The Old Man Next Door!


My friends call me Kandy; I am fifty-three and a sexy BBW who lives in a small apartment on the outskirts of a major metropolis. I have a deck out back and my place is secluded away from the main road. Everyone is usually gone to work during the day so I can do just about anything I want on the deck. This means if I chose too, can wear little or nothing at all, which I often do, because I am a bit of an exhibitionist.

Next-door lives and older man about 70, I will call him James. He is always sitting outside in the early morning hours drinking coffee and reading the daily newspaper. His patio is about 10 feet from my deck and we often talk across the yard as we eye each other seductively.

You see that for an older man about 70, he still looked hot and sexy. His jet-black hair is just graying at the temples and he does not look a day over fifty. His tall body has some extra padding but to me it’s all in the right places and makes him that more attractive.

Some mornings I sit off to the side of the window and murmur to myself as I masturbate saying, “Oh honey, if I could only see your body naked, I know we would have some fucking!”

Today I decide to be bold and beautiful and tempt him to see just what happens. I don my big t-shirt that hugs all the right places and barely covers my ass and go commando. I tweak my nipple and make sure these 42D’s have rock hard bullets sticking out, a sure way they will be noticed.

I walked onto the deck with a rag in hand and some wood polishing wax in the other. I look around, pretend no one is watching, and proceed to give the deck a spotless polish.

I gaze over to make sure James is sitting on his patio and proceed with my seductive scenario. I turn around and bend to reach the furthest corner and (oops) let my shirt slide up to my hips. My hairless pussy gives the neighbor a friendly wink! Oh baby, that ought to make something stand up and take notice.

I turn around as if to straighten my shirt and run my hands across my breasts and tweak each nipple again. Still acting as if no one is around, I ran my fingers between my legs then brought them to my mouth and licked the wetness from them.

I uttered under my breath, “Ooooh honey-bunch this is making me horny as hell.”

I look out of the corner of my eye and saw him sit his coffee mug down erotik hikaye oku and lay the paper on the table. He is eyeing me with allot of concentration. His left hand is rubbing a bulge in his shorts and he leans so far forward he almost fell out of the chair.

I giggled and said to myself, “Oooooh yeah, I would say, I have this one on the hook, time to reel him in!”

I disappeared for a moment but only to turn on the radio, which I have the station tuned in of soft rock; you know the kind you like to fuck too.

When I came back outside the wind caught my shirt exposing the complete frontal view of my pussy. I looked up and saw James.

I stopped dead in my tracks and gulped then and wanting it to look authentic, blushed clear to my toes. Then I muttered, “Oh my goodness, hello! How long have you been sitting there?”

He replied, “Oh long enough to see that your one hot full figured gal. Who, if you do not mind me saying needs a good fucking!”

I looked right at him winked and said, “Well to be honest with you, it has been awhile since anyone has made my day in bed or out!”

He smirked and said, “You have got to be kidding? Honey, you are a beautiful woman! Hey, I have an idea, why don’t I come over for coffee. That’s if you want some company. I can think of better things to do the polish that deck of yours.”

I chuckled and said, “Sure come on over I just brewed some fresh coffee.”

Then under my breath said, “I would love to polish that cock of your in this hot cunt of mine!”

I leave the t-shirt on and make my way toward the front door just as the doorbell rings. I open it and there stands James, looking like a cat just about to pounce on the canary! I tell him to come on in and make himself comfortable and I will get us some coffee.

Before I can take a step, he closed the door pulled me close planting a kiss on my lips guaranteed to make my toes curl!

Then he said, “Why don’t we skip the coffee and get down to some serious sexy fun!

I returned his kiss with enough passion to light his fire for weeks, adding, “I thought you would never ask!”

He led me over to the big couch and with one hand removed, my t-shirt then told me to sit down and spread my legs wide. He licked his lips eyed my pussy and said, “Daddy needs some nourishment!”

