In fact, came true. Being with you was perfect. You have a great cock. You react to me just like I dreamed, you lasted and lasted and we had the best sex of my sex hikaye life. I’ve never gone on for hours like that with anyone else, never felt like going on for hours before being with you. It’s not possible for me to have more emotion than I had with you. I guess you didn’t have the same emotion about me, though.”

Shit. How do I answer this? “Melanie, I don’t want to hurt you. I’ve known you all your life. You were a tall, skinny kid, nuts about sports, played every sport. And, if I remember correctly, you also always made all A’s in school. I liked you. Even when I went off to college and you were starting high school, you were still a skinny kid. You must have been a late developer. But I have to admit, you’ve really developed. You have a great body. I loved having sex with you. I’d be nuts to say I didn’t want to have sex with you more. But you’ve apparently built me into something like a dream and I would probably just hurt you because I don’t remember you the way you remember me.”

“So you do want to have sex with me?”

“If I do, I”m afraid you’ll build it into something it isn’t. It’s just sex. Really great sex but nothing permanent at all.”

“That’s good enough for me. Can we go up to your room? Or maybe to a motel?”

We aren’t in the motel room three minutes when we’re both naked and Melissa has my cock in her mouth. I’ve had my cock sucked before but not often enough to claim to be an expert on the subject. But what Melanie is doing to me has to be about as good as it possibly can be. She’s sliding her lips back and forth on me, sucking and licking, holding the base of my cock with one hand and playing with my balls with the other. She stops every once in a while and looks at my cock, smiling, then looks up at me and grins and grabs it again with her lips and starts swallowing it. She’s really working at this like she loves it. Her mouth is drooling, she’s secreting a lot of saliva as if she’s trying to digest my cock. When she pulls her head loose, strings of saliva stretch between my cock and her mouth as she reloads, ready to go at it again, telling me what a great cock I have.

Maybe she’s trying to convince me how good it is to be with her, since she seems to think that I didn’t think she was that good at sex. Or maybe, she’s just trying to get all she can since this might be her last chance at me. Whatever, I’ve never had such a great cock sucking before in my life. I’m ready to let her at me any time she wants.

When I finally cum, she swallows it all and keeps licking and sucking, draining me and cleaning me. I then lay her back on the bed, kiss her and start feeling her body and then working my way down it. She has great breasts. Soft and yet firm. That is, I can squeeze them some, even move them around a little, but underneath they’re as firm and fit as the rest of her body. I kiss and feel and suck the nipples and then kiss down over her really fit stomach. I don’t know how girls can have such a small waist, like there’s no room for intestines or something.

And then to her pussy. Like the rest of her it’s clean and firm. Tastes very, very sexy. I lick and lick, slide my finger in and get my lips to her clit and start working on it. I end up with two fingers moving in her and sucking on her clit, almost sucking her whole pussy, and she cums and cums. She’s moaning and almost screaming. My face glistening from her, I slide up over her and get my cock aimed and start pushing in. Tight but ready. I push slowly and get all the way in and then ul out slightly and push in again. Over and over. Her hips jump and try to hold me in as I pull out. I get faster and faster, pounding her harder. Her yells and screams get even louder. I can feel her cumming again, her insides massaging me. Her legs come up around me. Those long, long legs, and try to pull me in even tighter. And I finally shoot off, too.

I stay in position a little, her legs and arms around me. I finally pull loose and roll off onto my back. She follows and rolls onto me, one leg partly over me. Her pussy is on my thigh and I can feel her leaking onto me. She leans to me and we kiss some more. It was really a terrific fuck by any standards.

“You said that sex needs some emotion with it. I don’t know about you, but that was definitely an emotional experience for me. I had some of the strongest feelings ever. You’re the absolute best pussy licker. Do you still feel you didn’t have any emotion?”

“Melanie, I definitely felt a lot of emotion. I don’t imagine it’s possible to have sex without at least some emotion, they go together. Well, at least when the sex is with a girl that you’ve romanced a little. It may be different with a prostitute that you pay and just climb on but I’ve never done that. And I have to tell you that you are by far the best cock sucker I’ve ever experienced.”

“Well, I tried so I’m glad you appreciated it. But if you felt emotion, why wouldn’t you want to do this a lot? Before, you said there wasn’t enough emotion involved or something like that. Maybe it’s because you’re not romancing me. You said sex with someone you’re romancing was best. Well, I’d love to romance you, be romanced by you. Anything so that we can do this a lot more.”

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