The Hotel Room Ch. 1


Here is the first part of this story, I hope everyone enjoys it. If you would like to see more of it or have any suggestions please feel free to contact me! Remember, I am into toys and bi-sexual men!

* * * * *

We decide to meet, I go to the hotel and check in. I go upstairs and it is a very nice room. A big king size bed, a Jacuzzi in the corner. I am a little nervous so I have a glass of wine and I turn on the stereo, I decide to take a dip in the Jacuzzi. I undress and get in, it is so hot I can barely sit down but my body gets used to it. It feels so good, between the wine and the hot water I am getting very drowsy. I lay in the tub for a long time, I am so relaxed I don’t even hear you come in. I open my eyes and you are smiling down at me. We don’t say anything.

You refill my glass, get one for yourself and start to undress in front of me. You slide into the tub and wrap your arms around me. You kiss my hair and my neck and my shoulders. I go limp in your arms I am so relaxed. Then I feel your hands starting to explore my body. You touch each breast then your Escort Beylikdüzü fingers trace a line down my stomach to the sweetness between my legs. I part my legs slightly and you caress my thighs and hips. Then you find my clit, your hands feel so good. I raise my hips a bit letting you know I want more. You slide a finger into my waiting pussy, then two fingers, you can feel my muscles contracting around your fingers.

I want more! I raise myself out of the tub and sit on the edge, I spread my legs wide for you so you can see all of me. I gently touch my clit and I pull your head down with my other hand. You lick me from my clit down to my ass. It feels so good! I am going to cum all over your face. I push your face into me more, you push your tongue into me as far as it will go! I start to grind my hips into you faster, you slide two fingers into me and you lick me at the same time, oh yes, let me cum all over you. The orgasm seems to last forever! It feels so good and I love watching you lick me. I pull you up to me so that I can kiss Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan you and lick the juice from your lips and your chin, it tastes so good.

Now I get to return the favor, I start by kissing your whole face and your neck, down to your nipples, you moan as I nibble on them. I reach down in the water and I can feel your hardness, I cup your balls and squeeze them, you moan more. I gently start to guide you out of the tub so that you are on the edge. I spread your legs so I can see everything, I slip the head of your cock into my warm mouth, I push all of you into my mouth down my throat and I just hold you there and savor the warmth in my mouth, I start sliding my mouth up and down, I can taste pre-cum.

It is sweet. I make my way from the head down to your balls, I lick them and suck them into my mouth and twirl my tongue around them, and then I make my way down to your sweet sweet ass. I circle my tongue around it, you push towards me wanting me to slide my tongue into you, I tease you for a bit longer then push my Beylikdüzü Escort tongue in, you let out a huge sigh……

I push in further, then I slide in one finger and you moan even louder, I keep my finger inside of you and lick back up towards your cock, you are so hard! I love how hard you get and you have pre-cum dripping down the shaft. I lick it all off, keeping my finger in your ass, I slide it in and out and I know you are loving it! I then wrap my mouth around your throbbing cock, I know you are going to cum soon. I slide another finger into your ass, you are holding your cock and squeezing the bottom of it while I suck on the head, then you push my head all the way down, I push my fingers deeper into your ass and then I feel all of your muscles tighten and then I taste the first of your cum and you shoot your load deep into my mouth, you pull my hair and bring my head up and you shoot the rest on my neck and chest, I lick the last drops from you.

You slide back into the water and take me into your arms, we kiss each other lightly and just hold each other. I pull away for a moment to get our glasses and to pour some bath oil in so that we can have some bubbles. The scent is heavenly. We toast each other and drink down our wine then we both just sink deeper into the water to enjoy all of the feelings that are going through our bodies.

How much better can this evening get?

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