I güncel sex hikayeleri oku sat down biting my lip and drooled watching this sexy older person strip. This man looked younger then he really is, but who cares, age only matters when it comes to wine and cheese! In addition, this one had all the curves in all the right places. When he removed his boxers, I almost passed out. There in front of me was a fat long cock about eight inches long!

He lowered himself between my legs, licked me from my clit to my ass, and then zeroed in on my swollen clit. He looked up long enough to say, “Do you like what I am doing doll?”

All I could do was mutter, “Uh-huh,” it had been that long since a man ate me like this. I pulled his head back toward my wanting pussy then reached down and began playing with my hardening nipples. I love to play, lick and even suck my own nipples, especially when I have someone to watch me.

James resumed eating then looked up and stopped and shouted, “Oooooh fuck, I love a woman who can suck there own tits, it’s such a turn on for me. Baby, please keep it up, I am going back to your delicious honey-pot!”

The more he licked the hotter I became, when I took my nipple into my mouth and bit it, I quivered with my first organism. Flooding his face with so much nectar, it dripped off his chin. Slurping like a hungry puppy lapping at a bowl of milk until he cleaned up ever drop.

He then stood and positioned his cock inches from my lips and asked, “Will you suck daddy’s cock baby! It’s been so long I almost forgot what it feels like!”

I wrapped my lips around his cock and took all of him into my mouth with one gulp. I then began to tantalize the head of his cock with my tongue as my lips massaged the shaft. I thought the poor man would pass out he begin trembling so bad. I stopped long enough to tell him to sit down and let me kneel and suck him.

I resumed sucking his cock and just teased the head a bit by nibbling it and running my tongue on the underside. I tasted the precum and knew he was primed to blow. I looked up and he was grinning like the cat that ate the canary, so I knew he was enjoying the cock sucking!

I reached down and squeezed his balls gently knowing his swollen balls were full. I wondered if he would flood my mouth with so much it sikiş hikayeleri would dribble from my lips onto my breast. Oh, well if it does, I can lick them clean, and turn him on again.

I was just about to increase my sucking and make him cum when he said, “Wait, let’s 69 sugar I want to taste your hot cunt again as you make me cum!”

I turned and the minute his tongue touched my pussy I purred like a tigress in heat. I think I should have warned him though as often I get so wet, that I often lay on a towel to protect the bedding. When he shoved his finger deep inside and found my g-spot, I flooded his whole face with juices. However, he just took a deep breath and kept licking me from clit to ass. I sucked his cock deeper but stopped for a brief moment to suck on his balls.

He stopped eating me long enough to yelled, “Oh baby you feel so fucking good on this ole cock, keep sucking me, I am about to cum!”

He returned to my pussy and began teasing my clit with his tongue as his fingers worked there magic deep inside me. I went all the way down on his hot tool and felt him go rigid. He flooded my mouth with his cum just as I began shaking with an earth shattering cum and we almost feel off the couch!

I continued sucking him, not wanting to miss a drop of his sweet honey as he did the same to me. When done we repositioned ourselves and kissed deep and passionately.

I took his face in my hands and kissed his lips then looked into his deep hazel eyes and said, “No man has ever done what you just did to me before! Honey, I think I will seduce you more often! That is if you do not mind me doing so?”

He held me close returned the kiss and said, “Hummmm How about seducing me this coming Saturday, 8pm. my place. We shall have dinner by candlelight. I’ll have the wine ready and you my dear can bring your hot body. Honeys this time wear something besides a t-shirt. I do enjoy undressing woman with my eyes, then my fingers, kissing each part of there body as I remove a piece of clothing.

I replied, “Sounds like a seductive plan to me, but since I have no plans, you have a date! I promise you this, I will be dressed to make your day and you may have to spend an hour covering my body with kisses!”

He just winked and said, “Doll, I may be almost 70, but this finger work quicker then the eyes! Let’s just say, I bet you I will have you undress in about ten minutes or less.”

I winked and said, “Oh you sure of that are you? I bet you ten bucks you will take longer!”

He kissed me hard the uttered, “That’s a bet, I know you will loose doll!”

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